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ECD 102 Observation of Nine Month Old

It is a warm fall evening. The setting sun is very bright. A group of about 25 adults and children are picnicking in
the park. The adults are chatting and eating. The older children are racing around playing tag. Bobby, age nine
months, stands between his parents, who are seated at a picnic table. Bobby keeps his balance leaning on the bench
as he munches on potato chips and observes the activity around him. He picks up his chips between thumb and
forefinger and stuffs each into his mouth. One chip falls on the ground. Bobby continues eating the rest. He
finishes and indicates he wants more by pounding his fist on the bench. Mom and Dad dont respond. Bobby bends
down, reaching for the chip on the ground. Mom intervenes and Dad hands him another chip.

Use this scenario to observe, analyze, and make an appropriate plan for this child.

Observation Analysis Plan

What do I see and hear? What does this mean developmentally? What should I plan?
I see . . . This means or shows me . . . So I should . . .

1. He is standing between his 1. Bobby has achieved the 1. I should set up pictures of
parents social/emotional milestone of Bobbys family inside of my
2. He is keeping his balance by being clingy to familiar faces. classroom. To help him make
leaning on the bench This is typical for a 9 month old connections with familiar
3. He picks up chips with his 2. Bobby has achieved the physical faces and to feel more
thumb and forefinger milestone of standing while comfortable
4. He puts the chips into his holding on to something. This is 2. I should provide Bobby with
mouth typical for a 9 month old toys that are push and pull,
5. He shows he wants more 3. Bobby has achieved the cognitive to assist in his pulling to
chips by pounding his fist milestone of picking things up standing, and also help with
6. He bends down and reaches with his thumb and forefinger. his first solo steps
for the chip This is typical for a 9 month old 3. I should provide Bobby with
4. Bobby has achieved the cognitive objects that are small
milestone of putting things into enough(not small enough to
his mouth. This is typical for a 9 choke on) for him to work on
month old his pincher grasp
5. Bobby has achieved the language 4. I should give Bobby food
milestone of showing he wants that he enjoys and that he
more food with his nonverbal can pick up on his own, to
cues. This is typical for a 9 assist him in self-feeding
month old 5. I should respond to Bobbys
6. Bobby has achieved the cognitive cues by giving him more
milestone of attempting to get food, while also
things that are out of reach. communicating to him, in a
This is typical for a 9 month old way he will understand, that
his language is being heard
6. I should place exciting
objects out of Bobbys
reach, so he will continue to
express his curiosity and try
and obtain things out of
Bobby is right where he needs to be in his developmental milestones. In my classroom I will provide him with
toys that he can pull or push to help him continue in his effort to walk. I will also use many manipulatives that
Bobby shows interest in, so he can work on his motor skills by grabbing objects, cognitive skills by reaching
for objects, and also language skills by communicating that he wants an object.