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by frank prschmann get-neutral gmbh

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by gerhard mller greenclouds

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16 bettervest 34 greenpocket energy expert engine tm
bettervest gmbh greenpocket gmbh

17 carbon control 35 greenqloud
carbon control greenqloud

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carzapp gmbh futurewatt gmbh

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blacksquared gmbh codeatelier

20 colibri 38 infosan
innovative mobility automobile gmbh optimale

21 connected lighting solution 39 kiwigrid
green wave reality kiwigrid gmbh

22 40 lightdim gmbh lightbee, s.l.

23 dmfusion 41 milk the sun
luxoft milk the sun gmbh

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bluerise bv e-volo gmbh

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panstamp helioz gmbh

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tenrehte technologies, inc. _jury

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54 solar battery _artist
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solarkiosk gmbh 79 initiator
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Innovation demands courage and endurance: remarkable is that Intelligent Apps is one of the
After that initial moment of inspiration come a few G erman startup companies that has man-
few first, cautious steps. This is then generally aged to establish itself in the US. This is owed in
followed by a series of actions: weighing up op- large part to the visibility the company achieved
tions, dealing with moments of doubt, diligently through CODE_n. Our initiative has truly evolved
working and finding ways to overcome setbacks. into a lively community of digital pioneers, blaz-
Having come this far, a viable concept gradually ing a trail for future digital trends.
emerges with all the potential of surviving in the This year, we dedicate this important event to a
marketplace. But despite the many assumptions hot topic; one of global relevance and a driver for
in theory, the best ideas often stand little chance innovation: the transition to alternative energy
of making it without a place to showcase their sources. We are witnessing a tremendous move-
potential and attract public attention and, of ment of new startups in the fields of energy effi-
course, secure that essential financial support. ciency, renewable energy, smart grids and electro-
CODE_n is the platform people need to feature mobility. Young companies in particular have
innovative, lateral thinking. It is the place where come to recognize the potential of these markets
three important elements come together: young, and have begun developing fresh business ideas
shrewd entrepreneurs with enterprising spirit; concepts that tap into IT solutions to promote in-
successful and well-established companies with telligent and sustainable energy use. Thats good
a wealth of experience; enthusiastic investors reason for us to make this topic the theme of this
with the capital to get things off the ground. years CODE_n Contest. We were truly impressed
We started CODE_n in 2011 to provide new an- by the sheer number of world-class applications
swers to pressing questions related to IT and for Smart Solutions for Global Challenges.
digital living. Take last years contest winners: We are delighted to present another 50 e xciting
The young entrepreneurs behind Intelligent and ambitious international companies in the
Apps have made great headway in the last few CODE_n area of this years CeBIT. These are
months with their mobile app, myTaxi. They now ideas from people who have the courage to think
employ more than 100 people double the num- several steps ahead. And this is precisely what
ber of twelve months ago. Whats particularly gives them an edge over large corporations: Too

many people are plagued by doubt and smother a lively party. Its a program of events bound to
ingenuity before it even has a chance to grow; create a truly unique atmosphere of pioneering
the innovation hurdles inside companies are too spirit and inspiration.
high. Staying on the ball means learning from We are particularly pleased to welcome the artist
these more agile startups and keeping the lines Vincent Tavenne on board. He has truly captured
of communication open. Its the only way to ex- and underscored this sentiment through his cre-
plore new avenues and recognize previously un- ative interpretation of Hall 16. Known for his vi-
thought thoughts. If both sides work together, sionary installations, he dismantles acquired
they can benefit from one another and create a conventions and takes a radical approach to re-
springboard to successfully establish new busi- produce that temporary atmosphere experienced
ness solutions for the market. at a trade show.
CODE_n gets people talking. The place for this di- Developing a business idea is much like creating
alog? Hall 16 at this years CeBIT exhibition, which an artistic masterpiece. Visit CODE_n in Hall 16
will be transformed into a global shop window and be inspired by the phenomenal works of art!
showcasing new ideas for the transition toward
alternative energies. We will create the ideal Sincerely,
platform for young thinkers to exchange insights Ulrich Dietz
and network with people experienced in mak-
ing things happen. For one week, a 4,000 square
meter stage is set for 50 promising startups to
meet thousands of intrigued visitors, numerous
investors, politicians, and representatives from
long-established companies. We are also look-
ing forward to an extensive conference program
covering topics related to the global energy tran-
sition and innovation development not to men-
tion the CODE_n award ceremony, planned for ulrich dietz
March 7, at 6:00 p.m., which will be followed by founder and ceo, gft technologies

about code_ n
CODE_n is an international initiative for digital @c e bit
pioneers, innovators and groundbreaking start- The 50 most promising finalists of the CODE_n13
ups. Initiated in 2011 by GFT Technologies AG, the Contest have been selected and will present their
goal of this network is to support outstanding business concepts at the CeBIT exhibition. Hall 16,
business talents and their exceptional business a hot spot for young entrepreneurs from around
ideas, provide them with a platform for dialog, Europe, will provide plenty of space to showcase
and therefore stimulate and accelerate innova- their innovations. The hall was s pecially designed
tion in the field. CODE_n stands for Code of the for this years contest by French artist, V incent
New, the DNA of innovation. Tavenne, who gave the backdrop its unique flair.

global innovation contest code_n 13 awards

In 2013, CODE_n will bestow the CODE_n Award The renowned CODE_n jury will select one
for the second time; this year, under the motto winner for each category from the 50 finalists.
Smart Solutions for Global Challenges. Avant- Both winners will receive prize money of 15,000.
garde IT applicants were asked to contribute their
business ideas for sustainable energy supply and timeline
usage. _28 aug 2012 Launch of contest
_30 nov 2012 Close of registration:
the contest is divided into two categories: 250 applicants from 35 countries
_category 1 startup _18 dec 2012 Selection of finalists:
registered company, 0-3 years old 50 participants from 13 countries
_category 2 emerging company _5 mar 2013 Start of CeBIT
registered company, 3-7 years old _7 mar 2013 CODE_n Award Show:
announcement of contest winners

accelerating the pace

of innovation
From its very beginning, CeBIT the digital econ- CeBIT 2012, CODE_n proved that this approach
omys most important international event has works because CeBIT is now 50 success stories
been a platform for innovation. No other setting richer.
provides the international IT and communications As organizer of the worlds largest event for
technology industries with as much inspiration as the digital economy, we at Deutsche Messe are
CeBIT in Hanover. Innovation is an integral part of very proud that CODE_n is returning to CeBIT in
CeBITs DNA. 2013. This time around, the focus is on an issue
Especially in recent years, CeBIT has emphasized that the entire business community must face:
not only technical innovation but also innovative the t ransition to alternative energy sources. This
digital business models. The key question, par- challenge will only be overcome with imagination
ticularly for established companies, is how to and motivation, and the CODE_n exhibit in Hall
accelerate the pace of innovation in the interna- 16 is where young companies and digital pioneers
tional market in order to secure and expand com- will showcase their solutions.
petitive edge. We are all looking forward to it!
CODE_n, which was initiated by Ulrich Dietz, gave
a resounding answer to this question at CeBIT
2012. The 50 young companies that exhibited in
Hall 16 cast a spell over visitors and the interna-
tional media with their creativity and ingenuity.
CODE_n essentially turns the classic trade show
model upside down because sponsors invite
startups from all over the world to exhibit. And
its not the startups who bear the costs; instead,
its the sponsors the people who are interested frank prschmann
in fresh ideas and innovative business models. At head of c e bit, deutsche messe

sustainable growth
In the past decades, sustainability has become gence of various industries through technology.
an issue of growing concern across all sectors of Our and our planets future depends on smart
the economy and social life. Economic growth de- solutions that enhance the efficiency and effec-
pends on innovation and how effectively we use tiveness of economy as well as quality of life.
the resources of our planet. As a trusted advisor New ideas of future-minded entrepreneurs can
to innovative business models the global organi- definitely contribute to achieve these goals by
zation of Ernst & Young is proud to support the developing solutions that help to protect the cli-
CODE_n initiative, this year being dedicated to IT- mate and save the earth for future generations.
based alternative energy solutions.
Sustainability is not only a central value of our
company but also a source of business activities
such as our Climate Change and S ustainability
Services, supporting companies in optimizing
their business models according to criteria of
sustainability. Thus, partnering the CODE_n at
CeBIT is a logical step for Ernst & Young, this year
taking place under the motto The transition to
alternative energies based on innovations in IT.
The event gives companies and startups of any
size the opportunity to get into contact with po-
tential business partners and investors.
We look forward to being presented with ideas,
having the potential to change the world by u sing gerhard mller
innovative and groundbreaking technologies and partner and leader technology gsa
business models that, for example, create conver- ernst & young
pat r i c k m i j n a l s , t o r s t e n s c h r e i b e r
i n g o b i r k e n f e l d, m a r i ly n h e i b

evgenij terehov
_y e a r o f l au n c h
6 0 5 9 4 f r a n k f u r t, g e r m a n y

m a i l @ b e t t e r v e s t.d e
schweizer str. 28

+4 9 6 9 1 7 5 3 6 9 5 9

bettervest is the first equity-based crowd- and the energy efficiency project can be realized.
funding platform for energy efficiency projects The overall savings are calculated by comparing
which lets the crowd participate in savings made the resulting improved energy costs with the orig-
by reducing energy consumption. Equity-based inal costs. A defined percentage of the savings is
crowdfunding is a financial mechanism that pools distributed to the crowd until the investment, plus
bet terv e st g mbh i.g r .

