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Anthony “ Tony ” Dove

January 5, 1953 - May 25, 2006
The distribution of this testimony was a wish of the deceased for his family, friends, and
whosoever that desires one (absolutely free of charge), and those in compliance with His
wishes claim and accept NO responsibility for the content herein.


Anthony Dove

This book is dedicated to the loving memory

of Anthony “Tony” Dove.

May it be blessed and used for the Glory of God

by the power of The Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ Name!
Table of Contents

1 - In the Beginning.............................................................1
2 - The Family......................................................................5
3 - My Conversion .............................................................10
4 - First Ministry ................................................................16
5 - Tests, Trials and Tribulations .....................................25
6 - Frustrations and Aspirations......................................38
7 – Whether In or Out of the Body, I Do Not Know.....64
8 – Wishing for Believers to Believe ...............................66
9 – Prepare the Body of Christ for the Rapture ............87
10 – Lovers of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers of God .....89
11 – Absolutely Nothing Good Resides in Man ............95

Chapter One
In the Beginning

This is a story of how God turned the life of an Italian Catholic around and to
experience the most supernatural events imaginable and then brought me up in the faith
of Jesus Christ. What I am about to share in this book is how I read the Bible and truly
believed it for what it says. It is truly the inspired Word of God Almighty. It has truly
proven itself to be "the Word of God". I have found it to prove itself in many ways like
historically, factually and mostly prophetically. Not one wrong prophecy and no other
book can claim that. There is only one Word of God and that is none other than the Bible.
You can have all these fools say otherwise, but heaven and earth as well as the works of
mans hands will pass away but God’s Word remains forever. You see I never saw in the
Word that salvation, healings, deliverance and miracles have ceased or are dispensational.
So I simply believed what the Lord said in that all believers shall lay hands on the sick,
cast out devils, speak in new tongues and raise the dead.

You see I never went to any seminary nor was taught by any religious organization,
but I was moved by the Spirit of God to do the things that are written in this book. To
start off I was your run-of-the-mill Catholic like the rest who believed in God, went to
church on Sundays and sinned like hell during the week. I never thought much of my
religion because it never did anything for me. It wasn't until I became a believer that I
saw what deception I was in. I was like so many other Catholics who knew of the Lord
but had no relationship with Him.
I defended the faith even to the point of punching someone out, which I did on
many occasions. At the time I thought I was doing a noble thing in the name of God.
Like my Catholic brethren, I would sin all week, then at the end of the week go to
confession. That’s when a priest would forgive me my sins (as if a priest could really
forgive sins). I never felt sorry for my sins. I never really repented for my sins (without
repentance there is no forgiveness of sins).

I never knew I had to repent to be forgiven. I was never taught this by the Catholic
Church. I never knew that there had to be a "change", a transformation from a sinner to a
son of God. Jesus said that "By your fruits, you will be known". Like so many other
Catholics, we were deceived into believing that salvation was through the church and by
good works but Scripture states that salvation is a free gift from God and not by our
"good works" as taught by the church. The Scripture says that our good works are as
filthy rags before God and that we can't earn salvation.
But with salvation change must take place and that was never taught by the
Catholic Church so we Catholics put our eternal souls at risk for eternity. Don't get me
wrong because I don't single out the Catholic church only in this book but all mainline
religions because that is exactly what they are, just religions, void of the Spirit, but filled
with the traditions of men. I do speak about the Catholic church the most because that is
what I was brought up as, so I know that of which I speak and if you get mad at me,
tough, get over it and grow up because I am speaking the truth and if you can't stomach it
then there is no room for the Word of God in you.
I was angry with the church. Nevertheless, what I am about to share in this book
is how the Lord used a simple person like me, to see and experience some of the most
supernatural events in which non believers as well as many believers will find hard to
believe or understand, but it is all true. God forbid I should lie in order to further the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To share something about myself, I was born in Rochester, New York in the early
fifties, and was one of six children, the second born son and fourth in the family. We had
to move to Miami, Florida in the early sixties because of problems with the “Mafia”, so we
stayed there for two years and then moved to Washington, D.C. for a few more years.
Then we relocated in the seventies to Rockville, Maryland, and then I split from the family
and then finally settled in Maryland. I was your typical Italian looking boy with dark hair
and complexion. I had a slight speech impediment and people poked fun at me until I
would bust their heads in.
I was by no means an upcoming Einstein, but rather a simpleton in understanding.
I was a straight "C" average student who did not believe in doing homework. It

sometimes still shows. I even went so far as telling my teachers not to expect any
homework from me because after school I was on my time. This didn't sit well with them
nor did it make a good impression. Of course they immediately sent me to the school
counselor and even to the school shrink, but somehow I got by without doing my
homework. I was like the rest of the children learning reading, writing, arithmetic and
immorality, you know, the basics of childhood education. I was no different in my
learning, except I excelled at immorality, which got a hold of me at a very early age. It
increased as time went on until the Lord set me free. Praise the Lord! You're really not
free until the Lord sets you free, then you are truly free indeed.
I was considered by many to be a nice guy, but with a very bad temper, like my
Dad's. When I got mad, the whites of my eyes would turn blood red. I would totally lose
it to the point where I wanted to kill whoever it was that got me mad and I would be
oblivious to everything around me. So it took nothing short of the power of God to set me
free through His Son, Jesus. In my late teens, I was into the martial arts, boxing, and
wrestling. On top of it, I also packed a 44 Magnum. I wasn't about to take grief from
anyone because if I couldn't beat them, I'd just as soon shoot them. I also had a very
strong pull to the opposite sex, which got me into much trouble. Again, it took the power
of God Almighty to set me free. I will get into more about this later.
I was the type of person who would be a good friend, but if I was ever crossed,
then I would never trust you again and would be your enemy for life. What's so amazing
is that it's been about 25 years now since I was born again and got a powerful deliverance
and since then I haven't lost my temper. And to think that psychiatrists say that man's
nature can't be changed. Well, I guess they have been shown to be wrong.
I grew up on the streets of New York and then Washington, D.C. with my brothers
and sisters in the midst of gang fights and other criminal activities, always getting into
trouble. We were brought up by Mom because Dad was working two jobs to support our
large family. Dad did his best to bring us up in the fear of the Lord, or should I say just in
the name of fear. Dad didn't have time for childish nonsense in raising us, but was a
tough disciplinarian, and had hands like cured hams and when he disciplined us we felt it
down to our souls. Mom, on the other hand, was more understanding and could relate to
us better than Dad ever could.

Mom was always there when we were in need, and made sure that we lacked in
nothing. She had a calling of God on her life since she was young, but didn't come into it
until after being born again by the Spirit of the Lord. She has never ceased to pray for us
and it has profited much spiritually and she is still on fire for the Lord, sharing the Gospel
wherever she goes.

Chapter Two
The Family

The first born was Linda. She was the intellectual type who would cry if she got a
"B" on her report card in the midst of straight "A’s" while the rest of us were struggling
with "C’s" or "D’s".
Linda was very witty and had a great sense of humor. It's always fun being
around her. She married a really great guy named Vince, who was the type who would
give the shirt off his back if you needed it. They both still live in Rochester and are quite
happy there. They have two children, both young adults now, Sylvia and Carmin.

Then came my sister Marie who was the second oldest of the kids and was quite
the tomboy. She was rough and tough and wouldn't take grief from anyone whether a girl
or a guy. Many times she has helped us out in many a fight. She grew up to be quite the
lady and was in beauty contests and was a beauty queen for some speedway. She too
came to know the Lord through my older brother, Butch. Marie served the Lord boldly
and had a strong calling on her life. She also married a great guy named Dean who was
very responsible and a great provider. They have two children also who are still
searching for the fulfillment that only Jesus can give. The family is still praying for them.

Then there's Butch, the first born son. He was your typical bully, who would run
rough shod over anyone who dared get in his way, including myself. Butch had the
sensitivity of a mad dog and could care less about anyone or anything. He took
advantage of any situation no matter who it affected. He always looked out for himself
and found the easy way out of everything. I know because I worked with him at Dad's
Before he was saved, he was into all kinds of underhanded stuff like drugs and
heavy drinking which took its toll on him. We fought about everything and anything.
Butch didn't have patience with anyone. For example, once in our back yard, I tripped as
I walked by him and as I fell, I grabbed onto Butch to catch myself from falling. In doing

this, I accidentally ripped his shirt pocket. As I got back up, I said, "I'm sorry. It was an
accident.” Butch said not to worry about it then grabbed a hold of my shirt and literally
ripped it off me. Then he said, "This is an accident, too." There I was with the shirt
literally ripped off of me so at that I got mad and then I started to rip the shirt off him and
we got into it to the point to where Mom had to come and hose us down until we were
both lying on the ground wrestling in a pool of mud.
Butch was very smart. He went to military school, college and started to pursue a
career to be a lawyer. Butch was king of the one liners, very quick with the mouth, and
very sharp like Dad. He tried singing and to everyone’s surprise he had a tremendous
voice. He could hit notes no less greater than you find at the MET. He in all actuality had
the possibility to be one of the world's great voices. He could hold a note as long if not
longer than Caruso, and more flexible than that of Mario Lanza. Butch decided to drop
law school and instead pursue the opera field. He met up with a born again singer named
Noel McFarlane, who helped start Butch on the road to the Lord.
As a family, we were always fighters, even to the point of beating each other up.
Even though Butch was always bigger than me, we were always fighting. That never
stopped me when I got mad.
I recall once when Butch hit me with a plastic bat and I got so mad I pulled a knife
on him, but he didn't care. He just picked me up and threw me down two flights of stairs.
After coming to, I found him outside, so I snuck up behind him with a brick in my hand
and I called him. When he turned around, I threw the brick at him, hitting him in the
chest. To my amazement, it bounced off him like bullets off Superman. He turned to me
and said, "Now, you shouldn't have done that." He started to chase me, so I ran to the
nearest tree and climbed up. I started mouthing off at Butch saying, "Come on, fat boy.
Try to climb the tree if you can." To my surprise, he got up the tree. I headed out on a
limb where it was too thin for him. Then he said, "Come down or I'll break the branch." I
said, "You're not that bad." To my amazement, he broke this big branch that I was sitting
on and I went plummeting to the ground. I lost my breath on hitting the ground, but to
make it worse, Butch came down, too, landing on my chest. Then he started punching me
out. Mom came running to the rescue with a nice big broom and whacked Butch over the
head knocking him off me. Thank God for Mom. She saved me from Butch many times.

Butch always got me into trouble with Dad. Because Butch seldom could catch me
to hit me, so he worked on getting me in trouble with Dad. Dad was one you never let get
mad at you. Butch didn't care how much trouble he got me in, just as long as I got
whooped by Dad.
For example, once Dad had some company who consisted of wealthy restaurant
owners. Dad ran restaurants for these men. Dad was dressed up in the black shark skin
suit. When they were drinking, Butch substituted Dad's glass with my gag dribble glass.
As Dad started drinking his drink, it began leaking on his shirt. He wiped it up and
started drinking again, but a little embarrassed. It continued to dribble on him. He
looked at this glass real good and noticed it was a dribble glass. With a loud roar, he
asked, "Whose glass is this?" Of course Butch said, "It's Tony's!" It was Armageddon for
me. I got a thrashing like never before. Not fond childhood memories. It wasn’t until
after Butch used two more of my tricks on Dad, like the foaming sugar and the jumping
snake in the mustard jar which hit Dad in the eye, that’s when I stopped buying these
gags. These gags should have come with warning labels because they were hazardous to
my health. I did get Dad back for whooping me by buying him chocolate covered bugs to
eat. Then I felt we were even.
Actually, I remember Butch almost knocking me off a number of times. For
instance, we were sitting in the rear porch and Butch was playing with his nickel plated 38
Special. He pointed it at me and then pulled the trigger, dry firing it once, then twice.
The third time, he pointed it up to sky, firing it again. This time it fired a shot. I fell off
my chair holding my chest. Butch turned and smiled. "Sorry. I didn't know it was
loaded." Boy, I wanted to kill him after that.
One of the craziest stunts he played on me was when Butch took me to the
Washington National Airport to catch a plane. All was going well until we got to the
scanner, to check for weapons. Of course it went off when I passed through the two white
columns. I emptied my pockets and went through again. It went off again. I pulled more
stuff off me. Even after going through two more times it kept beeping. Then two security
cops started walking toward me with their hands on their guns with looks on their faces
like some action was about to take place. I started to get nervous.

Then going through the beeper once more, it sounded again so in the middle of this
sticky situation, Butch yells out, "Tony, drop the gun and run!" At that, the cops drew
their weapons on me saying, "Freeze!" With hands in the air, I said "It's a joke. Really. I
have no gun." Butch just walked away smiling. Boy, was I mad and embarrassed after
being frisked.
So you see what kind of a guy he was, but Butch was the first in the family to get
saved. Yet, the Lord did pick him and turned his life around. He was the vessel the Lord
chose to bring salvation to the household. Butch also got married to a nice girl, named
Leisa. She's my favorite sister-in-law. She is also very nice, but if need be she can also
hold her own so I stay on her good side.

Then the next born was my sister, Laurie. We had a lot in common from playing
together as children, to double dating, to even fighting together. We even looked a lot
alike and we both had bad tempers. Sometimes I think her temper was worse. For
example, once Laurie and some of her friends were out egging cars and they hit a van full
of football players. They stopped the van and started chasing her and her friends. I just
so happened to be walking down the street at that particular time unaware of my sister's
activities. All of a sudden, one guy jumped out in front of me and hauled off and hit me.
I said, "What is your problem?" He accused me of egging his van. I denied it, but he
didn't believe me. At that instant, I saw Laurie being chased behind a house by another
guy. She was yelling for help, so I didn't have time for the guy who hit me so I decked
him hard, knocked him to the ground and ran to help my sister. As I ran to the back of
the house, I could hear Laurie screaming for help. As I came to the back yard I was taken
back by what I saw. It was the craziest thing! With a big stick in her hands, Laurie was
beating this guy senseless while he was lying on the ground trying to fend off her blows.
All the time Laurie was yelling for help. I just started to laugh and then broke up the
conflict. I made sure the guy was OK and brought Laurie home.
Laurie had one of the worst tempers I've ever seen. Especially in the morning if she
didn't get her three cups of coffee! This one morning, as she was walking into the kitchen,
the phone rang. I answered it, but it was for her. So, I said, "It's for you." She grabbed it
from me and screamed, "What do you want?!" "You don't have to act like an animal" I

said. She screamed at me and then threw the phone at me. I said, "Good morning” and
ran like crazy. Like the rest of my sisters, she also got married to a nice guy, named Raine.
They also have two kids named Nina and Nicky. They live in Ocean City where we can
see each other often.
Finally, there's my youngest brother, Joey. He was born about seven years after
Laurie, my youngest sister. Joey was your typical little brat brother. He was different
from the rest of us. He was a test and a trial to the whole family. He seemed to be born
out of time and out of place. Joey was so bad that almost every day my Dad would get a
call from the middle school principal. This was mainly requesting him to come and get
Joey because he had a crowd of kids outside of school waiting to beat him up. Dad would
send me to go help him home. As I walked closer to the school, I would see a crowd of
kids huddled around the exit door. I would pick Joey up in the principal's office. Then I
would push through the crowd, beating them back, having a bat in one hand and Joey in
the other.
Joey never flowed with the rest of us, but seemed to rub everyone the wrong way.
Praise God, he was a test and a trial for the whole family, but he eventually got saved too.
We still rub, but not as much...........I avoid him.

Chapter Three
My Conversion

My story starts in the late seventies, at a time in which I see as one of the last big
revivals up to date. Butch had come to the end of his rope. Before his salvation, he was
always looking to get over on people, dealt in drugs and stolen goods, and had
compassion on no one. It seems that the drugs, alcohol, and the racing mind had taken its
toll. He had this constant ringing in his ears from singing opera, so he was ripe for the
picking. Sure enough, Jesus saved him and set him free. For whom the Son sets free, is
free indeed. Butch changed overnight and we all had a hard time accepting this,
especially me knowing him best. I thought he found another scheme to make money or
tried to make good for all the grief he caused everyone. I really found it hard to believe
him. He kept trying to preach to me and explain the Gospel, but I just could not believe
him because of the way he had previously been. Before he was saved, Butch used to tell
me that religion was for the weak minded and then all of a sudden he was preaching to
me. I really thought he had gone off the deep end. I would try to catch him in anything
he said or did so I could show everyone that he was a farce, but he held fast to the Lord
and the Lord upheld him time after time.
As time passed (two years to be exact), Butch still held fast to his profession of faith,
so I really thought he had really lost it and turned into a religious nut. There was no hope
for him. Butch continued to preach to the family and sure enough, they started to get
saved. Starting with Mom, Marie, Linda, Joey, Laurie, and then Dad. I couldn't believe it.
I then felt alone and out of place, so I stayed out of the house as much as possible. I kept
busy with work and my sinful lifestyle.
The family changed and I didn't understand them at all. We used to be a fighting
family and now they were loving and caring. I couldn't believe how the guys would say
to each other, "I love you." It bothered me because I was brought up hard by Dad and I
had no room for this love in my life. What made me especially mad was when Butch and
his friends used to tell me, "I love you." I would respond by saying, "Get away from me,
faggot!" Men don't tell men you love them unless they were fags. I was well hardened by

now. I still couldn't accept the love of Jesus. I remember many times coming home and
walking in on Butch and his friends watching one of the religious television programs
with the head guy and his wife crying and begging for money. I would poke fun at them
saying, "Look, it's all for the money. What a farce. They're begging for money as always.
Your religion is all a gimmick." It would bother them, especially Butch. I could see it, but
he kept on preaching and holding fast. Still trying to get me saved, Butch would leave
tracts on my bedroom door knob like “This Was Your Life” and “I Spent Ten Minutes in
Hell”. It would get me mad at first, especially when I brought a girl home, but I would
read them later.
You see I was at the point in my life where I had everything going for me. I, unlike
Butch, was at the top of my rope. In 1978, making $30,000 a year was a very comfortable
living for a single man. I owned a conversion van, a '73 Corvette, a '65 GTO, a motorcycle,
a $5,000 stereo system, had a fully furnished apartment and a whole bunch of women.
Life was great, so why change? But, the Holy Spirit was starting to draw me. After
awhile I started to feel empty inside even though I had all these possessions and women,
but none of it could fill this empty feeling. I would start to think I've got all this stuff, but
there's got to be more to life than this.
My being drawn to salvation all started late one night, when I was home in the
kitchen and Butch had just walked in. He asked me if I believed in devils. Of course I
said, "No! That's just a name you give to bad habits." He said, "There's a minister in town
who is an exorcist. He is at this church near by casting devils out of people. Would you
like to see it?" I said, "I don't believe it" to which he said, “Then you don’t have anything
to fear.” I wanted to see if it was for real. Little did I know that would be the worst night
in my life. As I rode with him to the church, a lot went through my mind. I really could
not believe that exorcism could be happening, especially in this day and age. We pulled
up to the church and what I was about to see would dramatically change my life forever.
As we entered the church, I heard the most ungodly, bloodcurdling screams
imaginable. We entered a big room within the church. There were some chairs set up,
but most people were either leaning on the wall or lying on the floor. They were yelling,
screaming or crying. The screams were so loud that three times I almost passed out. I
saw these people being set free. I took a closer look at their faces. They were distorted

and in torment. I had a hard time comprehending it. I walked by one big lady with
bright red hair and orange colored eyes. It was weird. She was sitting on the floor, just
talking out loud. I walked up to her and she began to speak to me telling me about
myself. I jumped back and said to her, "I don't know you and you don't know me. So shut
up and leave me alone!" She started to laugh at me. Her laugh was hideous and scary, so
I got away from her. As I walked around the room, I saw two other people casting out
devils out of another girl. I got up close to see her face and it was in torment. I heard one
person say to the girl, "In the name of Jesus, come out of her!" At that very moment, the
devils came out of her.
In Scripture, it states that when a devil is cast out, it passes through waterless places
and seeks a new home. Guess who its new home was! I wasn't saved or covered by the
blood of Jesus, so when the devils came out of her, they came into me so fast and hard
that I fell over and got sick to my stomach.
At that particular moment, Butch happened to walk over to me. I said to him, "Get
me the hell out of here! I feel sick." He just smiled and said, "OK." He knew what had
transpired in the spirit realm. We went back to the car and headed home. All night long,
thoughts were flooding my mind. Could all I have seen tonight be real? If so, what
happened to me? What entered me and made me sick to my stomach? I was full of fear,
and I am one who feared nothing. I was trained in the martial arts, good at fighting and I
packed a 44 magnum. None of it helped to ease my fear of the unknown. There I was, at
twenty-five years old, sleeping with my lights on, keeping my gun loaded under my
pillow and locking my door. Torment kept flooding my mind with fear and I began to be
aware of everything around me. It must have been close to a week before I could get any
sleep, but when I did, my bed would shake and I would hear voices calling me by name.
Suddenly, my whole bed started shaking. I knew the door was locked. I looked under
the bed and in the closet to make sure this wasn't another of Butch's gags. All of a
sudden, the sink’s faucet in my room would turn on by itself! The torment would again
flood in me. Day and night, all I would see is those faces and hear those terrible screams.
I tried to sleep, but my brother, Butch, who never lost his knack for practical jokes,
would get up in the middle of the night, start to play the theme from The Exorcist and
start laughing out loud. This was not funny by any means! At times, Butch would sneak

up to my bedroom door and let out a loud bellowing scream at about 500 watts while
banging on my door at the same time. He would frighten me out of a dead sleep! It felt
like a massive coronary, but I guess he thought it would help me make my decision on
accepting the Lord. It was pure hell living in the house with him. It was probably his
way at getting me back after those years of ragging on him as a fanatic and a loser.
All this took about two years. I also wanted to be sure this born again experience
was correct. During these two years I studied about different world religions and finding
there is only one true faith, on August 22, 1978 I surrendered to the Lord. I guess I was
truly scared into the kingdom of God. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't work, because it
does. I am living proof of it! At the time, I could not accept the love of Jesus, but now, I
know His wonderful unsurpassable love. The love that only God can give. As I sat at the
kitchen table with my brother, Butch, and his friend Mark, they both led me through the
sinner's prayer. All this had such an impact on me that I made an over night conversion
on everything. I was truly a new creation in Jesus and I felt wonderful! From that night
on, I would not compromise on anything and gave my whole life to the Lord. What a
change it would make in my life. I was totally different from that night on and things
would never be the same again.

