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The transmission of information as words, sounds, or image, usually over

great distances, in the form of electromagnetic signals, as by telegraph,
telephone, radio, or television
There are many telecommunication providers, Verizon, AT&T, Directv,
SPrint and more
Transmitted over Satellite, telephone lines, cable lines, and cell phone
Erlangs measure the usage of telecommunications
They are used to help telecommunication network designers understand
traffic patterns within their voice networks
They are also used to work out how many lines are required between
telephone systems and a central office.
Service Line Sizing
A TR serving less than 5000 sqft must be at least 10 x 8 in size
A TR serving an area larger than 5000 sqft and less than or equal to 8000
sqft must be 10 x 9 in size
A TR serving an area between 8000 and 1000 sqft must be 10 x 11 in
You must be connected to a city or telecommunications owned system
The only permit required is one for if you want to establish a
telecommunications office
Requirement of at least 4 inches between TRs
The maximum size for a TR is 10 x 11