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Dive into

the Internet
of Things!

CODE_n 15 Highlights
Ulrich Dietz, initiator and mastermind behind
CODE_n, on the underlying idea of an innovation
platform for digital pioneers:

CODE_n 15 Startup firms are setting the

in numbers digital trends and impulses
worldwide. However established
companies have the power to
make these ideas reality. With
CODE_n, we are bringing these
two worlds together and taking
digital progress forward.
More than 400 applications from 40 countries
50 finalists from 18 countries
30,000 prize money for the winner of the CODE_n15 AWARD
EY Ignite Innovation Challenge: business consulting worth 10,000
Special Salesforce prize: trip to Silicon Valley including participation in Dreamforce

75,000 people visited CODE_n in Hall 16
5,000 square meters of exhibition space
Conference program spanning over 100 events

Live 3D production of over 2,000 cubes measuring 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Individually designed works of art delivered to 81 countries worldwide
Website: over 30,000 visitors from 136 countries
Twitter: 750,000 ROBOCHOP views, 4,000 mentions

Reports in 37 countries worldwide
1,476 articles, TV reports and radio news items
More than 183 million readers, viewers and listeners
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Overall 8.5 million mentions, 500,000 video clicks and CODE_n CONNECT:
300,000 interactions in social networks Twitter:
Twitter: 4.3 million views, 13,000 mentions and 478 new followers Facebook:
Facebook: 3.7 million views, 285,000 interactions and 1,400 new fans Blog:
Digital Pioneering
by CODE_n

Creative ideas? Ready-to-go business model? As a global ecosystem for ambitious company
Or are you already an entrepreneur? founders and leading firms, we network innova-
tors and encourage the development of sustain-
The digital revolution is bringing a raft of oppor- able business models. Together, we build a unique
tunities to businesses. With courage, drive and in- network and move forward into the digital future.
novative stimulus, startup companies are pushing Have you got pioneering spirit in your blood, or
forward new business models all over the world. are you looking for the code of the new for your
For established companies, young founders are business? Then become a member of the CODE_n
becoming increasingly important and new mar- Community! #DigitalLife
kets and business models are evolving. The key to
joint success is: partnerships & cooperation agree- #CONNECT
#InternetOfThings #SmartCity
#innovations #EVENTS
#industry40 #entrepreneurs
#FutureMobility #CODE_n
The Ecosystem for
Digital Pioneers CODE_n
Meet and greet with the digital avant-garde
Not to be missed: At our spectacular events such
as our Pioneers' Days we bring together digital
pioneers and innovation managers from all over
the world. At the heart of these events is mutual

CODE_n exchange. Digital trends set the agenda. Startup

companies use the EVENTS as a platform for stag-
ing their groundbreaking ideas.

International innovation competitions
Your business model in a global comparison: The
world's most promising startups demonstrate
fresh, unconventional business ideas to show what
the digital future looks like. As well as attractive
winners' prizes, there is a wealth of public attention CONNECT
to be gained, along with direct lines to partners,
Online innovation platform
potential customers, investors and the media.
Get discovered get matched boost your busi-
ness: At CONNECT, company founders, estab-
lished entrepreneurs and investors come together
in an exclusive network. Startups and corporates
share their business knowledge and expertise.
Company founders make themselves known to in-
vestors. An innovative match-making feature pro-
vides individual networking impulses.

SPACES With a new way of thinking and
Innovation campus for digital pioneers
Forward-looking ideas finally become reality: In-
spiration needs space. At GFT's company head- brave ideas, we network the driving
forces and push digital progress
quarters in Stuttgart, we offer selected pioneers,
innovation teams from established companies and
experienced managers a unique and professional
working milieu within a creative environment and
co-working spaces. forward on an international scale.
The future can be found
in Hall 16

Bigger, more international, more diverse: CODE_n

conquers CeBIT again with a two-story startup
arena in Hall 16, once again becoming The Place to
Be in 2015. 50 Startups from 18 countries show-
cased their ideas for Smart Cities, Future Mobility,
Industry 4.0 and Digital Life. The five-day confer-
ence program also featured a multitude of industry
figures with ideas and up-close insights that cap-
tivated the audience. Bottom line: 75,000 visitors
made it the most highly frequented hall at the inter-
national IT show.
Startups liven
up CeBIT

More than 400 applications from 40 countries

the astounding reaction to this years CODE_n
contest. 50 startups earned a place in the final
round, and, with it, a ticket to the worlds biggest
IT trade show: CeBIT in Hanover. From WiFi choco-
late to a parking space scout their high-tech busi-
ness models reflected all-new realms of possibility.
Demonstrations of their applications and gadgets
from a variety of industries health care, banking,
energy, everyday life provided the mixed audi-
ence with hands-on experience of the sheer vari-
ety of ideas.
Tech is as easy
as chocolate

Specialists in networking everyday life win the

CODE_n AWARD 2015!