I had thought my ordeal with devils was over, but surprisingly enough, it wasn't.
At one afternoon service at Halpine Church, I was standing in the isle taking it easy when
all of a sudden an elderly man came over to me. He said, "Son, God wants to use you and
can I pray for you?" I said, "Sure. Go for it!" So this couple, Bill and his wife Mary,
started praying for me. After a while, they started praying in tongues. At that moment, I
fell to the floor crying like a baby. That was not me. I never cry, but there I was sitting on
the church floor crying my eyes out and being released from oppression and even my
worst problems which were immorality and anger. I couldn't believe this was happening
to me.
I had such an ungodly anger most people were afraid of me, when they saw the
whites of my eyes turn blood red. I would go into an anger frenzy and I was totally
oblivious to everything around me, especially when I was in a fight. I didn't hear anyone
nor was aware anyone was around me. I was quite possessed with spirits of anger,

murder, hatred, lust and rage. I can recall one night when I was with my girlfriend, I
drove to my parking space and found two cars blocking it. Two guys in one car and three
in the other. After waiting a couple minutes, I honked the horn and one guy in the car
stuck his middle finger up at me. I lost it. I jumped out of my car and ran to him and
started to pull him out of his car. His five friends jumped out of the cars and came
towards me. When they got in front of me, they looked at me and then took a step back.
They got a good look at me all angry and literally red eyed. They said, "Calm down, man,
it's okay. Everything's fine." Then I said to them, "I'm not here to play games I'm here to
kill you." I sent my girlfriend into my apartment to get my magnum. I told them, "I'm
going to blow you away!" So they said, "You're crazy!" and they jumped into their cars
and took off. I had to sit still. It took a couple of minutes to calm down, my adrenalin
was really pumped up so much that I was shaking.
Back to the church. As I was being set free, Butch and his four friends came over to
me and started to comfort me, and as they did, I found myself getting more and more
angry. Butch tried to hug me, but I pushed him away and said, "Get away from me!" My
devils started to manifest big time. Sure enough, my eyes turned blood red. I started to
get violent. Butch and his friends wrestled me to the ground and held me down. I was
screaming and kicking but they sat on my arms and legs in order to hold me still. Mary
stood in the background praying and Bill was sitting on my chest looking into my eyes.
As they held me down, Bill started to cast the devils out of me and there were a lot! I
heard them screaming out of me. For the first time in my life, I started to feel free and it
felt good. I felt clean and refreshed. Praise God, ever since then, I still have not lost my
temper. It's true all things have passed away, behold all things are made new. I was truly
a new creation in Christ.

Psychiatrists say human nature can't be changed, but thank God, Jesus is no
psychiatrist. God changed me, made me new and gave me life. From that moment on, I
was excited about wanting to cast out devils because I hate them with a holy hatred
because of how they torment people.
The next day, I couldn't wait to tell everyone about what had happened to me, but
it was like casting pearls before swine. My friends would not believe me, but it didn't

bother me because I know what Jesus did for me. God also enhanced my personality. He
gave me joy and peace. Sometimes I see Christians who have faces of stone. They look
like zombies with no soul and that disturbs me, because Jesus gave us life and life more
abundantly. Some of these Christians look like old-time scribes and Pharisees, dead and
the zeal of God is not in them. I could never understand why they act so dead, when I
consider what God saved me from, there aren't enough words to express my joy. It really
used to get me mad when I would see Christians getting more excited about a stupid
football game then they did about God Almighty. I guess it shows you where their heart
really is, for where your heart is, that is where your treasure is. Sports in and of itself isn’t
bad, but it’s what they have done with sports is the problem. They have made it a god to
the people of this world. Its sponsors are beer companies and that should tell you
something. I see lines of people waiting to get into a sports game and are excited and
pumped up, but are dead in their churches. If these people loved God as much as sports,
we would truly be a Christian nation.

Chapter Four
First Ministry

From then on, I started to go to Halpine Church. Halpine Church was the first
church I went to after leaving the Catholic Church and becoming born again. It was
fantastic. People were singing lively songs, clapping their hands and having fun. I
thought, "This can't be church. Church was never like this." I saw the joy on people's
faces and how friendly they were, and that impressed me. The service lasted two hours,
but it seemed only about twenty to thirty minutes. I wanted more, so I also went to my
brother's fellowship on Friday nights. Suddenly, I had a hunger for the Word of God.
Now I was never much on books, especially ones with no pictures. It was always said
that when my brother and I were young, when we were given books, Butch would try to
read the book and I would try to eat the book. I really hated to read, but I couldn't get
enough of the Word of God. I would read for hours, but what surprised me the most was
how much of the Word I retained. All this new life was exciting and I wanted more of it.
I got my wish. I could not believe how wonderful the Christian life was, but mostly
knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Almighty God. I never knew any of this at
the Catholic Church and neither did the Catholic Church.

I went back to the Catholic Church to speak to a priest who knew me. I shared
with him about what Jesus did for me, how my life had changed and how I had a hunger
for His Word, The Bible. I shared with him that most, if not all, Catholic teachings were
contrary to the Word of God, but to my surprise the priest got mad at me. He said,
"Unless you believe in Catholic tradition, you can no longer be a Catholic." I said,
"Catholic tradition contradicts the Word of God. I will never accept anything over the
Word of God, for traditions sake, you nullify the Word of God by teaching the traditions
of man and pushing aside the commandments of God." I knew I had him because every
time I quoted the Word of God, he got madder. I knew there was no room for the Word
of God in him. He proceeded to throw me out of the Catholic Church. He said I was no
longer a Catholic, that I turned my back on the Catholic Church and that I was never to

come back. I explained to him that I was a very sinful man, committing fornication and
many other sins and that Jesus had set me free and now that I'd changed you want to
throw me out, so I said fine. That pleased me to no end. I rejoiced greatly and from that
moment I decided to reveal the deception that the Catholics were in. I later found out that
this priest was a homosexual, a pervert!, and to think he of all people threw me out.
As time went on, I started to see things in the Word which were so simple and
easy. Between Halpine Church and my brother's fellowship, I started to learn a lot. Butch
was gifted with wisdom from God and he could see the gifts in each of us. He started to
get the gifts stirred up in us. I really never knew what my gifts were until I was about six
months in the Lord when my brother took his whole fellowship to an Ernest Angley
Crusade. I arrived a little late so I was at the end of our group. Hundreds lined up in
front of Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
You could feel the excitement in the air. I had parked the car and came a few
minutes later, but as I walked up I saw my brother and all our friends looking at me
smiling. I didn't know why until some of them said, "Go ahead and speak to the people."
I said, "And say what?" They just smiled again. Then the Spirit of God stirred up in me
and I started to rebuke the people for coming here just to be healed and for wanting no
relationship with God. I said, "After you people get healed, you go back to your sinful
ways. Just using God for your benefit then forgetting Him." Then the doors opened to let
the people in. There were so many people, and about two hundred or so got left outside
as well as myself and two other sisters from our group when they shut the doors. Butch
and the fellowship got in. I on the other hand got stuck outside with many others. I tried
to tell the doorman that the rest of my fellowship was inside and can't I enter. He still
would not let me in. He said that they could not fit anymore inside.
More and more people were showing up for the service so I decided to go eat some
lunch and wait until the service was done. As I turned around, for the first time in my life,
God spoke to me saying, "Tony, tell the people to line up and you pray for them and I will
heal them. Ernest Angley is not the only one who can lay hands on them for healing. I
use many people." So I did as the Lord instructed me. As I turned I saw many people
hurting and in need. I told them what the Lord had told me and to my surprise, the
people started lining up to get prayed for. This was all new to me, as I never did this

before but God spoke to me. His Word says all believers shall lay hands on the sick and
they shall recover. I stepped out in simple faith and started to pray for the sick and
afflicted. I saw people getting healings and miracles.
The ones I remember most are as follows: two little deaf girls came to me with a
relative and they wanted to hear. So I started to pray for the younger girl first. I
remembered how Ernest Angley prayed for the deaf, so I put my finger in each ear and
prayed for healing in the name of Jesus and commanded the demons to leave her in Jesus’
name. At that second, something came out of her ear because it pushed my finger out of
her ear. She began to hear. By that time my brother Butch had heard what was
happening outside and he proclaimed "God forbid I should not be a part of this!" and left
the meeting and ran out into the streets. Then Butch started to pray for her sister, and at
first nothing happened, so he said out loud, "Your sister got healed and you can too."
After praying again, she started to hear and then she cried for joy. I also remember
praying for a guy who had a big dog with him. He was crying saying he had emphysema
and could not take a deep breath. I prayed for healing in the name of Jesus. I took a
match and lit it held it about two feet away. I told him to blow it out and he took a deep
breath and blew it out easily. God had healed him. He was still crying but they were tears
of joy because how the Lord healed him and then he asked me to pray for his dog's bad
foot. It meant so much to him, so I knew God would heal his dog. After the prayer, the
dog walked fine, so I rejoiced with him. I was out there for hours praying for people.
There were so many, we were backed into the streets and police were blocking them off so
no traffic got through.
I would say the most memorable healing was when an old woman came to me
asking if I would pray for her husband who was crippled. I said, "Sure, where is he?" She
pointed at the top of the steps of Constitution hall. I ran up to the top of the steps and
found this crippled old man and so I picked him up and carried him down the steps.
I didn't know that two certain policemen were watching me who were trying to keep
people off the street. As I placed him on the ground, I told him to hold on to my finger
tip and in the name of Jesus rise up and walk. He stood to his feet and he walked with me
holding on to my finger. Then I took away my hand and commanded him to walk alone
looking to Jesus and he did. Just moments earlier, the man had thin twisted legs and now

he's walking! The crowd, as well as myself was ecstatic and praising God for His
wonderful touch and His visit to the people in Washington, D.C. After the man walked
away, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to find out it was the two uniformed
D.C. policemen. They said to me, "We know this man and he couldn't walk, but now he
is." Both of them dropped to their knees and with tears they told me that they wanted this
Jesus! So I prayed with them and they both asked Jesus into their hearts. Then five sisters
in the Lord started laying hands on them and praying in other tongues loudly. Boy, what
a miracle!
What a day to remember, but this was only the start of things to come. I still
continue to praise God to this very day for His mighty move that day. Isn't it wonderful
when God uses an every day ordinary person who has no theological degrees nor has
been to a religious seminary? Just one simple in faith and understanding of His Word.
Any and all believers can do this very thing if only they would believe His Word. I also
thank God for using my brother to help guide me into the right direction in the Spirit and
bring me up in the simplicity of the Word of God. It was for the simple in mind and
understanding, of God through the Spirit. For Jesus truly said "For such is the kingdom of
I remember at my brother's fellowship some of the brethren did not want me to
pray with them or for them, because I was not spiritual enough. They walked around
with a stone face looking like they had lost all in life. I always felt the joy of the Lord and
felt His good pleasure when I would stand up for Him boldly. It turned out that some of
those very people who protested against my praying for them were the very ones to fall
under the Spirit when I laid hands on them. All God wanted to show them was that it's
not an outward appearance that matters, but that which is inward, for God judges the
As a matter of fact, two of these brothers came with me to a mall where they were
holding a psychic fair. People were being taught some of the mystic black arts. Some of
the psychics and people in the crowd had these balls at the end of strings. They were
holding them over a triangle with words in the triangle, and asking questions. The balls
would swing towards an answer, somewhat like an Ouija board. These psychics were
also teaching the curious on-lookers about spells and witchcraft. The two brothers and I

walked up to the curious on lookers and the psychics. I opened my Bible started quoting
Deuteronomy 18:10 - 12 and the two brothers took off running in separate directions
leaving me alone, but I kept on preaching the Word boldly. Some of the psychics started
to lash out at me verbally.
I distinctly remember one lady saying, "I'm a good Catholic and this witchcraft is
good stuff." This blew my mind! I rebuked the lady for her stupidity and ignorance of
the Word of God. One of the head psychics or spiritualists, whichever you wish to call
them, came to me and said, "What are you doing here?" I said, "I'm here to destroy you."
His eyes started to rattle in their sockets and he ran to get the mall security police. I kept
preaching the Word and calling this psychic stuff nothing short of demonology. This guy
came back with this big security guard and the guard said that I must leave and stop this
preaching. I said, "So in other words it's OK to teach this damnable witchcraft, but I can't
preach the Word of God. I will not leave, but in the name of Jesus, you get out of here!"
At that, the security guard ran away, and I kept on preaching in the center of the mall
proclaiming the name of Jesus loudly to get the attention of all, which I did plus more.
Then I heard sirens blaring loudly and suddenly the two brothers returned, grabbed me
and pulled me away.
We escaped the police, but the next day I returned to see they had a guest speaker
who happened to be a lady who was well known as a psychic, from one of the local radio
stations. She would pick certain people in the crowd and tell them about themselves or
about problems a loved one in another state was having. The crowd was amazed she
knew all these things about them. They confirmed what she said. So I stood up and I
said, "Do you know where you get your information from?" She asked, "Who are you?" I
said, "I'm a born again Christian." She said, "We have a trouble maker here today." So I
said, again, "Do you know where you get your information from?" She said, "It's from
God." I said, "Wrong, you get your information from familiar spirits or demons in other
words! And I am going to prove it!" I told her that born again believers have power over
the devil, and that I was going to rebuke its power. I told her it would not speak to her,
and if it was of God, I would have no power over it. She said for me to go ahead. Openly,
I rebuked the spirits and commanded them to shut up and not communicate to her, in
Jesus' name. Then I said, "OK, now, try to do your thing." She tried by picking out people

in the crowd and then she stopped and said that she was no longer getting in contact with
this power. At this I laughed and said, "See if this were the power of God, I would have
no authority over it but as you see, you no longer have this power because I rebuked the
devil with which you communicate." She told me to leave. Can you see the authority of
the believer? Just simply believe the Word of God. That's what it's all about, just simple
faith in the Lord and what He is able to do only in the name of Jesus.
God can really use someone who is not indoctrinated in man made religions and in
their supposed understanding of the Word of God. Even today, these so-called
theologians are now telling us what God really said and what He didn't say in the Bible.
They also dare to say what they believe He really meant which is the biggest bunch of
bologna that I have ever heard. Where do these morons get off telling the people about
the truth in the Bible when they are totally blinded to the truth by satan. These people are
today's Pharisees and Sadducees, looking in the Bible, trying to find life when they need
to look to the Author of Life who is none other than Jesus Himself. These people are
perverting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These theologians do not enter the kingdom of God
nor do they let others. These people teach others after themselves, but make their
students twice the devil they are. These people will incur the judgment of God on
themselves and their students that blatantly resist the Holy Spirit of God.
Believe it or not, there are many pastors and elders who equally will answer to God
for resisting the Holy Spirit because they are so dead set in their ways, they refuse to
allow the Holy Spirit to orchestrate the services in their churches today. They are proud
and arrogant, and like the Pharisees of old, they hide behind the letter of the law, but do
not have the Spirit which gives life to quicken the Word of God. These pastors know the
word well, but it is all dead letter and it is evident in their lives for, “By their fruits they
will be known“. All these pastors need to do is repent before God Almighty for their
rebellion and disobedience and ask God for the Holy Spirit.
It is the Father's good pleasure to give the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit,
there is no life, no power and no understanding of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will
guide us into all truth. We will bear witness of the truth. That is what separates us from
the spiritually dead; it is the Holy Spirit of God.

It's amazing, the Baptist’s say that all healing and deliverance is dispensational.
These Baptists should just shut up and think about it. Baptists have said to me that when
I lay hands on the sick in the name of Jesus, the devil heals them and not Jesus. How
idiotic! A house divided against itself can't stand. Why would the devil who comes to
steal, kill and destroy want to heal someone in Jesus' name? So, in other words, God who
is love and wants to heal us is not the one doing the healing, but the devil, who hates us,
is. That seems contrary. The devil feels more for us than God? Why is God called
Jehovah Rapha - the God who heals thee, if he doesn't heal? Again, these people blind
themselves to the truth. They have trashed their relationship with the Holy Spirit of God
because of some theological moron. If only the Baptists would humble themselves, then
their services would come alive and the Holy Spirit would visit them. Once again, man's
stinking pride will deny them the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit. That's why God has
used me. Not because I am anything special, but because I am not someone special,
except to God. I really believe His Word for what it says and I do not try to twist it to fit
my doctrines.

I remember at a meeting once there was a Baptist who had gone to Washington
Bible College and he had a tremendous splitting headache. It hurt so bad that he asked
me to pray for healing. Because of his condition I took him in a back room of the church,
and laid hands on him in the name of Jesus. Immediately, his pain left him. He jumped
up for joy thanking God and saying, "It really is gone! The pain is gone!" So I rejoiced
with him. He really couldn't believe God had really healed him, but he kept saying, "The
pain is gone!" After a few minutes, he said, "Wait, healing isn't for today. This healing
must be from the devil." I said, "You idiot! God healed you! He took your pain away
and now you doubt it? On top of it, you say that the devil healed you. How close have
you come to blaspheming the Holy Spirit, if you haven't already? If the devil who hates
you would heal you, then why wouldn't God want to heal you, who really loves you, for
by His stripes you are healed, for He bore your infirmities." He still held onto his stupid
doctrine of man, what a foolish man he was and all because he was indoctrinated by a
bunch of spiritually dead teachers.

He slapped God in the face because of dead teaching. It's amazing how many
documented healings there are, but people, even Christians, won't believe and lose their
I remember one particular time when I was at my brother's fellowship. It was after
the teaching session when it was prayer time for friends who were in the fellowship. A
woman came into the back room of the church for healing. This lady was the mother of a
couple of friends who were in the fellowship. This was the first time she visited our
fellowship. She was an unbeliever. I was in the back room praying for people with Esther
(a tremendous sister) who also had a gift of healing. This lady told me that she had a sore
throat and wanted prayer so I laid hands on her, closed my eyes and started to pray. The
next thing I know I heard a thump and when I looked down I saw her on the floor
squirming on her belly and hissing like a snake. I jumped back and said, "This lady has
more than a sore throat." I immediately knew this was demon possession. I was always
good at discerning. This lady started to slither across the floor rather quickly so I took a
leap in the air and landed near her, so as I started to flip her over on her back, I felt her
arm muscles start to increase in size so at that moment, I commanded the devil to leave
her in the name of Jesus and she opened her mouth and let out a scream. I saw a serpent
come out of her mouth as a dark mist and then dissipate into thin air.
After a few moments, she awakened and stood to her feet, praising Jesus. She was
aglow with the Holy Spirit and was smiling ear to ear. I had found out later that this lady
was seeing a psychiatrist for her inability to give love or receive love even from her own
family. She had hardly ever smiled, but praise God, she was healed to the glory of God.
Even her own doctor saw her later, acknowledged her healing and that she was a new
woman. Old things are passed away, behold, all things are new. She truly was a new
creation in Christ.
Again, simple faith. I didn't plan for this lady's deliverance, nor for this
manifestation, but God had it all planned. I thank God that I could be a part of it, because
I truly rejoice with others when God Almighty moves on a sinner. The healing and the
setting free of someone is just a by-product of God's loving nature, not the focal point of it
because the focal point is none other than Jesus Christ. I guess while others speak against
healing and deliverance, I will continue to help set people free in the name of Jesus and

help them establish a testimony in order to share the loving kindness of Jesus. I love it
when God always has a surprise for me when I minister to people.
I remember when I was in New York, I was there in my grandmother's empty
apartment praying and fasting for a time seeking the Lord. I went to the laundry room to
wash clothes and while they were in the washing machine, I sat back and started to read
the Bible, when a old lady walked up to me and said, "Is Ernest Angley for real?" I said,
"He sure is!" She said, "Do you think God would heal me of my bad heart?" I said, "He
sure would!" She said, "Then pray for me right now." I said, "Amen!" I laid hands on her
and I felt the anointing of God all over her. God told me to tell her to throw all her
medicine away.
Now this is not something I always say to people, but God specifically told me this,
so I did. That was the last I saw of her, but about a month later when I was back in
Maryland, my Dad received a phone call from this lady in New York. She told my Dad
that her doctor's test results showed a healthy heart! She wanted to testify to this and she
touched Jesus and became born again. It was funny because she had told the doctor that
she hadn't taken any medicine for a month, and she had a lot of pills because she showed
them to me when I prayed for her. Again, this lady simply believed and God healed her.

