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THIS DEED OF LEASE is made on the 1st day of April

2007, between, M.m, S/o n, age 40 years, residing at LIG II,
Tamilnai 42. (Herein after referred to as the “Lessor”) of the
one part AND A.Syem, S/o C.Syed age 27, residing No.l, 5th
Stee, Veery, Chennai 42. (Herein after referred to as the
“Lessee”) of the other part.

WHEREAS the lessor is the owner of a house situated in

street No.18/30 Dr
AND WHEREAS the lessee is desirous of taking the
aforesaid house on lease on the terms and condition
hereinafter appearing.


1. Commencement:- that the lessor has agreed to let

and the lessee had agreed to take on lease the
aforementioned house; the said lease is to commence on 1st
April 2007 and shall be for the duration of eleven (11) months
from the said date.

2. Rent:- that the lessee has undertaken to pay the sum

of Rs.6,000/- as rent mensem to the lessor on or before the
5th day of each month in advance. The rent for the first month
having been paid on the date of the execution of the lease,
the receipt whereof the lessor hereby acknowledges.

3. Repair:- the lessee shall keep the premises in good

condition and shall deliver vacant possession thereof to the

lessor on termination of the aforementioned period of the

lease or in case the lessor gives or delivers a notice of two
month to the lessee to vacate the premises; the lessee may
also redeliver the possession of the house to the lessor earlier
than the dated fixed for the termination of this lease,
provided he gives a notice to the lessor intimating his
intention to vacate the premises on the expiry of the period
mentioned in the notice and the lessee paid a sum of
Rs.30,000/- as advance by way of cash on 24.3.2007

4. Sub-letting:- the lessee shall not be entitle to sub-let

the premises to any other person

5. Holding over:- in case lessee holds over or does not

deliver possession of the house on the expiry of the period
fixed in this lease or on termination of the tenancy as
provided above, the lessee shall continue to be liable for
payment of the rent proportionately for the period if the
lessee so remains in possession or deprives or prevents the
lessor from taking vacant possession of the said premises.

6. Inspection:- the lessor shall have the premises white

washed and effect the repair, if any, and shall be entitled to
inspect the premises at all reasonable times. The lessee shall
keep all the fixtures and electric fittings, water connection in
good running condition and shall pay all charges, duties,
taxes, that may, in law, be payable by him or imposed in
respect of the said premises or which lessor is not necessarily
bound to pay.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the lessor and the lessee have

executed this deed of lease which shall be binding on them
and their respective successors-in-interest.

1. Witness

2. Witness