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Provide a complete inventory of your teams resources and capabilities

Include a list for every member of the team

Label each one as tangible or intangible
Apply a VRIN test for each resource or capability
No hypotheticals!!
Resources & Description Tangible/ Intangible VRIN Test
Attractive location Its multi-brand Tangible V: Yes
boutiques are all R: No
strategically located I: Yes
in the main retail N: No
corridors in
Malaysia, Australia,
Thailand, Japan and
Hong Kong.

Multiple and high- It is the official Tangible V: Yes

quality product retailer for a R: Yes
source carefully curated I: Yes
collection of luxury N: No
watches from more
than 50 of the
worlds finest watch
brands such as
Audemars Piguet,
Cartier, Hublot,
IWC, Patek
Philippe, Richard
Mille, Rolex, Sinn,
TAG Heuer and the

Experienced human Experienced Intangible V: Yes

resources management and R: Yes
employees by high- I: Yes
level selection and N: No
long-time operation
practice to provide
premium services
Strong brand image Hour Glass has Intangible V: Yes
and high brand received numerous R: Yes
recognition awards from the I: Yes
industry, both in N: Yes
Asia and around the
globe such as One
of the most
influential specialty
retailers in the
world by Vanity
Fair, Monocle and
Wallpaper, Best
Watch Retail by
Singapore Tatler
(2014) and
specialty watch
retail International
acclaim in the

Positive reputation It has continuous Intangible V: Yes

with customers and customer service and R: No
high-level product after-sale warranty I: No
reliability to ensure the N: No
Effective marketing Combination of Tangible V: Yes
of brand promotion methods R: No
including official I: No
webpage, social N: No
media such as
facebook, and in-
store promotion.