Chapter Five
Tests, Trials and Tribulations

It's amazing how simply tests turn into a mess when we go at it without the Lord
there to help us. I remember one time when I wanted to seek the Lord. I set up the use of
a friend's cabin in the woods in Virginia. My Dad and brother drove me there to some tall
mountains. When I arrived there, the mountain top was covered by clouds. It was fall
and the weather was slightly cool so onward up the mountain we drove on dirt roads.
We finally reached the top where I saw my friend's cabin, but it wasn't a cabin, it was a
large tin shed with a window and a small wood burning stove. When I saw it, I knew that
this was going to be rough. I wasn't the outdoors type; I was used to air conditioning and
heated houses with running water and a color TV.
This shed had nothing but bugs. So my Dad looked at the shed and then me and
said, "Are you sure you want to be left here alone for ten days without food and water?" I
said, "No sweat," so they said goodbye and took off. At first, I just enjoyed the sights from
the mountaintop, then I started praising the Lord and sang songs to the Lord.
After awhile I was thirsty so I went into the shed for water and found out that there
was no running water. I went to walk around the area to look for a soda machine but
they don't put soda machines on mountain tops, so I looked for water and I found a well
with a pump about a mile away so I drank from it. Then I went back up to the shed
because it was starting to get dark and cold. When I arrived back, I hit the light switch on
the wall but it wasn't hooked up to anything. I couldn't believe it! No water, no
electricity or heat but what was worse was that there was no bathroom.
So anyway, I got some wood and filled the small stove and I needed something to
help kindle the wood so I found some flammable liquid and poured it over the wood.
When I lit the stove, it exploded in my face and threw me backwards. The explosion
blinded me. All that I could see was dark gray for awhile. I was blind for sure but I was
I couldn't believe what had happened but I was determined to complete the fast. I
called out to God and He restored my eyesight. After getting my sight back, everything

still looked cloudy, and it was then I realized that the vent was closed to the stove, so I
opened the window and door to ventilate the place. My throat was sore from the smoke
and I wanted water but I wasn't going to walk a mile in the dark to get a drink. It got
dark and I mean really dark. So dark I couldn't see one inch in front of my face. Then the
temperature started to drop quickly and the wind started to stir and stir and stir more
powerfully. I closed the door and window, and then I turned on a small radio. As I
listened to the only station I could tune in, it said that they were expecting freezing
temperatures and high winds. They were right!
The winds woke me up about midnight with the sound of hundreds of acorns and
twigs hitting the tin roof. The noise was insane. When I woke up, it was pitch black and I
was shivering from the cold so I stumbled around looking for a match to light up the
room. I found a match and lit some paper and the wind started to blow so hard that the
shed started to move and the sound of the acorns hitting the roof was driving me nuts and
I was freezing to death and I was hungry.
I turned on the radio to get the weather report and it was in the upper twenties and
they said that this was the first time this area had gotten winds up to 92 mph. I was ready
to go home. I had to brave out the night until morning so again I attempted to start a fire,
but this time very carefully. I got a fire started and warmed up some, then the wind
started blowing and the shed started to tip. I started rebuking the wind and then hid
under some blankets and cried out to God for deliverance. The wind continued and so I
tried to go back to sleep. With blankets over my head, I tried to deafen the noise of all
those acorns hitting the roof, but to no avail. Next, I heard some things running by the
front door and then I heard trees falling down. During all this, it started to get warm
inside the shed and I started sweating. All night long, I went from sweating to freezing
and was unable to get any sleep because of the noise. It was a night of pure hell and
wasn't soon enough till morning, but it finally came. I decided, "The heck with this, I'm
going home," but I was an easy 100 miles away if not further. So I packed my big purple
suitcase and started to leave.
When I stepped outside I noticed that all the roads were covered with leaves and I
didn't know which way to go. I said I'll just head down the mountain and see where I'll
end up. I kept walking downward for about an hour till I ended up in an open field. I just

continued to walk until I heard a noise in the distance. As I turned and looked around,
then I saw a couple of dogs on the horizon, then a few more dogs appeared and then even
more until there were a little over a dozen, it looked like a pack of wild dogs barking,
growling and heading straight for me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Could there
really be packs of wild dogs here in Virginia? The pack of dogs started getting closer but I
still was somewhat awed by this, then I heard a voice say to me “RUN!” So at that I
started to run for my life, with my big purple suitcase in hand I ran as fast as I could.
I could hear the dogs getting closer and closer. I knew I had to find a tree soon or I
would be dog food. This was one heck of a way to seek God. So I noticed a tree up ahead,
I headed towards it but the dogs were gaining on me so I tossed my suitcase and headed
towards the tree at warp speed. As I reached the tree I heard one of the dogs right behind
me and the dog nipped at my heel as I ran up the tree, but thank God that I just made it.
After getting up the tree, I turned to look at the dogs and saw about 12 to 13 of them all
growling at me. I started yelling at them but all that did was to get them even more
I started to think of how Paul had put up with wild animals while he traveled on
his ventures but this was crazy. So there I was, up a tree, in the middle of nowhere
looking down at a pack of wild dogs. Again I remembered in the Bible when Paul had put
up with wild animals so I tried to take authority over those dogs and rebuked them. At
that point, they got angrier. So again, I cried out to God for help. I figured that if I made
loud noises and screamed at the dogs, it would scare them but all it did was make them
more aggressive. I decided to wait it out till these mutts went away.
A little later, I noticed one dog started to chew on my suitcase and then he urinated
on it. Then another dog came and urinated on it and then more and more dogs did until
my suitcase was dripping wet. At that, I got mad so I started to break branches off the
tree and threw them at the dogs hitting some of them so they started to leave. I waited an
extra 30 minutes to be safe. I then climbed down the tree and went to my suitcase and
what a mess it was. It was soaking wet and it stank really bad and I was afraid to touch it
so I looked for some leaves to hold it by. Boy, it stank so bad that I held it away from me.
I kept walking until I came across a road, so I started to thumb a ride; I was on the road
for over an hour and saw no cars.

Then finally after another hour, a small car came by and picked me up. It was
some small foreign car with no back seat so I had to rest my suitcase on my lap. After a
few seconds the man driving the car began to smell something and looked towards me.
I explained to him that my suitcase smelled from a pack of wild dogs urinating all over it.
He didn't say anything but opened his window and continued to drive. I felt so stupid
and I didn't look clean because I hadn't shaved or washed. Later, he dropped me off on
Route 66. From there I thumbed another ride and some truck picked me up but this time I
threw my suitcase on the back of his truck. After about three hours later, I got to my front
door. I didn't have my key so I knocked on the door. My Dad opened the door, looked at
me and started laughing. I was in no mood to be laughed at or spoken to. That was the
story of my back-to-nature adventure, never again!
There was another time my faith was being severely being tested. A fellow worker
asked me to pray for his father who was dying of cancer. I prayed for the father and
spoke words of life over him, but after a few weeks he died. I felt bad, but what could I
do? A week later, a friend called to ask me to pray for a young boy, thirteen years of age,
who also was dying of cancer. I went to his house and all his family was there with great
expectation. I laid hands on him, cursing this cancer and speaking words of life over him,
but later, he also died. I felt really bad because he was such a good kid who loved God.
Not much later, my friend had a mother that was dying. He asked for me to pray for her,
so I did. Butch was there with me, so as I was praying I felt some force keep taking my
hand off of her while I was praying for her. Butch said that he got in his spirit that it was
her time to go, so we stopped praying for her and in a week or so she passed away. This
was killing my faith and it seemed like anyone I prayed for was dying.
It got to the point that when friends needed healing for some simple illness, they
would back off when they saw me coming to pray for them. People would fear my
prayers thinking that they would die if I laid hands on them. This really blew my faith,
but God quickly restored my faith back in Him like He always does.
There was a young man who had fallen from a moving truck and cracked his head
open to the point where his brains were coming out of his head. He was clinically dead
with no hope. His mother had gone to her pastor, but he said there is no hope for him. She
looked around until she could find someone who would believe with her for her son.

God led her to my brother's fellowship. One Sunday, my brother Butch, my friend
Kris, and I, went to the hospital. We went into the room where he was hooked up to life
support. He had no life in him. I said, "Let's pray." When we did, I felt the power of God,
and not only me, but also the equipment, because the machines started to beep and buzz!
The boy started to move and yawn. For the first time, he started to show signs of life. I
got excited and wanted to pull all the tubes and wires out, but my brother restrained me
from doing so. With all the noise the machines were making, the nurses came running in
and ran us out so the doctor could look at the boy. It was a couple of weeks later he
awoke and was fully functional to the glory of God. Always have faith in God, no matter
the circumstances or the outcome.
Lots of times the outcome of situations doesn't always seem to work out for the
best for those who are in Christ. I really believe that when something bad happens to a
Christian, only God can know why and He has His reasons. He doesn't have to OK it
with us first for “His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than
ours”. He sees the big picture, the beginning and the end of our ways, which we are
unable to see. I know that even as born again Christians, we still reap for that which we
God must allow this to happen or we all would be spoiled brats and never learn a
lesson. So count it all a joy when we encounter various trials knowing that this will
produce endurance and discipline which the church is so sadly lacking. I weep for the
church today because of the spiritual deadness it has fallen into. I can see why Jesus
asked, "Will there be any faith when I return?" It seems that faith has dropped to our
shoes. It's like the heart was ripped out of the body of Christ. All around I see people in
despair, anguish and oppression.
What is the cause of this? It seems to me that it lies in the pulpits of the churches
all across the nation. When there is death in the pulpit, there is death in the pews. The
pastors and elders of the churches are dead or dried up; they lack the zeal of God which is
the Holy Spirit. They are comfortable in their dead ways and they refuse to change and
start anew. They need to get back their first love, Jesus. The love, excitement, and zeal for
the Spirit of God by people who still have the fire of God burning in their heart. Most of
the leadership in the churches are proud, arrogant and refuse to admit they're dry and

dead. They would rather let the congregation die than admit their weakness.
It wasn't too long ago when I was instructed by God to go tell this Full Gospel
Church that God wants to baptize their church and stir up the people with the Holy Spirit.
I started to see so much hell come against me. The most disturbing thing was that it was
coming from the pastor and leadership of that church. At first, I thought it was the
congregation resisting the Holy Spirit. I prayed and asked God if the congregation should
repent. The Spirit said it was the leadership that needed to get on their faces and repent
for rebellion, disobedience, and pride.
I announced the Sunday before I spoke that next week God would pour out His
Spirit, so start to pray and fast. I said that only those who earnestly desire the Holy Spirit
would be touched. I had told this to the pastor and elders earlier. So I also started to pray
and fast to prepare for that Sunday. The night before I spoke I was unable to sleep, except
for maybe forty-five minutes. I was totally out of it in my flesh. Thank God, He never
fails us! In our weakness, His strength is perfected. That Sunday morning the service
started, but unfortunately it started by singing from the hymnals. I can't stand this
because they are depressing. After singing them enough you get bummed out. There is
no life in those songs, they sound like a dirge.
I have seen more lively funerals than when they sang these at this church, but I just
kept praising God. It finally came time to speak, so the pastor got up and announced me
as being the speaker. He then apologized for me when I blow it while speaking to them.
That was assuring! As I went up to the pulpit, I saw the elders’ faces for the first time that
day. Boy, what stone faces they were! You could tell that these elders weren't too happy
to see me up there. They said they were happy and were praying for me. Someone should
have told their faces because everyone noticed it. The first thing I did was to have my
friend Russ come up and lead these people into praise and worship with his guitar. As
soon as Russ started to play the Spirit fell and all of the congregation felt the presence of
the Holy Spirit, for God inhabits the praises of his people.
My friend Russ has a special gift, he isn’t a music leader or a worship leader but he
is a psalmist. Many people can be music leaders but to be a psalmist, in my opinion, is the
greatest calling a man can possess. For he opens the spirit realm and his heart brings you
into the holy of holies.

Then when Russ finished, I started to share how we so badly need the Holy Spirit
of God in order to overcome all the obstacles in our lives. Jesus said, "It is imperative that
I go to the Father, that He send Another." Who is He talking about, but the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth, and He will teach us through the Word, but it
is unfortunate that so very few Christians have the Holy Spirit.
They can't tell the difference from their soul to that of the Holy Spirit. This
obviously was the case with the elders and pastor of this church. Anyway, I started to
share about the Holy Spirit and how you need Him in our every day life. Without Him,
it's impossible to lead a victorious life in Christ. I shared how we must be as children,
accepting Him and not questioning His guidance. I also shared my personal testimony of
how God did much through me. I simply believed His Word and was obedient to the
Holy Spirit. After sharing for awhile, I asked for those people who were praying and
fasting for a move of the Spirit in their lives, and for those who wanted the Holy Ghost
Baptism, to come forward. Almost all of the congregation came forward and aisles were
filled and the alter was packed with people.
I didn't expect this many people, at least 95% of the church came forward and the
Holy Spirit fell. The anointing was very strong. People were getting set free, healed and
delivered from demon oppression. Others were getting filled with the Spirit, while others
were getting a stirring up of the Spirit. Even one of the elder's sons came up and I prayed
for him and the Lord set him free and with tears of joy streaming down his face God set
him free. The congregation cheered for joy. Obviously, they had been expecting this for
some time. Others came to me saying how they felt a strong anointing, and others said
they felt the anointing all the way to the back of the church. There was no doubt the Holy
Spirit visited that church that day.
About a week later, I was asked to meet with the church leadership. I went, but to
my surprise, I was rebuked by them. They stated that the Holy Spirit did not baptize or
even visit the church that day and that I was full of pride and arrogance. I was awed
totally. I could not believe what I was hearing. I thought, "These people couldn't have
been there. Maybe they were at another service elsewhere." These elders, as well as the
pastor, were totally ignorant of the presence of the Holy Spirit. These people were totally
blind to the obvious in which everyone else saw. They tried to defend their stance. I

never saw a more proud, pompous, egotistical bunch of asses in all my life! I thought I'd
seen it all dealing with the Catholics. These guys were really blind to the truth. The Lord
showed me that the elders, as well as the pastor, did not have the Holy Spirit, but were
filled with envy, pride, and hurts. I didn't know that you could be an elder or pastor
without having the Holy Spirit.
I had brought my brother, Butch, along to visit these zombies (walking dead). I
sort of knew something was going down. I enjoyed listening to my brother trying to talk
to these people. He was trying to suggest that maybe they might have missed it, but their
egos wouldn't allow it. They asked Butch, "Are you trying to tell us that our discernment
is bad?" Butch replied, "No, you don't have bad discernment, you don’t have ANY
discernment." They could not handle this, as well as some other things mentioned.
These guys were your classic text book examples of white washed sepulchers. All
of them resist the Holy Spirit while professing to desire Him, but their hearts are far from
Him. How would these people know if the Holy Spirit did visit them? They couldn't tell
one way or the other. All I did was share about the Holy Spirit and give my testimony. I
still get good reports from people from that church, even though the leadership tries to
deny the move of the Spirit or even try to kill the seed that God planted in the people.
They did all they could to do away with this visitation even to the point of telling
the congregation that this was a dead issue and was not allowed to be brought up again.
They even went further by not selling copies of the message that was recorded. A
member of their church tried to get one for himself but they would not sell this message to
anyone. Even the pastor called me and said, "What do you want Tony? There is talk of
you being made pastor or put into a leadership position". I said all I wanted was to bring
the Holy Spirit to your church and nothing more. It seems that the congregation really
enjoyed themselves and this bothered the leadership. Again I said, “I want nothing of
your church but to deliver the message on how necessary it is to have the Holy Spirit“.
This really isn't new to me, because I have had churches come against me for being
obedient to the Holy Spirit. I have been escorted out of other churches before, causing a
split down the middle. Other times I’ve had people follow me out, stating that they thank
the Lord for sending me to stand up to the leadership, who held these people in deception
and bondage.

The people would tell me in so many instances that they were afraid to stand up to
the leadership knowing that they would not accept the truth because of their ego.
I once visited a church in Frederick, Maryland and as I sat in the service, the Lord
showed me the church's spiritual order was upside down. The pastor fell into adultery,
so he stepped out of that position for a while. A woman had taken his place. It is
unscriptural to have a woman as a pastor and spiritual covering, for men and women
alike. The Scripture forbids it and also does not allow a woman to teach doctrine in the
church. She may teach the younger women in the ways of the Lord. It is forbidden for a
woman to usurp authority over men, and as a pastor, you can't help but usurp authority,
but that is another teaching. What was even worse is that a "so-called" prophet was there
that day and he was "prophesying" that the Lord had raised up this woman for such an
occasion and that she would help the church.
If you looked at the church all you could see is that the women were the more
aggressive. They were the ones holding up the banners, dancing and singing and the men
were spiritual wimps just sitting back and doing nothing. Then to my surprise the “so-
called” prophet came forth with a supposed word from God stating that it's okay for the
men to get up and dance with the ladies.
Boy I'm sure that word really met the needs of the men in that congregation, what a
bunch of bologna if I ever heard any. These men needed to be rebuked for being such
wimps. They needed to stand up and start acting like men of God instead of a bunch of
panty waists. It's pitiful how so many churches are dominated by women because the
men couldn’t care less about the things of the Spirit. Although if you put a football game
in front of them, look out and don't dare hinder them in any way, or there will be hell to
pay. Where a man’s treasure is, there is his heart also. And people wonder why their
household is in such disorder. I know that the women mean well, but it is still spiritual
It still amazes me how some people deceive themselves into believing a lie to suit
their needs. I guess all we can do is to just pray for them. Again, I say without the Holy
Spirit, you really can't make it through these days. People need to stop trying to do things
their way and let God do the right thing in their lives. If only they would just let go. If
only people would be like a child, simple in understanding, pure before God, then God

could use them. God is more interested in obedience than sacrifice. God is looking to and
fro over the earth, looking for someone He can use to bring His love and power to meet
the people's needs. I thank Almighty God for using me to minister to the people.
I remember once while working at a butcher shop, some people won a beef contest
and came in to claim their prize. While they were waiting, I noticed the wife of this man
who happened to be a Baptist minister, was in pain. She told me she had a disc operation
and she was hurting. So I offered to pray for her and she said, "Sure." I leaned across the
counter, and laid hands on her and she went over in the Spirit. I stood there thinking
"Wow, this is great, especially being a Baptist!" Then all of a sudden, her husband walked
in, looked down at his wife on the floor, looked at me, looked at his wife again, and then
back at me and said, "Will you pray for me?" I said, "Sure thing!" So again, I reached
across the counter and laid hands on him. At that second, his hands went up in the air
and he started speaking in other tongues. I started rejoicing at what God had done. Talk
about a full service shop.
Then one of the store owners walked in and saw what was happening. He told me
I shouldn't do this in the store because it’s bad for business. This owner was a "brother" in
the Lord. I just kept rejoicing for what God had done.

Later, to my surprise, I got a call from this Baptist pastor and was asked to speak at
his church. I said, "I would love to." After about two weeks, Butch and his fellowship
came along with me to Virginia to speak to his church. It was somewhat of a long trip,
but well worth it. They were a wonderful group of people. These people were on fire for
God and really into the gifts, but like so many people they need to keep their eyes on the
Giver of the gifts. Before the service, I remember sitting in the front pew waiting to
minister when two women came to me. They were wanting me to tell them something
about them, kind of testing me. I told them that I am not a prophet, just an evangelist,
when all of a sudden I started to get words of knowledge about one of them. I started to
tell her about herself and the problem she had in her marriage, but God was going to use
it to help her minister to others in the same situation once she has come through this
victoriously. She was amazed, and said, "You are of God." I said, "Don't put the Lord to
the test anymore, but only believe."

I was introduced and proceeded to minister to the congregation and again the Lord
moved in a mighty way meeting the needs of the people. I remember one lady asking for
prayer because she was unable to get pregnant. So I prayed for her and the Lord healed
her because a little later she got pregnant. Praise God for His mighty works! That's what
God is all about, always meeting our needs, in spite of what we think we really need, and
in spite of ourselves.

One memory that will always stand out in my mind is when at Halpine Church the
pastor said, "Today, we have a visitor who has been looking for deliverance for a long
time. He has been unable to get it, because everywhere he's gone to get it, he's ended up
beating up the pastor or whoever was trying to deliver him. He had been a satan
worshiper and even into blood drinking. He was a satan worshiper and was into blood
sacrifices and he wanted to be set free, but everywhere he went for deliverance he has
been unable to get set free. Even when he manifested he would beat up the person or
persons trying to set him free even to the point of going through brick walls when he was
getting delivered."
The pastor added, "Praise God", this is one pastor he won't beat up! Brother Tony,
you deliver him." I said, "What?" He was kind of a big guy, six foot plus, blond bearded
biker, but I believed God, so I took him into the back room of the church with one of the
church's prophets. That was a big mistake! I told this big guy, "I'm going to cast the devil
out and it will be quick and easy in the name of Jesus." The prophet said, "Not that easy!"
Then he proceeded to take out a long list of things that the big guy must renounce
before God could set him free. At that I said, "Say what? Are you nuts? This man came
here today to get set free and you're going to make him go through all this nonsense?
Jesus cast them out with His Word, not His list!" We had no agreement, so I went out of
the room and got my brother, Butch, who loved this stuff anyway. We went back into the
room to pray for this big guy to get set free.
The big guy said, “Be careful”, because he didn't want to hurt us, but my brother
was bigger than he was, so I felt safe. Still he said, "When you see me start to shake, run."
I said, "Don't worry about it." Butch and I started to pray for this man and sure enough,
he started to shake. We stepped back and watched. All of a sudden, he went to lunge at

us when something from behind him grabbed him picked him up in the air and dropped
him to the ground. He was out for the count! He was out like a light and I said, "Now,
this is power!" About a minute later, he came to and said, "I knew the power of satan, but
it's no power compared to the power of your God."
He was totally set free by the Spirit of God. At that time, the pastor came back and
said, "I knew when he was set free." He rejoiced with us at what the Lord had done. It
was funny because after all this the so-called prophet said, "He wasn't set free." I said,
"Are you nuts? Didn't you see what God did? He's free of the demons!" But the so-called
prophet said, "But he didn't renounce all these things." I said, "You're crazy." My brother
asked him, "If you hear from God, then you ask Him if he's set free." God told him yes,
but through his pride, he doubted later and told others it's not true.
I couldn’t care less what he thought because I knew that the Lord had set him
totally free in the name of Jesus. Butch, the pastor and I knew that Jesus had set him free,
but most important is that the big guy knew it. Personally, I never cared much for
prophets or elders because many that I've met always seemed to be pompous, arrogant
knuckle heads. Prophets seem to have a tendency to lead and control people. They
prophesy mostly from their souls and not by the Spirit of God. They need to be humble
and totally empty of self in order to hear the Lord clearly, but in my travels, I find these
modern-day prophets to be unable to accept reproof and are very temperamental but
mostly proud and arrogant.
Mostly, I've not found any so-called prophet who is right on more than 20% of the
time. A true prophet of God is always right on. These people merely prophesy and are
not prophets. That's why we need to be humble, open and pure before God. It's amazing
that through so many problems we always have with each other God always gets the job
done in spite of ourselves and praise God that He does.

During one of my visits to New York with my parents, I remember visiting one of
my Dad's friends who said that one night he saw a devil appear to him at the foot of his
bed. What blew his mind was, while getting out of bed the morning after the appearance,
he saw two hoof prints burned into the carpet at the foot of his bed. We visited him, his
wife, and his sister in law, and I started to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he was

brought to tears. He asked if he could accept the Lord. I said, "Sure! Let's do it now." We
started to pray when all of a sudden, cups and saucers in the kitchen started to fly across
the room and break against the wall. This family was scared, but I said, "Don't worry, it's
only the devil. He doesn't want you to accept the Lord." We continued to pray and the
man was born again by the power of God. What was a shame is that he also got healed
from emphysema and so I told him to stop smoking because when you continue to smoke
after being set free you will lose the healing. When stupid Christians continue to do
something stupid they will lose the healing protection of God for a good reason. Sadly
enough the man whom was saved and set free died because he would not stop smoking
so he reaped what he had sown.
I love when God allows people to see a sign because it blows their mind and they
see the reality of the spirit realm. Sometimes that's what it took to wake up people like
myself. God also bestows upon us many gifts and blessings, even wisdom, when needed.
For example, one night a bunch of us went to a restaurant after a Bible study
meeting. Anywhere we went we always shared the Gospel. One sister, who was very
intelligent and a college graduate, was sharing with an intelligent evolutionist and she
was unable to get anywhere with him so she called me over to help. I was surprised
because intelligence was not one of my fortes, so I listened to him somewhat and said, "I
believe you." This sister looked at me in amazement. I told this guy, "I believe you came
from a monkey," and he got really mad and I said, "Why are you mad at me? I'm just
agreeing with you that you evolved from lower life forms and primordial ooze. Do you
like bananas?" At that he got up and walked away. I'm sure he did a lot of thinking.
Professing to be wise, they became fools. Ever learning but never coming to the
knowledge of the truth. The Bible says to answer a fool according to his folly and with
God's simple wisdom it was easy.

