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Album/Single/OST/Cover by Super Junior :

7 Years of Love - Kyuhyun | Lirik |

A Dreaming Hero - Super Junior KRY [Partner Ost.] | Lirik |
All My Heart | Lirik |
Andante | Lirik |
Angel - Super Junior [Haru Ost.] | Lirik | Music Video |
Angela | Lirik |
Are You Ready - Yesung [Attack On The Pin Up Boy Ost.] | Lirik |
At Least i Still Have You - Super Junior M | Lirik |
At Least I Still Have You (Korean Vers.)
A-Cha | Lirik | Music Video |
A Day | Lirik |
A Goodbye | Lirik |
A Man in Love | Lirik |
A Short Journey - Super Junior KRY ft. Kangin | Lirik |
Baby Baby (4Men) covered by Sungmin
Beautiful - Super Junior EunHae
Because of Love covered by Sungmin, Ryeowook, Yesung / Kyuhyun ft. Sungmin
Because of You (Kelly Clarkson) covered by Zhoumi
Believe | Lirik |
Be My Girl
Billionare (Bruno Mars) covered by Henry
Bittersweet - Super Junior KRY
Bitting My Lips - Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Sungmin [President Ost.]
Blind For Love - Yesung [The King of Drama Ost.] | Lirik |
Blue Tomorrow (Chinesse vers.) - Super Junior M
Blue Tomorrow (Korean vers.)
Bonamana (Korean vers.)
Bonamana (Japanese vers.)
Boom Boom
Bravo - Leeteuk ft. Key SHINee [History of Salaryman Ost.]
Break Down - Super Junior M | Lirik | Music Video |
Can It Be Love - Heechul ft. Kibum [Rainbow Romance Ost.]
Club No. 1 ft. Lee Yeon Hee
Confession - Super junior M
Cooking Cooking - Super Junior H
Crystal Heart - Kyuhyun ft. Jessica dan Yoona SNSD
Dancing Out
Dead at Heart
Destiny - Super Junior M
Disco Drive
Distant Embrace - Super Junior M | Lirik |
Don't Don (Korean vers.)
Don't Don (Chinese vers.)
Don't Go - Donghae [Miss Panda and The Hedgehog Ost.]
Don't Go Away - Super Junior T
Don't Walk Away - Heechul [Xanadu Ost.]
Endless Moment
Feels Good
First Express - Super Junior T
First Love
First Snow
First Star - Heechul [Loving You a Thousand Time Ost.]
Fly - Super Junior KRY
For One Day - Yesung [Warrior Baek Dong Soo Ost.]
For Tomorrow - Sungmin
From U
Gee (Girls' Generation) covered by Super Junior
Goodbye - Zhoumi
Goodbye My Love - Zhoumi
Good Friends
Good Luck - Super Junior H
Good Person
Gray Paper - Yesung [The Winter, That Wind Blows Ost.] | Lirik | Music Video |
H.I.T - Super Junior [HIT Ost.]
Han Saramaneul
Happy Together (Korean vers.)
Happy Together (English vers.)
Hate U Love U
Heartquake - Super Junior KRY ft. Eunhyuk
Here We Go
Honey - Leeteuk
Hope Is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep - Kyuhyun [Bread, Love and Dreams Ost.]
I'm Your Man
In My Arms
In My Dream
Isn't She Lovely
It's You - Super Junior M
It's You
I Akilla You - Sungmin [Akilla Musical Ost.]
I Am
I Wanna Dance - Super Junior EunHae
I Wanna Love You - Super Junior EunHae
I Was Once by Your Side - Kyuhyun
If U Leave - Sungmin
If You Love More - Ryeowook [Spy Myeongwon Ost.]
Inoo - Kyuhyun [God of War Ost.]
Insomnia - Ryeowook
It has to Be You - Yesung [Cinderella Sister Ost.]
Just For Today
Just Like Now - Donghae ft. Ryeowook [It's Okay Daddy's Daughter Ost.]
Just Once - Kyuhyun [The Great Seer Ost.]
Just You - Super Junior KRY [Billy Jean Look At Me Ost.]
Keep in Touch | Lirik |
Khamsinjang - Donghae ft. Teukigayo [Strong Heart Ost.]
Knoc Knock Knock (Tok Tok Tok) - Super Junior T
L.O.V.E | Lirik |
Lazy Song (Bruno Mars) covered by Henry
Lighters - Henry
Listen To You - Kyuhyun [Pasta Ost.]
Looking For the Day - Siwon
Love Disease
Love is Sweet
Love Really Hurts - Yesung [Tazza Ost.]
Love Song - Super Junior M
Love that I Need - Super Junior EunHae ft. Super Junior M Henry
Love to Be Loved By You
Love U More
Lovely Day
Loving You - Super Junior KRY [Miss Panda and The Hedgehog Ost.]
Loving You - Yesung ft. Luna f(x) [President Ost.]
