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NP Karen
The member was recently hospitalized for kidney failure and
gastric ulcers. He was already dealing with coronary artery
disease, depression and a previous heart attack.
During my visit, I discovered he had stopped taking all but one of
his medications. They made me feel bad, he said. He then went
on to tell me about feeling stressed and overwhelmed with his
work and health issues.
I called his primary care provider and made an appointment for
him the very next day. I told the member to take all his
medications with him. But, before he packaged them all up, I
talked with him about each one, why they were prescribed and
their importance to his good health. To better help him, I also
made a care management referral.
Without todays visit, intervention and education, the member
likely would have been re-hospitalized with complications
associated with his multiple concerns.