Chapter Six
Frustrations and Aspirations

God gives us more than we need if we only would trust Him. He meets all our
needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. He really has so much for us if
only we would take the time and find out. I feel this way about the Catholics who trust
the Catholic church with their eternal soul. Many blindly struggle in “religion” because
they were never told the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead they believe just a bunch of
garbage thought up by men. Again, when I became born again, I went to the Catholic
church to talk to the main priest to share with him about my conversion from darkness
into Jesus' glorious light. I shared with him on how I stopped drinking, fornicating,
cussing and the usual stuff we Catholics do, and turned around completely and started
reading the Bible. Most of all, I was having a relationship with my Lord and Savior. By
studying the Bible, I found most, if not all, Catholic doctrine to be contrary with the Bible.
I asked the priest what should I believe (of course I already knew) and he said that if I
don't believe their doctrine that I could no longer be a Catholic, so I said, "See you later."
It's a shame how for tradition sake they nullify the Word of God, teaching the doctrines of
men and push aside the commandments of God. Blind guides leading the blind, both will
fall into the pit.

The one Scripture that comes to mind is "My people perish for a lack of
knowledge". A perfect example of this was my Catholic boss. He held fast to the Catholic
church's doctrine. For instance, I noticed one morning that he received ashes because it
was Ash Wednesday. Earlier that day I was taking lunch orders for steak subs. I asked
him if he wanted one, but he said, "This is Lent. I am supposed to fast meat. You should
fast too being a Catholic." I asked him, "Why are you fasting?" He said again, "It's Lent."
I asked, "But why are you fasting?" Then he said, "Because the church says so." "But why
are you fasting? Are you seeking God? Because when you fast you're supposed to pray
and seek Him out. Is this the reason you're fasting?" He said, "No." I said, "Then why
fast? How about a sub?" He said, "Get out of my office." Later that day, I caught him and

some other managers in some filthy conversations. "Hi!" I said, "Are you still fasting?"
He was a little upset, so I left. Later that day I walked into his office and I caught
him reading one of those girly magazines. So I said, "I see you're fasting and seeking
God". He really turned red faced so I left. A third time I caught him in his office smoking
and talking to others about one female employee there on how he would like to do
something with her. I said, "I see you're still seeking God. By the way, I'm still taking sub
orders." At that he said, "OK! Get me a damn sub." I just smiled. He finally realized his
fasting was in vain.

Catholics like this are so hypocritical. They are no more spiritual than a blatant
heathen because they act and live like the devil. Their language is vile as well as their
lifestyle, but yet they boldly defend their Catholic beliefs which amount to nothing. Jesus
said “By their fruits they will be known” and it does show. They think that because they
are Catholics that they have salvation and again they live like the devil. They make sure
that they go to church on Sunday to make their conscience feel like they are doing God a
favor, by giving Him their time out of their immoral lifestyles. WAKE UP you foolish
Catholics and get off hell's path and get a relationship with the Lord instead of having a
religion. They do have a religion but they DON'T have God. They need to stop playing
with their stupid religion and come and get a grip with truth and reality. All the priests as
well as the Pope himself, need a swift spiritual kick in their butts, and get a healthy
rebuke for leading their congregations as well as themselves, to hell. If the Pope, as well
as these priests, really know salvation, why don't they ever preach it from the pulpit and
start getting these ignorant Catholics saved? Why don’t they stop playing the religious
figure with their robes, hats and their gold jewelry? These priests need to get saved and
then be filled with the Holy Spirit and start living like men of God instead of living like
the devil in the midst of drinking, smoking, homosexuality, fornication, drugs, and sexual
child abuse. Admit your sins and the Lord of hosts will forgive you and save you and set
you on the paths of righteousness like true men of God are.
I would love to be able to get the opportunity to be a guest speaker at Catholic
churches all across this country. I've written letters to the Pope, but to no avail. Yet, I will
again try to get letters to bishops or who ever might have the authority to give permission

to speak to my fellow Catholics, who have never heard the true Gospel of Jesus. It would
be great if they would open their eyes to see how dead the church is but mostly how they
can actually get saved and have a relationship with God. I remember once going to a
Catholic charismatic meeting and because of the healing gift that resides in me, I was
asked if I would pray for these people. I said I would love to. I shared with them about
my testimony and how God truly heals today. I prayed for many of them and they were
getting healed.
One Catholic priest who was observing me stood up and said that I heal these
people by the devil. I was taken aback and so I said, "Are you nuts, crazy, or insane?
How can I pray for people in the name of Jesus and then the devil will heal them? What's
wrong with you? Do you know how close you are to blaspheming the Holy Spirit, if you
haven't already? You call you yourself a man of God, a leader in the church, and you're
so blind? You should be ashamed of yourself and repent and get saved before you
yourself go to hell." I really started to go off on him. My brother, Butch, grabbed me by
the mouth and pulled me out of the room. This “so-called” priest was found in
fornication with a lady in the church, was seeing a shrink, teaching the "mystical life" of
Christ, and levitation. So he was exposed by God. This priest left the church and only
God knows where he is now. The poor deceived man being in the position of a priest;
and who knows what spiritual dung he has imparted to the congregation.
I went to many Catholic charismatic meetings and out of at least half of them, I was
escorted out because I dared to speak the truth. What was nice was afterwards at least
half of those attending would come to me and say, "Thank God you came." They were
afraid to speak up to the leadership in which most, if not all, were women in deception.
I opposed many of them in their prayers to Mary to intercede to God on their
behalf and to the newly deceased Catholics. I, of course, said there is only one mediator
between man and God and that's the Lord Jesus. Even Scripture states not to pray to the
dead because when you do, you get familiar spirits or in other words, demons, but they
would not listen. I stood my ground and they threw me out but half of that group came
out to me and said "Thank God for you because we were so afraid to oppose this woman
in charge of the meeting."

It's such a shame because every time I would talk to a priest I would quote
Scripture and they would ask, "From what are you quoting?" I said, "I'm quoting from the
Word of God, the Bible. What do you quote? " They would always answer, “Tradition”.
They said that they are taught tradition and church doctrine over the Bible. Again for
tradition sake, you teach the doctrines of men nullifying the word of God. What a shame
to be so blind to truth and so steadfast in deception.
And that's why I would love the chance to share with all my Catholic brethren. I
can't get down on the Catholics alone though, for all these religions have been started by
man and have some sort of deception in them. They have all fallen away from the true
Gospel of Jesus Christ. So when I preach, I preach Christ and Him crucified. I never push
any one religion, but that you must be born again. If only people knew the relationship
they could have with the Almighty, to be in His magnificent presence is incomparable to
anything on this earth. To worship Him in spirit and truth is the ultimate high. It doesn't
get any better than this. God inhabits the praise of His people.

I never knew how great it was to worship the Almighty. I found out when I left the
Catholic church and went to a born again spirit filled church, called Halpine. The pastor
was Richard Kline, a truly loving man of God. God used him powerfully and he made an
impact on me as well as the church. He was very knowledgeable in the Word and very
intelligent. I learned a lot from him and I will always hold this man in the highest regard
and will always love him dearly. He touched my whole family. He also visited my
brother's fellowship every other week and helped bring us up in the ways of God,
keeping us on the straight and narrow.

My brother, Butch, started the fellowship and named it “Dove Fellowship”, not
because it was our last name, but because of the move of the Holy Spirit amongst us. This
fellowship touched many lives and its reputation still is well known today.
Unfortunately, some visitors choose to hold onto bitter memories of it because of
their self-exultation, pride and sinful lifestyle which they refuse to let go of, rather than to
serve the Almighty. It's a shame they choose to hold on to bitter memories when so much
good has come out of that fellowship. God set so many free, healed so many, saved so

many, and taught so many.
My brother would only offer God the best in everything and never second best as
so many other Christians do, because of their self love. I know many of these people
despised me very much because I was so on fire for God. God used me, but not to these
people's liking, because I wasn't pious looking, religious and self-righteous enough for
them. It really didn't bother me because all I wanted to do was set the world on fire for
God. I really believed God at His Word and simply acted on it with simple whole-hearted

One example is when I was getting off work one day and there was a thunderstorm
and it was raining like crazy, and I had ridden my motorcycle that day. There was no
way that I was going to ride in that storm, especially with all that lighting and thunder. I
was standing at the garage door with a bunch of employees who also were waiting there
for the rain to stop. They started to razz me because I was born again. So one person
said, "Why don't you split the rain clouds like Moses split the sea?" They all started
laughing at this. Just then the Lord spoke to me and said, "Speak to the elements." So I
said out loud, "I will." Then I looked up to the sky, pointed to it and said, "In the name of
Jesus, stop raining." All of a sudden, with a loud crack of thunder and one big flash of
lighting, the rain immediately stopped. It was like turning off a hose. Everyone jumped
back all bug-eyed and in awe, as well as myself. There was total silence with all eyes on
me. After composing myself, I fixed my collar, hopped on my cycle and turned to these
people saying, "Have a nice day". Isn't God wonderful to back up something as simple as
this situation and show His magnificence? Believe me, it gave those people something to
think about for a long time.
God touches so many people in so many ways. He always gives of Himself, even
when we aren't faithful, He always is. I really believe Him when He said you must be as a
child, simple in faith and understanding. For He can use us easier when we override our
“great intelligence” and understanding.

Once I was having a conversation with some people on positions in the body and
that a certain woman in Scripture was an Apostle because Scripture referred to her as

being well known among the apostles. I said, "If that's true, then satan was also an apostle
because he also was really well known among the apostles." She didn't say anything
anymore about that subject.

It's a shame how we always argue Scripture and what it really means. But like I
say, especially to Baptists, who don't believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, if you don't
have what it takes to do the job, get out of the way and let someone else who God has
equipped do it and do it right. It amazes me how people can be so arrogant and say what
God can and can't do. We always think we know better and I guess that's why we have so
many religions today. They do nothing but prepare people for eternal damnation, while
never even coming to the knowledge of the Almighty, themselves. That's why I would
like to visit so many churches and bring them the good news of Jesus Christ, but I would
probably have better luck becoming the Pope than being invited to a church in need of the
Spirit of God.

It's amazing how we send out so many missionaries to other countries when we are
in very desperate need for the Gospel here in America. We have so much violence here,
with which almost no other country can begin to compare. We have more immorality
here than other countries, and we are becoming the gay capitol of the world. I see a rise of
homosexuality in such immense proportions that would stagger the minds of people. Yet
this country seems to welcome this perversion in all areas of life. I feel so bad for these
people. They say they love their same sex partner and want to get married, but these
people are miserable inside and they know the truth but choose to live a lie. I would like
to say to all these poor souls just read the Book of Romans. The first chapter explains it so
clearly that even a fool could understand. What is even more sickening is how these “so-
called” born again homosexuals believe they can live in this perverted lifestyle, and have
a relationship with the Almighty.
They are sincerely deceived and their eternal souls are at stake. Just last night on
TV I saw a homosexual church and their pastor who was also a pervert, saying that being
a homosexual won’t send you to hell, only not accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior will. He
is partially right, like the devil, by giving half truths. He didn't fully explain that not only

must they accept Jesus as Lord but also must "REPENT" as stated by Jesus Himself. For
without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins. You see you can't be born again unless
you repent for you sins. Jesus Christ didn't die on the cross for us to continue in sin, for he
who continues in sin is of the devil and has not the Spirit of God. These homosexuals are
in deep deception to swallow such a big lie and this “so-called” homo-pastor is on his way
to hell doing the work of satan. This pastor is an enemy of the cross of Jesus Christ. He
wants to pull all those other homosexuals to hell with him and he most certainly is by
preaching a lie. How do they explain away the Scriptures speaking against it?
They have hardened their hearts against the conviction of the Holy Spirit of God.
What was worse is that he was marrying perverts, men with men and women with
women, visiting them on their death bed. He stated that a large percentage of his
congregation has AIDS. This minister was with these dying homosexuals on their death
beds, and ushering these dying homosexuals into the eternal torment of hell's fire. What
was worse is that he was saying that everything was going to be fine after they died. This
perversion of a minister will have the blood of these dying people on his hands when
judgment comes. It was tragic for those he buried, because if you die in your sins it's too
late. I've seen God set these people free, and set them on the right track. They began to
live like God had intended for them, in a godly lifestyle.
Also know this, that homosexuals and lesbians are demon possessed. These people
can never have a relationship with God until they repent of this foul wickedness. No one
in their right mind can believe this is acceptable. Even in nature, the animals aren't
perverted like man is. It is against the laws of nature and mainly against the law of God.
Remember one thing is that God does love all people, which includes homosexuals, but
He most certainly hates the sin of homosexuality. Be not deceived, for what a man sows,
he shall also reap! For the Bible clearly speaks out against this abomination.

One thing I will boldly say to everyone who can hear me, is that homosexuality is a
"choice", and they aren't born that way. Granted, there are some who are born with both
physical genders, and even then God can heal them if they want it, but those people are
very few. I was amazed when I saw the big gay rally in D.C. in 1993. They were having
sex in front of the Capital of the United States of America, in the park, along side the road,

everywhere they could. Marching semi-naked, fully naked doing things that no one but
satan could delight in. Not one arrest was made because it would not be politically
correct. It was like seeing Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities which God destroyed because
of their wickedness. Yet our government welcomes them openly and embraces this
The then current president and his wife backed this perversion and had placed
these wicked people in almost every area of their administration. They opened the
military to them, passing laws in which they have more rights than a regular citizen. They
will, in time, be given rights to be over us, our children and even our churches. I
remember when the elections were on and in the final moments of voting, the results were
announced that Clinton won, I got a sick feeling in my stomach and it lasted many days. I
felt a sort of doom or judgment.
For truly Bill and Hillary reflect the hearts of these people in this country. Full of
wickedness, adultery, fornication, lies, deceit, perversion, greed, pride and even more, but
you get the point. I truly want it clear, in my opinion, the Clintons were in office for one
reason only. They were to bring judgment on this country and to help it to fall. They have
accomplished their deeds of darkness. They have helped to break down the family and
flood this country with their backing of perversion. America the great is no longer, but a
reproach to the world. His administration was backing homosexuality, the killing of
innocent babies, wickedness, deceit, fornication, treason, murder, stealing, no
accountability, no morals, but mostly no reverence of God Almighty.
This country has successfully removed God from every aspect of life. Soon they
will allow this wickedness to be in our churches, and force the wicked gospel of
perversion into the school system, teaching our young how to be perverted. But to
display the Ten Commandments to help guide our children to godliness is unacceptable.
The Bible truly stated that in the last days they will be calling good evil and evil good.
Look all around us. It is being pushed by the government. I hate to say it, but it is too late
for America. We are past the point of no return. It really is too late. Crime will keep on
increasing, drug abuse will increase, and insanity will increase. Perversion will increase
and will be accepted and preached in many denominations. Our representatives will
continue to increase in wickedness.

Many will do what's best for them and not for the people who put them in office.
Our government will be overrun with perverts, fornicators, thieves, liars and self-seeking
politicians. These people will then rule over us placing over you a heavy yoke. This
country will crumble. It is decaying from within. These Democrats and Republicans that
are blind won't see this soon coming destruction until it's too late. Then they will be
unable to reverse this cancer which is eating away at the moral fabric of this country. It is
no longer God bless America, but God have mercy on America. This country must be
judged for we make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a fairy tale. Again, God have mercy
on us, but judgment must come. It has started.

One great rebuke must go to the churches that are dead. They have no
understanding of the Spirit, and yet their pastors and elders keep the congregation in
darkness and death. They refuse to allow a move of the Holy Spirit in their midst. They
want to control the move of the Spirit in a way they think best. They really think they
know better than the Almighty, and it shows. I've even heard pastors saying that we
don't want this new wine, in other words, the Holy Spirit. Their congregations are dying,
sick, oppressed, possessed, blind, and have no knowledge of God. Most have no
relationship with the Almighty. Not knowing Jesus at all, being a stranger to their God.
Jesus truly said, "In that day many will say ‘Lord, Lord, didn't I heal the sick, feed
the poor, cast out devils in Your name?’ Jesus will say, ‘Depart from Me, you doer of
iniquity. For I never knew you". That's the key to it all, it's knowing Him and not
knowing "about" Him. You need to have an intimate relationship with the Lord, to be one
with Him in the Spirit. Most everyone knows about Him, but few really know Him.
Many pastors and elders will have a lot of answering to do to God. They lead His people
astray and impart death not life, because they do not have any life in them.

Man is so proud and boastful in himself. There are many people in pastoral
positions as well as elders who have no right to be in that position. They do more harm
than good to the congregation. They refuse to step down for the good of the people,
because their pride won't permit it. So they stay in that position until total death takes
over and the spirit of Ichabod (the Glory has departed) settles over the church. Arrogant

leaders who think God can't move without them, and yet, they continue to bring the
church down. It's happening all over this country and no one is speaking up because they
are afraid. I wish we had an apostle like Paul who could help bring the churches back in
line to solid doctrine. It's so stupid to have so many denominations and all the
denominations are dead. Lord, send the fire to burn the chaff we have. If the body of
Christ doesn't turn, we will definitely see persecution.
That has always helped put the church back in line. I believe it is on the way and
it will come from the government backed by New Age Loonies. This world is in one
“hell” of a mess and getting worse daily. Everyday, more and more, I see signs of the
end, and I truly believe that we have started the end times. I believe that this generation
will be the last on earth. Thank God, we, the believers, will be taken out of here in a
moment, in a twinkling of an eye. Then we shall behold Him as He is. We shall be like
Him and be with Him from now on. Glory to God in the highest! I can't wait until that
day when we believers defy gravity and leave this troubled world so it can fully fall to its

Once we leave that means the salt is taken off the earth and all the light is gone,
these people will be in total darkness and everything on earth will fall into total darkness,
lying and deceiving each other. Simply because they refused to believe in Him, who died
for their sins and paid the price by His shed blood on the cross.
If only people would open their eyes and hearts to the truth. All they need to do is
simply believe the Bible for it reveals the plan for our lives, past, present and future. You
see we have the ability to change our destiny. We're all destined for hell through our
sinfulness but thanks be to God through Jesus Christ, we can "now" establish our
residency in heaven. People are foolishly believing in everything, from tarot cards to
space aliens, to have some sort of hope. All they need to do is look at the Bible for the
more sure Word of God. I mean even a nit wit can read it for what it is. Not one wrong
prophecy. The Bible has more than enough answers to meet every situation in our lives.
The future of this planet is outlined to show its path of destruction. If the Bible
states it, you can bet your life on it coming to pass. People choose not to believe it,
because it means that they must change their lifestyle and acknowledge Him who is the

Author of this magnificent book. It is also amazing how so many “so-called” Christian
theologians don't believe the Word of God. They take it upon themselves to say what is
and isn't of God. What pompous asses they make themselves out to be. Who are they to
judge the Word of the Almighty? You can bet your booties that they will indeed answer
to the Almighty. For it is an awful thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty. These
people are nothing but false prophets and teachers vomiting up their vile heresies.
Deceiving and being deceived, showing the way to hell and pulling as many with them as
they can. They are enemies of God. The unfortunate thing is that they flood our churches,
and we openly accept them as men of God.
We need to wake up and test all things by the Spirit and start to put everything in
order. We must get about the Lord's business, which is preaching, laying hands on the
sick, and casting out devils. WE are to go about and destroy the works of the devil.

One example I remember is when a certain woman who came to us said that one of
her daughters was committed to the insane ward at a certain hospital. The mom, the two
brothers and I went to pray for her at the asylum. While waiting for her, we started to
pray. As she walked through the door escorted by nurses, with a loud shout she cried, "I
know who you are. You can't get me." She ran back into the ward. I said, "That's not
good enough. We need to get to her." The nurses said, "No way. She is very unstable."
So I said to the mother, "Mom, do you have any candy?" She said, "Yes." So I said, "Give
it to me." We prayed over it and told one of the nurses to give it to the daughter and so
she did. When the insane girl ate it, the devils came out of her and she was found to be in
her right mind. She was released the next day. Glory to God in the highest! He always
meets our needs in spite of ourselves.

Another time is when I got a call about a man who went nutzo. For some reason,
his church or pastor was unable to help him. My friend, Kris, and I responded to the call.
We drove over to this guy's house. We had a little trouble finding it, until we came to a
house whose yard was filled with furniture, strewn all over it. Next, we saw furniture
flying from the second story deck into the front yard. I turned to Kris and said, "This
must be the place." He readily agreed, so we pulled over and proceeded to the house.

We knocked at the door and a lady in tears answered the door. We said, "We were
called by your church to pray for your husband." We walked in and saw him standing
across the room. This man picked up his two year old son and threw him at me from
across the room. I went long and caught the kid. I said, "I take it he's the one." Then all of
a sudden, this man came running across the room and jumped on Kris. He just wrapped
himself around Kris like an octopus and Kris couldn't shake him loose.
I helped pry this man from him. It was hard, but we did it. We put him in a chair,
but he jumped up on Kris again so we pried him off again. This man had a most hideous
laugh. We kept telling him to shut up, but this demon possessed man fought us all the
more. He wrestled us to the upper deck and started to punch Kris. He tried to throw him
off the deck, and Kris was starting to get mad and said, "Tony, that's it! I'm going to hit
him!" But I said, "Kris, we battle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual
powers." Then this guy turned on me and he started mocking me and hitting me. We
struggled. This guy kept hitting me and trying to pick me up and throw me off the deck.
That's when I said, "That's enough! I'm going to deck this guy." I pulled back my arm
and started to swing at this guy, to minister to his flesh, but Kris caught my arm and said,
"Remember, we battle not against flesh and blood." Boy, I felt like a jerk. We called upon
the Lord and cried out, "God, we need help!" We wrestled this guy back in the house,
threw him in a chair and sat on him. After crying to God for help, we started to cast out
those devils. Praise be to God, they started coming out!
After about an hour, it was done and by the next morning he was back to normal.
God had delivered him and this man has been free ever since. I really like casting out
devils, it's more fun than full contact football and with a real reason to win.
I remember so many instances in casting out devils, all kinds. One girl came to us
with epilepsy for healing so we started to pray for her and the devil manifested. That's
when I learned that epilepsy was a devil binding up people so we cast it out and from that
day on she never had another fit, praise God. God's healings are wonderful and it gets
the attention of heathen.