small investments (in this case starting at 50) a previously agreed profit, has been paid back.
w w w. b e t t e r v e s t. d e

from a large group of citizens in exchange for finan-

cial returns. The money is collected in an escrow
account until the funding goal has been reached
_c o m pa n y

s h a n e o s u l l i va n
d a r r a g h k i r by
_y e a r o f l au n c h
1 2 8 - 1 3 0 e a s t wa l l r o a d, i r e l a n d
d o c k l a n d s i n n o vat i o n pa r k

t e a m @ c a r b o n c o n t r o l .c o m
+ 3 5 3 8 76 74 3 0 0 7

carbon control
The CARBON CONTROL mark verifies a companys carbon emissions and are committed to reducing
positive actions to control and reduce its carbon them. CARBON CONTROL brings consumers and
emissions. companies together in an effective campaign to
The CARBON CONTROL mark is an independent combat climate change and its destructive effects
w w w.c a r b o n c o n t r o l .c o m

stamp of approval that assures consumers that the on our planet.

companies awarded the mark are carefully their
carbon control
_c o m pa n y
o l i v e r l n s t e d t
s a h i l s a c h d e va
_y e a r o f l au n c h
w i t t e l s b ac h e r s t r a s s e 1 8
1 0 70 7 b e r l i n, g e r m a n y

oliver@car z app
+4 9 1 76 1 0 1 8 1 3 9 9

carzapp is an online marketplace which enables Additionally, carzapp has developed an innovative
private individuals to share cars. Owners of cars hardware solution, the ZappKit, which further
can rent out their vehicles to others and reduce enhances convenience though keyless access to
the cost of ownership. Meanwhile, they maintain cars via smartphones. It also provides protection
full control over: who drives their car, at what against theft through an integrated active alarm
times and for how much money. The renters, on system.
the other hand, can look forward to a full range
w w w.c a r z a p p. n e t

of models right in their vicinity. Both parties can

car zapp gmbh

enjoy full peace of mind because of the carzapp

_c o m pa n y

insurance, which is automatically included in the


daniel a schiffer
markus schul z
_y e a r o f l au n c h

f e e d b a c k @ c h a n g e r s .c o m
1062 3 berlin, germany
bleibtreustr asse 53

+4 9 3 0 5 2 1 3 9 2 9 1 0
Changers makes eco-friendly behavior measurable of the world. And for each saved gram of carbon
and personally rewarding. emissions, we reward our users with Changers
The intelligent and mobile lifestyle solar-charger Credits, which they can exchange on our Social
enables everybody to produce and consume their Energy Marketplace for sustainable products and
own renewable energy. The device (winner of a 2012 services from our partners.
IF Design Award, 2012 Green Good Design Award,
b l a c k s q ua r e d g m b h
w w w.c h a n g e r s .c o m

and nominated for the 2013 German Design Award)

measures the exact amount of generated energy
and carbon emission savings and connected to a
_c o m pa n y

computer uploads this data to our community, There, you can see and compare
your achievements with your friends and the rest
t h o m a s d e lo s s a n t o s
johannes hufnagl
juliane beyer
_y e a r o f l au n c h

i n f o @ i n n o vat i v e- m o b i l i t y.c o m
wildenbruchstr asse 15
0 7 74 5 j e n a , g e r m a n y
+4 9 3 6 4 1 6 7 5 2 7 7

We are an innovative young company developing offers a range of 110 km, acceleration from 0 to 100
a smart electric micro car, the Colibri. We serve km/h in 9.9 seconds, a top speed of 120 km/h and
as the projects organizational hub, coordinat- a charging time of just two hours via a household
w w w.i n n o vat i v e- m o b i l i t y.c o m

ing the activities of several experienced industry socket. Unlike comparable vehicles, it is completely
partners. Each of them is a specialist in their field, weatherproof and offers an enclosed trunk.
contributing to the Colibri being a unique and ad-
i n n o vat i v e m o b i l i t y

vanced vehicle. The patented, novel frame and

au t o m o b i l e g m b h

seating concept will make it the first of its class

to successfully pass the Euro-NCAP crash test. It
_c o m pa n y

peter wilmar christensen

_y e a r o f l au n c h

e u @ g r e e n wav e r e a l i t y.c o m
3 4 6 0 b i r k e r o e d, d e n m a r k
b r eg n e r o e d v e j 9 6

connected +4 5 6 9 1 3 2 3 3 3

lighting solution
GreenWave Reality is a global innovator in the smart platform is highly secure and scalable, allowing
home services market, which includes e nergy man- leading utilities and service providers to confidently
agement, connected lighting, and home monitoring provide these capabilities to a large number of cus-
w w w.g r e e n wav e r e a l i t y.c o m

services. The GreenWave R eality solution delivers tomers.

a breakthrough consumer experience, making it
easy to conserve energy, save money and enhance
g r e e n wav e r e a l i t y

lifestyles. The smart home monitoring and control

_c o m pa n y
christian janisch

i n g o m ay r - k n o c h
alex ander kuhr
_y e a r o f l au n c h
6 3067 offenbach am main, germany
+4 9 6 9 1 7 5 3 7 3 2 0 5
lu d w i g s t r . 1 8 2 a
In Germany, scheduled long-distance transporta- revised on January 1st 2013, offering bus travel as
tion was limited to trains and airplanes until 2012. a private company is no longer prohibited and
While studying at Zeppelin University, Alex, Chris has by now developed into one of the
and Ingo questioned this status quo and discov- leading bus companies offering daily, scheduled
ered something: the bus, the most energy-effi- services between a growing number of cities in
cient way for a group of people to get from point Germany.
A to B, was limited to protect the national rail. To gmbh
w w w. d e i n b u s . d e

bypass this 1933 law, they developed the concept

of buspooling via the online platform
_c o m pa n y

This demand-driven solution was not classified as

a scheduled service and hence not prohibited by
German law at the time. Since the law has been

dmitry v ilchinsk y
sergey bakulin
_y e a r o f l au n c h
r a d i s h c h e va s t r . 1 0 / 1 4
0 3 6 8 0 k i e v, u k r a i n e

k i e v@ lu xo f t.c o m
+3 8 0 4 4 2 3 8 8 1 0 8

Luxoft Ukraine, founded in 2007, is a provider of DMFusion, Luxofts demand management automa-
outsourcing services in the field of advanced ap- tion platform, enables small and medium-sized
plication and software engineering for global and utility companies and smart grid solution vendors
regional enterprises. Luxoft builds partnerships to meet the challenges of non-technical distribu-
w w w. lu xo f t.c o m / e n e r g y

with its clients, such as Boeing, IBM, Deutsche tion losses and unbilled revenue, resulting in sub-
Bank, UBS, Harman, Avaya, Alstom, Sabre, based stantial improvements in grid management.
on a culture of engineering excellence, innovation,
and extensive domain expertise.
_c o m pa n y
l u xo f t
c h r i s t i a n k h l e r
jonas danzeisen
_y e a r o f l au n c h
7 0 1 8 4 s t u t t g a r t, g e r m a n y
hohenheimer str. 9

