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My Introduction

Welcome to my website presenting

portfolio of my MS. Leadership in
Policy Studies that introduce me as
graduate student at University of
Memphis, Department of leadership.
Reaching to this destination I had a
long journey that I would like to share
with you all.
Bhagwani Bai

My journey started as a student in a dilapidated government girls school in Tharparkar Sindh

Pakistan. After working in the social development sector as a child rights advocate and a human
rights activist for more than 12 years, my life choices have brought me back to where I started: a
government school.
Tharparkar is one of the remotest and most impoverished regions in Pakistan. To grow up as a
woman aspiring for an education in such an area was not easy. Even more difficult was the fact
that I was a woman who belonged to scheduled caste of the Hindu minority. For a girl in my
position, getting an education beyond the primary school was inconceivable. I, however, did not
give up and persevered and managed to get an undergraduate degree in education and sociology.
For all my accomplishments, when I think about young girls who may not have the same
opportunities for a good education as I did, I am reminded of so much that still needs to be done.
I quit my job to join a government school to be intimately familiar with the education system. I
have realized that for long term sustainable change in education, public sector is best place to
serve the communities. In order to truly create a dent, however small, in this system I must have
formal training in creating, analyzing and implementing long-term policies which are based on
evidence and are guaranteed to work. I selected Leadership and Policy Studies as an area of
study for Masters Degree in Education so that I could build on my previous knowledge and
experience and contribute to my organization in order to learn new skills, knowledge and
At this moment when I am almost near to complete the academic program I would see my role as
a catalyst for the integration of measures/solutions of root cause of poor administration at school,
district and provincial level to the policy level, such as, helping my organization in designing the
programs in comprehensive and holistic way.
I am confident that I have achieved my study objectives and new doors for my career in
education sector would be opened for me. I have professional knowledge and learning of
international and comparative context of education and will contribute in education sector in my
country. The learning I have gained is not only the learning of an individual but I see it as the
learning of women, children, communities of my areas that will contribute in minimizing the
gaps in education sector in Sindh Pakistan.