I remember when Dad had a massive stroke. We all went to the hospital and were
waiting to see how his condition was. After waiting, the doctors came out to us. They

explained that Dad lost the use of one side of his body and that one side of his brain was
dead. He was unable to talk, but could make noises. The specialists said that through
many years of therapy, that the one side of his brain, which is still functional, might take
over to help the dead side of his body. We could only hope.
Suddenly, the Lord spoke to me while the doctors were talking to the family. The
Lord instructed me to go into the Emergency Room and pray for Dad. In the middle of
the doctor's conversation, I got up and went into the Emergency Room. I found Dad lying
on the table. A nurse and some type of doctor were tending to him. I said to them,
"You've done all you can. Now, let's let God work on him." So they stepped back,
watching me.
I looked down at Dad on the bed and he tried to talk to me, but it was all jumbled.
I couldn't understand one word he was trying to say. I said, "Dad, don't talk. I'm going to
pray for you." I took out a small bottle of anointing oil from my pocket and started
pouring it over Dad while praying. When I looked down at him, I said, "Dad, be healed in
the name of Jesus." All of a sudden his whole body started to glow like gold and that very
second Dad sat up and said, "Tony, the last thing I remember was lying on the floor at
home." He started to move his arms and legs. The nurse and doctor just stood there with
their mouths open. The nurse started saying, "Look, he's moving and talking but he's
supposed to be paralyzed on the one side of his body." But Dad said, "Watch this," and he
got up. He walked around and then sat back down to read something. The nurses were
ecstatic. I went back to the waiting room and started to tell the family how God just
healed Dad just while the doctors were showing Mom the x-rays of Dad’s brain. The dark
spot meant that the brain was dead. But what's impossible with men is possible with
God. Dad had recovered completely with no side effects. God is truly wonderful in every
way. He does stuff for us even when we're totally unaware.

Even as a child many times the Lord saved my life. I got hit by cars many times
and always walked away. It's amazing how simple faith can accomplish so much in your
life. Just simply believe in God's Word. I had no one to teach me that healing isn't for
today, thank God. Actually, most of my teaching came from Butch's Bible study, and of
course Pastor Kline. But thank God for Butch, because he always stuck with me even in

hard times. You see even when I was baptized, it was prophesied over me that God had
placed a fire in me, which man can't understand nor could be extinguished, and that
through me, many would be healed and set free. Butch bailed me out a lot of times trying
to explain things to different people that I offended. That was most everywhere I went.
Some people thought that I was proud and arrogant, but these people never knew me
because if I boasted in anything, it was the Lord. What else could I boast in? My gifts
were given to me by God and I didn't earn them. I was on fire for God and I wanted to set
the world aflame.
In time, most people came to understand me and what I was about. There still are
a few who do not care for me or how God uses me. It doesn't go along with their
thinking, but I couldn’t care less just so long as I serve God. That's all that matters. I
somehow always get in confrontations with other believers. It's mainly over drinking and
smoking. Like I tell so many Christians, smoking might not send you to hell, but it may
get you to heaven sooner. You see, when I was born again I changed completely
overnight. I instantly gave up the swearing, fighting, women, etc.
God showed me that even though I have the Spirit of God when I'm born again, I
don't have the fire or power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit told me that no man may
have His power when they smoke, drink, or remain in sin.
Many Christians get angry at me when I say this, but I really don't give a hoot. All
I know is what the Lord showed me and I will hold fast to this until He comes to take us
away. I really found that Christians who smoke and drink do not have the fire and power
of the Holy Spirit. They can debate it all they want until they're blue in the face. I know
that of which I speak, and the Holy Spirit has always backed me up. These Christians
have no victory in their lives. I even knew “so-called” Christians who would have a Bible
study in which they served hard drinks. They said that it relaxed them and gave them
better revelation on Scripture. I couldn't help but notice their lifestyles and failures. These
people were in bondage and refused to be set free. I've never seen a Christian who drank
and smoked who was able to cast out a devil or have success in any spiritual
The way I see it is, that if the world says it's bad to drink and smoke, how much
more for a Christian? We're supposed to be an example to the world and lights shining in

the dark. You see, I love the Lord and there's nothing I wouldn't give up for Him. I mean
after all, look what He gave up for us. Actually when you think about it, we really aren't
giving it up for Him, but really we're giving it up for our own benefit. Nevertheless, I
love to minister for the Lord.
I remember once when I was working next door to a restaurant and the owner, who
was not a believer, came over to us in tears. Knowing we were Christians, he asked me to
pray for his daughter who was sick and had not eaten for days for she could not hold
down any food or drink. The hospital also was unable to get this young girl to hold down
any food, so I eagerly prayed for her. In the name of Jesus, I commanded healing and
within minutes she started eating and held down this food. The father was rejoicing over
her healing and this man accepted the Lord and his family got saved.
It's like the parable about a field with the great pearl in it. That man sold
everything to possess the field with the great pearl in it. When you find out about how
God loves us and what His promises are, you go after Him with your all. It is such an
honor to serve the Almighty. Nothing in this world can compare with it, because we are
imparting life which can only be in Jesus and in no other name in this world. Every other
name means nothing, not Buddha, Krishna, not Mohammed, not Moon, not Joseph Smith,
not Charles Taze Russell, not the Pope, nor any other name. All these will lead you to hell
on a greased pole. It's only in the name of Jesus that there is salvation. For those who call
upon the Lord shall be saved. Why would anyone in their right mind want to call on the
name of any man when you can call on Jesus, the Son of God? Jesus is the only name in
which men can be saved, no matter what idiotic beliefs others have. It's all garbage. I'm
called to preach the Gospel which meets all people’s needs.
I remember once on the job talking to a Moslem in a high position in his church
and I shared that Jesus is the way and not Mohammed. Of course, he disagreed so I gave
him a challenge to gather some blind and sick people. I would go to his church and then I
would let him call on the name of his god to get these people healed, and then I would
call on mine and then let the true God show himself. He said that he would go talk about
this with his church and let me know later.
He later said that his church said no, not a good idea. I said they're right because if
I did show up, Jesus would heal those people and they would open their eyes, get saved

and show that Mohammed is nothing but a fake. So, he left and I never saw him again. If
you look at the Moslem religion you will see that it is nothing but a religion from hell,
with their followers hell-bent on death and destruction. The Moslem religion is based not
on love or compassion but on ignorance, deception, violence and stupidity. These are the
terrorists of the world, killing innocent men, women and children. They are cowards
doing the devil’s work to steal, kill and destroy.
They actually believe that they do their god a service by murdering innocent
people. God was right in the Scriptures calling these people dogs. 9/11 is the perfect
example of the fruit that these people bare. These deceived militant cowards who flew the
planes were told of a great afterlife with many virgins for their service, as a reward for
murdering people. For their reward, they are now rotting in hell and rightly so.
Look at the terrorist group Al-Qaida, with its band of murderers starting with the
cowardly devil possessed, Bin-laden. These men are all murderers, guilty with crimes
against humanity. Why don’t the “sane” Moslem people see them for what they are?
These people don’t represent God, but the devil, Allah. Look at their prophet
Mohammed’s life. He would get epileptic fits when supposedly in contact with his god.
He had a 9 year old wife (sounds like a pervert to me). His own mother thought that he
was demon possessed and she was right. He was a demon possessed militant false
prophet. His god is called Allah, who was the brother of gins, which was another name
for a demon. These people truly serve satan, who is the god of the Moslem people.
Allah will bow before Jesus on judgment day along with his followers. Then they
will be tossed into the lake of fire for all time. The only hope Moslems have, is to repent of
that foolish deceptive religion and ask Jesus to forgive them. Then they can be born again
of the Spirit of the living God. There is no good sect of the Moslem religion if they are
Koran purists, don’t be deceived.

Deception can also creep into the body of believers. I've occasionally taught in
classes of Christian teens and because I don't preach compromise, I always ran into
problems. When I was teaching at this one church, I stressed how you should not grieve
the Spirit by smoking, drinking and that it's not good for a man to touch a woman outside
of marriage. The opposition grew in leaps and bounds. I had caught a youth leader

teaching teenagers that it's OK to do anything to each other except to have intercourse and
I said, "Excuse me?" I told him in front of the class, "That's nonsense! Whatever you
could do to your ‘Christian’ boyfriend or girlfriend in private, you should be able to do in
public." I asked one of the teenage boys, "Go get your girlfriend and sit in this class while
I teach the word of God, unbutton her shirt and feel her breasts and do it to the glory of
God." At this he became very red.
I then started to talk to all the children's teachers and found one teaching and
sharing how he dates non-believers, smokes and drinks, he's free in Christ, but I said,
"How dare you teach these kids this foolishness and preaching this foolish doctrine."
I also found other teachers teaching that if something bad happens to you or
someone in your family that you should thank God for it. So I said to this teacher, "If a
man rapes your daughter and then kills her, you should thank God?" He replied, "Yes. I
thanked God when my father fell down and broke his arm." I called him an idiot and told
him he had no right teaching the Word of God. So by the end of the day, I had many
people mad at me. I even had this one lady call me at home saying that her daughter is
depressed. I told her a Christian girl has no right to physically fondle her boyfriend's body
and that drinking and smoking will not get you the Holy Spirit. This lady was angry with
me and told me that she and her husband drink and find no problem with it. I explained
how it brings reproach on the Gospel and teaches compromise and that she and her
husband did not have the Holy Spirit. She hung up on me and called the pastor's wife.
Along with all the other complaints about me, the next day the pastor's wife called
me into her office. She said, "You've stirred up a lot of trouble and I'm getting many
complaints. If you want to continue to teach in this church you will have to take my
course on how not to offend people." I said, "The Gospel is an offense to all who are
perishing. I will not take your course on how not to offend people.” So I said, “Goodbye
and I'll see you later." I did however manage to get all the teaching staff dismissed, so one
good thing came out of this. I guess I'll never understand why people hold on to their
foolishness and vices, but they can take that up with God.

The most important thing Christianity taught me is that change is commanded.

Again, without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sins. To teach no change or

repentance means to live in bondage. That's what I was in when I was with the Catholic

People's pride never ceases to amaze me to no end. I remember once going to see
and old lady in the hospital who was dying and it was her time so I shared the Gospel
with her and she fully accepted what I shared about the Lord. She also received an in-
filling of the Holy Spirit and was all aglow. Her husband was there and was listening to
me, and was somewhat annoyed at me. I turned and asked him about his relationship
with the Lord. He thought he was saved. He didn't know what born again meant.
I explained it to him and to my surprise, he told me that if being born again was
correct, that means all that he had done in his life in his Episcopalian religion was all in
vain. He said that he had done many good works, given to charities and helped people
and that all that alone would get him to heaven. Then I told him his good works were as
filthy rags before God and that salvation is a free gift of God, and not by good works lest
you boast. He said, "The hell with your Gospel. I'd rather go to hell than admit I have
been wrong all my life." "Fine," I said, "Go to hell."
His wife went home to the Lord very soon after that. A year later I got a call from
her daughter saying that her father had a stroke and was in a coma, and would I go and
pray for him. Of course I agreed to this. When I went to the hospital, I found him
strapped in bed in a coma, but every minute, like clock work, his body would just move in
torment up and down and side ways. The nurse said he was given medication to stop the
pain, but it was not working. I said, "He's not in pain. What's happening is that he is
wrestling with the spirit of death. He's not ready to die and he's fighting all the way."
I said to the man your daughter called me up to see you and I'm going to be up
front with you. You're still full of pride. You refuse to give up and die because you aren't
right with the Lord. Why don't you give it up and admit your way will only get you to
hell. Just swallow your pride and admit that your ways and your religion will not get you
to heaven. Just ask the Lord to forgive you and repent then you can die in peace,
knowing you'll go to heaven. If you don't, you will die and end up in hell. So stop
fighting and let the love of Jesus set you free. Say the sinner's prayer and let go and just
die without the torment." He did and a day later he died.

The nurse had told me she never heard a minister talk like that to a dying man, she
was shocked, but I told her that all eternity was on the line, and this was no time to give a
sugar coated Gospel. He had to know the truth. I have no problem confronting people
with the truth.

Once a friend saw me chasing some Jehovah Witnesses out of the neighborhood
yelling at them. She's right. I followed them door to door, disproving all their nonsense
until they couldn't take anymore. So they left. Thank God they did, because we don't
need anymore bondage. We need the truth to set us free and Jesus is the only truth, the
only way and in Him alone, we have life.
I think what's even worse than cults are these “so-called” Christian religions which
hold people in bondage. For example, after being born again, I like so many others
wanted to get their relatives saved. My brother and I tried to witness to our Aunt, but she
fought all the way even to the point of kicking us out of her house and threatened to call
the police. It's so stupid how people argue their religion and resist the truth, even though
they are totally ignorant of the Bible and have no knowledge of God. They insist they're
fine, even though their lifestyle is in shambles. They are crude and immoral. Their
language is perverse, but they feel content with their religion. Again, Catholics are in
bondage, all arguing about their religion and defending their church as if it died on the
cross for their salvation. They have no life or light in them. They are full of darkness. If I
had my way, I would rebuke the hell out of the Pope for allowing his people to go to hell,
never knowing the Biblical message of salvation. Popes will have millions of souls on
their hands to answer to God for. Didn’t the Popes read the Bible? It's all right there, in
black and white.
It's so easy to understand, yet they let these people perish into eternal torment.
You can bet that in hell there will be a lot of people looking for them and their bunch of
merry men in black crying, "Why didn't you tell us the truth? Why did you deceive us
into believing we were OK and our lifestyle was fine?" I would sure hate to be in their
shoes on Judgment Day. I really wish they would let me loose in the Catholic church. I
guarantee you, there would be some immediate changes, starting with the Pope himself.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Catholics or the Pope, but I'm angered at the stupidity of

their Gospel. I remember once meeting a young priest from Ireland who had a great love
for the Lord and we shared the Gospel with him. He really seemed turned onto it. He
wanted to come to our Bible study, but had to ask his superior. Of course, his superior
forbid him to come to our meeting. I told this young priest, Michael, to just say the heck
with his superior and just come to the meeting and experience the move of the Holy
Spirit. Say the heck with the church and really serve God. The next thing you know, he
got transferred overseas. I really missed that guy. I just hoped he studied the Bible on his
own and found the truth. I wish him well.

I've met so many people in my Christian walk and did so many things that most
people have never seen or imagined in their entire lives. I'm very thankful to God. Truly
did God say,” My people perish for a lack of knowledge“. Just look all around you and
see the lifestyles of these people living in sin and ignorance. Not just that, but look at all
these cults out there, like Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Hinduism, Islam, the church of
the so-called Reverend Moon, New Age, and on and on. These people are feeding off of
innocent and ignorant people who have no knowledge of the living God. These cults are
deceiving people as well as themselves.
I see media coverage of the nations of Islam and see nothing but hatred, arrogance,
deception and violence. These people are not of God, but of the devil. They kill innocent
people, both women and children thinking they do God a service but they use murder to
further their gospel of death. Their satanic militant God and prophet say convert or die.
The true God of LOVE sent His Son, Prophet and Savior, Jesus to die for our sins that we
can be saved.
These religious militants live in sin. They are adulterers, liars, fornicators, and foul
mouthed; but they don't eat pork! What a great religion, what hypocrites, they will indeed
answer to God for their murders. The fruit they bare should be very evident to all
including themselves. These people serve a god of hatred and murder. If you can see in
the spirit, you will see the demons that possess these people. That's why Jesus said you
will know them by their fruits. Just look at Mohammed's lifestyle of violence and
wickedness. You don’t win people to God by violence, but by love.
Remember that all religions are started by men and only true Christianity was

started by God. We true believers don't have religion like all these denominations. We
indeed have a relationship with God Almighty through Jesus Christ. He lives in us and
we answer to Him, not a founder of a religion. Won't all these religions be surprised
when Jesus takes all His followers and leaves all the denominations behind? I wish the
eyes of all religions would be opened to the truth which is Jesus, the Christ. They need to
declare like the Apostle Thomas did to Jesus, “My Lord and My God”. There would then
be a stop to all this senseless killing in the name of God.

Men just need to look into their own hearts to see how evil they really are, and stop
blaming God who is the Author of life and not death. Only the devil comes to steal, kill
and destroy. If only people knew what it's like to be set free and the only way is by Jesus
Himself, for when the Son of Man sets you free, you will be free indeed. It’s really
amazing how blind we really are before Jesus sets us free. We are so blind to truth.
People like it where they are. They will fight and even murder to keep their deception.
To me, everything seems so clear after reading the Bible. If more people would
read it, there would be less, if not any, divisions in the churches. The Gospel is so simple
and easy. It's no struggle to understand, but most people need to have a relationship with
Jesus so they can be filled with the Spirit. Then they may understand the Scriptures.
I've talked to so many people who think they know it all and they do not need this
born again conversion even though their lives are in shambles and they are full of
bitterness and anger. I've always found it easier to just tell people that they are on their
way to hell instead of beating around the bush. I like starting with the basic truths and
just showing them how to avoid deception and damnation.

I remember once telling my sister Linda about being born again and how her
Catholic church isn't. Linda got her priest on the phone and had me on another extension
talking to him while she listened. I started quoting the Scriptures and he kept saying,
"What? Where are you getting these sayings from?" "I get them from the Bible, you
know, the Word of God. Don't you study the Bible?" He said, "No. We study tradition
and Catholic dogma." I said, "So for tradition's sake you teach the doctrines of man and
nullify the Word of God." He really started getting mad and screaming at me over the

phone. After quoting more Scriptures, he finally slammed down the phone. My sister was
amazed because she'd never heard him like that before. Again, My people perish for a
lack of knowledge. I've seen so many people get mad over something they have no idea
about. How important is life eternal hanging in the balance?
I've seen so many demonic manifestations that it's hard to remember them all, but I
do cherish all of them because I love seeing Jesus set people free from total possession to
simple oppression, like smoking cigarettes or drinking, etc.
My God will set people free every time if they want it. For whoever calls upon the
name of the Lord will be set free. Glory to God. These people with multiple personalities
are not schizophrenic, but demon possessed. It's their devils who are manifesting their
own selves. They need deliverance from their "personalities" and mood swings. I also
think it's funny how these “so-called” devil worshipers think they are so powerful. They
cast spells and curses on people. They serve a loser, a fallen servant, none other than
slewfoot or satan.
When I had written letters to my local newspapers concerning an article about
devil worshipers, I wrote to explain to them they are powerless against true believers and
that we have all power over these beings. I challenged them to cast one of their piddly
spells at me and see what effect it would have. As always, their curses were null and void
against a true believer of Jesus Christ. These devil worshipers are not just ignorant, but
down right stupid to serve the devil who in turn after using them will dispose of them
like toilet paper. Then he'll pull them into hell and eternal torment. That's the only thing
they will be rewarded with forever and ever. It's so stupid to serve evil and think you
will overpower God Almighty. Remember, satan fell like lightning, which is rather fast,
from heaven and there was no struggle. God didn't even dirty His hands disposing of
him. Just like at His second coming, the Lord will have the archangel Michael toss satan
into the pit. Satan is a wimp like the many people who choose the stupid way of easy,
convenient beliefism, which isn't a way out of anything, but just added bondage.
I guess that's why God has to allow the Great Tribulation. Maybe it will wake up
these people to the truth, since they won't accept the love of Jesus. Even in Scripture God
says, “This day I set before you life and death. Choose life.” God even has to tell us to
choose life because we are so stupid we most always choose death.

Scripture states that in the last days people won't heed sound doctrine, but will
give ear to doctrines of devils. It seems that people will go for any crazy belief if it's off
the wall. Like Mormons, who actually believe that they become a god and will have their
own worshipers. Of course Scripture states that God is the only true God and there is no
other besides Him. You will have no other gods before Me. Wasn't it satan who said that
he will be like the Most High God? He thought that people should worship him also.
To be blunt, I would have to say that you must be a total moron to really believe
that, and the way it seems, it looks like the Mormons seem to fit the description rather
well. They believe that “god the father” is on a planet near the star kolob having sex with
women producing angels, what heresy and pure stupidity. Scripture states that if an angel
of light should appear and gives you another gospel other than what we the apostles
have, let him be damned; and again if an angel of light or anyone gives you another
gospel, let them be damned, but so much for them.
Again, why can't people be as little children who accept the truth whole heartily
and know inside what the truth is? Even my family opened their hearts up to the Lord
and have continued to serve Him ever since. How can one deny the Lord whom has
shown us such miraculous wonders in every way?

Each one of my family has a calling and gift in which to serve the Lord in meeting
the needs of the people. My sister, Marie, gets words of wisdom, words of knowledge
and prophecy, and has a boldness in her. Once stirred up, she's like a raging bull. My
sister, Laurie, moves in wisdom and stands firmly planted on the Word of God. She also is
bold for the Lord. She can easily pick out bad doctrine and not necessarily by her
knowledge of Scripture, but by the Holy Spirit in her. All believers should have this Holy
Spirit in them, for the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. Then there's Linda, she has a
calling on her life, but has not pursued it as of yet. We're still praying for her, as well as
the rest of her family. In time she will awaken fully. Then there's my younger brother,
Joey, who moves in prophecy, words of knowledge. Unfortunately, he was caught up in a
church with a female pastor who calls herself "a prophetess to the East Coast". Her folly
was eventually well exposed to everyone but herself and her deceived followers.

Just for the record, there can not be a female as a pastor or head of a church because
it defies Scripture. When you have a female pastor, you'll find that most doctrine, if not
all, is borderline heresy. You'll find that most female leadership is full of rebellion and
against the Lord's spiritual order. People must understand that women are scripturally
the weaker vessels and more soulish/emotional. They can't help but go with their feelings
instead of the Spirit. I'm not putting down women by any means. It's just common
knowledge that a woman cannot be head over the congregation of the Lord's churches.
How can they not help but usurp spiritual authority over men and other women if they
are pastor? I won't go into this any deeper for it is a waste of breath to debate folly.
This woman even went to the point of saying that some people can't get healed
unless they come to her. She deceived herself as well as her congregation but she was
warned to repent and let these people go but she refused, so I told her as well as others
that the Lord will take her out of the way unless she steps down. She refused, so not much
after this she died, and honestly I was happy to hear this, not rejoicing in her death but in
the freedom of the congregation from her bondage and deception. It is better for one
person to die than a whole congregation to be pulled down to hell at the hands of a self
proclaimed prophet(ess).
I have found that whenever you have a female as pastor there always seems to be
females making up the leadership. There also seems to be a spirit of Jezebel in which the
women are the more dominant and the men are Ahabic and have the more passive spirit.
Didn't Paul say that the woman should not teach doctrine because they are more easily
deceived? Why would they want to be obedient to the Bible? I mean after all it's only the
Word of God.