+4 9 7 1 1 4 6 0 5 3 7 3 0

Venios is developing an IT platform for analyzing, stakeholders with information that facilitates effi-
monitoring, forecasting and controlling the con- cient planning for grid extension measures and en-
ditions of power grid infrastructure, especially in ables control of intelligent grid components, e.g.,
the low voltage range. Since the current power variable transformer substations or storage.
infrastructure has not been designed to cover dis-
continuous feed-in from the low voltage range, the
increasing integration of renewable energy often
leads to overall instability of the power grid. Our
w w w.v e n i o s .d e
venios gmbh

key objective is to provide network operators and

_c o m pa n y

b o u d e w i j n o.c . m o s
d r . j o c h e m f. m o s
_y e a r o f l au n c h
1071 dj amsterdam, netherl ands

i n f o @ e c o c h a i n .c o m
museumplein 1

+3 1 2 0 3 0 3 5 7 7 7

EcoChain has developed a new and innovative ic products to customers without revealing core
method for calculating Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs). data, recipes, or supplier details. With EcoChain,
Our online solution calculates the environmental companies can finally benefit from their sustain-
footprint of a company. By allocating the compa- able efforts.
ecochain technologies bv

nys environmental footprint to processes and

products, and by linking environmental input from
w w w. e c o c h a i n .c o m

their suppliers to the products, companies can

make LCA calculations for their entire product
portfolio in a very (cost) efficient way. Inviting the
_c o m pa n y

supply chain to use the same system creates trans-

parency in the supply chain. The EcoChain system
links sustainable supplier data regarding specif-
thom a s w endzinsk i
chr is toph jugel
_y e a r o f l au n c h
10247 berlin, germany

c e b i t@ e c o n i t o r .c o m
+4 9 3 0 6 4 4 9 1 2 2 0
jungstr. 3

Econitor enables households and small compa- multiple data feeds to increase transparency and
nies to analyze energy consumption, costs and gain understandable insights. Energy monitoring
emissions. The Web-based software works for made easy!
any energy type and with any metering technol- Econitor runs its platform on white label software
ogy, independently from the users energy pro- for B2B partners like energy consultants, renew-
vider or tariff. Besides manual data entry (online, able energy companies, cities or communal energy
email, mobile phone), Econitor offers APIs to inte- agencies.
w w w. e c o n i t o r . d e

grate digital meters or other connected devices.

econitor gmbh

Econitor builds an Eco Information Hub in the

_c o m pa n y

Internet of Things that allows users to combine


a n n a y u k i ko b i c k e n b a c h

fa b i a n l i n d e n b e r g
r alf gehrer
_y e a r o f l au n c h
10709 berlin, germany

i n f o @ e c o ta s t i c . d e
mansfelderstr. 27

+4 9 1 7 5 9 4 0 9 9 9 4

Lets face it: we all think in one way or another Thats why we are introducing ecotastic: The us-
about the environment, but often fail at imple- ers of our smartphone app gather points for
menting our environmentally conscious behavior. eco-friendly actions and can redeem these points
It is more convenient to go by car than bike when it for gift coupons from our various business part-
is wet, cold and windy outside. Also, who is really ners. By partnering with us, businesses increase
going to rinse out that reusable coffee mug every their market visibility and attract new customers
e c o ta s t i c g e r m a n y
w w w. e c o ta s t i c .d e

single morning, pack and transport it all the way while taking on social responsibility.
to the coffee shop, when one can choose a simple
paper cup to go?
_c o m pa n y
bernard garcia
_y e a r o f l au n c h
12 2 7 les ac acias, swit zerl and
rte des acacias 45b

i n f o @ e c o w.c h
+4 1 2 2 5 5 7 1 9 9 1

ecow mobility
Ecow Mobility aims to counteract current travel - Monthly updates of your carbon emission savings
problems such as traffic congestion in cities, limited - Enhanced comfort and clean vehicles
parking spaces and environmental damage. - A glimpse of nature in the city

The first Chauffeur service in Geneva With Ecow Mobility, you have the tools to signif
green tr ansport srl

- A unique and innovative eco-friendly concept icantly reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy
- A fleet of hybrid and fully electric vehicles professional chauffeuring services, without having
- A selection of the finest, most experienced, to pay extra.
w w w. e c o w.c h

discreet and supportive chauffeurs, specially

_c o m pa n y

trained for eco-driving

- Transparent and attractive fares
- Better tracking of your travel costs

rob cot ter

_y e a r o f l au n c h

c o m m e n t@ o r g a n i c t r a n s i t.c o m
e . c h a p e l h i l l s t. 3 0 9
durham, nc, usa
+1 919 75 7 1850

Organic Transit is a green transportation company assist velomobile fills the niche between a bicycle
founded in 2012 by Rob Cotter in Durham, NC, USA. and a car and offers advantages over both. The
Organic Transit is proud to debut the ELF: a fun ELF features an innovative mobile app that allows
and efficient personal electric vehicle powered by users to track calorie consumption, carbon mitiga-
w w w.o r g a n i c t r a n s i t.c o m

you and the sun. The ELF is a solar/pedal hybrid tion, and battery life while navigating bike-friendly
o r g a n i c t r a n s i t, i n c .

suitable for commuting, deliveries, and other local routes.

transportation needs. This three-wheeled electric
_c o m pa n y

benjamin kirschner
alex ander kuhn
kl aus dibbern
michael hbl
_y e a r o f l au n c h
6 7 0 7 1 lu d w i g s h a f e n , g e r m a n y
am herrschaftsweiher 11

i n f o @ f l i n c .o r g
+4 9 6 1 5 1 3 9 2 1 2 3 6

flinc is the first real-time ridesharing network a regular ride, if you want to carpool to work or
which is integrated into GPS navigation. university. Pre-planned or in real-time, flinc sug-
Use your desktop, smartphone or navigation device gests the best drivers and passengers anywhere
and flinc automatically matches you in real time along your route.
with members from your trusted social mobility With more than 400,000 rides available per month,
network to share rides. Wherever you are, from flincers can save hundreds of euros a year and en-
anywhere to anyplace even on short and every- joy meeting great people.
day routes. For flincers, a smartphone turns into a
w w w. f l i n c .o r g

real alternative to the privately owned vehicle. Post

_c o m pa n y
flinc ag

h o lg e r r u p p, d r . p h i l i p p s c h e i b
thomas lenz, jens obermeier
p r o f. d r . c h r i s t o p h b i n d e r
_y e a r o f l au n c h

c o n ta c t@ g e t- n e u t r a l .c o m
7 2 76 4 r e u t l i n g e n , g e r m a n y
+4 9 1 5 1 4 0 74 0 0 0 0
burgstr. 7 3

get neutral
Problem: Private consumption causes almost half The overall business is based on three megatrends:
of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, and con- sustainability, mobile commerce, and big data.
sumers are increasingly questioning whether their Get-neutral was founded in 2011, and is looking for
buying habits are sustainable. financing partners.
Solution: Get-neutral helps consumers choose
w w w.g e t- n e u t r a l .c o m

more sustainable products via their smartphones

g e t- n e u t r a l g m b h

and rewards them while they are shopping.

Get-neutral runs Germanys largest mobile and
online platform for sustainable consumption.
_c o m pa n y
m i c h e l ko r p e r s h o e k
p e t e r zo n n e v e l d
_y e a r o f l au n c h
3 01 2 c a rot ter da m, ne ther l a nds

i n f o @ g r e e n c lo u d s o n l i n e .c o m
a e r t va n n e s s t r a at 4 5

+3 1 1 0 4 76 7 0 8 8

IT capacity planning and usage of datacenters are By using excess IT capacity, the Greenclouds plat-
currently highly inefficient and generate 2% of form creates a triple-win situation: It establishes a
global carbon emissions. Furthermore, only 5-15% source of revenue for the ICT industry, increases
w w w.g r e e n c lo u d s o n l i n e .c o m

of the existing global IT capacity is actually used. yields while generating cost and energy savings for
In addition to this inefficiency, companies cannot cloud members, and, last but not least, it contrib-
afford to go offline anymore and, therefore, there utes to the health of our planet in this green age.
is an increasing demand for IT capacity.
Greenclouds has built a technology platform that

aggregates idle resources within the ICT industry

_c o m pa n y

and makes this excess IT capacity available to IT

service companies and organizations, online and
on demand.

f lo r i a n m e y e r - d e l p h o
michl dichter
k ai malkwitz

peter pick
_y e a r o f l au n c h

c .h o d g s o n @ g r e e n e r g e t i c .d e
3 3 6 0 7 b i e l e f e l d, g e r m a n y
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meisenstr. 96

Greenergetic is the first integrated online portal gent sales channels. With our cost structure, we
that enables homeowners to plan and purchase open a new market segment for very small-scale
their residential photovoltaic system. The plan- photovoltaic home systems (<5Wp), which were
ning wizard guides the user through every step of previously not profitable.
the process with a detailed description of the in-
w w w.g r e e n e r g e t i c .d e

formation needed.
greenergetic gmbh

The innovation lies in the complete and fully inte-

grated back end, streamlining all processes includ-
ing revision, procurement, installation, financing,
_c o m pa n y

and claims management, combined with intelli-

alex ander hintermeier
dr. thomas goette
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5 1 0 6 3 c o lo g n e , g e r m a n y

i n f o @ g r e e n p o c k e t. d e
s ch a n zens tr. 6 -20

+4 9 2 2 1 3 5 5 0 9 5 0

energy expert engine tm

GreenPocket is a leading specialist for smart meter of consumer-oriented benefits for energy control
and smart home software that empowers people and home automation. Working with leading Euro-
all over the world to use energy in the most com- pean utilities providers, the company has quickly
fortable and responsible way possible. Based on a become an important player in the global smart
flexible, modular and scalable high-performance energy market. Founded in 2009, GreenPocket is a
platform, GreenPockets software applications privately held company headquartered in Cologne,
w w w.g r e e n p o c k e t.d e
greenpocket gmbh

transform complex energy data into a wide range Germany.

