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Tex-Trude PVC Waterstops are used in

many different areas of construction:
Waste and Water Treatment Plants
Department of Transportation
Ribbed w/ Center Bulb
Dams and Reservoirs
Retaining and Flood Walls
Underground Tunnels Ribbed - Flat
And many others
Concrete Joints:
Expansion Joints Ribbed - Tear Web
Construction Joints
Contraction Joints
Dumbbell w/Center Bulb
When you need a quality product and
someone to stand behind it, you can depend
on Tex-Trude. Dumbbell

CRD-C 572-74 Tex-Trude is committed to manufacturing high quality

PROPERTIES ASTM Value PVC Waterstops for the construction industry. Our
Tensile Strength D-638 1750 min Waterstops are manufactured with virgin resins. For
Ultimate elongation D-638 300 min over 60 years, Tex-Trude, a ISO 9001-2008 Certified
Low Temperature
D-746 Pass @ -35F
company, has remained focused on providing quality
Brittleness products at a competitive price to customers throughout
Stiffness in Flexure D-747 600 min. the United States. All of our products are produced on-
After Accelerated Extraction - CRD-C-572
Tensile Strength CRD-C-572 1500 min
site and undergo extensive quality control testing before
Ultimate elongation CRD-C-572 280 min leaving the warehouse. As a family-owned and operated
Effect of Alkalies business, Tex-Trude understands the value of developing
Weight Change CRD-C-572 -0.10 to +0.25 relationships with each customer and we take pride in
Durometer Change CRD-C-572 5 the loyalty and dedication that we offer all customers.



Durometer Hardness, points 92 2001 Sheldon Road
Tear Resistance, pli 398 Channelview, Texas 77530
P- 281/ 452-5961 F- 281/ 452-5642 ISO 9001-2008
Ozone Resistance No Cracking CERTIFIED