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Letter Writing-My adventures in the colonies

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Creativity The letter The story The story There is little
contains many contains a few contains a few evidence of
creative details creative details creative details creativity in the
and/or and/or and/or story. The
descriptions descriptions descriptions, author does
that contribute that contribute but they not seem to
to the reader\'s to the reader\'s distract from have used
enjoyment. The enjoyment. The the story. The much
author has author has author has imagination.
really used used his/her tried to use
his/her imagination. his/her
imagination. imagination.
Focus on The entire Most of the Some of the No attempt has
Assigned Topic letter is related letter is related letter is related been made to
to the assigned to the assigned to the assigned relate the letter
topic and topic. The story topic, but a to the assigned
allows the wanders off at reader does topic.
reader to one point, but not learn much
understand the reader can about the
much more still learn topic.
about the something
topic. about the
Accuracy of All facts Almost all facts Most facts There are
Facts presented in presented in presented in several factual
the story are the story are the story are errors in the
accurate. accurate. accurate (at story.
least 70%).

Total Points: ___________________