Anyways getting back to the family, then comes Butch, a true pillar of the Lord's
church. He has a tremendous ability to discern any situation. He has, without a doubt, a
tremendous calling on his life. He can go into any church and by the Spirit discern deep
spiritual problems, and has no problem telling you what demonic influences you have.
Butch, like myself, loves a good deliverance because we both love kicking the devil's butt
without mercy, and seeing the Lord set His people free. Butch has pastored a fellowship
for many years. His congregation doesn't play around, but they get into the meat of the

Word. The Lord's presence is very strong and many people get healed, set free, but
mostly feel the love of God. Butch always has been a strong influence for me and a good
example of a steadfast Christian. Sure, we've had our disagreements, but who hasn't.
Butch will always be number one to me.
Then there was Dad who is in heaven now. He was the typical hot headed, ill
tempered Italian father who ruled over us with an iron fist. He brought us up hard and
with respect for our elders. Dad was in the restaurant business and had his own
restaurant and did really well. Dad was the type of person who spoke his mind no matter
what the situation.
The Lord really did a job on Dad. Dad had back problems. One day while at the
grocery store, he was just standing in line when a man named Bill came up behind him.
He laid hands on him and said "Sir, be healed in Jesus' name." Dad felt this healing power
go down his back and was healed. He dropped his cane and jumped up and came home
running into the house sharing with us on how God healed him. This was the beginning
of Dad's transformation. Dad really changed and God took away his temper as he did
mine. The Lord really transforms people into true fruit bearing people. Anyway, Dad
went home to be with the Lord and is in a much better place than we are now.
Finally, there is Mom, the typical Italian mom, four foot eleven inches tall, strong
and bold and will stand up to anyone. She was always the loving mother who related to
us and our problems. With Dad it was black and white, no gray and it always had a
simple answer, discipline! Mom was born in Italy and like so many moved to New York.
Mom always felt a drawing to the Lord and felt that something was missing, until she was
told about being born again by my brother Butch. After Butch, Mom was the next to get
saved and then Mom just took off into the Spirit and a wonderful relationship with Jesus.
Like any good mom, she always prayed for us as well as others. Today, in her seventies,
Mom is still a ball of fire, preaching the gospel and doing the Lord's will.

I remember all the Sunday mornings after church coming home to Mom's pasta
and meatballs. Many friends would just happen to show up at the right time just as we
were sitting down for lunch. Dad always smiled and said, "Come and join us for lunch."
Those were some wonderful times to remember in my early walk as a Christian. I love

fellowshipping with the brethren, especially over a good meal. I also like to cook and I do
so often. We used to get together and cook some wonderful late night meals with the
brethren, after Friday night meetings. But time goes on and people get married. It always
seems to be that the brethren don't seem to have much time for fellowship anymore. I still
like having people over and I do regularly.

The Christian life is one of challenges and rewards and I'm not talking this stupid
financial prosperity, in which most of the teachers taught in ignorance or stupidity not
really knowing the Lord, but wanting us to know the money gospel instead of getting into
Him. All I want to do is to know Him more and more. I pray that these believers don't fall
into the deceptive teaching that have come in times past from these TV preachers. These
teachers teach nonsense about confessing and possessing what ever you want, which is a
gospel of greed and not one that was taught by the apostles. Remember what Paul said
about anyone teaching another gospel other than the one that the apostles have taught.
Be very careful not to be caught up with all this glitter and false prosperity. We must be
careful not to heed false doctrine or teaching because in these last days there will be many
false teachers and many people not heeding sound doctrine. Again, be very careful and
discern all things seeing weather it is from God or from man.

Chapter Seven
Whether In or Out of the Body, I Do Not Know

I had an experience like Paul, weather in or out of the body, I don't really know,
but it seemed so real. I thought I had died. It all started when I got up in the middle of
the night and went to the bathroom. I came back to bed and as I started to lie down I felt
myself come up out of my body. The next thing you know, I was standing in a place that
was all white and hazy. It was then that I noticed that I wasn't breathing. I put my hands
on my chest and I felt no heartbeat. Then I said, “I must have died,” and shouted,
“Hallelujah! I made it."
Then I saw what looked like a throne made of marble. I started walking toward it
and as I got closer, I noticed a man sitting on the throne. I said to myself it's a man, as I
walked closer again I said, “It's a man”, then I said, “It's the man Christ Jesus”, and I stood
there and looked at Him. As I walked towards Him, I suddenly felt waves of love coming
from Him and it was going through my spirit, soul and body, and I never felt anything
like it on earth. I've been to many services where the presence of God was very strong but
nothing like this. It felt wonderful and nothing was on my mind but just standing in His
presence and just feeling His love. No pleasure on earth could compare to this.
Then as I looked at Him I immediately started getting instant revelation and I
seemed to be communicating with the Lord in my mind. After a while He looked at me
and spoke to me saying, "Tony, the closer you get to Me the further everything else is
behind you." Then I said, "Lord, all the sin, sickness, fear, confusion and doubt was all so
stupid, I have to go back and tell them. " I said that as I pointed behind me, then I turned
and I saw the earth turning in space with all the stars. Then as I turned back towards
Him, I saw Him turn His head and I saw where they had ripped out His beard and it was
at that time that I realized that Jesus will be bearing His scars for eternity. How great a
love He has for us! I don't think that we will really ever know in this lifetime. Then next
thing you know I found myself in my bed and boy was I bummed out. It was so great
being out of that body.

I felt so big that I couldn't understand how I ever fit into my body. It's amazing
how free you really feel outside of this body. It's like we are squeezed into this earth suit.
I felt so free and when I came back I felt so confined. What a wonderful feeling it was
outside of this body! It's almost too hard to explain.
You really had to be there. Ever since then, I can't wait to be free from this body
and stand in the presence of God Almighty. Nothing on earth can compare. All I know is
that the Rapture is very soon, sooner than most Christians really believe. Just look at all
the signs around us. It's so evident, but what's so sad is that so many Christians are living
like Jesus is never coming back. It saddens me. How much more the Lord? That's why I
so much want to go to as many churches as possible in what little time we have left to get
these churches on fire for God.

Chapter Eight
Wishing for Believers to Believe

I pray that many pastors humble themselves in order to let the Holy Spirit move in
their congregation and not like the one full gospel church that denied the move of the
Holy Spirit. Even in the midst of the move, this dead leadership not only denied the
move of the Spirit, but went out of their way to kill any seed of Spirit-life that was
imparted to the congregation. They would not allow any talk of this visitation of God.
They wouldn't even allow the sales of the tapes of that service. I was so moved when I
had given an alter call for people who would like to recommit themselves to God and to
receive an in-filling of the Holy Spirit for them to be powerful witnesses. Again, to my
surprise, 95% of the congregation came forward and I saw light and life go into these
people. They wanted to be on fire for God. Yet these elders, as well as the pastor, put
underfoot the things of God.
May the Lord have mercy on them for their ignorance and their stupidity. It was
not me that moved in their church, but the Lord. They could not or would not
acknowledge the move of God. This leadership did a great injustice to the people in their
congregation. Even today this church constantly struggles, and still never attains to any
life or freedom. These people must get out of the position as elders and pastor in order to
let the Spirit of God move. They hold their congregation in bondage and do nothing, but
impart death and oppression. Since then one pastor retired and they put the head elder,
the one who opposed me most, as pastor. This man is dead and has no life or light in him
to impart spiritual truth or life to the congregation. Even when he reads the Word
verbatim it's dead letter. He is furthering the demise of this church and with his group of
spiritual bandits help rob the church of life and light. The spirit of Ichabod is truly over
his church.
The one most important thing I have learned is to stick to your calling because
when you go outside of it, you really do damage to yourself and everyone that you
minister too. You must stick to your calling to do the job that God has called you to. I see
so many people go to seminaries to be a pastor, but that's not their calling. When you see

their congregation, you just want to cry seeing all these souls sitting under death and
oppression. These pastors may mean well, but what good does it do if you’re dying
spiritually. Stick to your calling and you'll do more for the Lord than you really know.
When people ask me my calling, I tell them it's one of the highest possible, it's the calling
of a servant of the Most High. I am more than satisfied to be His servant. There is
nothing greater in life than to serve God. He has such wonderful things for us we can't
even imagine them. I think one of the greatest rewards there are is to see how God saves,
changes, sets free and gives to anyone the true meaning of life which is only found in
Jesus. I wish people would just stop and look at their lives and see where they really are
and what a non-Christian life they really live.
So many people confess Jesus as the Son of God and are not saved. They truly hold
to a form of godliness, but deny change in their lives. Too many people have a bad image
of Christianity because of the lousy witness of some believer or TV preacher. I can't really
blame them in a way, because I saw it too, but thank God through His grace I saw
through the phonies and saw their hearts.
One minister on TV I like and who truly loves the Lord is Ernest Angley who
preaches the true Gospel of Jesus without compromise and has signs following.
Another minister who means business is Pat Robertson, because he doesn't pull
any punches and tells it like it is. He gives the truth when the other networks give
deception. I find that Brother Robertson really cares for people and speaks out for truth
and doesn't care if he offends some spiritually dead pastors or religious leaders. Thank
God for that. Some people won't offend others because they don't want to lose the tithe or
offering. What really blesses me is that he has started so many different branches of his
ministry like Operation Blessing and ACLJ as well as many others. The Lord blesses him
and all his staff.
Don't let anyone discourage you because the Lord still has many good people out
there. I've met so many of them. You know I've seen so many things that the Lord has
done and witnessed literally thousands of moves of God. Still the best is the saving of a
lost soul and their nature change. Having replaced their old nature with God’s giving
them His nature where all things are made new. This is only possible with the Lord Jesus.

There are none righteous, no not one, but all have sinned and fallen short of the
glory of God. All our good works are as filthy rags before a pure and sinless God. None
of us can get to heaven on our own, by good works or anything because Jesus didn't die
on the cross in vain. He shed His blood on our behalf, and for no other reason other than
that He loves us so much. How can we say “no”, to so great a salvation?

So all you religious people out there, here me, when I say that you only have
religion, you don't have God! It shows because without Him there is no life. Your dead
churches are evidence of it and more over you can see the lack of joy in your life. You
have no victory in your walk, so why don't you humble yourself and ask God to forgive
you, a sinner, just like He forgave me, who seemingly was the greatest sinner of all. He
will do it and you will be free. Just as you are, open your heart and accept Him. Be like a
child, and trust Him totally and whole heartedly for truly such is the kingdom of heaven.

You know, I have found that it is most important that a Christian needs to be
humble, and hopefully void of self, in order to be led by the Spirit of God. Most
Christians are totally full of themselves and think that they are filled to the max with the
Holy Spirit. I beg to differ, on the contrary I have found Christians totally void of the
Holy Spirit.
Many think that once you are born again, you are filled fully with the Holy Spirit.
From my experience, I find that when a person is born again they have the seal of God on
them and that’s all. The Lord lives in them, but this is far from having the Holy Spirit, or
the baptism of fire and power, which the Lord promises. The Holy Spirit doesn't just fill
any Christian. He is known as the "Holy Spirit" and only fills vessels desiring to be holy. I
know that many will say that we become holy when we are born again. Once again, this
is not necessarily true, because there are many Christians who live in sin and compromise.
They are solely counting on grace to get by and they don't really want to live the life.
Again, the Holy Spirit fills only holy vessels who are set apart, sanctified and totally
committed to the most high God.

In Scripture, it states that God looks to and fro over the earth looking for someone
that He may show Himself strong to. Scripture also states that many are called but few
are chosen. Why is that? It's because many are willing, but again through the weakness of
our flesh, we choose an unrighteous path. Hence, God must continue to look for one who
is set apart unto the Lord. One incident I remember is a perfect example of what I am
talking about. This one brother was at a meeting with us and that night, someone showed
up and needed deliverance. When the spirits in this guy manifested, this brother wanted
to cast these devils out. We said “Go for it”, and then this brother started to cast the
spirits out. The demons in this one guy started laughing through him and proceeded to
tell us all about the sin that this other “brother” was into. At this, the well meaning
brother, because he was embarrassed, turned red and walked quickly out of the room. So
you see, it pays to live holy.
Another perfect example of receiving the Holy Spirit after being saved, is when
Peter and John went to Samaria after hearing that Philip had converted these people.
Peter prayed that they would receive the Holy Spirit because Scripture stated that the
Holy Spirit had not yet fallen on any of the Samaritans as of yet. After praying for them,
then the Holy Spirit fell on them and baptized them. Another example in Scripture is
where Paul was passing through Ephesus wherein he found disciples and had asked them
whether they had received the Holy Spirit and they answered saying they had not even
heard of a Holy Spirit. So the next thing that happened is that Paul laid hands on them
and then they were filled with the Holy Spirit.
Don't let any supposed scholar of the Bible tell you that you receive the fullness of
the Holy Spirit upon conversion. I know that I didn't receive the Holy Spirit until after
my conversion.

Again, I've yet to see a believer who drinks or smokes that has the power of the
Holy Spirit and is able to cast out spirits or see signs wrought through them. I know that I
have seen many Christians try to cast out spirits to no avail, and it's not a lack of faith.
Again, the Lord says that by their fruits they will be known. It is also very important not
to grieve the Holy Spirit because He will most certainly pull away from us. Again, I can't
emphasize enough not to grieve the Holy Spirit. If you knew the Holy Spirit, you would

understand what I am talking about because He gets grieved very easily. When you
grieve the Holy Spirit the next thing to do is to get on your face and ask forgiveness and
get back on the path of righteousness and hold fast to it. Have you noticed in Scripture
that Jesus states to blaspheme the Father and the Son is forgivable but to blaspheme the
Holy Spirit is unforgivable both in this life and the next?
So again, I repeat, "DO NOT BLASPHEME THE HOLY SPIRIT" nor "GRIEVE" the
Holy Spirit if you haven't already. Just think about it, how many times have Baptists seen
or heard of healings or miracles and then attributed them to the devil? A house divided
against itself can't stand, why would the devil want to give God glory for healings and
who says that the devil heals people especially in the name of Jesus? Are these fools so
sure of themselves that from false teachings they can take it upon themselves to say that
the healings or miracles that took place in the name of Jesus are indeed the works of the
devil? Again, if it is the devil who comes to kill, steal and destroy, and also hates us, then
why in God's name would he want to heal us (for by Christ’s stripes, we are healed)? If
only Christians knew how beneficial the Holy Spirit is, they would not so easily grieve
Him, but would give Him the respect that He so rightfully deserves. He is known as the
Comforter, and Jesus said that it was important that He go to the Father, and that He
would send Another, which is none other than the Holy Spirit.
He is the Comforter, the Counselor and our advocate and He is here to help us now
during this dispensation which "is" the Holy Spirit dispensation. Again, Jesus said that
He went to the Father. Right now, He is sitting at the right hand of the Father. The Holy
Spirit was sent to guide us into truth and point the way to Jesus. He is here on earth
working "now" on the Father's behalf. It is very important to understand that the “gifts”
are wrought through the Holy Spirit. He gives the “gifts of the Spirit” severally as He
wills. So all you Baptists, be very careful what you say because I am telling you now by
the Spirit that you are treading on thin ice and that He will not tolerate this foolishness
any longer. Your eternal soul is on the line. That is not something to take lightly.
If only the Baptists would humble themselves and admit that they are wrong (it
would probably be a cold day in hell). They need to ask the Holy Spirit to come to their
churches. Then they would see for the first time a move of the Holy Spirit and then they
would be set free from the bondage they are in. Then they would also be able to properly

minister to the needs of both saints and sinners alike. Then and only then, can they be
fulfilled. I mean if Jesus said that we need the Holy Spirit, who are we to dispute Him,
our Lord and Master? But then again, when a man indoctrinates you, it is a hard bondage
to be set free from.
Again, if only they would humble themselves, then they could see as the Spirit
would have them to see. Then they would have nothing holding them back. Actually,
when you look at it, you will come to the conclusion that without the Holy Spirit, it's
impossible to live a victorious life because He is our helper. The Holy Spirit resides in us
(or should) and He guides us in every aspect of our life if we let Him. You see it's the
Holy Spirit in us that not only convicts us, but also guides us into the path that the Lord
would have us go.
An example of the help the Holy Spirit gives is once, when I was riding my
motorcycle. I was coming to an intersection when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said,
"Tony, you need to stop at the intersection because a car is coming that will not yield to
the stop sign but will run it and run you down." So, at that, I, of course, came to a quick
stop and sure enough the car came by and did exactly as the Holy Spirit said it would. So,
you see how desperately we need Him.
Just another example is when I was driving my car down this street. I wanted to
jump into the next lane so I accelerated and started to turn the steering wheel but to no
avail, the steering wheel would not budge. I tried again and nothing. About this time, a
car that was in my blind spot, started to pass me on the lane that I was about to jump into.
At the speed I was going this would have caused a terrible accident. Immediately then,
the steering wheel was again able to turn freely. You see, the Lord moves on our behalf
even when we are unaware or even in ignorance. I keep asking myself, “Why on earth
would any Christian want to deny the move of the Holy Spirit?” He is here to help us in
every way possible. He asks nothing in return but for us to live upright before the Lord,
that He may move in us and for us, on the Father's behalf. I think many Christians don't
know the Holy Spirit and they have really never felt His presence.

You see, the Holy Spirit is very humble and draws no attention to Himself and
points to the Lord. He, in a sense, is only interested in doing the Father's will and not His

own nor man's will (especially not man's will). That's why so many are unaware of Him
as He moves. It's almost hard for Him to move on man's behalf because of our pride and
Man almost always tries to manipulate God's hand to get things done his way. Just
look at some of these TV preachers who fleece the flock for their own personal gain. They
try to claim that they are responsible for some healings or miracles that take place.
I remember once being asked to speak at a full gospel businessmen's meeting. It's
amazing how that every place that I have been there seems to be some kind of
manifestation whether it be a healing, miracle or demonic. I think that the Lord does it for
two reasons, one is to meet the need of the individual and also it is a sign to both the
believer and unbeliever. It seems that in this faithless society, there is an absolute lack of
faith, and a sign is needed badly, to help get the hope built up in people.
Anyway, as I spoke at this one full gospel businessmen's meeting, I was sharing
my testimony. Afterwards, people came up for prayer and sure enough, a certain young
man asked for prayer also. As I looked at him, he immediately manifested. He fell to the
floor, onto his back, and then started to run around across the floor like a crab but still on
his back. At that, half the people got real startled and scared. I laughed thinking, “It's
only a wimpy devil”, but then again, most people don't see this sort of thing everyday or
as often as I do. So anyway, I started to speak to the demon in this person. The demon
started screaming out of him. The young man grabbed a hold of my leg and started
yelling the foulest obscenities. At that, I told him to shut up and that I would not allow
that type of language. The next thing you know, he started yelling to satan for help. Of
course, I told him that satan wouldn't be able to help him. What I thought was funny, was
that my brother Butch was kneeling on the floor next to the guy. He started whispering in
his ear that satan was a sissy and a wimp and the guy screamed even more so then. I said
that was enough, and proceeded to cast out those foul entities.

I also remember at another full gospel businessmen's meeting when I had just
finishing speaking. This well dressed lady walked up to me and as I turned to see if I
could assist her she curled up her lip and showed her teeth and drew her nails towards
me. She started growling at me. At this point I figured out that she didn't feel like

discussing theology with me. She started to lunge at me, ready to dig her nails into my
face. At that point, Butch caught her from behind and so we started to cast out the devils.
This lady was a regular member of a local church. It brings to mind the Scripture;
"deliverance is bread for the children."
How many uncounted believers are there in churches across the country that have
members in their congregations who are oppressed of the devil of who knows what? You
see Jesus was manifested in the flesh to destroy the works of the devil, and how many
people are hurting because ministers don't believe in the gifts of the Spirit? That's why
the Lord raises up people like myself to help His people out. I would like to talk about
salvation and Christianity, the very thing most of today's churched people know
absolutely nothing about. They are totally ignorant of the Word of God, and about the
free gift of salvation. My feelings about this are divided; one is that I feel bad about these
"religious" people, who blindly follow their pastors or priests, whatever the case may be.
They never question their teachings nor do they know anything about the Bible, in order
to check out the teachings to see whether or not, they are Biblical. This is the very thing
that the Lord talks about when He says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." These
poor people have no idea that they have absolutely no relationship with God Almighty,
but only with their church, if that much.
These people go to church religiously and would defend their religion to the end.
Sadly enough, they know nothing about the God of their faith. They continue their
lifestyle in sin, being comforted by going to church and giving God his due and then back
to the same godless, sinful lifestyle. They are totally void of the knowledge of God. These
people have no idea that Christianity is a lifestyle based on relationship, and not a
religion. Religions like Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Protestant, Adventist and
all the others, are nothing but religions and can't do a thing for you but send you to hell.
These religions can only offer you the doctrines and traditions of men. None of them can
get you to heaven. They only comfort you by saying that you're okay and that God
accepts you the way you are.
Some churches even state that Christ died on a cross for you therefore, you are
saved and they never mention that you must change. Repent! And then you may be
forgiven. Like Jesus says, "Without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sins". These

people continue to live in sin and without God in their lives. They have no idea what it's
like to live with Jesus in their hearts. They do not know what it is like be born again and
filled with the Holy Spirit of God.
No wonder that people are empty and void, always looking for some parties,
relationships or even looking into religions. Always trying to find something to fill the
void. They aren't and what are worse are the cults, like Mormons, Jehovah witnesses,
Moonies, and every kind of off the wall religion, pushing their damnnable doctrines of
devils. Going about deceiving and being deceived. They make their followers twice the
devil that they are. God will hold them accountable for this. For it would have been better
if these people would have never been born, rather than deceive the little ones.
For all you who may be reading this book, please take the time to think about your
life right now. Is it filled with the Spirit of the living God or are you empty inside? Just
keeping busy to pass the time away, just living from one party to another? People
throughout time have asked the questions, "What is the meaning of life?" and "Why was I
created?" I have the answer to this, the reason you were created is to have fellowship with
God Almighty. The meaning of life is to have eternal life with the Lord and to stand in His
presence. You can now experience this life in your heart.
He will by no means reject you; He says that He stands at your heart's door and
knocks. If you open the door, He will come in and be with you. He also says that if you
don't open, He won't enter, the Lord will not force Himself on you or your lifestyle.
That's why the Lord says that this day He sets before you blessings and cursing, life and
death. We humans are so spiritually dumb; He even says choose life and not death. So
stop being religious and become godly, because that's what Christianity is all about. It's
not a religion; it's a walk, a lifestyle and one of victory and not bondage like all religions
that bind people up.
Be free in Jesus and you will be free, for whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
People need to stop putting limitations on God but seek Him for guidance and wisdom
and not to take it upon themselves to say what God can and can't do. We all must learn to
trust the Lord and let Him lead us in His ways.
Remember what Jesus said, if you want to be the most then be like the little ones,
who are the least. If only people would let everything in their lives go and trust the Lord

to help them. He will do it. Any person at any time can call upon the Lord and He will
answer them and will set them free if only they would ask in faith. What's so great is that
the most high God will actually stop and spend time with you if you really want Him to.
This is what it's all about. He has come to give us life and life more abundantly, and to
fellowship with the Lord is what life is all about.
He will fill you with His Spirit if you just ask. If we being evil know how to give
good things to our children, how much more will He give the Holy Spirit if we ask. I can't
emphasize it enough on how badly we need the Holy Spirit. Without Him, it's impossible
to overcome any obstacle in our walk. Without the Holy Spirit we are blind, deaf and
dumb and mostly without the "power", which makes us more than overcomers. If only
people knew how great it is to be in the presence of the Spirit of the most high God. I find
that any time that I call upon the Lord, His Spirit falls upon me and I have precious time
with Him like nothing you can experience here on earth.
It is so wonderful to be in His presence. Not only do you praise and worship Him,
but you always get ministered to and even healed if needed. Many people choose not to,
because of disbelief or bad teachings based on lies and deception. I love the Lord so much
and I am eager to do His bidding whenever needed. What an honor it is to minister for
the Lord and see people change their lives as well as get healed and delivered. If only
people would just give the Lord a chance to minister on their behalf, they would be
surprised, and mostly, set free.

