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Volume 135 Issue 05 Friday, April 14, 2017 90 cents plus tax

Awarded Proposing Passing Lanes To The West
Four Firsts At
Winter Fair!
D elgaty Clydesdales
did exceptionally well
at the recent Royal Manito-
ba Winter Fair in Brandon.
Sadly, The Tribune report-
ed the incorrect results in
last weeks edition. Our
sincere appologies to the
Delgatys for this embar-
rassing error. Here, are the
correct results for Delgaty
Clydesdales. Congratula-
tions on your 2017 Winter
Fair Success, we are proud
of you!

1st Place in Eight

Horse Hitch Competition
(Brad Delgaty)
1st Place in Eight
Horse Hitch Champion-
ship (Bryant Grant)
1st Place in Six Horse
Merv Starzyk, Councillor for the R.M. of Yellowhead, is on a mission to urge
Tandem Team to Wagon
(Brad Delgaty) the Provincial Government to include passing lanes along Highway #16,
1st Place in Four Horse the Yellowhead Route, from Minnedosa west to the Saskatchewan border.
Tandem Team to Wagon Minnedosa Town Council recently passed a resolution in support of his efforts.
(Brad Delgaty)
2nd Place in Tandem
Team (Brad Delgaty)
Photo by Hillary Campbell
3rd Place in Four
Horse Team Champion-
ship Classic (Brad Delgaty) By HILLARY CAMPBELL seen a vehicle make a bad head Highway Association out to 11 municipal coun- and the Minister of High-
3rd Place in Six Horse decision when passing one meeting, and a question cils, requesting their sup- ways.
Team Championship Clas-
sic A (Brad Delgaty) M erv Starzyk, a Coun- or more vehicles, some-
cillor for the R.M. of times when unsafe to do so.
Yellowhead (Shoal Lake- Often, it is due to the driv-
came from the floor about
twinning Highway #16.
According to Starzyk, the
port on this resolution. He
also sent a request for sup-
port to some of the major
The benefi t to his pro-
posal, in addition to hav-
ing a smoother traffic fl ow
4th Place in Youth Cart
(Adrian Delgaty) Strathclair), has recently ers lack of patience. Having speaker said that would businesses in the area, as West of Minnedosa, will
4th Place in Heavy put the wheels in motion passing lanes in place can probably never happen be- well as some of the larger be the potential for eco-
Draft Team in Harness to to lobby for new passing help to reduce this kind of cause traffi c count is low. farming groups. He spe- nomic spin-off s for the
Wagon (Kacee Gee) lanes on Highway #16 from risky driving. When drivers This is odd, because its cifically went to businesses various communities that
4th Place in Youth Minnedosa to the Sas- see one of those passing a chick and an egg thing, that are heavily involved in will be aff ected. We can
Team (Adrian Delgaty) katchewan border. lane 2 km signs, most are because if it was twinned, highway traffic in the area. get more traffic, and once
5th Place in Light Draft The reasons for his pe- patient enough to wait for there would be more traf- The proposal, accord- people fi nd out that its a
Team in Harness to Wagon tition are simple; safety and them to safely then pass. fic, said Starzyk. ing to Starzyk, is extremely pleasure to drive on High-
(Bryant Grant) less stress. There is always Since passing lanes Thus, the question was fair. It doesnt say hey we way #16 West, then they are
5th Place in Mens Cart the tendency that once you have been added to High- posed about adding pass- want this built here and going to stop in Neepawa,
(Brad Delgaty) get behind convoys, you get way #16 from Portage la ing lanes, and it was noted now, it says, please put this Minnedosa, Shoal Lake or
6th Place in Ladies impatient, and there is al- Prairie to Minnedosa the that the traffic count be- on the five-year plan. Russell, said Starzyk, its
Team (Bryant Grant) ways a chance of careless or difference has been notice- tween Minnedosa and the Once enough signa- something I think commu-
6th Place in Unicorn risky driving when you pass able for drivers. Saskatchewan border did tures have be collected, nities can gain from.
Class (Brad Delgaty) more vehicles, said Star- The idea came into be- not justify it. Starzyk will present the pe-
7th Place in Ladies zyk. ing three years ago, when Starzyk then got to tition to both the Provincial Continued
Cart (Jodi Fehr) Most motorists have Starzyk was at a Yellow- work, sending his proposal Highways Project Manager on Page 3