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Lesson Plan for Implementing

Name Jacob Jones

Position Future Math Teacher

School/District Sherman Independent School District


Phone 903-624-1300

Grade Level(s) 3rd Grade

Content Area Mathematics

Time line 1 day

3.A.2.1 Find unknowns represented by symbols in arithmetic problems by solving one-step
open sentences (equations) and other problems involving addition, subtraction, and
Content Standards multiplication. Generate real-world situations to represent number sentences.

1c. Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to
NETS*S Standards: demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.


Students will work out several exercises in Dragonbox on a computer. Students will start to accumulate basic
knowledge of how algebraic equations function. Then I will put the students into groups of three and give them
worksheets with a set of one step linear equations so that they can work together to solve for x.

Essential Questions

1. How do algebraic equations work?

2. What are the name of the parts of algebraic equations?
3. What can we do to solve for x?
4. What does the word algebra mean?

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1. I will talk to the class about algebra and what it means compared to other math.
2. The students will work through the lessons on the dragonbox app
3. The students will get into groups of three and they will work together on a worksheet of algebraic equations
where they have to find the answer together as a team.
4. We will grade our papers when everyone is finished with their work to see how good everyone did.
5. We will reflect on what algebra is and what it means to be a team also to help each other solve problems.


1. The students will need basic knowledge of how to navigate a computer.

2. The students will need to access the internet and operate the Dragonbox game.
3. The students will need to have independence when working on the computer.

Instructional Plan

Students will need basic knowledge of how to operate a computer and internet. If any students have any problems
operating the computers the teacher will be available to assist in any way possible. Students will also grade their
own papers to show their honesty to the teacher using the honor system.


In the classroom we will have a brief introduction to algebra. Then we will proceed to the computer lab where each
student will be at a computer and work on Dragonbox. After completing the lesson in dragon we will proceed back
to the room where the students will get into groups of three and do their worksheet together. When complete each
group will grade their own paper. Finally we will reflect upon the lesson.

Instruction and Activities

The teacher will give the students necessary information about the lesson at hand. The teacher will give the
students access to a computer and assist the students in any way that is needed. The teacher will divide the
students into groups and give the students handouts to be completed. The teacher will give the students the
answers to check their work for mistakes.


The teacher will be available to help each student on the computer when needed. The teacher will put the
students into groups of three making sure that each group has a fluent reader to work the worksheet. The teacher
give extra time for those who fail to keep up with the rest.

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Closure and Reflection
Did students find the lesson meaningful and worth completing?
In what ways was this lesson effective?
What went well and why?
What did not go well and why?
How would you teach this lesson differently?)

At the end of the lesson we will reflect upon what we have learned and what the students liked about it the most.
Then we will take a short pop quiz to measure how much knowledge was maintained. The effectiveness of the
lesson will rely on the grades of the worksheet. Notes will be taking throughout the lesson to write down any
changes that need to be made so that it can be altered as needed.

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