_c o m pa n y

eirkur hr afnsson
t r yg g v i l r u s s o n
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i n f o @ g r e e n q lo u d.c o m
1 0 1 r e y k j av i k , i c e l a n d
garastr ti 37

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GreenQloud was founded in 2010 to make cloud only public computing cloud that is 100% powered
computing easy, cost effective and most impor- by renewable energy, and our prices are among
tantly, to reduce the increasing amount of carbon the lowest available. Our mission is to help the IT
emissions generated by the IT industry. industry lower costs and limit its environmental
We saw a great opportunity in utilizing Icelands impact.
w w w.g r e e n q lo u d.c o m

abundant 100% renewable energy and naturally

cool climate to greatly reduce the IT industrys
carbon emissions.

GreenQlouds public computing cloud offers scal-

_c o m pa n y

able, high-performance servers and on-demand

storage with industry-compatible APIs and an
easy-to-use management interface. We offer the
k r is tofer fichtner
p h i l i p p a . pa u s d e r
f lo r i a n t e t z l a f f
_y e a r o f l au n c h

e n e r g y@ f u t u r e wat t. d e
10117 berlin, germany
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am zirkus 3
FutureWatt was launched with the objective of is the first marketplace and
providing heat and electricity at prices below util- solution provider for heating in Germany. Users
ity rates. The company designs and finances cus- customize and compare solutions, consisting of a
tomized distributed energy solutions. We enable heating system, services, financing and fuel sourc-
our customers to become prosumers by helping ing. The platform aggregates all components, cal-
them to reduce costs and carbon emissions and culates savings and provides a full-service model.
w w w. f u t u r e wat t. d e

tap into new energy- related revenue models.

f u t u r e wat t g m b h

FutureWatt launched h to pro-
vide a Web-based service to millions of homeown-
_c o m pa n y

ers and landlords.


wa l d e m a r w u n d e r
jochen schllig
markus gr af
tobi a s gr a f
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7 1 5 76 b u r g s t e t t e n , g e r m a n y

h e l lo @ c o d e at e l i e r .c o m
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im brhl 3

Our vision is to provide intelligent solutions that Homee is cost-effective, which means that it can
contribute to the realization of customers cre- compete in price terms with proprietary applica-
ative ideas. The first product, Homee, will become tion solutions. Homee users, however, will benefit
the next generation of smart homes. Homee is a from the advantages of a high-quality home con-
personal assistant that lives with you, supports trolling system.
w w w.c o d e at e l i e r .c o m

you in saving energy and increases home comfort.

c o d e at e l i e r
_c o m pa n y
p e t e r b at i s ta c h e u n g
_y e a r o f l au n c h
c e p 7 9 0 0 8 9 7 0, c a m p o g r a n d e , m s , b r a z i l
+55 67 30 43 2903 / +55 67 8158 5802
c o n tat o @ o p t i m a l e .c o m . b r
c a i x a p o s ta l 2 2 2 9

INFOSAN is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that con- able, robust, and fully integrated in the platform.
verts raw environmental data from sensors in the INFOSAN is certainly contributing to a more sus-
field into comprehensive information, which is tainable and intelligent world, guaranteeing the
computed through complex algorithms. Its engine preservation of natural resources and improving
module allows for forecasting, optimization and the quality of life for future generations.
w w w.o p t i m a l e .c o m .b r

data mining, which means key performance indi-

w w w. i n f o s a n .c o m . b r

cators can be represented on a web application

(dashboard), a smartphone and/or tablet where
real-time alerts and reports can be generated.
_c o m pa n y

INFOSAN also offers acquisition and transmis-

sion hardware (OLOGGER) which is low cost, reli-

d r .c a r s t e n b e t h e r , j r g e i c h h o r n
e c k a r d h i l l i g e r , j o s c h a k l l n e r
m at t h i a s p o p e l l a
_y e a r o f l au n c h
01129 dresden, germany

i n f o @ k i w i g r i d.c o m
kleiststr asse 10c

+4 9 3 5 1 8 8 8 8 6 8 1 5

Kiwigrid develops and runs a hardware and soft- energy, and to adjust energy demand to key driv-
ware platform for the management of distrib ers. As a result, it becomes possible to forecast
uted, regenerative energy producers one of the the usage levels of regenerative producers, making
most important and relevant players in the energy it more economically attractive to utility compa-
transformation. nies and plant operators.
The Kiwigrid platform connects producers (CHP,
wind, solar energy) with smart high-volume con-
w w. k i w i g r i d.c o m

sumers (air conditioners, heat pumps) as well as

kiwigrid gmbh

storage systems, eMobility and the grid.

_c o m pa n y

Establishing a network makes it possible for plant

operators and utility companies to supervise,
store and operate with distributed, regenerated
g lo r i a e i s m a n , p e d r o d av i d g o n z l e z
r a fa e l p r e z , j o s e r a b a d n
julio rufo
_y e a r o f l au n c h
pa r q u e c i e n t f i c o t e c n o l g i c o
e d i f i c i o p o l i va l e n t e i i , ta f i r a 8
3 5 0 1 7 l a s pa l m a s d e g c , s pa i n

info@lig htbee.e s
+3 4 9 2 8 4 5 9 9 0 9

LED technology has erupted on the lighting mar- also helps with the configuration of smart grids by
ket, offering substantial energy savings for sustain- means of beam signals and lighting d evices. This
able urban environments. But this integration has involves human-machine interaction as well as ma-
not been entirely successful yet, with problems chine to machine communication (M2M).
related to overheating in LED bulbs, costs, durabil-
ity and luminous flux regulation. Lightbee is a new
company with a solid background in Visible Light
w w w. l i g h t b e e . e s

Communications technology (VLC). It has now de-

lightbee, s.l.

veloped Lightdim, a small device for installation in

_c o m pa n y

LED lights that optimizes the function of LED bulbs,

overhauling the technology and thus offering bet-
ter durability and complete control. The device

p h i l i p p s e h e r r -t h o s s
dirk petschick
a n d r s lu n d
felix kr ause
_y e a r o f l au n c h

i n f o @ m i l k t h e s u n .c o m
10115 berlin, germany
chaus sees tr a s se 29

+4 9 3 0 4 6 9 9 9 0 3 3 0

milk the sun

Milk the Sun, launched in March 2012, is an interna- Milk the Sun lies in replacing the long and costly
tional online marketplace that allows buyers and chains of brokers and agents in the photovoltaic
sellers in the photovoltaic industry to find new market. It provides a platform to facilitate the sell-
business partners easily and efficiently. This B2B ing of project rights as well as existing solar instal-
w w w. m i l k t h e s u n .c o m / e n g

Web platform brings together rooftop and open lations.

space owners, roof agents, project developers,
milk the sun gmbh

operators of existing installations, and investors.

Users are able to search, browse and connect with
other PV market participants. The innovation of
_c o m pa n y

d r . l a r s s c h at i lo w
serena messer
a r m a n d o a i ta
_y e a r o f l au n c h

i n f o @ m i t pa c kg e l eg e n h e i t. d e
6 5191 wiesbaden, germany
schuppstr asse 47

+4 9 1 7 9 7 9 3 5 9 0 8

mitpackg is the first online p latform collaborations reduce carbon emissions, helping
where people with a need for shipping meet oth- protect the environment.
ers with available stowage space. Every mobile creates transparency in the
w w w. m i t pa c kg e l eg e n h e i t. d e

person with a vehicle can become a haulier and private transport market for the first time. It is
earn some money by picking up items. The tar- available in German-speaking countries in Europe
get groups are people with needs for shipping already and will soon enter the USA and Asia.
of convenience goods, e.g. ebay self-collectors,
students, tradesmen.
selando gbr

Thus, creates Social Trans-

_c o m pa n y

port. In particular, it is more personal, more con-

venient and cheaper compared to existing commer-
cial suppliers. Simultaneously: These transport

mansour madaci
z a k a r i a fa n ta z i

k h a l e d m o u at s
_y e a r o f l au n c h
2 5 1 4 0 c o n s ta n t i n e , a lg e r i a

m o u at s k h a l e d @ g m a i l .c o m
b p n o. 1 2 a i n s m a r a

+213 792 5353 93


modern wall
Modern Wall is a firm structure made of several tive lighting incorporated in the wall (completed).
ecological and recyclable materials. It forms intel- Lightweight yet rigid structure on account of the
ligent walls, wall partitions, wall coatings or roof polyester and the connection between compo-
coatings. nents. Complete control of new decorative and
Composition: Plaster/Design/Green Polymers: ecological light, the built-in air conditioning and
w w w. fa c e b o o k .c o m / # ! /

PVC or PTC and polyester house through the use of a cell phone.
m o d e r n .wa l l? f r e f = t s

Modern Wall is an original product in terms of its

m o d e r n wa l l
_c o m pa n y

Whats new about Modern Wall?

