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Science Form 3 Chapter 1 and 2.

1. During inhalation, which is true?

A. The rib cage moves up and out B. The diaphragm curves and moves upwards
C. The thoracic cavity becomes smaller D. Air pressure in the lungs increase

2. Gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide passes through the wall of the alveolus through the
process of...

3. The red blood cells are rich with substances called...

4. The process of diffusion occurs easily because the alveolus has...

I one cell thick walls II a thin layer of moisture
III large surface area IV covered in blood capillaries
A. I, II, and III only B. I, II and IV only
C. II, III, and IV only D. I, II, III and IV

5. Diffusion of oxygen takes place from an area of...........of gas to an area of............of gas.
Separate your answers by putting in a comma.

6. Our heart is made up of...

7. Which is true?
A. The aorta carries blood from the body
B. Only the pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood
C. Valves are to ensure that blood flows backwards
D. The septum divides the left ventricle and the right ventricle

8. Humans have a double circulatory system which are...Separate your answers by writing 'and'.

9. Name the cell which helps in blood clotting.

10. Which can be found in or together with the human blood?

I red blood cells II white blood cells III plasma IV platelets
A. II, III and IV only B. I, II and III only C.I, II, III and IV D. I, II and IV only

11. Akmal is a student with blood type B. If he needs a blood transfusion, whose blood can he
receive from?I Shirley-blood OII Faizal-blood ABIII Elaine-blood BIV Kavita-blood A
A. Faizal and Shirley B. Shirley and Elaine
C. Faizal and Kavita D. Kavita and Elaine
12. What is the role of the xylem in the transport system of plants?
A. Carries glucose from the leaves to all parts of the plant
B. Carries water and dissolved minerals from the roots,up the stem and to the leaves


1. Which is the correct pathway of Carbon Dioxide out of the lungs?

A. Trachea ~> bronchus ~> bronchioles ~> alveoli ~> nose

B. Alveoli ~> bronchus ~> nose ~> trachea ~> bronchioles

C. Nostril ~> alveoli ~> bronchus ~> bronchioles ~> trachea

D. Alveoli ~> bronchioles ~> bronchus ~> trachea ~> nose

2. Which characteristic help gaseous exchange between the alveoli and blood capillaries to take
place efficiently?

A. Thick, moist alveolus walls, covered by a few blood capillaries

B. Thin, moist alveolus walls, covered by a network of blood capillaries

C. Thin, dry alveolus walls, covered by a network of blood capillaries

D. Thick, dry alveolus walls, covered by a few blood capillaries

3. State one reason why smoking is dangerous to human health?

4. What causes asthma?

5. The gases that involved during gaseous exchange are .

6. What substances that cause smokers to addict?

A. Tar B. Carbon monoxide C. Nicotine D. Sulphur monoxide

7. Workers in a quarry factory normally wear masks. Explain the effect on the lungs of the
workers if they do not take this precaution.