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Learning Objectives:

L.O. To Ancient Egypt and understand its surrounding


Success Criteria

To place Egypt on the maps and develop an understanding of other Previous assessment/context:

countries in region and how it was composed. Label a map of Lesson at the Museum in which children
looked at Ancient Egyptian civilization
Ancient Egypt and its surroundings. Locate the Fertile Crescent
and they
and identify countries in that area.


A3 sheets of paper

Nelson Geographic Book, Globe, World Atlas

Introduction/Main Teaching/Mental Oral Starter:

Starter (15 minutes)

Children are questioned on the location of Egypt on the map today . Children will look to use

Move onto show this from globe and google maps. Show this on google maps. Discussion on the
continent and current neighbouring countries

In their table the children will make notes on the surrounding areas of Egypt as well as what they
may know about those countries on A3 paper. Looking to find Mediterranean sea, Red sea, Dead
Sea, River Nile, Jordan River, Eupharetes River, Tigris River, Alexandria, GIza, Memphis, Thebes,
Aswa High Dam, Khartoum, Palestine, Syria, Sumer Civilisation, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt,
Western Dessert, Syrian Dessert.

Children feed back to class what they have found using maps and atlas and discuss this with class.

move direction towards the tombs and mummies seen in the museum-
children will mind map what they remember about Upper and Lower Egypt from the Museum
move towards a discussion of the separation of the Lower and Upper Egypt

Activity (30 minutes)

Video on the Separation of Egpyt and surrounding areas in ancient past

Children will use information from the video to work out missing areas of the region on
their maps in their groups

Will look to see the differences in the maps of the past and the present

Plenary (5 minutes)

Question children on the differences between the maps and how this came about

Go through the maps and make sure the areas are correctly identify areas on map


Lower ability supported by class teacher. Work on getting the children to work on using maps
and globally effectively to find areas on map in both tasks.

EAL child TA to work with EAL children.

Extension-work on writing down and drawing ancient artefacts from the time as seen in the
museum as well from the video.

LSA SEN child - use worded clue to direct them towards a few areas on the map.