Integration of an air-conditioning system in the
wall (in research phase). Integration of decora-

i s i d r e c ata l n r a m o s , j o f r e d a z fa l c n
elisabet cuenc a quesada
o r i o l pa l e n z u e l a r o s s
d a n i e l l e r c h h o s ta lo t
_y e a r o f l au n c h
c/ g e n e r a l va l l s , 1 lo c a l 2 . v i l a f r a n c a
d e l p e n e d s , 0 8 7 2 0 b a r c e lo n a , s pa i n

i n f o @ o p e n d o m o.c o m
+3 4 9 3 8 9 0 6 9 5 9

ODEnergyHome is a platform that not only allows And for your business, we offer an extended solu-
you to check your electricity consumption in real tion: ODEnergyPro, which allows for centralized
time (in kWh, euros and carbon emitted), but can management of various electricity points.
also identify the main electricity consumers in The outcome of an Open Source project, we help
your home without the need for additional sen- technology reach everyone.
opendomo services sl

sors or devices. You want to know how much it

w w w.o p e n d o m o.c o m

costs to turn on the electric boiler? We can help

you find out.
The alarm manager notifies you if youve gone to
_c o m pa n y

work and left the iron on. But the best part is that
its okay because you can use your cell phone to
turn it off from wherever you are.

g u s tav o m o n t e i r o
felipe gabardo
_y e a r o f l au n c h
rua esmer aldino bandeir a 375, 10 4, gr aas
cep 52011-090, recife, pernambuco, br a zil

+55 81 99 36 59 91

Opara is an online platform designed to increase tivity by reducing costs and preventing losses. At
real-time control and traceability in fruit produc- the end of the chain, customers can learn about
tion. We deliver insightful business analytics to the fruit they are purchasing right from the super-
growers in order to help them boost their produc- market shelf using a smartphone.
w w w.o pa r a . i o
_c o m pa n y
o pa r a

berend jan kleute

pa u l d i n n i s s e n
d i eg o a c e v e d o
r e m i b lo k k e r
_y e a r o f l au n c h
2 6 2 9 j d d e l f t, n e t h e r l a n d s
molengr a affsingel 12

i n f o @ b lu e r i s e . n l
+3 1 6 5 1 3 8 3 9 6 7

Covering seventy percent of our globe, the oceans etry and ocean temperature data in combination
are by far the largest solar collectors on earth and with local user-supplied information such as en-
can provide a vast amount of clean and renewable ergy prices and load requirements. This front-end
energy, day and night. Bluerise is specialized in the information, in combination with back-end retriev-
development and implementation of Ocean Ther- al of real data, enables the embedded modules to
mal Energy systems. We provide innovative tech- pre-assess the validity of OTEC in the selected
nology and services allowing the most efficient area.
w w w. b lu e r i s e . n l

and optimal use of available ocean resources.

Our free, online OTEC pre-assessment service
bluerise bv
_c o m pa n y

will enable the community to perform an initial

investigation into the Ocean Thermal potential in
any geographical area. The service uses bathym-

daniel berenguer
_y e a r o f l au n c h
c e n t r o d i eg o h i d a lg o d e e m p r e s a s
d e i n n o va c i n ,c t r a . pa r a j e l a n ava
0 6 2 3 0 lo s s a n t o s d e m a i m o n a , s pa i n
+3 4 9 2 4 5 7 5 1 5 9 / +3 4 6 9 1 1 2 4 2 7 5
c o n ta c t@ pa n s ta m p.c o m

The purpose of panStamp is to bust the myth ules which are programmable from the Arduino
about the complexity of wireless M2M systems. IDE, plus a set of software tools, gateways and
Low-power radio telemetry has typically been controllers. panStamp is being used in many dif-
reserved for hardware engineers, but panStamp ferent applications, including building automation,
makes the development and integration processes automatic irrigation, energy metering and air qual-
straightforward for professionals and enthusi- ity monitoring.
w w w. pa n s ta m p.c o m

asts with no previous experience in the hardware

panStamp is an open wireless automation plat-
_c o m pa n y
pa n s ta m p

form which forms a complete ecosystem of wire-

less nodes and IP controllers. This solution mainly
consists of panStamps, low-power wireless mod-
jennifer indovina
_y e a r o f l au n c h
r o c h e s t e r , n y 1 4 6 0 9, u s a

i n f o @t e n r e h t e .c o m
11 shingle mill road

+1 585 4 66 4 882

The PICOwatt Smart Plug is an intelligent power energy efficiency and the energy conservation ca-
adapter that gives you remote control over the en- pabilities of the smart grid to you today, with or
ergy your devices consume. without a smart grid utility connection.
tenrehte technologies, inc.

PICOwatt is our award-winning, patent-pending,

wireless smart plug designed to save you money by
monitoring and reducing energy waste produced
w w w.t e n r e h t e .c o m

by any electric device.

PICOwatt is designed to be very easy to use. It
takes just a few minutes to install, without the need
_c o m pa n y

for tools or any additional software. PICOwatt

is also designed to work out of the box with any
device you would plug into a wall outlet, bringing

j a c o b va n zo n n e v e l d
a d a m w o o lway
_y e a r o f l au n c h

s u p p o r t@ p lu g s u r f i n g .c o m
reinickendorfer str asse 17
133 47 berlin, germany
+4 9 3 0 9 6 6 0 2 76 3

PlugSurfing is the best solution to finding electric versal payment system to allow users to roam
car charging stations & barrier-free payment for between providers and countries, supplying the
EV charging. By merging multiple data sources, missing link to the freedom and mobility that EV
including real-time APIs direct from charging always intended to achieve.
point providers, as well as static crowdsourced
w w w. p lu g s u r f i n g .c o m

data from the charging point community, the

PlugSurfing apps and website display the worlds
plugsurfing gmbh

largest database of charging points. With a data-

base unrivaled in terms of both quality and quan-
_c o m pa n y

tity, PlugSurfing is the answer to concerns about

range and wider EV adoption. The Berlin-based
startup now has its sights set on integrating a uni-
yksel sirmasac
_y e a r o f l au n c h
5 0 9 6 9 c o lo g n e , g e r m a n y

info@ro ck e
pohligstr asse 3

+4 9 2 2 1 8 8 8 9 5 5 0

ROCKETHOME has developed one of the most ad- and increased security in a connected home.
vanced technologies for smart home ecosystems Mass-market plug&play solutions make it easy
in Europe. ROCKETHOME offers managed smart for customers to install, connect and control de-
energy and smart home solutions that help ser- vices. ROCKETH OME mobilizes five key areas of
vice providers get behind the utilities and move application on a single platform: home monitoring
beyond the meter into the customers home, as and security, energy monitoring, home control,
w w w. r o c k e t h o m e . d e

a part of their smart grid strategy. The intuitive multimedia and senior care.
rockethome gmbh

web application enables consumers to monitor

and control devices online or via a mobile phone
_c o m pa n y

for efficient energy consumption, more comfort


j u a n - lu i s s a m p e d r o
_y e a r o f l au n c h
centro de empresas, cei montengacedo s/n
282 2 3 pozuelo de al arcn, spain

+3 4 914 524 824

Skybus is a new type of urban transport where technology can reduce costs and improve quali-
passengers are taken directly from point A to ty in existing bus networks, expand public trans-
point B by means of smart vehicles. The vehicles port coverage profitably to new areas, and deliver
are shared by other passengers going in similar premium microbus services for commuters, night
directions. Its flexible, convenient and low-cost owls, the elderly, and other groups.
a real alternative to a private car.
Skybus means less traffic, less emissions and less
energy consumption. Its efficient and sustainable
w w w. s k y b u s . e s

a new transport solution to improve the environ-

sk ybus, s.l.
_c o m pa n y

ment and our quality of life.

