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Lesson Plan Template

Date Subject Number of Grade

15-3-2017 Math 20 Kg1

Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

Keep the students attention

Learning Outcomes: Materials

(Link to the ADEC / MOE K-5 curriculum document)
Students will be able to (Write the outcome
word for word) Blocks, pencils, balloons
Number since
Recognize more, less and the same in
sets of 1-10 objects according in ADEC.
Lesson Introduction
Question (Blooms Taxonomy)

Remembering (low level):

Whole group activity: Time 15 minutes Count with me the girls first then boys?

Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)

Understanding (low level):
To engage the students in the halaka, we Show how it more, less or same
will count the student and separates the
girls and boys and try to find how is more Applying (low level):
and less Show me how it less?

Active Engagement: (Bullet points) Analyzing (high level):

Make 3 groups randomly and ask the How can we make it more?
students to see who is more, less or same
Evaluating (high level):
How many blocks can we build to make it same
number of students?

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 1 Learning Center 2 Learning Center 3 Learning Center 4
(if needed)
Balloon Pencils Blocks

In group of 6 In group of 6 In group of 6

students students students

Small Group Learning Centers: Time 15 minutes

Learning Center 1 Title: (Bullet points) Learning Center 2 Title: (Bullet points)

They will have a five balloon of helium filled In the table, there are 4 baskets with
in different size, they will find out what is pencils.
less, more and same. This time it will level up the students
challenge, they need to make it more, less
and same by the way they understand.
Learning Center 3 Title: (Bullet points) Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)

They will find 4 boxes full of blocks, they

need to compare between them. for Explain step by step what the students will do
example, they will have 6 different blocks
numbers, and compare. To make it challenge
for them, they need to have a graph of the
blocks number and how many it is less or
more. For example, green blocks is more
than red blocks by 5 blocks, and the same
for less and same.
Closing activity: Time: 10 minutes

Allow children time to discuss how what they did during their learning centers and how it relates to
the lesson outcome

Remember that. (restate outcome using kid friendly language)

Review with the activity they did in halaka with sample of their work.

Assessment for Learning: How will you determine if the students understood the learning
outcome? What evidence will you show to prove this?
By observing and asking question while observe.
General Comments

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

Students behavior
SHJWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson
Lesson Math Your Khulood

MST Sarah School Al Bahjah

Class Kg1 Date 15-3-2017

Firstly, discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well. Try to analyze why
you think it worked well and what hints you would share with other teachers about
the successful strategy/ resource/activity/management style etc.

I feel I did well in time management, I used the timer on my phone and the sand

Before I start, I putted the sand timer in front of the student and I asked them to
tell me if the all sand went down.

The successful strategy was the compering activity, in this way when know how
they understood and if they achieved the learning object.

Secondly, elaborate on the aspect identified by YOU that requires attention.

Discuss what the problem was, why it occurred and what action you intend to take
to be more successful in the next lesson.

Using the sand timer was a good idea, while using it for the first time made
all students interest

and their eyes were focusing on it. it was difficult to make them focus on me.

I should start use it first time in the activities and then in the Halaka.

Personal focus for next lesson:

Behavior management. I will try to control the students action in the Halaka time,
by using reinforcement, reward system and praise.