Make Little of Others
Marry U (Korean vers.)
Marry U (English vers.)
Maxstep (Eunhyuk, Henry SJM, Hyoyeon SNSD, Taemin SHINee, Kai dan Luhan EXO)
Me (Chinese vers.) - Super Junior M
Me (Korean vers.)
Midnight Fantasy
Miracle | Lirik | Music Video |
Missin' U
Mr. Simple (Korean vers.)
Mr. Simple(Japanese vers.)
My All is in You (Korean vers.)
My All is in You (Chinese vers.)
My Everything - Donghae
My Love My Kiss My Heart - Super Junior KRY
My Only Girl
No One Like Me
No Other (Korean vers.)
No Other (Engish vers.)
Not You - Siwon [Oh! My Lady Ost.]
Off My Mind - Henry
Oh No! Pretty Girl - Super Junior EunHae
Oh Wa - Sungmin [I Need a Fairy Ost.]
One Fine Spring Day - Ryeowook
One In a Million - Sungmin
One Love - Super Junior KRY ft. Eunhyuk
Only U
Oops!! - Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong ft. f(x)
Opera (Korean vers.)
Opera (Japanese vers.)
Oppa Oppa (Korean vers.) - Super Junior EunHae
Oppa Oppa (Japanese vers.) - Super Junior EunHae
Ordinary Man
Our Love
Over | Lirik |
Pajama Party - Super Junior H
Perfection - Super Junior M
Please Don't - Donghae [Miss Panda and The Hedgehog Ost.]
Promise You - Super Junior KRY | Lirik | Music Video |
Puff The Magic Dragon - Kyuhyun
Red Sun ft. SM Artist
Reminiscence - Super Junior KRY
Resignation - Yesung
Rise & Shine - Kyuhyun ft. Tiffany SNSD [To the Beautiful You Ost.]
Rock This House | Lirik |
Rokkugo - Super Junior T
Run To You covered by Super Junior H
S.O.L.O - Super Junior M [Skip Beat Ost.]
Sad Fate - Super Junior KRY ft. Sungmin
Santa You Are the One
Sapphire Blue
Save Energy, Save Earth
Seoul Song ft. SNSD
Sexy, Free & Single (Korean vers.)
Sexy, Free & Single (English vers.)
Sexy, Free & Single (Japanese vers.)
Shake it Up
She's Gone
She - Leeteuk
She Wants it
Shine Your Way - Kyuhyun ft. Luna F(x) [Croods Ost.] | Lirik |
Shinning Star
Show Me Your Love | Lirik | Music Video |
Sky - Super Junior KRY [To the Beautiful You Ost.]
Smile - Kyuhyun [Hyena Ost.]
Smile Again - Ryeowook [Home Sweet Home Ost.]
Snow White
Song For You
Sorry Sorry (Korean vers.)
Sorry Sorry (Japanese vers.)
Sorry Sorry Answer - Super Junior KRY
So I | Lirik |
Spectrum - Eunhyuk, Donghae, Yunho DBSK, Taemin dan Minho SHINee, Kai dan Lay
Spirit - Heechul
Stand Up - Super Junior M
Stop Walking By - Super Junior KRY [Snow Flower Ost.]
Storm - Super Junior KRY ft. Sungmin dan Donghae
Story - Sungmin ft. Ryeowook
Success - Super Junior [HIT Ost.]
Sunny - Super Junior H
Super Man - Super junior T
Super Girl (Chinese vers.) - Super Junior M
Super Girl (Korean vers.)
Thank You
The Girl is Mine
That Girl Over Flowers - Yesung [I do I do Ost.]
The Moment
The More I Love - Yesung
The One
The Night Chicago Died - Super Junior KRY [Hyena Ost.]
The One I Love - Super Junior KRY [Hyena Ost.]
The Way to Break Up - Kyuhyun [Poseidon Ost.]
The Way Idols Break Up - Heechul ft. Krystal f(x)
This is Love - Donghae ft. Henry [Skip Beat Ost.]
This Moment
Tic Toc
Trap - Henry ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin | Lirik | Music Video |
True Love
Twins (Knock Out) | Lirik | Music Video |
U (Korean vers.) | Lirik | Music Video |
U (Japanese vers.)
U (Chinese vers.) - Super Junior M
U (Mandarine vers.) - Super Junior M
Victory Korea - Super Junior Happy [Dream Come True Ost.]
Waiting For You - Yesung [Paradise ranch Ost.]
Way For Love | Lirik |
What If - Super Junior KRY ft. Sungmin
White Christmas
Who Am I - Siwon
Why I Like You
Wish - DBSK ft. Super Junior
Wonder Boy - Super Junior [Attack on The Pin Up boy Ost.]
You're My Endless Love
You Don't Know My Feelings
You & I - Super Junior H
You & Me
You Are The One | Lirik |
Your Grace is Enough - Siwon

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