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Indiana Wesleyan University

Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template (DIRECT INSTRUCTION)

Social Studies--2007 ACEI Standards

Student: Hannah Lynn School: Riverview Elementary

IWU Supervisor: Professor Schuler Co-op Teacher: Mrs. Yeakle
Teaching Date: Grade Level: Kindergarten

I. Goal(s)/Objective(s)/Standard(s)
A. Goal Students will understand a community and how it functions.

B. Objective(s) After completing the coloring page students will be able to identify
ways to improve the environment by coloring the pictures that help the Earth.

C. Standard(s)
NCSS: People, Places, and Environments

IAS: K.3.7 Recommend ways that people can improve their

environment at home, in school, and in the neighborhood.
II. Materials & Management:

A. Materials: Puzzle pieces, cups, soil, plant seeds, coloring page, trash bag
B. Time: 40 minutes
C. Space: On the carpet for the anticipatory set, direct instruction, and closure. At
their desks for guided practice and independent practice
D. Behavior: I will use the missing puzzle piece to motivate the students; I will also
use the clip-chart and rule reminders.
E. Technology: I will use the Smart Board to show a PowerPoint for direct instruction.

III. Anticipatory SetI have a puzzle piece for each of you on your carpet seats. Pick up your
piece and take a seat. We are going to put a puzzle together on the board. When I call on your
name bring your piece to the board and try to put it in the right place. (Call on the students to
put the puzzle together one piece at a time.) You guys are doing a great job with this puzzle.
What does it look like the puzzle will be? (Allow a few students to answer) Yes, it looks like the
Earth. Has everyone gone now? (Students respond with yes and possibly point out a missing
piece) Uh oh it looks like we are missing a piece to our puzzle. Just like we need every piece to
complete this puzzle, we need every person in our community to contribute to improving the
environment; otherwise it will not be complete. I have the last piece of the puzzle with me. In
order to earn it at the end, you must have good behavior throughout the lesson.

IV. Purpose: Today we are going to learn about different ways we can improve our
environment at home and school because it is important to know that one act can contribute
to a better environment.


V. Adaptation: (ACEI 3.2)

A. Remediation Mrs. Yeakle or I will assist students with the coloring page to help
explain each picture.
B. Enrichment Students can write a sentence on the back of their coloring page
about how they will improve the environment.
C. ELL LR: She will be able to look at the pictures to gain meaning.
D. Exceptional Needs- AJ: Contributing to the puzzle will keep him engaged. Do not
give him any additional power during the anticipatory set that will give him the
control. Have Mrs. Yeakle help him plant his flower and complete his coloring page.
Call on him to be one of the students to share his work in the closure.

VI. Lesson Presentation:


When I talk about the environment I mean everything in the world around us that
surrounds and affects all life on earth. Our environment provides us oxygen to
breathe, water, food, shelter, and warmth. Since the environment gives us these
important things, it is our responsibility to take care of the environment. Today I am
going to talk about a few ideas to improve our environment. My first idea is for at
home. (Show a picture of lights) One thing we can all do is make sure we turn the
lights off at home when we arent using them. This will help save energy in our
environment. My next idea can be used at school and home. (Show picture of
different water faucets) When we are washing our hands, brushing our teeth, or
getting a drink we should try to keep the water off when we arent using it. This will
help save water in our environment. My last two ideas we are going to try out. The
first is plant a flower. If we all plant a flower we can improve our environment. The
flowers give us oxygen which helps us breathe. The second is cleaning up trash we
find on the ground. Trash makes our environment dirty, so it is important to throw
items away in a trash can or recycling bin even when if it wasnt us who put the
trash on the ground.

Checking Understanding During the direct instruction and guided practice I will
be observing their responses to my questions. I will also walk around the room
during guided practice to listen to their conversations with each other and ask a few
students how planting a flower can improve the environment. The information I
receive will help me decide how much I need to review the concept or if I can
continue moving forward.

Guided Practice We are all going to plant a flower today! I am going to show
you how to do it first, and then you will get a chance to do it. First we fill our cup
with soil about halfway full. Then we take a seed and drop it in our soil. We need to
make sure the seed gets under the soil a little bit. Last we have to add a little bit of
water. Once we do all of those steps, we can put our plants by the window so they
can get plenty of sunshine and start to grow. What else do we have to remember to
do to our plants? (Students will say, water them) That is exactly right. Dont forget
to add a little bit of water every day. Are you ready to start planting? (Students will
say, YES!) Awesome! Lets get started. (Have the materials set out so they can
begin.) The other way you will help our environment today is when you go outside
for recess, before you start playing, you will all pick up one piece of trash and bring
it to me. I will bring out a trash bag to collect the items. By cleaning up the trash we
will be improving our school environment and making if cleaner.


Independent Practice Did you have fun planting the flower? Awesome!
Now we are going to review different ways we can improve our environment.
(Go over turning the lights off, keeping the water off, picking up trash, and
planting a flower.) Do you guys have any other ideas for how we could
improve the environment (walk/bike, reusable bags and containers, recycle,
etc.) Those are great ideas. Now I am going to give you a piece of paper that
his pictures of ways to improve the environment and ways to hurt the
environment. Your job is to ONLY color the pictures that IMPROVE the
environment. When I tap your head you may go to your seat and begin

Closure Bring the students back to the carpet. I am going to choose 5 sticks for
people to show us their coloring page. If you get called on, stand up and show us
what you colored and how those pictures are examples of improving the
environment. (Call on students) You guys did a great job on your coloring sheet.
Dont forget that you can make a big impact on the environment and on the
community. If only one person picks up trash there will still be less trash, if only one
person turns their water off there will still be more water, if only one person turns
their lights off there will still be more energy. Just like in our puzzle, every single
person has to contribute before it can be complete. It starts with just one person
making one change and it can change an entire community.


Formative: I will use my observations throughout the lesson to assess the students
understanding of improving the environment.
Summative: I will use the independent practice to see who was able to color the correct


1. How many students achieved the lesson objective(s)? For those who did not, why not?
2. What were my strengths and weaknesses?
3. How should I alter this lesson?
4. How would I pace it differently?
5. Were all students actively participating? If not, why not?
6. What adjustments did I make to reach varied learning styles and ability levels?
a. Blooms Taxonomy
b. Gardners Multiple Intelligences
7. Did the students understand that they contribute to their community based on the anticipatory
8. How did the students do planting their own flower? Should I have had more control over that
9. Did I meet the needs of all my students at every part of the lesson?
10. Did the students understand what they were supposed to color on the coloring page?