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Boston, MA -- February 11, 1992 -- At NetWorld 92 Boston, XTree Company

(Booth #430) will expand its product line to include the most
comprehensive network virus detection, prevention, and elimination utility
ever -- ViruSafe/LAN. ViruSafe/LAN sets the standard for protection
against known and unknown viruses and, unlike other programs, can even
learn from unknown viruses to modify and enhance its defenses.
ViruSafe/LAN has been created to work on all networks, including Novell
LANs. The $595 utility comes with a license for ten users. New network
specific features include: automatic Supervisor notification of a virus
attack on a workstation and unsurpassed flexibility in installation and
ViruSafe, licensed by XTree Company for distribution in North and South
America, Australia and New Zealand, was created in Israel by EliaShim
Microcomputers in 1987 to combat Jerusalem B (the first virus to attack
After years of use and hundreds of thousands of worldwide installations
(with clients ranging from the Israeli Defense Ministry to Hewlett Packard
and NASA) ViruSafe has emerged as a Fortune 1000 and government standard
in comprehensive virus detection, prevention, and elimination according to
Moti Dover, President, EliaShim Microcomputers, Inc.
ViruSafe/LAN, now in its fourth major release, has earned the reputation
for being the most complete virus protection product available. ViruSafe
is a "user friently product that can be used by everyone in your
organization, it found more viruses than any other product tested," says
Bob Cartwright, of Chevron Information Technology. "It is the most
comprehensive packaged I reviewed."
"ViruSafe/LAN is active, not reactive," explains King Lee, XTree Company
CEO. "ViruSafe's technology does not rely simply on known virus signatures
-- it knows how to detect activity prior to infection... as well as
after." Lee adds, "ViruSafe is time-tested and the only total solution for
protection against infection from known and unknown viruses on the market
ViruSafe/LAN - The Complete Virus Terminator
ViruSafe/LAN monitors, detects and removes viruses in memory, file
allocation tables (FATs), boot sectors, partition tables, and root
directories as well as in executable files (or in all files). The network
utility works on both Net BIOS LAN and NetWare.
ViruSafe/LAN is designed to give the network administrator unsurpassed
flexibility in installation and configurability. For example, ViruSafe/LAN
will display all the users on the network. From there the supervisor can
select individual users and uniquely configure ViruSafe/LAN for their
When the user logs on, ViruSafe/LAN will automatically configure and copy
the appropriate ViruSafe/LAN modules to the local workstation and update
the AUTOEXEC.BAT file (if desired). This unique time-saving feature allows
supervisors on all types of networks to individually configure and
maintain hundreds of users from one location.
This module will also automatically collect and combine virus-checking
reports from each work station and send it back to the server where the
supervisor can monitor virus-checking activity.
ViruSafe/LAN contains six modules -- Anti-Virus Resident Monitor, Memory
Virus Check, Scan and Remove, Program Integrity Check, Disaster Protection
and Recovery, and PC-Checkup System Information. All of the ViruSafe/LAN
modules are self-immunized against virus infection. If they are attacked
by a virus, the programs can dynamically reconstruct themselves without
forcing the user to reinstall. All modules are available in the easy menu
interface or at the command line. ViruSafe/LAN allows the supervisor to
define when ViruSafe/LAN should be active -- continuously, when scheduled,
or only run manually -- as well as which portions of the system should be
** ViruSafe Monitor (VS.EXE) is a totally-configurable, real-time
Anti-Virus Filter TSR module (transparent to the user) which provides
continuous monitoring. (TSR uses only 12K -- 9K without help screens --
half the size of competitive products. And it will load high, occupying as
little as OK on a 286 or 386 system.) If selected, VS will:
Prevent unauthorized access to critical areas like Boot Sectors, Program
Files and Memory.
Prevent viruses from entering memory before they have a chance to
Prevent any writes to your hard disk the first time a new program is
Automatically check floppy diskettes for viruses the first time they are
Check for changes in memory sizes or interrupt values that would indicate
a virus is present.
Provides a virus-free copy function that checks any files to be copied
for viruses.
** Virus Check (VC.EXE) checks memory for any viruses and can be run from a
batch file to give protection each time the computer is turned on. Virus
Check can detect and neutralize known and unknown viruses trying to infect
Once it has determined the activity pattern and identifying signature of
the virus, Virus Check can provide that information to the other modules
so that they can update their own defenses. For the first time, new virus
types can be identified and stopped instantly without having to receive a
software update from the publisher.
** UNVIRUS scans and removes viruses from all files and boot sectors. This
is useful for users who may already have a virus and want to remove it
from their system. In most cases, ViruSafe/LAN can safely remove a virus
from files and leave the original file intact.
** Program Integrity Check (PIC.EXE) registers signatures of user selected
files (or all files) and boot sectors and identifies unauthorized changes
to them -- guarding against known and unknown viruses. PIC can reconstruct
the boot sector and partition table if a change is detected, completely
neutralizing viruses.
More Than a Virus Terminator
ViruSafe/LAN goes beyond being amazingly powerful by providing:
Easy Installation -- Easy Interface. Simple user interface
includes mouse support and point-and-shoot menus.
Creation of a "safe" floppy diskette to restore PC to
health -- if needed.
Password protection to prevent tampering with the ViruSafe
Viewers to see memory or contents of boot track
(to scan for virus messages).
Comprehensive list of viruses and mutations with
descriptions of symptoms. (New virus signatures may easily
be added to the program.)
Pricing, Availability. Requirements
The introduction of ViruSafeLAN is accompanied by new customer service
programs at XTree Company. New virus information and updates to the
ViruSafe/LAN database can be downloaded from the company's bulletin board
service (BBS). These updates provide additional virus identification and
removal instructions for ViruSafe/LAN. In addition, a CompuServe forum
will be available soon, as well as a fax service that allows users to call
for the latest product and virus information. An update service will allow
ViruSafe/LAN customers to receive quarterly updates of new virus
signatures. All registered users will receive their first update at no
ViruSafe/LAN retails for $595 and includes a license for ten users. XTree
Company also offers corporate volume purchase agreements and site
ViruSafe/LAN is also available through the vendor's distributor network,
which includes Ingram Micro, Kenfil, Merisel, Software Resource, and XTree
Authorized Resellers, which include CompUSA, Egghead, Software City,
Software Etc., and other nationwide chains.
Other Products
XTree Company also publishes XTreeGold 2.5 and XTree Easy, the industry
standards in disk management software for the IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and
compatible computers; XTreeNet, the leading file and disk manager for
Novell network administrators; and the just-released Xtree for UNIX
systems, the leading file and disk manager for multi-user Intel-based UNIX
Project Green
In 1990, XTree Company launched "Project Green" and became the first major
publisher to produce software products using recycled and/or
environmentally sensitive materials.
ViruSafe/LAN continues the "everything except the floppy disk and the
shrink-wrap can be recycled" practice. (The company is currently looking
for alternatives to shrink-wrapping their products.) Further, for every
ViruSafe/LAN user registration card returned, XTree Company will plant a
tree in conjunction with the American Forestry Association's Global ReLeaf
Xtree Company, 4330 Santa Fe Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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