I can remember just walking through a mall once. Suddenly, an elderly woman just
came up and asked me if the Lord would heal her and if it's His will. I said it's his will
and to be healed in Jesus’ name. At that very second, she got healed and I saw tears of joy.
She then tried to pay me but I said no way, but go help the needy by using this money to
buy food or clothes. I, then, went on my way. What a joy it is again to minister healing to
someone in the name of Jesus. It is the Name above all names. God wants to use all his
believers but they simply won't believe Him at His word.

I also would like to see believing churches go out and do street ministry and hand
out tracts and help meet the needs of the people. There are so many hurting people out

there in need of God's healing touch weather it is spiritual or physical.
I remember once when this one lady who was a customer of mine would always
talk to me about her life and the troubles she has. I said let's go to lunch and talk about it.
I have always talked to her about the Lord but she never would take me up on it. So this
one day she accepted and said that she would like to go to lunch with me. We went, but
on this one day she was bothered, but she went anyway. On the way to the restaurant, I
stopped the car and said, “be at peace and give me your hand”, and so when she did I
started to pray the peace of God on her. I asked the Lord to touch her and at that very
second she started to cry like a baby. The Lord had touched her and she knew it and then
the peace came. She said that she felt something warm in her innermost being, and that it
felt wonderful. So later at the restaurant she gave her heart to Jesus and turned her life
around and committed herself to a church and became strong in faith. All you as believers
need to do, is to be open to the move of the Holy Spirit and move on God's behalf. The
Lord can open up any situation for you to minister if you will just simply believe.
For instance my friend Bruce came to me saying that his aunt was in the hospital.
She was dying and that she was going in and out of consciousness. He was fearful that
she would die without knowing the Lord, so I said, “Let me try”, because sometimes it's
easier for someone who is not family.
So, I went there with Bruce and I told him to wait outside so as not to be seen with
him. I went in and I was dressed all in black to seem like a priest. I entered the room
where she lay, and as I walked in she was awake. I told her that I was here to pray for her.
I asked, “Would you like to pray to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior”? She
said, “Yes.” As I held her hand we prayed together and she asked Jesus into her heart.
When she was done, I prayed for healing and the Lord did heal her and years later she is
still doing fine and is on fire for the Lord.
So you see, don't ever underestimate the power of God. What is impossible with
man "is" possible with God. Just don't lean to your understanding, but just trust in God
for He will never leave you nor forsake you.
You see, God always looks out for your best interest weather you believe it or not.
He really knows what’s best for us even if we don't agree. He allows situations to come
upon us to test us.

Then there are times that we bring things upon ourselves. This is due to our own
disobedience because again we as believers reap what we have sown. If we don't, we will
never learn a lesson and we would never mature as Christians. The Lord knows that we
really need to mature in Him and get away from the things of the flesh. But we must be
careful not to confuse God's reproof with that of the devil's. You see the devil will always
throw something in there to make God look like the bad guy.
For instance when a child dies, most people blame God and say, “Why did you
take my baby from me?” Remember that all good things come from above from God, and
not bad things such as the loss of one's life. I hate it when I hear women blame God for
the loss of their baby's life. They get bitter at and blame God not realizing that He didn't
do it. Remember that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. God is the giver of life
and not death. He is the God of the living and not the dead.

If you were to look into some born again churches you would think twice. I don't
know what it is and why so many born again churches do not have the presence of God. I
know by experience that if you really want God, you must diligently seek Him and then
you will be rewarded and your reward is Him. You must live a holy life because God
doesn't inhabit unholy vessels even though some pastors don't agree. For some reason
most Christians really don't want to change or change fully, but like to hold on to certain
sins. What is even worse, is that they explain it away to try to ease the conviction of the
Holy Spirit. These bean-heads actually think that they fool the Holy Spirit into believing
their excuses, but the Lord knows better. For who knows the heart of man better than the
Holy Spirit who searches all things? That’s why there are so many Christians who have no
power or victory in their life. For by their fruits they are known.

Many are called and few are chosen that do walk in the calling that the Lord has
given them. We, like the burger place, try to do it our way. As always, our ways are not
His ways (thank God). When will we learn to be obedient to His Spirit? I guess it will be
when we can hear His Spirit. I find that so few Christians change for the better over the
years. Even in most cases we get worse and regress and harden ourselves to the Holy

You see you can't have both worlds, you must hate one and cling to the other, it's
like after putting your hand to the plow, we always seem to look back. What are we
looking for, something better? There isn't anything better for us other than what God
gives us. I know that many believers deceive themselves. They want to ease their
conscience, so as to continue in sin. That’s not the worst of it, it goes to the point where
the person tries to justify it to others. By trying to convince others, they feel better about
themselves while causing their brother to stumble.
Here's a perfect example, this one friend visited me with his wife. While we were
talking, his wife told me that her uncle had recently died. I said that I hoped that he was
saved and she said “Yes”, and that he died an alcoholic. I said, “You mean that he was an
alcoholic, but then got saved.” She said "No", that he was saved years ago but died an
alcoholic. At this I said, “Doesn't Scripture state that no drunkard shall enter the
kingdom?” My friend said that he died a Christian alcoholic.
I shook my head and said, “I don't think I heard you right.” They then said that
there were two kinds of alcoholics, a regular alcoholic and a Christian alcoholic. The latter
is saved, even though they never stopped drinking, and that they will go to heaven
because grace covered it. So I said, “Doesn't Scripture tell one that they must cease their
sin and turn from it, or in other words ‘REPENT’?” They said that I didn't understand
grace. That grace covers all sin past, present and future. I said I agree but to a point.
Scripture states that he who continues in sin is of the devil. I said that a heathen
sins by nature and that we as Christians no longer have the sinful nature and "IF" we sin
we have forgiveness. They again said that I don't understand and that once saved always
saved, no matter what we do or continue to do.
They gave me some examples that there are practicing Christian fornicators,
adulterers, liars, etc and also homosexuals that are saved and can feel free to commit
homosexual acts because of grace. I said, “What a bunch of dung.” That is the most
perverted gospel that I have ever heard, and that he will answer to God for perverting His
gospel of grace.
And this once saved always saved is a bunch of nonsense because in Scripture it
states that unless one repents, their name may be blotted out of the book of life. The
Scripture also states that after tasting of the things of God, having been enlightened and

then to again turn away, that it is no longer possible for them to be saved. I could not
believe this trash that they were telling me. They actually believe that you as a born again
Spirit filled believer can live in a sinful lifestyle because of grace.
Didn't Scripture say ‘not to let your freedom in Christ be a covering for your sin’?
Also, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound, God forbid, how shall we which
are dead to sin, live any longer in it?“
That was the devil's gospel and my friend will answer to God for leading any
astray with his damnable heresy. May God have mercy on his soul in the time of
judgment. How can any Christian actually believe this doctrine of devils and even to help
spread its deception? Again it goes to show you this and that other Christians do not
have the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth. Of course if you
would look at this “friend’s” lifestyle as a Christian, you would see it has been one of
failure, wickedness, and void of the Spirit of God.
There is a good chance that if he continues in this deception and continues to
preach this perversion, especially to the young in the Lord, he may very well meet with
his own demise. The one thing that bothers me most is that how many people will he
hurt by his demonic gospel? I still can't believe that they actually believe this bunk.
Scripture does state that, “In the last days they will not endure sound doctrine but
will give heed to seducing spirits“. I always thought that it meant the unsaved, but I was
wrong. I will continue to speak out against this kind of heresy as well as many others. It's
bad enough to deal with non-believers but with Christians, it's twice as bad. That is why
the Lord must take some people out of the way before they spread this cancer in the body.

One thing that I can't stand seeing are some of these “so-called” TV preachers who
are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. They fleece the flock by deceiving
them, knowing that these Christians have absolutely no discernment. They prey on these
ignorant children of God. We are not to be unaware of the devil's wiles, yet these
Christians give ignorantly to the devil's people.
These TV preachers call themselves apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and
teachers. They boldly prophesy in the Lord’s name for the gospel of greed. One of these
so-called men of God was exposed by the secular media. He was shown to be what He

really was. He then went off the air for a short time. He's back and these stupid Christians
still give to this man of perdition. Have these Christians no understanding whatsoever?
This man teaches you how you can “succeed in your life”, but he is the only one who is
succeeding by the money of dumb sheep. This man not only was exposed as a fake but is
an adulterer, fornicator, swindler and has divorced his wife, they both found others in the
congregation to marry. They are still “co-pastoring” a church, when will these foolish
sheep wake up and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to them?
Like so many churches, the congregation puts their pastor on a pedestal between
man and God. In their eyes their pastors can do no wrong so they support them even in
the midst of blatant sin and perversion. I've seen so many pastors go astray, yet they are
never corrected nor will they take correction because they are puffed up, too arrogant. Let
every man be called a liar, hold God to be true.
Pastors should remember that they are servants to the congregation and not
masters over them. What is one of the reasons men of God go astray? It's because they
answer to no one, they won't accept rebuke let alone correction. They get to the point that
whatever they say is ‘thus saith the Lord’ when it is none other than their own soul. Man
can't help but like to play lord over others. I have found the old saying true; "absolute
power corrupts absolutely", and I see it at play in the body of Christ. That is why pastors
must be held up in prayer always, and don't ever be afraid to feel free to talk to your
pastor if you have a problem with something that he has said. He should be open enough
to speak to you about it. Discern all things just to make sure that everything checks out
with the Word of God.
Remember earlier in the book I talked about the one full gospel church that I
ministered at and where the head elder became pastor? Recently I heard that there is a
division coming about because the old pastor wants his job back and so there is strife.
This new pastor says that he doesn't like people who discern things, prophesy, speak in
tongues or even to the point where he doesn't like being questioned about whatever he
teaches. People in the church are starting to see that it was a big mistake to have this man
placed in that position. Like I told this man when we talked, he has no life in him, even to
the point that when he reads out of the Bible it is dead letter. There is not life coming from

If God didn't place it within him, how can it come out to minister to the
congregation? This man is dead and has no life in him. Being a pastor is not his calling
and neither is teaching. He and his elders are nothing more than glorified door men,
posing as leaders in their church. It is evident, His church is dead and no life resides there
because it is void of the Spirit of God. Why? Only because the leadership refuses to let the
Holy Spirit have His way there.
Unfortunately, the congregation like so many others, are afraid to speak up and
insist on biblical/spiritual order. They would rather die than offend someone. God will
judge the situation and He will start by removing these people from leadership to save
His church. The Lord is tired of man thinking that he knows best, especially when these
people always resist the Holy Spirit. Let not many be teachers for teachers will incur a
stricter judgment. That’s why I stick to my calling as a servant so as not to teach
foolishness. I preach Christ and Him crucified as Paul stated. Through the years I have
ministered deliverance, healing and most importantly salvation to thousands.
I wish that I could remember all of them, but at least they were ministered to. That
is what’s most important because that is what it's all about. Jesus said, "Go and make
disciples of all the world, preaching the gospel to all living things". That is the great
commission, and we as believers need to fulfill this. I cannot tell you how much I love to
minister for the Lord. It gives me great joy knowing that I can be of use to the Lord. To
serve the Lord is the greatest calling man can have bestowed upon him. Many of us can
do this if we are only obedient to the Spirit. I know that within me burns an
unquenchable fire to minister for the Lord. Nothing in this life can persuade otherwise.
There is nothing that feels as wonderful as when the anointing comes from above to
minister to the needs of the people.
Even while ministering to others I can feel Him minister to me. I mostly like when
I lead a hurting soul to salvation. I like seeing the Lord do the greatest miracle of all,
changing a person’s life around and seeing them get set free. They get transformed from
darkness to His glorious light. Nothing on earth is as important in one's lifetime. Just
serve the Lord in Spirit and truth and be obedient to His leading. That is only possible by
living a holy and separated life unto the Lord.
I always remember what the Lord said about Him wanting us to be either hot for

Him or cold against Him. He says if we are lukewarm, He would spit us out. He would
really rather us be cold against Him, instead of being a compromiser or just lukewarm,
which is distasteful enough for Him to want to vomit us out. That’s how distasteful we
are when we are not on fire for the Lord. He said to be on fire for Him; for our God is an
all consuming fire. Did you ever notice that a child goes after something he likes with all
his heart and soul. Nothing is as important as what he wants and that is how the Lord
wants us to be. That’s how I was and still am.
You see I do not find it wrong to want to see people set free, healed or delivered,
especially in this day and age. For if we just look around us we will see that these times
are the most wicked that could ever be. People all around are in need of help, healing,
deliverance and love, or should I just say that they are in need of God. All I want to do is
be a vessel for God to use. I don't put limitations on the Almighty like many people do. I
just believe Him at His word. There are always situations arising around us.
For example, when I worked at an auto dealership, I saw some guys caring a fellow
worker out front and was going to call 911 because he had eaten something bad, and was
really in bad shape. I quickly laid hands on him for healing in the name of the Lord
Jesus. He immediately got healed and the Lord got the glory for it. This was a sign to the
unsaved, so you see, just do what the Lord said to do. Just look all around and you can
see all kinds of people in need of healing and not only physical but emotional and
spiritual. It's just that God has a hard time finding people to use because so many
Christians are void of the Spirit and are in deception.
I know that I said earlier that these Baptists, who say that healing is of the devil, get
me mad and I just want to rebuke them. They, being so stupid, even think that God
doesn't heal because some moron thinks that these “gifts” have passed away because
when the perfect comes (and they think that it's the Bible when it isn't), that there will be
no more need for them. When the perfect comes, it will be Jesus Christ and then the gifts
will cease, because there will be no need for healing or tongues or any other gift. All needs
will be met by Him, Who is perfect. You see, that’s one reason why the Baptists, who
hold to this deception, have dead services. How can they have the Holy Spirit when they
deny Him and His many moves? They grieve and offend Him. I dare say many of them
also blaspheme the Holy Spirit by attributing His works to those of the devil.

That is why they are as dry as dust and they have no life in them. Without the
Spirit there is no life. This is the Holy Spirit dispensation. He is here "NOW", doing the
will of the Father. If they think that the Bible is the perfect that has come, then why is
there still sickness, demon possession, war, murder, insanity and spiritual death? People
won't get set free without the use of a believer. Like it says in Scripture, "How will they
know unless you send a man?" The Bible, in and of itself, won't get a single person saved,
healed or delivered without some help.
Like when one of my employees had a bad time with colitis. I asked him if I could
pray for him. When he said yes, I anointed him with oil and cursed this condition and
said be healed in Jesus’ name. Guess what? ...the Lord healed him immediately. What do
you think would of happened if I just laid the Bible on him and said nothing? Nothing
would have happened. Even in Scripture it says that if any are sick among you, call for
the elders of the church to anoint them with oil and then God will heal them. So you see
the Bible even states for people to do things to acquire healing and salvation and
deliverance. You see it's morons like this that cause the churches to be dead and void of
the Holy Spirit. So if you want to be used by God then start to pant after the Lord, as a
deer pants after water, and get on fire for the Lord. You see, if you want to be the greatest
then you must become the least and be like one of these little ones. ......"FOR SUCH IS

I feel how the Lord is grieving because of the condition of His churches. Most all of
them are full of compromisers with sinful lifestyles. What’s worse is that the pastors aren't
preaching repentance and a holy lifestyle.
In the church that I have been going to recently, the pastor there is a pleaser of
people and not a pleaser of God. I have never heard him speak once on sin and how we
should abstain from it, let alone, in order to be filled with the Spirit. He has no spiritual
discernment, yet he wants the Holy Spirit to fill the church. He wants this but he himself
is not filled with the Spirit. Just yesterday during service a woman started blurting out
stuff and caused an interruption to the point where he had to stop speaking.
When the lady was done, he asked the congregation how many of us thought that
the lady was used by the devil. A few raised their hands and he said that it wasn't, and

that was of God. Again can you see the foolishness of this and how he made that lady
and others feel good, even though it was not of God. It caused a spectacle and interrupted
the service. Again the pastor was a pleaser of people and not of God.
I know that the Lord can open the door for me to minister there to introduce the
church to the Holy Spirit but what will happen afterwards. Will the pastor be able to
allow the Spirit to remain or will he drive Him out by being a pleaser of man and
therefore quenching the Holy Spirit? He really believes that you can have the Holy Spirit
without living a holy and sanctified life. I know that a lot of people believe like this but
again the Spirit is called the HOLY SPIRIT for He is holy and will only inhabit holy
vessels set apart for Him. He will NOT inhabit your “run of the mill Christians“.
The run of the mill Christians are smokers, drinkers, liars, drug users, cheaters, as
well as fornicators and even perverts. If you look in Revelations you will notice that the
letters to the seven churches are all rebukes, and all but one needed to repent. The Lord
was not happy with the condition of His churches as is the case today. They were His
churches; the seven lamp stands which stood before Him. They were representative of His
churches and as you see, they were in need of help. Let us also look at the parable of the
ten virgins. They were all virgins (belonging to God), but only five were taken. Why?
Simple, it's because only five had the oil which is representative of the Holy Spirit. You
can't make it without the Holy Spirit because He strengthens us in order to overcome the
trials and temptations in our lives.

Again the "ONLY" way we as Christians can keep, or even get the Holy Spirit, is to
live holy and set apart for the Lord. Then, and only then, will the Holy Spirit abide within
us. I grieve for the churches because all over, there are pulpits filled with either arrogant
pompous pastors or spiritually ignorant pastors who don't know what they are doing.
What is a shame is that when they are shown what is right they still continue in the same
ignorance or stupidity and harm the body. That is why the Lord is so grieved. He has
sent the Holy Spirit to help us and direct in all things but proud man wants to do it all
himself. Man thinks he knows best because of his teachings, or pride.
This problem is in all denominations from the Church of God all the way to
Catholicism. All are void of the Spirit and spiritually dead. That is why the Spirit is

grieving so. I pray that the Lord supernaturally intervenes because it seems like nothing
else seems to be working. I know now that the church will go through the tribulation
because it's full of every abomination and compromise. Again I blame the pastors. How
have these people come into a position of pastor when they are so dead? What has
happened to the body of Christ? I grieve for the churches in their condition, and if I who
am not that emotional feel for the church then how much more the Holy Spirit? He is
always there for us to call upon for help, but the body has ignored the Helper, the
Comforter who is the Holy Spirit. His sole purpose is to help us and guide us. That is why
the church is in such poor condition. The bride has and is, preparing itself for the rapture.
The church must go through the tribulation in order to purge itself of the
corruption that permeates it. There is no way that it can go in the rapture, remember what
the Lord said "for only the ‘HOLY’ will see God", and the church is far from holy. It is
filled with fornication, adultery, homosexuality, drunkenness, liars, perverts and only
God knows what else. Do you see why the church can't go? It must pay the price for it's
rebellion against the Holy Spirit. Again I can't help but feel that most of the churches will
miss the rapture and will go through the tribulation to get purged from all the false
teachings and deception. This is due to these pastors, who will get a stricter judgment for
teaching them wrong.
I can only hope that the Holy Spirit will move on our behalf in spite of ourselves.
Come Holy Spirit and help heal our churches and prepare us for the return of our Lord
and Savior Jesus the Christ. For He is returning for those who look forward to His
coming. I wish I can say that we all were looking forward to His coming. Churches all
over must get down on their faces and seek the Holy Spirit for help to get our pastors
right before God.
The congregations should no longer accept these pastors who speak death and
damnation to the souls of men. Like the full gospel church, that has a man in the position
of pastor. He has no such calling upon him. This man can't even read the word before his
congregation without them falling asleep. I have written to this man and told him by the
Spirit to step down quickly. He needs to do this before he incurs a much stricter judgment
than that which he already has coming.

I have even written to the man who taught him, whom he looks up too. Both of
them are too proud and arrogant to listen to what the Spirit is saying. They would rather
save face and let the church go through hell and deception. I found out that they just
wrote my letters off as from one who is ignorant. Who is the more ignorant, the one who
says that he is nothing but a servant of God, or the one who thinks he is something and
can't see that death has filled his church? It's people like this that will force the judgment
of God upon themselves and quite possible the congregation for not only allowing this
foolishness but even encouraging it. Both will have judgment brought down upon them
and rightly so for resisting the Holy Spirit.
I can only say "Come quickly Lord Jesus" and gather those who have adorned
themselves in preparation for your return. It's those who have forsaken everything for the
Lords sake, and have become as children, who have love for their Father. Nothing else

Chapter Nine
Prepare the Body of Christ for the Rapture

The word of the Lord right now is to prepare the bride for the RAPTURE. This will
be the most momentous current event in history. The Lord would have pastors and
leaders all around the world to prepare the bride of Christ to be joined with the
Bridegroom. We must all be open to the Spirit in preparation to go in the rapture. Not all
Christians will go in the rapture. I will explain...let's use the parable of the ten virgins.
All were virgins showing that they were all cleansed by the blood. All being ‘clean
and pure’ shows that they all were Christians, but only five had oil. This has always been
symbolic of the Holy Spirit. The other five had no oil, which symbolizes dry Christians,
void of the Holy Spirit. They were void of the Spirit and tried to get some from those who
had it. They must get the oil from the Lord alone, and not from man or his foolish
teachings. And while the five went to search for oil the Bridegroom came and took the
virgins with the oil only. After the other virgins returned they saw that the virgins with
the oil had already been taken. They cried out but it was too late. They had denied the
Holy Spirit, and without Him it is impossible to go in the rapture.
Actually when you look at it, you really can't do anything without the Holy Spirit
of God. I know that many Christians deny the Holy Spirit. Again Jesus said that it is
“imperative that I go to the Father.” In doing this, He sent the Holy Spirit to help us and
guide us into all truth. Again however, both ignorant and stupid Christians think that
they can do without the Holy Spirit. Their lifestyles show it. By their fruits, they will be
known. If not in the natural, definitely in the Spirit. So I call to pastors all around the
world to repent and seek the Holy Spirit in order to prepare their congregations for the
rapture. This is a final warning for they will not get another chance.