Offered as a software service (SaaS) to cities and
transport operators, Skybus unique optimization
pat x i e c h e v e s t e
_y e a r o f l au n c h
s a n s e b a s t i n t e c h n o lo g y pa r k
20009 donostia, san sebastin

i n f o @ wat t i o.c o m
g i p u z ko a , s pa i n
+3 4 9 4 3 3 0 9 5 8 8

smart home 360

Turn your home into a smart home in 5 minutes! trol their smart homes comfortably and efficiently.
These days, we dont communicate with our Wattio wants to make domotics truly democratic.
homes, there are no conversations. Wattio and its A solution for all of us!
technology make it possible for you to change the Our engineering team handles all technological de-
relationship you have with your home. The results: velopments, as well as the integration of all parts
you will be able to manage your home in a more of the system: hardware, firmware and software.
efficient way, saving both energy and money!
wat t i o c o r p, s . l .u.
w w w.wat t i o.c o m

We are about to launch a technological solution

for converting normal homes into smart homes. It
_c o m pa n y

consists of a complete platform for users to con-


va s s i l i s n i ko lo p o u lo s
ko s ta s s ta i ko s
_y e a r o f l au n c h
g r 1 1 1 4 1 at h e n s , g r e e c e
l a s k a r at o u s t r e e t 1 2

social energy +3 0 2 1 0 7 5 2 2 9 0 0


behavioral networks
Intelen is a growing cleantech IT start-up and inno- and social networking principles. Intelen creates
vator in smart building energy analytics. Intelens sustainable social communities of aware people
fully-integrated platform provides real-time in- who save energy and optimize the performance of
sight into energy use and offers robust mechanisms buildings by following real-time demand/response
to drive ongoing energy efficiency by using gaming behavioural scenarios.
concepts, mobile apps and behavioral incentives.
Its proprietary cloud-based software solution and
w w w. i n t e l e n .c o m

sophisticated patent-pending algorithms provide

real-time insight into key drivers of building en-
_c o m pa n y

ergy consumption, and leveraging mobile gaming

tors ten s tiefenhofer
chr is toph os ter m a nn
_y e a r o f l au n c h
8 74 9 9 w i l d p o l d s r i e d, g e r m a n y

i n f o @ s o n n e n b at t e r i e . d e
+4 9 8 3 0 4 9 2 9 3 3 4 0 0
am riedbach 1

solar battery
PROSOL Invest, founded in 2010, is a market l eader time, even at night. The intelligent solar battery
for innovative and intelligent lithium storage sys- can be directly controlled and switched by elec-
tems. The Solar Battery is a smart, highly efficient tricity consumers (e.g. electric appliances) or can
and modern storage system for residential use. be integrated in a smart home system from a third
Its main purpose is to enable the user of a PV supplier.
w w w. s o n n e n b at t e r i e . d e

installation to consume a maximum of his self-pro-

deutschl and gmbh

duced solar power whenever it is really needed in

the house. Thus, solar power can be used at any
prosol invest
_c o m pa n y

ridha a zaiz
_y e a r o f l au n c h

c o n ta c t@ s o l a r b r u s h . d e
p otsda mer s tr a s se 6 3
10785 berlin, germany
+4 9 1 6 0 9 7 9 6 9 0 1 6

SOLARBRUSH is a robot used to clean solar power every month. One or more robots can be placed
plants. The cleaning of solar generators is impor on-site to clean solar panels. They have been de-
tant since they lose efficiency due to deposits signed to meet both the needs of customers and
such as sand or dust. SOLABRUSH walks across service personnel.
solar modules with a high inclination of at least
30 degrees. The robot is wireless as it carries a re-
w w w. s o l a r b r u s h .d e

chargeable and replaceable battery.

The development of SOLARBRUSH started in 1998.
Since then, the robots have been optimized for the
sol arbrush
_c o m pa n y

cleaning of solar generators in dry regions. Huge

layers of sand on the modules lower the output in
many regions according to some studies, by 35%

thomas willemeit
l ars krckeberg

andreas spiess
wolfr am putz
_y e a r o f l au n c h

w elcome@sol a r k
1 0 1 7 9 b e r l i n, g e r m a n y
mrkisches ufer 34

+4 9 ( 3 0) 9 1 5 5 3 1 5 5

1.5 billion people worldwide live without elec- munities. The Solarkiosk is a solar-powered, auto
tricity. 600 million of these people live in Africa. nomous business hub; it is the spark that will trigger
Solarkiosk addresses the needs of these off-grid technological drive and create modern businesses
communities by providing energy and connectivi- in previously untapped markets. The holistic tech-
ty. Once installed, the Solarkiosk becomes a com- nology uses the produced energy much like a mini
pact, affordable and stable shop offering energy, smart grid.
w w w. s o l a r k i o s k . e u

products, tools, and services. The Solarkiosk sub-

solarkiosk gmbh

stitutes extremely expensive unclean energy with

clean solar power and gives access to products
_c o m pa n y

and information for future growth of rural com-


fr anz stebe
_y e a r o f l au n c h
9 0 2 0 k l a g e n f u r t, l a k e s i d e b 0 1 , a u s t r i a

i n f o @ s o n n e n s e r v e r .c o m
+4 3 6 6 4 7 3 5 4 3 5 4 0
9103 diex 175

Sonnenserver is an intelligent energy management Energy savings can be achieved by optimizing the
system that optimizes the energy consumption of load distribution and the shutdown of unused
IT environments and enables efficient integration hardware. Up to 90% of energy can be saved per
of renewable energy sources. workstation. Cost savings in energy consumption
Emission-free operation of client/server networks and contributions to green IT can be achieved in
w w w. s o n n e n s e r v e r .c o m

can be achieved by using alternative energy. The one system.

s t. a . r . - s y s t e m s g m b h

aim is to control the energy consumption of the

devices that are actually using system capacity.
The system can be installed in existing networks.
_c o m pa n y

An energy management controller records the

energy consumption of individual hardware com-
b r i a n m o f fat
_y e a r o f l au n c h
3 4 4 0 co r p us c h r i s t i s t r e e t

m o f fat b r i a n @ g m a i l .c o m
s i m i va l l e y,c a 9 3 0 6 3 , u s a
+1 805 587 47 31

spindrift energy
Prior attempts to extract clean and renewable pindrift devices can operate in water of any depth
power from the oceans waves have met with set- and can be scaled to meet any level of demand.
backs and disappointments, with ocean energy Farms of our wave energy devices will be able to
devices breaking or being lost in rough seas. The supply most of the worlds electrical power at a
w w w. s p i n d r i f t e n e r g y.c o m

key to obtaining low-cost power from the sea is cost lower than that associated with coal-fired
durability and low maintenance. Spindrift Energy electrical plants.
is developing a patent-pending hydrokinetic device
spindrift energy

with only 3 moving parts. Its simplicity and cost-

efficiency will result in a capital cost of $500/kW
_c o m pa n y

and a power-generation cost of $0.02/kWh.


c y r u s a lt s c h u c k
s t e fa n k a s t e r k a
_y e a r o f l au n c h
66131 sa arbrcken, germany

i n f o @ s u n n yc r o w d. d e
heimelstr asse 20 b

+4 9 6 8 9 3 8 0 3 7 1 3

Renewable energy projects struggle with the doing. Projects are vetted for quality by the Sunny-
rigid, complex and inflexible banking system.
crowd team. People can grow their money trans-
People want to see their money working effec- parently and see the impact theyre having while
tively and ethically. Society needs a sustainable doing good for the world. And project developers
future. Sunnycrowd solves these problems. We have access to an easy and efficient alternative for
w w w. s u n n yc r o w d.c o m

are crowdfunding for renewable energy, using the financing.

power of the social web to push the clean e nergy
revolution forward. Choose a project, invest an
s u n n yc r o w d

amount of money for its development, and earn

_c o m pa n y

a lot in interest! Our equity model will also allow

you to directly own a share of your chosen project.
You can follow your project and see how well it is
a n dy b c k e r
_y e a r o f l au n c h

i n f o @ s u s ta i n a b l e r e f e r e n c e .c o m
s a n f r a n c i s c o, c a 9 4 1 0 5 , u s a
181 fremont st

