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1. Determine the minimum number of water closets, lavatories, service sinks, and drinking fountains
for the Keystone Library Project. See IBC 2012 table 2902.1.

2. Sketch the preliminary location of the fixtures on the Keystone Library Renovation Floor Plans.
Be sure to include at least the minimum number of fixtures.

3. Locate the water heater for the building and sketch its location on your floor plan.

4. On your floor plans, sketch a preliminary plumbing system to include hot water lines, cold
water lines, and drain lines using the appropriate line color and style.

5. Identify plumbing walls, i.e., thicker interior walls that will accommodate the necessary piping for
the water supply and drain-waste-vent system.

6. Assume the supply water pressure at the meter is 60 psi and the interior plumbing is -in. copper
pipe. Taking into account minor losses, estimate the actual water pressure supplied to the water
closet on the second floor furthest from the location of the entrance of the water supply into
the building. Is the water pressure sufficient or should a water pressure booster system be
installed? Note that there will be a static head loss between the meter and the second floor fixture
since the fixture is at a higher elevation.
7. Incorporate your plumbing design into your 3D model and create a plumbing plan for the public
restrooms on the first and second floors. Be sure to revise your water supply and/or sanitary sewer
lateral locations, if necessary, and revise the wall thickness for walls identified as plumbing walls.
Also include required cleanouts in the lateral sewer line (building sewer) as needed.