I know that if I had a pastor that caused me to miss the rapture by preaching some
foolish social gospel I would be very upset. Pastors and all men of God must get on their
faces in order to hear from the Lord. A year of destiny and God's judgment will soon be
upon us. It will be swift and without warning.

Don't expect any great sweep of evangelism across the USA, because it's probably
past the point of no return. I'm not saying that no one else can get saved; I'm saying that
there will possibly be no more mighty move across this country as in the past. It is
enough for the bride to adorn itself and receive the anointing to prepare us for the
rapture. We cannot help others if we ourselves aren't ready, again like the five virgins.
This is a serious time and we should not take it lightly but with intensity for we only get
one shot at this and I feel bad for the rest of those left behind for they will surely face
death and many hardships.
As for this country, it will be destroyed because of its surpassing wickedness,
which grows in leaps and bounds daily. Its stench reaches as high as the heavens and for
a country that boasts of its Christianity, it sure isn't evident. This country has a god and its
name is money, for with it, people have sold out the true God. We have killed our
brothers and sisters for it; we have sold flesh for it, even the little ones. It's also the reason
why the drug problem will never end. So much of the government is involved because of
the unbelievable amount of wealth and power connected to it. This country is sold out to
greed. I could go on for days showing examples but what have I to do with the
Again the word to the body is to get their act together because it is in one poor
state. I've never seen such a generation of “Christian backsliders“, compromising,
fornicating, perverse, weak, arrogant, deceived, and a total lack of respect toward the
Lord. I believe that’s why the Spirit is saying get ready. Firstly repent and then seek the
Lord, and then be filled with the Holy Spirit and start anew. Time is too short to be
playing games or should I say "religion". Get off the religious kick and be born again by
accepting Christ in your heart and then be filled with the Holy Spirit. Be obedient to the
leading of the Spirit and then say, “Lord, here I am, use me!”

Chapter Ten
Lovers of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers of God

In these last days, everywhere I look I find Christians falling away from the faith -
even in my own family. It was a couple of years ago that I found out that my wife was
somewhat lacking in fidelity and discretion with a married cop who was on his third wife.
I guess what shocked me most was that she knew the Lord and had a true conversion. She
was even ministering in the church that we went to. I just could not understand how she
could do what she did, seemingly without any sorrow, remorse or shame. Sadly enough, I
eventually divorced her after giving her more than enough time to change. She threw so
much away, all for so little. The Bible says that whatever a person sows they reap, and it
proved out with the immoral cop rejecting her and marrying another, much younger,
woman. You can always expect satan to discard you after he uses you for his objective.

All around I have found people I know breaking up and destroying their families.
All this for the flesh of another, which will all perish along with them. What’s worse is
that many of these people knew the Lord for many years. It's like the Bible says "that in
the last days, they will be marrying and given in marriage" and living like they are not
married. People have no idea how adultery effects the whole family and not just the
spouse. You see that when you have an adulterous affair you not only cheat on your
spouse. You also betray the children, the parents, and all the family members. All of this
without mentioning mainly the Lord, whose heart breaks the most.
I was never shocked when heathen committed adultery, but I could not understand
how a Christian can. I still can't understand that after knowing Jesus, how can they still
continue in sin? In my experience of many years in the Lord and all the people I have
come to know, it never ceases to amaze me at how stupid and arrogant Christians are.
They willfully continue in sin and rebellion, and yet they claim to know the Lord. They
are full of such pride, and what’s worse, is that they have nothing to be proud of. As Paul
states in Scripture,” they boast as if they themselves attained what they have as if the Lord
didn't give it to them“.

I find that Christians are never happy with what the Lord has given them. They
always try to go after something else other than what the Lord has called them to. They
are not even happy with the gift and calling that they were blessed with. They go after
another calling and end up stepping out of God’s will for their lives. Look all around and
see these people who call themselves Christians. What a show they put on, but just keep
watching them. As soon as a little persecution comes along they go running after the flesh
to ease the pressure.
These Christians not only cover up their sins but they justify them before man and
God. They use their freedom in Christ for a covering for their sins and then justify them
with some moronic excuse. You would not believe some of the most stupid excuses and
justifications I hear. Amazing, how these dumb Christians deceive themselves to believe
such foolishness. This, you will find, all over in every Christian church across this
country. What a shame.
It's one thing to miss it, then repent; and it's another thing to constantly fall in the
same thing over and over again and then convince yourself that you’re covered by grace.
Grace keeps you ‘FROM' sin and not in sin. We are truly in the last days where the great
falling away is occurring. Who knows how many souls are falling away from the Lord
due to the love of self? What a price they will have to pay for such stupidity. Why do
Christians run from God instead of to God for help?
Another example of immorality in the body is not too long ago I was talking to a
sister who proceeded to tell me how a certain minister visited her church, where she was
also employed at. The pastor was not there. This visiting, so-called “minister” tried to take
advantage of her by rubbing up against her. He then pressed her up against a door post,
trying to hump her (can dogs be a minister also?). She ran away. She told her pastor what
had happened and also told him not to pursue it. He didn't do anything about it and let
this pervert go about his business to everyone’s surprise.
I then had called the head elder of the church that this pervert ministered at and set
up a meeting with them and the woman‘s pastor. The head elder and that pastor said that
they will call me when the meeting takes place. They gave me their word on this, stating
that they were men of integrity. They said that I would be called. What happened is that,
they had a quick meeting with many people, excluding me. The Lord had given me words

for both pastors, the one who did this and the other pastor who did not pursue this
atrocity. I would have rebuked them both sharply for allowing this perversion to go
unpunished. They all did this in the dark, with both pastors being in evil agreement.
Are these the kind of "Christians" running the churches of the Lord? God forbid.
All I know is that if I were either one of them, I would be on my face and repenting
instead of covering up this perversion. However the wives of these elders let the word out
amongst the congregation and sure enough a lot of women came forward and said that
they also were molested by this “minister”. Eventually he was asked to leave but he
refused, but when enough women came forward they forced him out. These people
should fear hell and its eternal torment. We are to “work out our salvation with fear and
Thank Him who is able to keep you from falling, and able to sustain you until He
returns. It is truly the last days. It is plain to see that in these times people are calling good
evil and calling evil good. A good example was the president of the United States of
America. Bill Clinton had to be one of the most wicked and perverted men that I ever saw,
yet his ratings soared (if you believe those polls). What’s worse is that many stupid
Christians help put this devil in office. Look how the democrats blindly support and
follow him, denying the obvious. The American people don't have the slightest idea who
Bill Clinton is, and what he has done to America. He is not only immoral, perverted, a liar,
a deceiver, a thief, a murderer but also a traitor, to say the least. Benedict Arnold was
nothing compared to this president.
It's amazing the atrocities this president has committed, and how they were
covered up by the news media nationwide. The public may never know what this
president has done. God almighty knows and He will render judgment for all that Bill
Clinton, and the rest of his cut throats, have done. Maybe he is the man for this nation, a
man after their own heart, wicked and perverted. We are no longer a nation under God
but under the devil.
All I can say is to open your eyes to the truth and see what is going on around you.
Can you tell me that we are not living in the end times? Christians all over need to get on
their faces and seek the Lord with all diligence. The time is short and heaven help those
who miss the rapture. Rarely today will one accept Christ without persecution, under a

threat of starvation, or death. We are a generation of spineless people with no discipline
or integrity. May the Lord God help these people in these last days, that they may escape
the coming judgment, especially here in America. The churches all over this country need
a swift kick in their butts to awaken them. They might see reality and have their eyes
opened to see the dead in their churches. They can be seen from the pulpit to the pew.
They all need to get on their faces and repent for their pride and rebellion. They need to
get these people saved and get back to the true word of God, the "BIBLE".
You dead pastors who preach the devil’s gospel should be thrown out of the
pulpit, and then have that position filled by someone who is called of God and not man.
At their judgment, these “so-called” pastors will give an account for their messages of
death that they vomited upon the congregation. Week after week, preaching doctrines of
devils and deceiving the congregation with damnable messages. They are fattening them
up for the slaughter on the Day of Judgment.
These so-called ministers are blind and are blindly leading their own into the pit
with them. For whoever is reading this book, open your eyes and see if your church is a
Bible believing church. Not one led by women or perverts who have no right to be in a
position of leadership. They are tools of the devil, placed there to deceive you and put you
on the path of destruction. If it is not Biblical, then turn from it, otherwise it will ensnare
you. Don't put up with compromise, for a little leaven leavens the whole dough. Step out
while there is still time and bring forth fruit that God may be glorified.
It is, and has been, time for revival. Now is the time, while we still have time. It is
the day, and night will soon be upon us. Stir up the church that you are in and pray for a
visitation from God. Get on fire with the fire of the Holy Spirit, which God will give just
for the asking. Pray and fast in your churches and again pray that you are made worthy to
escape the coming judgment. One thing that I have come to learn through these many
years is that absolutely nothing good resides in anyone. Man "is" inherently evil. There is
none good, no not one; for all seek after evil, few if any seek God's will.
Wide is the road that leads to destruction and many are on it, narrow is the road
that leads to salvation and few are those who travel it. I really find it hard to believe that
after being born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, being rid of the old nature and having
put on the new nature, that most all Christians still constantly fall into immorality and

I know that we are supposed to think the best of our brothers and sisters but after
having so many come against you, how can you continue think the best of them? Even the
Lord wouldn't reveal Himself to His own because He knew what was in man, and I'm
also talking about Christians. I could care less what heathens think of me or what they
think, period. It seems to me that a Christian’s worse enemy is himself. They seem to do
more harm to themselves and to fellow Christians than the devil does. How disheartening
it is to see how much pain we cause the Lord as well as each other. Thank God that we
have been made the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. That is the only way that
we will be able to enter into heaven.
It sorrows me when I look at all the brethren that I grew up in the Lord with, and
how most have fallen to the wayside. Just about all have gone their separate ways, not
only physically but doctrinally. I used to long to see them and fellowship with them. I can
no longer because of the paths they have chosen. It's amazing how the cares of this life
and the circumstances that have surrounded them, have choked out their relationship
with Jesus Christ. I pray that the time be shortened for the elect’s sake, or who will be left
standing? Even some of our most reputable teachers have fallen into false doctrine or just
plain fallen away. It seems that many have fallen away from the faith or have just lost
faith. They have lost that fire in their eye and the excitement they once had within them. I
pray that the Holy Spirit rekindles the flame within them and draws them back to their
first love, Jesus. He has never stopped loving us or given up on us.
We so badly need a revival within the body of Christ, to stir up and fan the flame
within us all. In these last days I have seen much that pulls the Christian away, that it
seems impossible to get them back on the straight and narrow. They seem to enjoy their
lusts and perversions so much. Lord help us in these last days, draw us by your Spirit and
strengthen us that we may be strong when the enticements of this world encompasses us.
I believe that we all need to sanctify a fast and seek Him while there is still time. We need
to humble ourselves and seek His face. After doing all, you can then stand firmly on the
Word of God and not have to be seduced by every wind of doctrine or temptation.
Then and only then, can we truly be filled with the Holy Spirit and then say,

Chapter Eleven
Absolutely Nothing Good Resides in Man

In this last chapter I will discuss how even as Christians we can continue in terrible
sins, even after being set free. In all my years of ministering I have been shocked by what I
have both seen and heard by what Christians do. It seems that Christians can have this
dark evil thing that resides within them. Why is it that Christians seem to fall so easily
over and over again? What makes Christians do such wicked things that even the
heathens don’t seem to do? What is it that the Lord knew about His own disciples that He
would not entrust Himself to them? He knew what was inside of them. The Scripture also
states that there is nothing good that resides within man. Why did God repent after
making man? We are created in His likeness and image, but what is it that wars within
us? What causes us to always seem to do the wrong thing even though we know better?

Look at all these examples in this book of how so many ministers have purposely
done evil continually and stay in their position as pastor. I have found mankind to be
inherently wicked, and what is worse is that I am also referring to the “born again
Christian”. What is it with us that after being set free and having been enlightened, we
still run swiftly to evil over and over again? We also have this ability to deny it to
ourselves as well as others. I laugh when I hear how some of these Christian teachers say
that we will easily attain perfection and then be presented to the Father. What a joke. Who
is actually willing to walk in the Jesus type of faith and love enough to be a total
We will seemingly never attain to perfection, let alone totally overcome evil,
although it is true the bible says that sin shall NOT have dominion over us. The Scripture
states that when we see Him, we will be like Him, without spot or wrinkle. That may very
well be only when we are raptured. After we are changed, then we will definitely be like
Him. We will never be like Him by our own efforts. He could never present us to the
Father being as we are. By faith we have become the righteousness of God through Christ
Jesus only, and not of ourselves. We think so highly of ourselves when we are such a

flawed people, always screwing up royally. How arrogant and deceived we can be as we
think more highly of ourselves than we should.
If it were not for grace alone, none of us would make it. Just look at the world we
live in, it’s in one hell of a mess and we are supposed to be lights in this world of
darkness. Most of us seem to bring more reproach on Christianity which makes us look
foolish. In reality we look down right stupid in the eyes of the world. Just look at all these
TV preachers who have brought so much reproach on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like the
PTL club, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton and many more. We need the Lord to raise up
true mature apostles and prophets to go speak to these wolves in sheep’s clothing and
shut them down. To show the world as well as stupid, deceived Christians (who
continually support these duped “ministers”) that they are nothing more than con men
fleecing the flock. What will it take for these Christians to open their eyes and to stop
supporting these enemies of the cross? Have you people no discernment at all?
One perfect example is when the secular news media exposed Robert Tilton for the
con man that he is, and yet stupid Christians continually send this devil tithes and
offerings. If the world sees this devil for what he is, how much more should we as
Christians see the truth? But you don’t or won’t. Shame on you that have been taken in by
this. God gave you a brain so why don’t you use it? The Holy Spirit guides you into all
truth, so why haven’t you seen the truth? Maybe it’s because you don’t have the Holy
Spirit. Jesus was right when He said that the children of darkness are wiser in the things
of the world than the children of light are. It seems that we are not only unwise in the
things of this world, but I think most are just down right stupid.

We are not to be ignorant of the wiles of the devil, but sometimes we outright
embrace them. I guess that I will never understand Christians. We seem to need to have
evil continually pointed out to us because we don’t seem to have the ability to see it for
ourselves. What a shame. It’s also amazing on how some of you in your churches don’t
seem to have the ability to discern what is going on in your own church. The perfect
example is that pastor who molested many women in that congregation and not one in
that church was able to see what this devil was. Also shame on the elders of that church
for being not only ignorant but down right stupid on how everything was dealt with.

Again shame on you.
Maybe these elders should step down and let spiritual men do the job. What is a
shame is that in most of the places that I have gone I have found the elders there to be
totally spiritually incompetent. How did these people get into these positions? What’s
worse is, how did these pastors get into their positions? Kind of makes you wonder what
kind of shape the body of Christ is in. Even at that full gospel church that I ministered at,
how did these people get into the position of leadership when the pastor and the elders
had absolutely none of the five fold callings on them. Do you blame the leadership or do
you blame the congregation for embracing deception? Was not one person there spiritual
enough to see what these men were? God help us in our “infinite wisdom”. This is why
many are called but few are chosen. Few are able to do what God has chosen for them.
The body is in bad shape and needs much help. Lord, send your Holy Spirit to help us out
of the mess that we have put ourselves in. The time has come for us to grow up and stop
falling for every wind of deception and false teaching. We need to get into His Word and
to pray to the Father to send us the Holy Spirit, whom we need so badly. We all need to
pray and fast to help break the yoke of deception in the body of Christ. The only thing I
can say is Jesus alone is our living hope in these closing moments of seducing spirits and
doctrines of devils otherwise all would be deceived and hell bound, so I say “COME

A final “word” which was read at "Tony’s" Memorial service:
From Rev. Carl Dove (formerly known and referred to in book as “Butch”)

I regret that I can not be here personally to welcome and thank all of you for
showing up to honor the memory of this incredible individual that I am proud to
called my brother. Circumstances beyond my control have prevailed and
prevented me
from physically being here with all of you. My heart, however, is here by way of
communiqué. I will endeavor to be brief concerning the life of one who meant so
much to all that knew him. Tony, Tony, Tony, My greatly beloved Italian Brother....
Let me start out by saying that many knew him by his outward competitive, bold,
incredibly strong and tenacious nature. He was one that passionately pursued and
indulged in almost every area of life that came across his path during his short stay
here on earth.
While many of his decisions and actions continually ran cross grain amongst his
peers, he was still esteemed as someone special and super charismatic. Many times
you might not have agreed with or even momentarily liked him, but most of the
time you forgot about it and just had to LOVE HIM. If you had a problem with
him, it was usually so short lived it was almost as if it didn’t occur. The next time
you saw him, you just had to smile – you knew he was always ready to laugh,
dance or whip up a pot of PASTA and meatballs. Until his last few years, he loved,
pursued and enjoyed life with an almost super human gusto. If you tried to know
or figure Tony out according to LOGIC, you never really knew him....HE was truly
a child of the HEART. If you could penetrate his formidable macho projection, you
would find underneath it all, a childlike awe, amazement and heartfelt innocence
that always made him sympathetic to the underdog or less fortunate. HE was
without question a well-built, warrior extraordinaire, as well as a LOVER of and in
life. In most of life’s nasty situations and confrontations, you always wanted Tony
on your side because he brought seeming inexhaustible amounts of talents,
strengths, abilities and FAITH to any so to speak "table". Whether rolling
meatballs, making superb homemade pizza, changing your carburetor or brakes,
building an addition on your house, or effortlessly defeating self-professed chess
champions - Tony was the Man! Granted, at times he could be short fused, but
nonetheless, Tony was the man!
Tony gave new meanings to words like life, fun, personality, muscle cars,
mechanic, linguini, 60 second saucier’ (pronounced saw-see-ay), carpenter,
ROMANCE, and even the "King of the Tarantella" (a traditional Italian folk dance).
For a short amount of time he was, in fact, even a Minister of the GOSPEL of Jesus
Christ with more than just words - he showed forth the manifestations of the Holy
Ghost with demonstrations of the Spirit and power. Through him (as the Lord’s
vessel) many were saved, healed, delivered and even one person who was
clinically dead was brought back to life. As a part time minister, many times you
could even see him chasing the local cult evangelists down the street with Bible in
hand to explain his instant "turn or burn" method of evangelizing. Tony thought it
better for them to agree with him (and the Bible) now, and repent to avoid the
inevitable "damnation rush".
Being his more cautious and pensive older brother, I always felt a responsibility to
help watch over and somewhat keep him in line, but I assure you, it would have
been easier to convert Satan to authentic Christianity. Tony was as unpredictable
as the wind and always had me wondering how and why he did the things that he
did. Earlier I referred to him as My ITALIAN Brother – that’s because that’s who
he was and what he loved – all things Italian: family, food, music, and amore’. Not
to mention of course, his looks; he was the olive oil complexioned, dimple cheeked,
dark haired, Neapolitan song-singing winer & diner. Even at birth, he looked like
a junior Mafia boss – the doctor suggested that on the way home from the hospital
to get him a shave and a haircut! He smacked of all things "Italia". Sometimes I
thought his baby formula might have been laced with garlic & oregano.
Forgive me if my comments stray from that which would evoke painful emotions.
It would be easy to site all the grievous tragic occurrences in recent months and
years. I know; however, that is not what Tony would have wanted. I believe he
would prefer that we reflect on and celebrate the fact that he is finally totally free
from all the indescribable suffering of body and soul he endured. While my soul
grieves the physical loss of this incredible man that loved to help and always serve
others, my spirit greatly rejoices that Tony is now happier than he ever was. At
last, based upon absolute accurate Biblical authority, I can boldly declare Tony is at
total peace, joy, and perfect fulfillment in heaven, in the awesome presence of our
God and Father. In 2 Corinthinians 5:8 the Apostle Paul, referring to believers, says
that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. From this we can
conclude that the eternal part of Tony has definitely left his body, therefore he IS
now present with the Lord. While it is true my soul finds it hard to imagine life
without Tony, I must resist the tendency for my eyes to tear up and not allow my
heart to feel the painful uprooting of this rare planting of the Lord. I must defer to
the meditation that knows he has entered into his joyous eternal reward; one that
transcends any of man’s greatest imaginations.
While it is my firm conviction Tony left well before his time, God still received him
and translated him into a far better place than the one in which we dwell. Yes, yes,
yes, in his closing moments, by God’s grace, in spite of all the odds against him,
Tony managed to see and follow the footsteps of the real Jesus, in a world hell-bent
on obscuring and erasing them. In my mind I can visualize and trace four
footprints in the crossover sands that led from out of time into eternity, after some
distance you can now see them reduced only to two footprints, just before the
shore’s end at the bridge of glory. Was Tony in his final celestial trek alone and too
weary to make it across? NO, NO, No, the remaining two footprints seen were
those of JESUS – He in his awesome LOVE with arms pumped with omnipotence
was now carrying Tony (weak, tired and sick from this long, hard life’s journey)
the rest of the way. Yes, that is exactly what Jesus said in the Bible – I AM the Way,
the Truth and the Life and no man cometh unto the Father but by Me. Jesus is more
than faithful and can be truly trusted to do all He said He would do.
Many times referring to heaven Tony would jokingly say, "I’ll wait for you there" –
well, it appears that he was right. In closing, knowing his ability to also be a good
salesman, I could almost imagine him looking down on all of us with a smile
saying, "Hey, woe, heaven is awesome, you guys won’t believe how great it is ‘till
you get beamed up here. Just simply remember unless you trust in and ask Jesus
into your heart there (right where you are), you won’t be able to eternally rejoice
and get in here – where Jesus is Lord, unconditional LOVE is our way of life, and
all suffering, pain, and even teardrops will be no more....... Later dudes!"

• Note: Please take a moment to reflect on all that you have read. Possibly,
before you today, is posed the greatest question and response you will ever
have to make and give account for. Will you accept the price that Jesus Christ
paid for your sins or will you have to pay for them? One is a free gift from God
– just accept it as such and ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins and ask Him
to come into your heart (right now) and then to fill You with the Holy Spirit.
Otherwise, You will literally have HELL to pay (you paying the price for your
own sins) . No fear, just fact ... Tony’s story is/has finished with a good ending
How about yours? Your story’s eternal ending will either be filled with and in
the presence of the Holy Ghost (Who is LOVE) or with the devil (who is evil) –
choose now while there is yet time. Don’t be so foolish as to let your eternity be
one of damnation. Make Jesus the eternal Lord of Your Life right now, if not,
the devil is (by default).