+1 831 296 0692


Cities need sustainability and sustainability needs and a green economy. Cities put a lot of money into
to incorporate cities. So we created SURE! to help sustainable programs or certifications that are
w w w.sus ta i n a b l e r e f e r e n c

cities become more sustainable. We will change boring and old-fashioned. SURE! is a 365/24 pro-
the city economy by helping citizens, companies gram constantly measuring cities sustainability.
and city halls to create a more sustainable society
s u s ta i n a b l e r e f e r e n c e
_c o m pa n y

christian deilmann

j o h a n n e s s c h wa r z
va l e n t i n s awa d s k i
_y e a r o f l au n c h
81371 munich, germany

c o n ta c t@ta d o.c o m
ko c h e l s e e s t r . 8 - 1 0

+4 9 8 9 4 1 6 1 5 6 6 4 0

tado is a Munich-based tech startup, founded its control features, tado takes individual building
by Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz and characteristics and weather forecasting data into
Valentin Sawadski in 2011. account. Overall, tado works like a personal heat-
tado is the first intelligent, smartphone-based ing assistant, taking care that it is always comfort-
heating control system that automatically adjusts ably warm at home when needed.
to peoples behavior. Residents install the tado
app on their mobile phones to detect when the
last person has left the house, no user action re-
w w w.ta d o.c o m

quired. A signal is then sent to the heating system

ta d o g m b h
_c o m pa n y

to turn down the temperature. To further enhance

nicholas miles
ja me s a lco ck
_y e a r o f l au n c h

j a m e s . a l c o c k @t h eg r e e n a g e .c o.u k
lo n d o n, s w 1 7 7s q, u n i t e d k i n g d o m
1 2 1 t r i n i t y roa d

+4 4 7 8 3 4 9 8 2 74 3

TheGreenAge is quickly becoming the hub of choice We also offer a carbon offsetting shop where our
for all energy efficiency and renewable technol- users can shop as usual at no extra cost, and, in
ogy needs. It brings together easy-to-understand doing so, we support carbon reduction programs
information and first-rate suppliers in a friendly on their behalf.
community to help our users save money on their
w w w.t h eg r e e n a g e .c o.u k

energy bills, find information on renewable solu-

tions, and reduce their carbon footprint.
We offer domestic users impartial and interactive

appraisals of energy saving schemes in the UK, to

_c o m pa n y

bring value to the consumer and the supply chain

underpinning these processes.

d r . n ata l i a s t r y z h a ko va
sergii podmogilnyi
dr. yuriy maletin
_y e a r o f l au n c h
lo n d o n w 1 b 3 h h , u n i t e d k i n g d o m
s u i t e 4 0 4 , 3 2 4 - 3 2 6 r eg e n t s t r e e t

i n f o @y u n a s ko.c o m
+4 4 2 0 8 1 2 3 2 6 8 4

Nature provides infinite ambient energy that can YUNASKO develops ultracapacitors which have
be collected with special harvesting systems. Such outstanding characteristics, outperforming exist-
systems include solar panels, windmills, thermal ing commercial analog components almost three
energy stations and others. Smooth and efficient times over in terms of specific power (kW/kg). It
operation of such systems can only be achieved by makes the harvesting system more competitive,
connecting to a proper energy storage device. This increasing its efficiency and service life.
w w w.y u n a s ko.c o m

can be done efficiently through ultracapacitors

energy storage devices with extremely high power
y u n a s ko lt d.

capacities and fast charge/discharge profiles.

_c o m pa n y

a l e x a n d e r zo s e l
thomas senkel
stephan wolf
thomas ruf
_y e a r o f l au n c h
stliche rheinbrckenstr. 50
76 1 8 7 k a r l s r u h e , g e r m a n y

i n f o @ e- v o lo.c o m
+4 9 7 2 1 3 8 4 8 9 6 0 7

The founders of e-volo are the inventors of the missioned a trial program for the creation of a new
Volocopter. Through the use of its many propel- category of aviation in Germany.
lers, the volocopter can take off and land vertically Consequently, people with a private pilots license
like a helicopter. will be able to fly e-volos Volocopter in the near
The worlds first successful manned flight in a future.
vertical take-off and landing aircraft powered

solely by electricity made global aviation history
w w w.e- v o lo.c o m

in O ctober 2011.
e-volo gmbh

e-volo is working to build the VC200, the first

_c o m pa n y

Volocopter in the world to carry two people.

The innovative concept convinced the main avia-
tion authority to such an extent that it has com-

christian mller
martin wesian
_y e a r o f l au n c h
105 0 vienna, aus tria

o f f i c e @ h e l i o z .o r g
ruedigergasse 10

+ 43 1 585 00 04 0

Helioz is a social enterprise engaged in the develop- panel, and is guaranteed to be maintenance-free
ment, research and sale of affordable and efficient for at least five years! Whats more, each piece
tools for low-income households, humanitarian costs less than 10 dollars.
organizations, emergency aid organizations and Wadi is easy to use: Screw WADI onto your plastic
companies around the globe. Helioz R&D focuses bottle like a screw cap and place it in the sun. As
on finding innovative solutions to societys most soon as a smiley face appears, the water is disin-
pressing social problems. fected and ready to drink.
w w w. h e l i o z .o r g

Helioz has developed an inexpensive and easy-

helioz gmbh

to-use device called WADI, which was especially

_c o m pa n y

adapted for the Base of the Pyramid. This patent-

ed device is made of bio-degradable plastic, is
completely energy self-sufficient due to its solar

anton ella
renewables-grid initiative
Since 2001, Antonella Battaglini, Executive Direc-
tor with the Renewables-Grid Initiative has de-
voted herself to the area of renewable energy,
power grids and climate change. She introduced
her intelligent electricity network concept called
SuperSmarta Grid to the public in 2007. It is an
holistic approach to electricity to overcome ideo-
logical choices and to deliver a highly efficient
system for a largely renewable power sector in
Europe and across the world.
I am glad that CODE_n has set the focus on
e nergy transition this year. Its an issue that

concerns us all. The future of humanity will be
shaped by the way we generate and consume
e nergy.

j ulian von ulrich

b lcher dietz
ecosummit gft technologies
Julian von Blcher is the CSO of, A true entrepreneur, Ulrich Dietz set up his first
an international Smart Green Business Network company at the age of just 19. After completing
and Conference for startups, investors and cor- a degree in mechanical engineering and prod-
porates, which fosters and accelerates cleantech uct engineering, he co-founded GFT in 1987 and
innovation from company foundation to mass remains at its helm today. GFT Technologies AG
market. Blchers fields of activity range from is now a leading international IT service provider.
sustainability research to energy efficiency con- Ulrich Dietz is active in a number of committees
sulting. As a climate ambassador in 2007, he did to support startups and to promote the inter-
ice-thickness measurements at the North Pole nationalization of Germany as an IT location. As
and ran a federal climate campaign. He launched well as creating the CODE_n innovation initiative,
an innovative social change facebook app and he is also the author of the book Thenew New
his most recent project is a hardware cleantech and was named German Entrepreneur Of The
startup in Munich in prototyping stage: Year 2011.
We need more initiatives to promote smart
solutions for the energy transition. Thankfully
CODE_n is doing this!

murat carsten
gnak knop
mia electric frankfurter allgemeine zeitung
Murat Gnak, was Head of the design studios of Carsten Knop is a senior business editor of the
Peugeot, Daimler and Volkswagen, where he was German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
leading the Volkswagen Group Design until the end (FAZ), based in the Frankfurt headquarters and
of 2006. In 2007 he left the car industry because in charge of the companies section of his paper.
he believed in his vision of a pollution-free, silent He contributes editorials and feature stories. In
electro mobility, and because he wanted to make previous assignments with FAZ, Carsten Knop was
his contribution for a better world. Since 2011 his based in San Francisco (20012003), New York City
product, the 100% electric mia, is in production (19992001) and Dsseldorf (19961999). He was
and on sale all over Europe through its own brand- born in Dortmund, and educated at the Univer-
ed mia electric company and has found over 1,000 sity of Mnster, Germany. Degree in Economics in
customers. Murat Gnak believes that change to 1993, he joined FAZ in that same year.
the better is driven by human creativity and the CODE_n was the most interesting CeBIT inno-
desire to explore the boundaries of imagination. vation in 2012. This year, the topic energy change
The first stroke of an idea is to start with the promises new power/tension/excitement.
right mindset. Giving fresh-minded entrepre-
neurs the platform to present their visions and
achievements and to be seen and heard is a great
initiative by Ulrich Dietz. Its a great honour to be
part of the jury and of the CODE_n mindset.

jens-uwe elizabeth
sauer varley
seedmatch techhub
Jens-Uwe Sauer is the founder and CEO of Seed- TechHub brings together the global technology
match, the first and leading online crowdfunding startup community, with spaces in London, Riga,
platform for startups in Germany. He first started Manchester and Bucharest and further cities in
working as a consultant, helping founders shape the US, Europe and Asia to be announced in 2013.
and execute their business ideas. Due to the lack I have a real interest in seeing longer-term re-
of equity money even for excellent business ideas search and hardware-based projects, coming
in Germany, he founded Seedmatch as a new way together with the commercial strategies and
to fund startups: Anyone can invest, starting from speed-to-market of internet-focused entrepre-
250. neurs. I hope we will be seeing some exciting
CODE_n is a great chance for startups to raise products and companies at CODE_n.
visibility for their business ideas. We are very hap-
py to offer the three winning German startups the
chance for crowdfunding on Seedmatch.

