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Cassandra Wray

Friday April 7

Language Arts

7th Grade

Lesson Planning

Class Description: The students are grouped into table groups of three or four both boys and

girls. There are varying levels of difficulty in the class with no accelerated students in the class

but a couple students who are on the slower end of the spectrum but not to the point that they

need extra help in the classroom, so no pair aids. There are 20 students in the classroom with 8

girls and 12 boys.

Name of Lesson: Literary Concepts dealing with imagery, metaphors, similes, and using context


Objectives: To be able to identify the difference between metaphors and similes and use context

clues to understand words that may not known. Also to be able to use words to create images in

writing and be able to identify this in a book.

Teacher Materials and Equipment: I used my laptop to prepare a powerpoint and will use my

laptop to present the lesson.

Student Materials and Equipment: The students will use their composition notebooks and a

writing utensil for this lesson.

Anticipatory Set: To warm up for language arts they opened the day with reading, I will only talk

as a transition and explain they are about to start a book and how this lesson will relate to that


Procedures: First have the kids write down the definition of the first word which was imagery off

the powerpoint. The teacher then explains the definition as well. Next the students spend time
discussing with each other how to make an image using words and describe something from

their morning or something around the classroom. This part should take 10 minutes.

Second go to the next two slides which will be metaphors and similes. Have the kids do

the same thing they did before and write down the definition while you explain it a little bit. After

this have each kid spend a couple minutes writing down in their Notebook three examples of

either one and identify whether they are similes or metaphors. Then have them share at their

tables and afterwards have one person from each table share to the class. This activity should

take about 15 minutes.

For the last activity and the fourth slide of the PowerPoint the kids will again right down

the definition of context clues. The teacher will slightly explain the definition as well. Then have

the kids go around and off the example on the power point have them talk at their tables about

what the underlined word means and how you use the context clues to figure that out. This

activity should take about 5 minutes.

Closure: I intend to close the lesson by reviewing the four concepts we learned and how this will

later relate to the book they are reading.

Assessment: Later on the students will work on assignments using imagery to draw pictures and

will be tested on the difference between metaphor and simile. The students will also use context

clues while reading the book.