A startup company from Berlin called relayr paved

the way for app developers to explore the Inter-
net of Things. Their flagship product WunderBar
actually looks like a bar of chocolate, but in real-
ity it contains state-of-the-art sensor technology
different sensors for measuring parameters like
temperature, humidity and motion. Each can be
snapped off like a piece of chocolate and attached
to objects, instantly empowering software devel-
opers to develop their own smartphone applica-
tions even without previous knowledge of elec- An enthusiastic jury:
trical engineering and thus log measurements
for further analysis. Just one example: an app for relayr is the perfect embodiment of this years
monitoring temperatures in a wine cellar. Hard- theme Into the Internet of Things. The WunderBar
ware and software communication takes place makes it tangible and practical for programmers
through the relayr open sensor cloud platform in a playful manner. Sadly, until now, developers
which makes it easy for developers to quickly start often had to overcome huge hurdles relayr does
wireless application and prototype projects thus away with these. Theres no excuse now that they
turning smartphones into smart devices. The WiFi dont have the hardware knowledge.
chocolate was highly tempting and convinced the
jury: relayr scooped the CODE_n AWARD and the Curious? To find out more about relayr and their
30,000 prize. secret weapon, go to:
The Star at CeBIT:
The Robochop Installation

The interactive robot installed by the designers

Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram was no vision
of the future. It was a fully functional interpreta-
tion of Industry 4.0. Instead of talking about the
Internet of Things, the installation in the CODE_n
hall demonstrated how far we have already come
in merging the world of physical objects and the
digital world. Internet users from around the world
could access the machines and use a web-based
3D app to design their own mini-furniture. Four ro-
bots produced over 2,000 individual cubes over
the course of CeBIT. These were then dispatched
to the artists in 81 countries throughout the world,
with everything from side tables to abstract works
of art.
The future is here and these
gadgets prove it

One competition. Fifty winners. Thousands of Germany needs entrepreneurs to maintain its
visitors. The prizewinners werent the only ones leading position in business. Startups are driv-
at CODE_n to feel like winners. All finalists had ing forces on our path towards Industry 4.0 and
the opportunity to push their new business ideas the Internet of Things. That is why we need a
during the five days at CeBIT generating many new Grnderzeit (founding era) particularly
hot leads and exceptional media coverage. The also more private initiatives to promote startups.
75,000 visitors who came to the CODE_n hall CODE_n is setting an example with its various ac-
included numerous investors as well as key deci- tivities to support startup companies and to moti-
sion-makers from the world of business and poli- vate them in the long term.
tics. All took time to stroll through Hall 16 getting Sigmar Gabriel
to know the enthusiastic CODE_n pioneers per- Minister for Economic Affairs
sonally and discovering more about their ground-
breaking business models. CODE_n shows that there is still major potential
to tap for business startups in Germany. We need
to improve the conditions for startups in Germany
to make them more competitive on an internation-
al level, especially when it comes to the financing
conditions. Networking events are equally import-
ant to connect startups with the established manu-
facturers and industry in Germany. In this respect,
CODE_n is already making an important contribu-
tion and leads other companies the way.
Brigitte Zypries
Parliamentary State Secretary
Digital Life

Industry 4.0:
Digital Life Digital Life

They inspire and offer confidence.

Future Mobility, Smart City, Digital Life,


the opportunities that the digital revolution offers
permanent state. Established companies face ma-
mension of digital topics: Change is becoming a
illustrates the economic and society-related di-

jor challenges. The CODE_n finalists demonstrate

The diversity of the bandwidth of startup solutions

and give free rein to the creativity of their ideas.

Digital Life Digital Life Digital Life


Digital Life Digital Life Digital Life Digital Life
gies in the startup county
Impressive ideas and technolo-

Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Future Mobility Future Mobility

RELAYR, Germany OPTOFORCE, Hungary M2MGO, Germany KUMI FOR HEALTH, Germany ITIZZIMO, Germany
Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0


Smart City Smart City Smart City Industry 4.0

KIWIKI, Germany HUDWAY, Russia GREENBIRD, Norway

Smart City Smart City Smart City
CODE_n explores new
avenues for CeBIT

The comprehensive conference program in Hall 16

also pulled in the crowds. For five days, CODE_n
was a rich source of information on the Internet
of Things, startups, and innovation in the digital
economy. There was also a series of fireside chats
during the week for the CODE_n finalists to intro-
duce their business models. On the stage and at
diverse workbenches at partner booths, the young
entrepreneurs were joined by leading experts to
discuss a whole host of opportunities and chal-
lenges. The audience was also invited to pose their
own questions. After the official end of the trade
show day, there were parties and live entertain-
ment. Plus two unforgettable highlights: the amaz-
ing CODE_n Award Show and the Pioneers Dinner.
The Struggle for the Next
Generation of Company Workers

