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The assignment is about the ethics problems at workplace. The problems are related to
the engineering profession. Engineering is one of the high-ranking and high level job. The job
profession need a lot of integrity and responsibility to achieved required standard. There is
more demand of workers to be an engineer as the level of technologies increasing. The job
scopes are even larger than before. The examples of common engineering profession are such
as civil engineer, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, software engineer and many more.

Ethics are the principle of attitude and moral value in a person for a system. The
engineering profession have an engineering ethics as the guideline to be a good and excellent
engineer. Engineering ethics defined as a scientific discipline set that apply to the engineering
course. Workplace is the location or working environment area where you are utilized and
where you go to work each day [3].

The main objective of this assignment is to discover and determine the issues or
problems of ethics that occur at workplace. Thus, a few ethics problems have been discussed
to achieve the objective. Examples of working area are the hospital, school, fire station,
factories, restaurant, stall and many more. Working area also can be classified into two which
is indoor or in a building and one more is outdoor.


Problem is something that will happen anywhere, in any time and conditions. It is
something that must be control and prevent. Engineering field or job workplace can be
divided into indoor and outdoor location. Firstly, the indoor workplace for engineering
profession are such as the Oil and Gas Plant, medicine factory and laboratory. Oil and Gas
Plant can be indoor and outdoor.

Diagram 1: Indoor Oil and Gas Plant [2] Diagram 2: Outdoor Oil and Gas Plant [2].

Diagram shown above are both for Oil and Gas Plant. Ethics problems that commonly
occur at the plant is the employees did not following the procedure of their job. Example is
such as Ahmad does not implement the calculations value given by his operation manager. He
just changed the value according to his calculation without the permission of the operation

Besides that, another common ethic problem is the engineer does not wearing the
proper or full personal protective equipment (PPE). The example is Sara does not wearing the
safety hand gloves while handling hot equipment. The solutions for both problems are gave a
warning notice or cut down his salary for disobey his manager and Siti should be transfer to
other department or warned about the safety.

Diagram 3: Laboratory

Based on above diagram, it shown the work area called laboratory. The laboratory
commonly related to the chemical handling work. Chemical can be dangerous and hazardous
to the employee. The problems is Hisyam using the laboratory without a permission from the
other employee that in charge for the laboratory. The solution is he shall be sue or be fired
because of not following the rules.

Moreover, the example of ethics problem at medicine factory is the chemical engineer
bullying and sexual harassment to the employee that work with him for a project. It is a
serious case or problems that could be occur at workplace. The suitable solutions are fired the
engineer and sue him. The problem could be worst if not taking any action. The outdoor
workplace for the engineer is during deliver the medicine or sample for a test at other
laboratory that not in the company. The employee can be late deliver the sample or chemical
for a test. The solution is the manager must give a certain period of time to deliver the
chemical or medicine. The manager shall create a new rule about the timetable for the

Diagram 4: Civil Engineering Construction Site

In addition, civil engineer working area is at the construction site at the most of their time.
They need to monitor the operation at the site. The example of the ethic problem is the
engineer fail to guide the workers to build a good shopping mall structure. The engineer may
not follow the principles of engineering ethics. The solution is the engineer shall be taken an
action under the act related to the issue.


As the conclusions, all the issues and problem has the solutions. The employee must
work following the obligations and procedure that been implement in the company. Good
ethics is very important because it can affect the society and the environment. The ethics
workplace problems cannot be took for granted. The act and the employee itself must play
their own role. Thus, the prevention of the problems is be a good and obedient employee and
employer [1].


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