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Teacher(s) Name: Itzel Garduno-Jaramillo

Thematic Unit Theme/Title/Grade Level: People, Places, and the Environment/ 13 Colonies/ Grade 5
Weebly address:
Daily Lesson Plan Day/Title: Day 5: A summary of the 13 colonies

Learning Goals/Objectives Learning Goal:

Students will be able to locate the 13 colonies on a map and know about the
social, political and economic aspects of the New England, Middle, and
Southern colonies.

Learning Objectives for Day 5:

1. When given a post-test, students will be able to answer the questions

with at least an 80 percent accuracy
2. Students will be able to identify and compare at least 3 colonies using
their fact sheets
3. Students will be able to write a letter comparing their previous thoughts
about the colony to their current thoughts using descriptive details.

NCSS Themes NCSS theme(s):

Florida Standards (FS) People, Places, and the Environment
Next Generation Florida Standard(s):
Sunshine State Standards LAFS.5.W.1.3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences
(NGSSS) or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards:
SS.5.A.4.2-Compare characteristics of New England, Middle, and
Southern colonies.
SS.5.G.1.5 Identify and locate the original thirteen colonies on a map
of North America.

Assessment Unit Pre-Assessment:

Kahoot Pre-Assessment

Unit Post-Assessment:
Kahoot Post-Assessment

On-going Formative (progress-monitoring/daily) Assessment:

The students will use a scale to rate their mastery of the skills using the
numbers 1-4 with 3 being mastery/understanding.
Design for Instruction
Student Activities & Introduction:
Procedures The teacher will begin the day by reviewing the previous day. The
teacher will ask the students what they learned the previous day and
then they will collectively summarize the previous lesson. (ESOL
Strategy 22. Give enough wait time for second language learners to
respond to questions)
The teacher will pull out the fact sheet and review some of the facts that
are listed on the sheet as well as discuss the different aspects of the
colonies. (ESE Strategy: for students who may be nonverbal and
autistic, assistive technology can be used as well as peer buddies to
create a more comfortable state.)
Students will pull out their letters that they wrote about what they
thought their experiences would be like in the colonies and compare
those experiences to what they have learned about the colonies. The
teacher will lead a discussion about the letters
How do your predictions compare to what you know now?
Would you continue to live in the colony?
Why do you think the colonies had issues the way they did?
Do you think certain events in the colonies could have been prevented?
What would you have done? (ESOL Strategy 22. Give enough wait
time for second language learners to respond to questions)
Why do you think it is important to learn about the lives of the
colonists? Do you think they were a significant part of America?
Think of something that you personally benefit from thanks to these
colonists coming to what we know now as America. (UDL 7.2:
Optimize, relevance, value and authenticity)
Students will take a post-test to see whether they have mastered the
material or not. The on-going assessments should indicate about where
the students will score roughly.
Students will write a letter about what their struggles, experiences, etc
were like in the colonies using descriptive details and relevant
information. The letter will be sealed and turned in for feedback

To close off the lesson, the students will watch and listen to a music
video about the thirteen colonies and then on a post-it note they will
rate their mastery of the subject using the numbers 1-4 and stick it to
the door. (ESE Strategy: Use stress balls or soft objects for the
student to use in order to facilitate long periods of activity and new
Resources/Materials YouTube video:
Colony Flags
Colony Chart
Fact Sheet
Discussion Notes: Visiting a colonial town/ settlement would be a field trip we would be taking