Turning the vision of a global innovation platform

into a reality requires partners who can help bring
the concept to life. More companies and organiza-
tions became involved in CODE_n in 2015 than at
any point in the past. Whether they were exhibi-
tors, conference partners or co-sponsors, they all
wrote their own unique CODE_n story and used
CODE_n as a source of inspiration for their own
organizations, their customers, and their business
What our EnBW
My impression: This is a very beneficial approach.
Building and supporting a startup scene in Baden-

CODE_n15 Wuerttemberg is an important issue, which we

fully support. CODE_n offers founders a unique
platform to present and promote their business

Partners models as well as their products. Startups and

corporations are able to meet face to face and ex-
change ideas and network on-site and directly. For

thought! EnBW, its an excellent opportunity to utilize collab-

orations in a rapidly changing, new energy world.
Uli Huener, Head of Innovation Management

Industry 4.0, thats exactly our daily business. Ac-
Deutsche Messe cording to the CODE_n15 topic we became a part-
Im sure that CODE_n is the heart of innovation ner, also of ROBOCHOP. With our industrial robots
and the place to be at CeBIT. For our worldwide we were already able to show today, how tomor-
visitors its the start point here at CeBIT we are rows production will look like. Amazing to get in
very pleased to have this colorful and inspiring touch with the astonished 75.000 visitors in hall 16.
startup arena in Hanover. Dr Andreas Bauer, Director Marketing
Oliver Frese, Member of the Board
EY CODE_n is a startup hotspot for discussions, new
With CODE_n we are seeking to identify innova- ideas and people who deal with industry 4.0 as
tive thinking and disruptive business models and well as the digital transformation of the business
to convene a dialogue between pioneering en- world.
trepreneurial talent and larger clients. CODE_n Dr Peter Leibinger, Vice-Chairman of the
is a key part of our startup programs and events Managing Board
around the world.
Paul van Kessel, Global Risk Leader Accenture
Why are we a CODE_n Partner? Its simple: The
Salesforce hall is unlike anything else at CeBIT and its a
Robochop is a powerful showcase to demonstrate showground for startups. Fifty interesting finalists
the potential of digitalization. Salesforce powers not only present their business ideas with plenty
the end-to-end solution, a true Industry 4.0 sce- of enthusiasm and creativity, but they also get to
nario, that brings Robochop to life and keeps it meet established companies with a long-standing
running. The app to design the objects has been tradition companies which are currently under-
built in no-time on our Heroku platform. And the going a transformation themselves. At the heart of
robots can connect via sensors to the Salesforce it: Accenture! Its truly exciting and a win-win situa-
Service Cloud. But theres more that connects us tion for everyone involved.
with CODE_n: We share the same love for inno- Frank Riemensperger, Senior Managing Director
vation. With our engagement at CODE_n we can
help startups innovate fast and scale easily and we
help established enterprises reinvent and digitally
transform at incredible speed.
Frank Engelhardt, Manager Enterprise Strategy

"Google is a well-established partner for both start-
ups and the traditional industries in Germany. We
work with the best in class CODE_n is the right
platform for us to engage in candid conversations
with both young and established companies."
Jens Redmer, Principal, New Products
A glance at the Internet.
Initiated by Media Partners

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Conference Partners Strategic Partners

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CODE_n 15
in numbers

More than 400 applications from 40 countries
50 finalists from 18 countries
30,000 prize money for the winner of the CODE_n15 AWARD
EY Ignite Innovation Challenge: business consulting worth 10,000
Special Salesforce prize: trip to Silicon Valley including participation in Dreamforce

75,000 people visited CODE_n in Hall 16
5,000 square meters of exhibition space
Conference program spanning over 100 events
Published by
GFT Innovations@ CODE_n
GmbH 15
Live 3D production of over 34 2,000 cubes measuring 40 x 40 x 40 cm
70567 Stuttgart
Individually designed works of art delivered to 81 countries worldwide
Website: over 30,000 visitors from 136 countries
Concept750,000 ROBOCHOP views, 4,000 mentions
GFT Innovations GmbH
Graphic in
Reports Design
37 countries worldwide
articles, TV reports and radio news items
More than 183 million readers, viewers and listeners
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Overall 8.5 million mentions, 500,000 video clicks and CODE_n CONNECT:
Image Credits
interactions in social networks Twitter:
Twitter: 4.3 million
David Levene, views, 13,000 mentions and 478 new followers
London Facebook:
Facebook: 3.7 million
Patrick Pfeiffer, views, 285,000 interactions and 1,400 new fans
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