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Strengths and Goals

Shawana Hart

Wilmington University


The paper will discuss two career assessment tools that were used to gauge my identified

strengths, talents, preferences, and motivations as an individual both personally and

professionally. These evaluations are unique and individualized based on my responses to

several situational and behavioral questions on Likert scales. Both the Strengths Finders

Assessment and the MAPP Assessment tools evaluated my responses and provided a narrative of

results that I will further discuss. Based on the results of the two assessments, fair and accurate

results were revealed allowing me to feel assured and continue the career path I have embarked.

Strengths and Goals


As a young child, I was always willing to help others in any capacity where there was a

need or where I could be beneficial to the goal. I recall my first job as a teenager was working as

a camp counselor. I enjoyed working with younger children by helping them to discover

themselves and by being a positive role model and mentor. It was not surprising that I received

my undergraduate degree in Public Health Education. Briefly working as a Health Educator, I

facilitated smoking prevention programs and human sexuality workshops for middle school-aged


The passion I possessed for working with youth further created an opportunity to work

with adolescent females and their infants and toddlers as a Residential Counselor and Residential

Supervisor. These positions enabled me to learn how to manage clients needs, staff needs, and

the overall functions of a residential treatment facility. While the work was rewarding, it did not

yield the income I was seeking. Therefore, I started work as an Assistant Director of a daycare.

As I worked in that capacity for a year, I again realized not making the money I sought was a

hindrance, which led me to a career as a medical coder and biller.

My health education background made it easy for me to transition into the medical coder

and biller profession. Reviewing emergency room charts and collaborating with physicians and

the ancillary staff was interesting, but coding and billing were tedious and mundane. I made

plenty of money as a coder and biller and could work from home often. Although these benefits

sound good, I was required to work mandatory overtime at short notice, had a quota and quality

standards to meet daily. I concluded after five years as a coder, not feeling fulfilled, needing

more social interactions, less stress, and a position that was not production centered was want I


After carefully self-assessing myself to further develop my self-awareness, I followed my

passion and returned to human services. I learned that being cognizant of your passions and

having a desire to be fulfilled in life meant more to me than money. I understood that going back

to school to further my education by learning new skills and satisfying my aspirations would be

beneficial financially and mentally, long-term. Working towards attaining a Masters of Human

Services Administration is proving to coincide with my short and long-term goals of working as

an administrative leader in the human services profession to ultimately become a non-profit


Strength Finders Assessment

Upon completion of my personalized Strengths Finders Assessment it was revealed that

my top five themes are Connectedness, Relator, Intellection, Deliberative, and Input (Clifton

Strengths, 2012). The first theme affirmed in my assessment was Connectedness. Persons with

attributes of Connectedness have faith that all events occur for a reason and not by coincidences,

Clifton Strengths (2012). Possessing an innate ability to link people, places, and things to work

in unison which facilitates change are characteristics to possessing the Connectedness theme.

Realtor, revealed as my second top theme, is described by a sense of profound

satisfaction from developing close relationships to help people achieve a goal. Every individual

is unique and requires varying levels of detail and instruction. Therefore, Realtors embody an

ability to understand, treat, and respond according to others perceptions, fears, work habits, and

backgrounds, motivations, and interests. Additionally, simplifying ideas, processes, or plans to


its most basic form for others to comprehend is indicative of the Relator theme (Clifton

Strengths, 2012).

Characterized by intellectual activity, my third theme Intellection. Per Clifton Strengths

(2012), engaging in intellectual conversations is pleasing as it instinctively challenges my

personal thoughts. Often, I can think of questions no one else asks, many times I find my own

answers (Clifton Strengths, 2012). Being introspective is another trait within the Intellection

theme. I tend to take time for myself to analyze and process areas in life that I seek to enhance to

bring positive change.

Decisive and vigilant are two words to describe my fourth theme, Deliberative. Per

Clifton Strengths (2012), having an ability to anticipate difficulties and to be deliberate in

decision making and choices are talents for those with Deliberative as a theme. I often present as

no-nonsense, professional and reserved and dont like to appear foolish as Clifton Strengths

(2012) suggests. Preferring to keep my thoughts to myself unless in situations that require

dialogue allows me to keep from sharing too much with others. Lastly, Clifton Strengths (2012)

states that Input is the fifth theme of my assessment, which revealed a craving to want to know

more with an ability to collect and archive various types of information. Having an ability to

memorize words and tending to use flowery language, exuding an aura of authority and a stance

of power when presenting, debating, and having discussions can be off-putting to some per

Clifton Strengths (2012).

