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Heredity Unit Pre-Assessment

1. What do you think of when you hear the word inherit?

2. Circle the words that are inherited traits that could be passed on from a parent to its offspring.

Widows Peak Body Structure Honesty

Eye Color Organism
Laziness Sense of Humor Hair Color
Curly Hair Attached Earlobes
Fur Coloring Droopy Ears Playing Fetch
Dimples Confidence
3. Categorize the following as either Genotypes or Phenotypes.
a. Hh: ________________________
b. Blue Eyes: ________________________
c. RR: ________________________
d. Widows Peak: ________________________
4. Categorize the following as either homozygous or heterozygous:
e. LL: ________________________
f. rr: ________________________
g. Bb: ________________________
h. AA: ________________________

Completion Fill in the blanks to complete each statement below.

5. Alternate forms of a gene are called ______________________.

6. ______________ control traits expressed in organisms.
7. Human height, eye color, and skin color are all traits controlled by _________________.
8. An allele that produces a trait in the heterozygous condition is ____________________.
9. A human baby has two X chromosomes. Its sex is ______________________.
10. Organisms are both ____________________ and _______________________.

Short Answer Answer the questions below using complete sentences.

11. Which is more dominant, boys or girls?

12. Explain how two guinea pig parents with short fur could have offspring with long fur.
13. Why is it important to understand genetics?
14. Draw a picture or a diagram showing how mutations happen.
15. What is the difference between co-dominance and incomplete dominance?

16. Do you think that controlling genetics in organisms is a good thing?

17. What is your favorite thing about you that you inherited from your family?

18. Circle two of the following projects you would enjoy doing?

Write a Paper Draw a Picture Create A Video

Perform a Skit Teach a Lesson
Work by Work in a Small Work as a class
yourself Group
Other: __________________________________________________________________
19. Draw a picture of your favorite organism below. Explain how it survives in its environment.

20. Rate on the scale below the amount of interest you have in learning about where your traits came from.
Draw a picture of yourself where you fall on the line.

Not At All Sure, Thats Its all I want to

Cool do!