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8. Reflection, Self-Evaluation, & Professional Development (LO 1.

2 )

Section 1: Whole Class reflective discussion should include:

A. Based on my data and observations, most of the students in my class understood the

lesson. From the pre-assessment to the post assessment the data slightly decreased.

For the lesson, I could have incorporated less challenging activities for the student to

complete. In the future, I will make sure that the handouts or activities that I

incorporate into the lesson are on the students level so that they will have a better


B. There was one specific instructional decision that I made based on the formative

assessment given during instruction. For the post assessment, students were asked to

think of a book that they could use to fill out the parts to the graphic organizer. Most

students could not think of a book, so I allowed them to pull their book sacks out of

their desks that they use for independent reading time. Students chose a book from

that selection and it helped them complete the post assessment successfully. This

instructional decision impacted the class in a positive way, because without using

their books, they would not have completed the assessment as well as they did. One

specific modification that was not implemented but needed to be implemented for the

formative assessment was explaining the directions more clearly. When the students

started on the assessment, they had several questions about what to do. In the future, I
will be sure to explain directions more clearly so that when they begin their

assessment, they will not be as confused on what to do.

C. To promote greater student learning in the future, I believe that the during and post

assessments should not be like each other. I think that with these being similar, the

kids were confused when working with two graphic organizers that looked alike. I

also think that I should give the students more questions to answer so that they can

think critically and learn better that way. I will also incorporate cooperative learning

into the lesson, because my students tend to learn better from their peers.

Section 2: Three Individual Students reflective discussion should include:

A. The student who was most successful in my class during this lesson

was certainly on task always. Regardless of peers tried to distract him, he

still did what was asked of him. For this lesson, he answered the questions

for the pre-assessment with accuracy, and completed the graphic

organizers for both the during-assessment and post assessment

completely. This student was very confident in completing all three

assessments and attempted to even help others who were struggling with

the assignments.

This student was appropriately challenged by this lesson because using

the 5Ws and 1 H was not too hard or too easy for him to comprehend. For

example, the student was asked to create a different ending to the story

he chose to create a plot twist, and he did it without assistance. To meet

the needs of this student in the future, I can give him a more challenging

task for when he finishes his assignment, such as choose a more difficult

book to retell.

B. The student who was least successful was not on task during the

lesson as he should have been. He was easily distracted throughout

the lesson and towards the end of the lesson, he did not attempt to do

the post assessment.

To improve this student's performance in the future, I can partner him

with another student when he becomes distracted. I could also simplify

directions for him and help him one on one to get him started on the

assessments and continue to monitor him throughout the lesson.

C. The student that was average performing was mostly on task

throughout the entire lesson. She completed all assessments in a timely

manner, but she also became distracted by her peers a few times during

the lesson. She has the potential to be greater If she was not so

distracted and focused just a little more than what she does.
To improve this students performance in the future, I could encourage her throughout the

lesson to stay focused so that she can get her work completed. I can also partner her with a

higher performing student so that he or she can encourage her as well to stay focused.

Section 3: Reflection on additional 2-4 lessons

This lesson accurately reflected and connected to my students lives because for the pre-

assessment, I asked the students questions related to their own lives using the 5Ws and

1H such as: Who brought you to school today? What did you have for dinner last night?

Where do you like to go on the weekends? Etc. As far as prior knowledge and

background information, students had already discussed the different parts of a story, so

they were somewhat familiar most of it.

My selection of strategies, activities, and resources enhanced the activity of my lesson

because I first started off by grasping the students attention by asking them questions

related to their lives. Next, the lesson got more challenging by having the students think

about what each part meant and retelling a story that was read to them. At the end, the

students were enhanced by choosing their own book of choice to retell the 5Ws and 1H.

My knowledge and understanding of the content helped the students because I could

more in depth with the content. If the students had a question, I could answer right away

since I am knowledgeable of the material. I also gave the students examples for each of

the 5Ws and 1H by naming examples from a book they may have been familiar with. For

example, Miss Wishy Washy.

For the during-assessment, I guided the students on a few parts of the graphic organizer

after reading Amazing Grace. Also, for the post assessment I noticed right away that the

students were confused on what to do. So, I re-explained the directions and let the
students choose a book from their book sack they read from daily. Most students could

not think of their favorite book or took more time than usual to choose one to complete

the organizer with.

The lesson objectives of this lesson were met because most the class understood the

content being taught. Evidence from all three assessments showed if the objectives were

met or not.

For this lesson, I did prepare and manage my time and routines for the pre-assessment.

For the during and post assessment, I noticed how time was getting away from me more

than I would have liked it to. By the post assessment, I realized I implemented way more

time than I had originally planned. In the future, I will take more time to plan the lesson

so that everything flows well.

In teaching this lesson, I learned that this group of students is very inquisitive. At this

age, they are curious of everything. I also learned that there are students on two opposite

ends of the spectrum, which certainly prepared us for the next lesson. I learned the ways

in which I can differentiate and accommodate with this groups of students.

Section 4: Reflection for Professional Development

1. One professional developmental goal that emerged from my insights and

experiences with the TWS is cooperative learning. One step I will take to

improve my performance in this area is to implement an activity that will

force cooperative learning. Another step I will take is to try to Incorporate

cooperative learning in more than just one lesson, so that eventually it will

become natural.

2. Another professional developmental goal that emerged from my insights

and experiences with the TWS is classroom management. One step I will take

to Improve in this area is to enforce rules in my lesson so that it will flow in a

way that forces classroom management. Another step I would take is to gain

advice from colleagues on how they manage their classroom. I will then

incorporate this piece by piece with each lesson so that this too will flow.

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