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Dear Team:

The following items for your follow up today, kindly fill in as per the responsibilities:

S Project Contractor Responsible Tasks for follow up Comments Status

r name name Eng
1 Thysin Q_Base Nisthar - Rental of the machine for - Req for 3 mobilization done
Krupp( Sh threading. days, QR for 4 fcus and
moukh 300 pipes
tower - Two today started
- Schedule for the job.( start weeks fcus erection and
to finish)
pipe support
- QR 57000 fabrication.
- Total estimated cost.

- Update the status up to Valves ok within 4

25/04/2016 days from today
May 1st to finish
2 Mushaerib Radiant Mishal/Nist - Contact Mr Mohamed Hosni - Mishaal - Contacted
har to finalize prices for the - Windy Mr. Ahmed
stress analysis. today Matar,
- Talk to Mr. Mohamed Hosni Actauall y
that we have the order for - Tom going found the
the chilled water pipe but pipes are
his people started in and OK thats
check with him if he can why was
assign for us some more not
work there for firefighting awarded
network or chilled water. - Once
( Call Nisthar to update) theres a
job wl. call

3 Unichem Unichem Mishal - Check the status of the - Mishaal - Mr. Ali
Factory things delaying the project discussed
for tiles and other things. with
- Check the status for the fire Arshad
water tank has to be sorted - Mishaal - Under
out today with Capital. review with
( Mishaal to take action) - Yasar & Ben
- Follow up with Yasar for the Mishaal - Monday
pending payment for 30% April 25 to
for the MEP work and 20% finish
for mechanical work
advanced payment.
4 Milaha Adearest/G Mishaal and - Status for manpower we - Fahdi - Ready &
project ea Athif have to ensure availability waiting
of people. date cnfm
- Get a quotation for 10
helpers for 2 month from
different suppliers plus one - Mishaal
welder and one pipe
fabricator. - Fahdi /
- Anchor bolts size and Athif
anchor bolts supply.
- Job schedule has to be
- Fahdi
prepared by Fahdi
- Ensure that all the required
- Athif
tools and belts for the lifting
- Yaser
on Sunday is ready.
- Follow up with Mr Hisham prepared,
- Yasar to to open
about receiving of the
prepare USD A/C
advanced payment ( Yasar
invoices But will
to prepare invoice for
advanced payment and wiat Mr.
send it to GEA Mr Hisham Khaled
and Mr. Purgaric today). - Due time -Ready waiting to
- Request from Zubair India 1 constrain, cfm
instrument technician, 4 doing
cable fabricator and cable locally
pullers and one electrical
engineer. For two month - Athif &
contract. Mishaal -Prepared 25000
- Check with Athif and incl. consumables
Mishaal the list of
equipment and tools
required for the job and the
approximate cost.
5 - - -
6 Festival Nisthar - What is the status? - Finished - ongoing
City 150 sqm
- Installing
duct of 2nd
shaft on
April 30
7 Drake and SS duct Nisthar - What is the status? - 2 teams - Ongoing
Scull DSI welding Yesterday they were working
complaining that no welders zone 3c,
attended to site from PGCC 3133 Mr Omar
please check the status. linear mt requested QR
- Status of completion of till 26th of 1500 for the
steel structure job with DSI. April missing beams
( Athif)
8 Payment Yasar - List of all our collectables - Done - Follow up
follow up has to be prepared from
Yasar as I requested from
him yesterday including all
our contractor list should
include the following data
- Contract amount, previous
receivables, remaining
amount, retention value
date of each invoice due - Ongoing - Follow up
date. but still no
- Follow up the LC payment answer
from DSI till yesterday is not from DSI
transferred to our account.

9 New copy ZeroX and Fahdi - Follow up with Canon for - Fahdi - To be
machine Canon the new machine finalized
max this
1 - - -