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Natalie Ct March, 2017

Lesson Plan

Subject/Grade: Senior High Choir, Grades 9-12 Lesson/Date: Wednesday, March 29

Room: #119, Music Room Time: 1:50-3:15

Stage 1: Desired Results

GLEs: Students will:
- develop skills in listening, performing and using notational systems.
- understand, evaluate and appreciate a variety of music. (Value)
SLEs: Students will:
- develop an awareness of balance, blend and texture within the
ensemble. (VS6)
- successfully perform his or her part in a three- or four-part selection.
Learning Students will:
Objectives - Recognize and execute (B) proper rhythms and tied notes (P) in Shine
Down (M). (Domain: Cognitive and Psychomotor)
- Sing (B) correct pitches with an awareness of balance and pitch (P) in
Dinasi Ponono and Prayer of the Children (M). (Domain: Cognitive and

Stage 2: Assessment Evidence

Formative Listening Summative
Assessment Assessment

Stage 3: Learning Experience

Prior to Elsie, do they have to have Shine Down Resource Choir scores
Lesson: memorized for Spring Musicale? s to
Can I teach Dinasi Ponono after Kiwanis? Bring:
Time: Content/Description Notes/Assessm
1:50- Introduction:
2:30 *Mrs. E will teach the first half of the lesson: review Kiwanis
experience, adjudicator comments, go over pieces for dinner
tonight, etc.*

2:30- Body:
3:10 Dinasi Ponono Walk through
Introduce piece (South Africa, Zulu, traditional piece, choir, especially
theme of the song) when working
Split into four parts and re-arrange your chairs in semi- with the mens
circles for each part (split high/low basses and 1st/2nd section
Hand out sheet music
Natalie Ct March, 2017

Teach first section, part by part then sing together

Shine Down
Separate light from shine. Keep the annunciation clear
but light.
Pages 4/6:
o With piano, review key change
Pages 6-7:
o Practice the key change (direct modulation)
listen, then part by part (hold the first chord, then
move to the second)
o Run the last section with accompaniment, page 4
skipping to 6-7.
o Congrats, you made it through the whole piece!
Final run, with accompaniment and the whole song
o Im listening for: entrances, diction, rhythms, and
tone/volume of sound

Prayer of the Children

Re-arrange your chairs in semi-circles for each part (split
high/low basses and 1st/2nd sopranos)
mm. 33-end
o Mark mm. 41 in your music somehow
Try piano only with the guys parts, then only with the
girls parts, then a cappella
mm. 20-25: Listen to balance,
o Where is the melody through this section? This is bring out altos
a trick question. Starts in soprano line, altos take when they take
it at mm. 23 the melody at
o Run all together, dont forget to look up for the measure 23. (F)
fermata and tempo change (breathe)
Run entire piece, reminder to listen to each other so we
stay together *Record so I can practice conducting*

Ask for chairs to be but back into three rows for band
Read announcements(?) and pray before dismissing them

Stage 4: Reflection
What went well? What could be done differently?
Sitting in their voice parts went really I didnt do any recording
well and they are asking for it. We will
be doing this again.