The Strengths Finder Assessment revealed and confirmed many of the beliefs and values

that are indicative of who I am personally and professionally. I am aware that I am guarded with

my thoughts and words until I am comfortable in a relationship. I analyze and seek to learn more

about those I encounter to formulate a genuinely transparent rapport. Clifton Strengths (2012)

suggests that I collaborate with people that have strong talents in Communication, Command,

Self-Assurance, Activator, Focus, Discipline, and those I consider big thinkers. Those

characterized by these themes can add value to my identified strengths. Additionally, career

paths that I may take into account based on my results were revealed, as well as my personal

style when working with others.

MAPP Assessment

MAPP versus Strength Finders

One of the differences between the MAPP and the Strengths Finder Assessments consists

of one evaluates strengths versus the other that identifies talents. Talents were revealed during

the Strengths Finder Assessment, however; educational and vocational backgrounds were not

considered during the questioning. All responses were timed allowing twenty seconds to answer,

which would show authentic answers (Rath, 2007, p. 17). Conversely, MAPP allowed the

respondent to ponder their answer and offered an opportunity to change a previous answer after

moving onto the next question. MAPP revealed strengths that would be useful for careers that

match well with the skill set, interests, and personal fulfillment based on individualized results.

Both revealed and identified insightful information about who I am, how I am perceived, and

how I impact others. This knowledge is beneficial and will be incorporated and internalized to

enrich further and enhance my professional and personal life.

MAPP Assessment Summary

The MAPP Assessment revealed that I am making a wise decision by furthering my

education and continuing my work serving as a human services professional. I am motivated to

coordinate, manage, manipulate, and administer tasks at hand to meet strategic objectives

(MAPP, 2017). Additionally, I thrive on collaborating with and being active within an

organizational setting which is essential for the good, growth, and gain of others. My

preferences would be to work on tasks that are functional, directional, and goal-oriented using

thinking processes, decisions, and actions would serve me well (MAPP, 2017). Comparable to

the Strengths Finder results, I possess a deep understanding and meaning of words and use them

effectively in written and oral communication. Additionally, I have an ability to troubleshoot

potential problems in operational and procedural areas, tackle and restore function to previous

levels or better per MAPP (2017). Lastly, MAPP (2017) suggests logical explanation and

education are motivators whereas, my personal interactive traits include social, leadership,

influential, technical, service, and functional.

Career Assessment

Career Summary

The career track I plan to take ultimately affords the knowledge and experiences that will

be essential to my success as a Founder and CEO of a non-profit human service organization

serving survivors of human trafficking. Short-term, I am seeking to attain a position in a

leadership role. Ideally, as a Program Director, Program Manager, or Program Coordinator.

Social and community service managers coordinate and supervise social service programs and

community organizations. They manage staff who provide social services to the public (Bureau

of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2015).

Intermediately, through gained experience, the roles mentioned earlier would provide

opportunities to learn through hands-on practice. It is prudent and advantageous for me to learn

valuable leadership skills that facilitate my development and skill-set to further serve as an

effective leader in the field of Human Services. After acquiring the necessary skills and

experiences, I aspire to work as an Executive Director of a non-profit organization. In an


Executive Director role, responsibilities will offer additional insight into the various functions

and roles an administrator and leader performs.

One strength that will enable me to reach my goal includes the ongoing effort to develop

a business plan to ideally start a 501(c)3 in preparation to achieve my long-term goal. Also, as a

current volunteer, I have been able to observe and assist in the development of services under the

mentorship and supervision of effective non-profit executives. One challenge to overcome is a

saturated market in the northeast region. My vision is to move to the mid-west. Per the Bureau

of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor (2015), human service professionals and

organizations are not densely populous in many mid-western states.


In closing, both the MAPP and the Strengths Finders Assessments resonate with me.

Both assessments have affirmed and clarified many of my strengths and talents that I feel I

always possessed. I now know and understand the proper terminology and qualities associated

with my strengths and talents as well as a better understanding to identify areas of weakness. I

will continue to be diligent in seeking knowledge and furthering my education. In the quest to

become self-aware, have self-understanding, and self-assurance is continuous and a journey

within itself. I strive to be the best version of me every day.



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