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Nama : Nurul Komariyah

Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris
Tk. Semester : IV (Empat)
Fak / Prodi : PAI / KPI
Dosen :


saya terlahir dari keluarga yang sederhana, sehingga keinginan untuk

melanjutkan kuliah setelah lulus SMA. hanya dapat saya simpan dalam hati saya.
karena saya harus tahu diri dengan keadaan orangtua. dalam perjalanan
akhirnya saya dipinang oleh seorang laki-laki yang bekerja sebagai seorang polri.
alhamdulillah dalam perjalanan pernikahan saya dikaruniai empat orang
putra dan saya juga membawa seorang adik yang kami sekolahkan hingga lulus
kuliah sarjana, saya merasa senang kalaupun saya tidak dapat kuliah namun dapat
menjadikan adik menjadi seorang sarjana
saya mempunyai empat orang putra, putra bagi saya adalah amanah dari
Allah. karena itu saya bertekad menjadikan putra saya menjadi anak-anak yang
shaleh dan berpendidikan lebih dari kami orangtuanya dan dapat berguna bagi
agama nusa dan bangsa
singkat cerita dengan pendapatan yang pas-pasan saya pun membantu
perekonomian keluarga dengan berdagang atau kegiatan lainnya yang terpenting
bisa menghasilkan uang yang halal
awal saya selaku ibu rumah tangga biasa, yang juga hanya aktip di
organisasi bhayangkara dan PKK, pada tahun 2015 saya ikut pencalonan sebagai
perangkat desa tepatnya sebagai kaur ekbang alhamdulillah saya lolos
saya selaku ibu terus bertekad menjadikan anak saya sukses
Nama : Nurul Komariyah
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris
Tk. Semester : IV (Empat)
Fak / Prodi : PAI / KPI
Dosen :


I was born of a simple family, so the desire to go to college after high school
graduation. only can I store in my heart.
because I got to know myself with the parent state. the way I finally groom
by a man who worked as a national police.
thank God in the course of my marriage blessed with four sons and I also
bring a younger brother to school until we graduated from college undergraduate,
I'm happy if I can not make sister to college but can become a scholar
I have four sons, for my son is a mandate from God. Therefore, I was determined
to make my son become children pious and better educated than our parents and
can be useful for religion homeland
A short story with a mediocre income I also help the family economy with
trade or other important activities can make money is halal
My beginning as an ordinary housewife, who is also active in the
organization only bhayangkara and PKK, in 2015 I entered the race as the village
precisely as kaur Ekbang thank God I escaped
I, as the mother was determined to make my son's continued success
thank God my son who first graduated IPB graduates are now working
my second child graduates from AKAMIGAS Balongan, and now thank
God already working. and myself that once could only store in the heart of the
desire to go to college, it turns out I can now live, and it was not a dream
with the support of husband and my son is now studying at UNISA Prodi
KPI fourth semester. a grandmother turned out to be also lectures although
initially a lot of ridicule, and walk though sometimes payments are choked up, but
I still believe the gods will give windfall
the next trip I also brought my nephew who was also at UNIS Prodi
kuliahkan second half of the current KPI
husband in May to retire but I'm still excited, especially when my third child
wishes to enroll at ITB, while the youngest at SMPN 1 Kuningan
I just pray that Allah facilitates healthy windfall gave us also the strength
and hopefully this can all be realized
yes thank god for all barokahmu
Nama : Nurul Komariyah
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris
Tk. Semester : IV (Empat)
Fak / Prodi : PAI / KPI
Dosen :


Good Afternoon
Thanks to the mother apri which has a place in this house to us from Pt.
Mrs. Deal
nurul komariyah introduce my name comes from my work in PT.Ibu brass
in this case Pt.Ibu Deal introduced a new product in the household and
for now we will introduce sar'i veil that's trending today
This is a multipurpose hoods
Muslim veil is a characteristic of Islam
the veil is not only to close the genitals but also to preserve the honor
the mother can see the person who was not confident it will look cool and
look beautiful with this veil
price is too cheap mothers only 100,000
I demonstrated this a mother who would look more beautiful when using
this veil
nah ladies and gentlemen who are interested in ordering please register or
call my number 081395512553
we are ready inter