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Due to changes in EC4.0 and EC5.0, do NOT downgrade firmware from EC 5.0 or late
r directly to EC 4.0 based code. The code levels would look something like LW40
.xx.P440. Basically, anything that conforms to the following pattern: LW40.XX.P
4xx. This will cause a non-clearable 900 Service error. You will need to contac
t the TSC for instructions on how to clear this error.
This includes installing a DLE with EC 4.0 code into a device that currently has
EC 5.0 or later code.
Code levels earlier than EC4.0 can be sent to EC5 level devices without causing
a service error.
To downgrade EC6 code to an EC4.0 level, you must first load an EC4.1 based code
. This would follow the pattern LW41.XX.P4xx. Once the device is at an EC4.1 l
evel, EC4.0 code can be sent.
According to the firmware FAQ posted on our support site, we do not officially s
upport downgrading firmware. This is the reason we do not support it, even thou
gh we go to great efforts to prevent these kinds of events from happening, somet
imes it is unavoidable. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If your device was originally made with EC1 code or earlier, it is possible that
the DBCS (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean ) charac
ters may go missing from the front panel display. This is fixed simply by sendi
ng down the updfonts.fls file included in the zip package. This is a smaller ve
rsion that fits in the space available with no loss of characters.


Base Firmware EC6.3, LW63.xx.P638, for the following devices:
Changes since EC5.0 LW50.xx.P543
MS810, MS811, MS812 (2.4 ): LW63.DN2.P638
MS710, MS711 (2.4 ): LW63.DN2.P638
MS510dn, MS610dn (2.4 ): LW63.PR2.P638
MS315dn, MS415dn (2.4 ): LW63.TL2.P638
MX310 (2.4 ): LW63.SB2.P638
CS310 (2-Line): LW63.VYL.P638
CS410 (2.4 ): LW63.VY2.P638
CX310 (2.4 ) : LW63.GM2.P638

New features:
- AirPrint Scan
- AirPrint Fax
- Google Cloud Print native
- Mopria 1.3
- Windows 10 support
- 508 Kit improvements
- 5 GHz wireless
- Sleep-Print-Sleep
- 600 DPI color scan support for Letter/A4 ( with optional DIMM installed)
- Event Log Summary report via EWS
Pre-installed apps:
- EcoSettings app - v3.0.11 (4.3" op panels) and v3.5.9 (7" op panel)
- Background and Idle Screen app - v3.11.0
- Forms and Favorites app - v4.3.0 (for 7" & 10" op panels) and v3.3.0 (for 4.3"
op panels)
- Scan to Network app - v4.8.8
- Card Copy app - v2.12.0
- Multi Send app - v2.6.2
- My Shortcut app - v1.5.7
- SNF Premium - v4.8.4 (MX6500e only)
- Barcode Discovery app - v1.1.7 (MX6500e only)
- Scan to Sharepoint app - v2.15.0 (MX6500e only)
- ADF Card Copy app - v1.2.0 (MX6500e only)

Security Issues Addressed:

- Fixed Logjam vulnerability in Diffie-Helman key exchange (CVE-2015-4000 )
- Fixed glibc getaddrinfo stack-based buffer overflow ( CVE -2015-7547 )

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

- Fixed memory leak caused by certain DNS queries
- Fixed printing issue using Google Cloud Print when no internet connection is a
- Fixed duplex printing issue when different sides have different resolutions
(MS315, MS415, MS510dn, MS610dn an MX310 only )
- Updated java certificates for Scan Profile and Remote Operator Panel applets
- Added support for 802.1x protocol PEAPv1 for both wired and wireless connectio
- Improved stability of MVE and LDD communication
- Various improvements and fixes for network connections
- Various font fixes for missing characters/crashes
- Various fixes for PDF test cases giving crashes, syntax errors, missing pages,
and/or slow performance
- Various fixes for PCL/PCLXL test cases giving crashes, syntax errors, and/or s
low performance
- Various fixes for PS test cases giving crashes, syntax errors, and/or slow per
- Various changes/fixes for DBCS language support
- Various changes to translations
- Various UI changes, including some remote op panel fixes
- Various fixes for Fax
- Various fixes for eSF app handling
- Improved support for CAC card
- Improved error handling for media requests
- Improved PDF performance
- Add support for new Fiber Card
- Addressed issue that sometimes prevented flashing
- Addressed a WiFi-Direct, WFD, issue whne there isn't an infrastructure connect
- Addressed an issue with Auto Size Sense/Match in which the device would prompt
- Addressed some issues with DBCS fonts
Engine Code Release Notes:
- For FDN.DN.E715/FDN.TU.E715 (MS710 and MS810 SFP series and MX710 and MX810 M
FP series devices)
Changes in Engine Firmware since FDN.DN.E709
Field Issues and Fixes
- Added additional printer settings information to sysdebug report.
- Fixed an issue that can cause a 242.32, 243.32, 244.32, or 245.32 on
the first page of a job.
- Added capability via diagnostic engine settings to reduce finishing g
ap when offsetting.

- For FDN.PIR.641 for MS310/MS410/MS510/MS610/MX310/MX410/MX510/MX610/MX611 Dev

Changes in Printer Engine Firmware since FDN.PIR.E618
Functional Enhancements
- Reduced the Advance Start timeout from 15 seconds to 5
Field Issues and Fixes
- Addressed a potential collation issue when sending a mixture of stapl
ed and non-stapled jobs to an MX61x with a finisher option installed
- Addressed issue in Safe Mode to allow simplex printing when duplex se
nsor is found to be defective rather than posting a 230.01 duplex jam

- For FDN.VY.E601 for CX510, CX410, CX310, CS510, CS410, and CS310 series Devic
Changes in Printer Firmware since FDN.VY.E501
Field Issues and Fixes
- Fixed an issue that caused toner development during runout
- Fixed several occurrences of 121.16 service fuser errors
- Fixed an issue causing bad toner transfer at the bottom of the page