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Technical Presentation


Become reality the great projects idealized by

our customers and partners.

Business View

Solution, Responsability and Respect.

About us

Engineering experience on Aeronautical Tooling for more than 16

years, with great knowhow on Assembly Jigs, Drilling Templates,
Forming / Control / Machining / Welding Tools, and others.

Tooling Design for Commercial Airplane Programs, such as E120,

ERJ 135, ERJ140, ERJ145, E 170, E 175, E 190, E 195, E175-E2,
E190-E2, E195-E2. Executive Airplanes, like Phenom 100 and 300,
Legacy 450, 500, 600 and 650. And for the military airplanes Super
Tucano, EMB 145 and KC-390 by Embraer; airplanes from Novaer
and other companies.

Professionals with specific knowledge in aeronautical engineering,

with experience in this area for more than 16 years.

More than 30 customers on engineering area in Brazil and over

the world, including USA, Germany and Spain.
Products and Services
Basic Engineering
Viability study
Preliminary designs
Technical specifications
Descriptive memorial
Preliminary Budget
List of primary materials

Detailed Engineering
Flowcharts consolidated process engineering
Detailing the projects
Memorials calculation MGMT.SYS.RvA C 024 / INPI
Equipment data sheet and instruments
Verification of supplier drawings
Single-line drawings and isometrics
Full Budget
List of materials and supplies
Products and Services
Project Management
Quality control
Management and monitoring of the work
Administration Building
Control of the Budget of the project
Planning and assembly control
Administration and Resource Management
Purchasing Management
Monitoring and installation commissioning
Start up (Try Out)
Infrastructure / Softwares

Civil Engineering Mechanic Engineering Electrical Engineering

- AutoCAD - AutoCAD - AutoCAD
- Pro-Arm - CATIA V4 - Pro-Electrical
- Pro-Hydraulic - CATIA V5
- Metal 3D
- E-Plant
- Pro-Hydraulic
Structure Calculation
- CAD 3D Steel Tubing
- AutoCAD
- E-Plant P&ID
- E-Plant Piping
Head Office
Botucatu - SP

Office Aerospace Office

So Jos dos Pinhais - PR So Jos dos Campos - SP
Connect Design in Brazil and abroad

Abroad: United States / Spain / Germany / New Zealand / England

Main customers in Brazil

So Jos dos Campos - SP
Main customers abroad
Siempelkamp MTorres Kaman
Germany Spain England

Nova-Tech Metso
U.S.A. New Zealand
Jigs and devices for all assembly / manufactory phases
Structural Calculation
Fuselage Assembly Jig with Platform /Horizontal Tail Complementary Device /
Vertical Tail Complementary Device
Fuselage Complementation Car / Floor Assembly Jig /
Transport Car / Wings Transport Car
Full package work with Instalation Devices, Transport Cars,
Platforms and Slings
Wing Complementation Car and Platform
Wiring / Hydraulic Test Cars and Extension Car
Storage Cars
Wing Flush Device
Landing Gear Bloodlet Device / Tank Test Devices
Electrical Test Devices
Wiring Assembly and Test Devices
And a entire list of several types of jigs, devices
and others projects
All information on this presentation is true and Connect Design
and partners property.
The pictures / mockups of projects were used only for ilustration,
all are our customers property.
To know more about us, visit our website:

Or call us: 55 (14) 3815-1873 Head Office

55 (12) 3934-5868 Aerospace Office
55 (12) 3934-5778