vincent tavenne
under construction. a place for new ideas. profile
The basic idea behind the presentation of _1961 Born in Montbliard, France
CODE_n13 is an ephemeral, nomadic architec- _1983-1985 Studied under Ulrich Rckriem at the
ture. To create the stands, the walls are made Art Academy in Dusseldorf, Germany
from suspended protective construction net- _to date Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
ting; above and adjacent to this, there are l arger
pieces constructed of scaffolding and gauze. selected solo exhibitions
They look like city landmarks. To provide meet- _2012 Etroit, plat, mince (far, deep, wide),
ing points, there are open spaces and large, Hammelehle and Ahrens Gallery,
colorful rooms. The lines of view and the per- Cologne, Germany
spectives of the city change constantly. And to _2011 Dplie-toi! Development and Illusion,
afford visitors with a birds eye view of the hall, City Gallery of Bietigheim-Bissingen,
they can climb the viewing tower. Germany
In total, it is a light, open structure to be filled _2010 Polarise-toi, Saarland Museum,
with the ingenuity of the participants. This is a Saarbrucken, Germany
place of transparency and communication. The _2009 moi toi et ton toi, Art:Concept,
construction site feeling reflects the aspect of Paris, France
something that is unfinished and tentative a
place where novelty can be created. awards received
_2008 Work fellowship from the Kunstfonds
Foundation (Stiftung Kunstfonds)
_1999 Villa Romana Award, Florence
_1998 Piepenbrock Award for sculpture

_c o d e _ n c o n ta c t p e r s o n

a n d r e a .w l c e k @ g f t.c o m
+4 9 7 1 1 6 2 0 4 2 - 4 4 0
a ndr e a w lcek
7 0 5 9 9 s t u t t g a r t, g e r m a n y
gft technologies
filderhaup ts tr. 1 42
As a strategic technology partner based in Stutt- know-how. To this end, emagine can draw on its
gart, Germany, the GFT Group helps companies international network of IT and engineering spe-
optimise their business processes by providing in- cialists.
telligent IT systems and highly skilled specialists. For 25 years, GFT has stood for technological
GFT is one of the worlds leading IT solution sup- expertise, innovative strength and outstanding
pliers for the finance sector. Under the motto quality. Founded in 1987 by its current CEO, Ulrich
inspiring IT, the company enables financial in- Dietz, GFT achieved group wide revenues of 272
stitutes to quickly and securely utilise modern million in 2011. The GFT Group is represented in
technologies. GFT combines established techno- seven countries by its 22 local facilities. A global
logical experience with comprehensive industry team of over 1,300 employees and 1,300 e xternal
expertise, in order to develop, implement and consultants implements complex IT projects
g f t t e c h n o lo g i e s a g

maintain customized IT solutions. across various countries.

With its subsidiary emagine, GFT offers companies
w w w.g f t.c o m

in various growth industries agile solutions for

_c o m pa n y

completing their technology projects promptly

and efficiently, combining an extensive under-
standing of business with profound technical

m a r t i n a . lu e b o n @ m e s s e . d e
_c o d e _ n c o n ta c t p e r s o n
m a r t i n a l b o n
+4 9 5 1 1 8 9 3 3 1 2 0
30521 hanover, germany

deutsche messe
m e s s eg e l n d e

Deutsche Messe is one of the worlds largest covers more than 100 countries. Deutsche Messe
and most active trade fair companies. Based in annually produces more than 100 trade fairs and
H anover, Germany, Deutsche Messe employs a
conferences worldwide that host 35,000 exhib-
staff of more than 930 and maintains a network of iting companies, 3.5 million visitors, and 15,000
66 sales partners, subsidiaries and branches that journalists from 100 countries.
deutsche messe ag
w w w. m e s s e .d e
_c o m pa n y

g e r h a r d. m u e l l e r @ d e . e y.c o m
_c o d e _ n c o n ta c t p e r s o n
gerhard mller
+4 9 8 9 1 4 3 3 1 1 3 1 0 8
ernst & young

806 36 munich, germany

arnulfstr asse 59
The global Ernst & Young organization is a l eader mitment to quality. The combined global reve-
in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory ser- nues were USD 24,4 billion for the financial year
vices. With its deep expertise in different indus- e nded 30 June 2012, compared with USD 22,9 bil-
tries such as technology, media & entertainment lion in 2011.
or telecommunications, it supports its clients The global Ernst & Young organization refers to
with individual services which are tailored to all member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited
their specific needs. Ernst & Youngs growth (EYG). Each EYG member firm is a separate legal
markets network advises some of the worlds entity and has no liability for another such en-
W i r t s c h a f t s p r f u n g s g e s e l l-

most dynamic and fast-growing public and pri- titys acts or omissions. Ernst & Young Global
vate companies. The network leaders know what Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, does
s c h a f t w w w. d e . e y.c o m

it takes to fast-track a business from inspiration, not provide services to clients.

e r n s t & yo u n g g m b h

to growing enterprise, to market leader after

all, this is part of Ernst & Youngs self-image to
make a difference by helping its people, its cli-
_c o m pa n y

ents and its wider communities to achieve their

potential. Worldwide, 167,000 people are united
by our shared values and an unwavering com-



Following the extraordinary success enjoyed by ning. Thanks also to Andrea Wlcek, who has as-
CODE_n in 2012, we knew we had to continue sumed personal responsibility for CODE_n and
this work and move the project forward. Having works tirelessly to see it succeed.
learned from last years experiences, weve made On behalf of GFT, a sincere thanks goes out to
some changes and introduced a variety of new our strategic partners, who have believed in
ideas. The only thing that remains unchanged CODE_n since its inception: thank you for your
from last year: the enthusiasm and spirit shared financial support and staff contributions, with-
by the entire CODE_n team throughout all phases out which the project wouldnt be nearly as suc-
of the project. cessful. Thanks also for your constructive con-
I would like to thank everyone for their contri- tributions and creative and inspiring insights. And
butions thank you for believing in the success many thanks to the team representatives: Frank
and potential of CODE_n, for continually bringing Prschmann from Deutsche Messe and Gerhard
new ideas to the project, for working with such Mller from Ernst & Young.
determination to move it forward, for constantly This years artist, Vincent Tavenne, created a
thinking about new concepts. uniquely inspiring backdrop for the project in Hall
Let me start by thanking my fellow board mem- 16. Thank you for this successful interpretation of
bers, Jean-Franois Bodin, Marika Lulay and Dr. the pioneering spirit that fuels CODE_n.
Jochen Ruetz, who supported the vision of a Of course, what would a competition be without
global innovation initiative from the very begin- contestants? A heartfelt thank you goes out to

all startup founders and young entrepreneurs, Benz, Francisco Blas Reyes, Johannes Braig, Sven
who surprised, inspired and enchanted us with Brandes, Deniz Cokezen, Maria Dietz, Dr. Oliver
their multifaceted ideas regarding the transition Ehret, Dionysis Eliakopoulos, Katrin Frech, Lena
to clean energy. It is your courage and creative Gaede, Manfred Gaus, Manfred Gmeiner, Moritz
spirit that make CODE_n such a value hot spot of Grter, Nina Haas, Michael Hackenjos, Stefanie
innovation. Hahn, Jakob Hebart, Simone Hedler, Michael
It was genuinely difficult to select just two win- Hehn, Johanna Hellmich, Carina H ummel, Felix
ners. Our jury members certainly had their work Jansen, Andr Krger, Danielle Lopes, Fanny
cut out for them in pinpointing the most prom- M arschner, Linus Mast, Edina Mezildic, Elke

ising applicants from the many young companies M bius,
Paulo Oliveira, Birgit Rebholz, Miguel
that applied. Thats why a very special thank you Reiser, Karl
R ieder, Renata Schartner, Rebecca
goes to Antonella Battaglini, Julian von Blcher, Schlosser, Dr. A lexandra Schrter, Dr. Manfred
Murat Gnak, Carsten Knop, Jens-Uwe Sauer and Schumann, Clara Tach, Helen Thomas and Lisa
Elisabeth Varley. Zoller.
My last, yet very big thank you is directed at the
CODE_n team back at base, our dedicated GFT Ulrich Dietz
employees. Without your commitment, your en-
thusiasm and all your hard work, CODE_n simply
wouldnt be possible. Thanks so much to Janina
published by printing
GFT Innovations GmbH Druckerei Imbescheidt, Frankfurt am Main
Filderhauptstrae 142
70599 Stuttgart, Germany visualization
Bernd Borchardt, Photographer, Berlin
GFT Innovations GmbH image credits
All images from our finalists, partners and jury:
graphic design copyright at each finalist, partner or jury
VERY, Frankfurt am Main
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