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Emphasis is on First deserve then desire, however, my belief is that We deserve what we desire for!

Prayer is not asking , it is a longing-a desire of the soul!

Napolean Hill advocated in favor of first desire to deserve something, when he says desire is a starting
point of achievement. NOT HOPE.NOT WISH. But a a keen pulsating DESIRE which transcends

Desire is natural. Many physical desires like hunger, thirst, sleep and success are hard-wired into
us instinctively to ensure both our individual and collective survival. Take a look at just about any other
living thing, plant or animal, and the desire for food, water, rest and reproduction is pretty obvious.

Human desire, however, goes beyond survival instinct. Many of our creative or intellectually-driven
desires are what take us beyond subsistence into abundance.

As Charles Fillmore states in his book Prosperity, desire is the onward impulse of the ever evolving
soul. And as Edwene Gaines writes about that in The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, It stands to
reason than that if we are evolving souls (and I believe that we are) then our desires the longings of our
hearts are what propel us forward into the life experiences required for an evolution of consciousness.

Success isnt given. Money isnt given. Possessions arent given.

Confidence isnt given. Strength isnt given. Happiness isnt given.

Life, itself, isnt given.

Its earned. It is earned by the desire to have success, money, pssessions, confidence, strength,
happiness, life, one strives to get them ONLY because of the desire to have them!

Shakespeare once stated: Give me that man that is not PASSIONS slave, and I will wear him in my
hearts core.

Therefore, There is nothing in life, then, we deserve on account of simply being able to desire for;
nothing we deserve as some kind of human right or inalienable right. There is nothing we are owed
because we think so or are told so.

We deserve all we get because of the desire to earn it because of the blood, sweat, and tears weve
put into to fulfill the desire of becoming the person who actually deserves that success or that

So it is in nature.

So it is in reality minus societys ideals of morality or fairness.

There is no Bill of Rights for the antelope; no Social Security for the Seal. Theres no justice for the
Worm from the Bird; no Deer that says he deserves better than to be shot at or hunted.
And like levels in a video game, our entitlement depends upon the battles weve won, the obstacles weve
overcome, the challenges weve defeated; the confidence we have, the strength thats ours, the will and
desire we show to earn whats not yet ours, and be who we are not yet.

Mark Twain once said, I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I
cant find anybody who can tell me what they want.