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Descriptive Text -

Belajar bahasa Inggris

pada kesempatan kali

ini akan membahas

lengkap mengenai

Descriptive Text.

Teman-teman tentunya sudah akrab benar dengan yang

namanya Descriptive Text. Penggunaan Descriptive Text

pada percakapan sehari-hari banyak kita jumpai. Seperti

halnya ketika kita menggambarkan kenampakan fisik

seseroang, benda, tempat, hewan atau tumbuhan. Seperti

apakah muka mu? Hidung mancung, mata sipit, bibir tipis,

rambut lurus, pipi chuby? Pasti semua orang pernah

menggambarkan kenampakan sesuatu, baik itu orang,

benda, hewan, tumbuhan atau pun tempat. Descriptive Text

merupakan salah satu dari 13 jenis teks bahasa Inggris

(Types of Text) yang secara umum menggambarkan suatu


SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 1 Descriptive Text

Tetapi berbeda dengan Report Text yeng memberikan

penggambaran mengenai benda, hewan, tumbuhan atau

pun tempat berdasarkan riset yang mendalam. Descriptive

Text hanya memberikan penggambaran mengenia benda,

hewan, tumbuhan atau pun tempat berdasrakan

pengetahuan si penulis saja. Untuk lebih jelasnya lihat

penjelsaan dari Descriptive Text di bawah ini. Semoga



Descriptive Text merupakan jenis teks yang banyak

digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari dalam

menggambarkan benda, tempat, manusia, hewan dan

lain sebagainya. Descriptve Text adalah sebuah teks

bahasa Inggris untuk mengggmbarkan seperti apa benda

atau mahluk hidup yang kita deskripsikan, baik secara

kenampakan, bau, suara, atau tekstur dari benda atau

makhluk hidup tersebut.


SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 2 Descriptive Text

Tujan Komunikatif dari Descriptive Text adalah untuk

menggambarkan dan mengungkapkan ciri-ciri dari

benda, tempat, atau mahluk tertentu secara umum,

tenpa adanya riset atau peneilitan secara mendalam dan



Di setiap Descriptive Text terdapat dua bagian yang

menjadi ciri dari Descriptive Text itu sendiri. Kedua

bagian tersebut adalah:

1. Identification

Idnetification adalah bagian dari Descriptive Text yang

berisi tentang topik atau "apa" yang akan

digambarkan atau dideskripsikan.

2. Description

Description adalah bagian terakhir dari Descriptive

Text yang berisi tentang pembahasan atau

penggambaran tentang topik atau "apa" yang ada di

Identification mengenai kenampakan fisik, kualitas,

perilaku umum maupun sifat-sifatnya.


SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 3 Descriptive Text

1. Descriptive Text menggunakan Present Tense,

misalnya: go, eat, fly, etc.

2. Descriptive Text menggunakan berbagaimacam

Adjectives (kata sifat) yang bersifat Describing

(mengambarkan), Numbering (Menomerkan), dan

Classifying (mengklasifikasikan), misalnya: two strong

legs, sharp white fangs, etc.

3. Descriptive Text menggunakan Relating Verbs untuk

memberikan informasi tentang subjek, misalnya: my

mum is realy cool, it has very thick fur, etc.

4. Descriptive Text menggunakan Thinking Verbs (kata

kerja berfikir, seperti belive, think, etc.) dan Feeling

Verbs (kata kerja perasa, seperti feel)untuk

mengungkapkan pandangan pribadi penulis tentang

subjek, misalnya: police believe the suspect is armed, I

think it is a clever animal, etc.

5. Descriptive Text juga menggunakan Adverbs (kata

keterangan) untuk memberikan informasi tambahan

mengenai perilaku atau sifat (Adjective) yang

dijelaskan, misalnya: it is extremely high, it runs

definitely past, etc.

SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 4 Descriptive Text


The White Rhinoceros (Rhino)

The rhinoceros is a large,

primitive looking mammal that
in fact dates from the Miocene
era millions of years ago. In
recent decades rhinos have been
relentlessly hunted to the point
of near extinction. Since 1970 the world rhino population
has declined by 90 percent, with five species remaining
in the world today, all of which are endangered.

The white or square-lipped rhino is one of two rhino

species in Africa. It in turn occurs as two subspecies, the
southern and the northern. The southern dwindled almost
to extinction in the early 20th century, but was protected
on farms and reserves, enabling it to increase enough to
be reintroduced. The northern white rhino has recovered
in Democratic Republic of Congo from about 15 in 1984
to about 30 in the late 1990s. This population has been
threatened by political conflict and instability.

There are two kinds of rhino who live in Africa, first is

Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) and second is White
Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum). The white rhino's
name derives from the Dutch "weit," meaning wide, a

SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 5 Descriptive Text

reference to its wide, square muzzle adapted for grazing.
The white rhino, which is actually grey, has a pronounced
hump on the neck and a long face. While the black, or
hooked-lipped rhino, along with all other rhino species, is
an odd-toed ungulate (three toes on each foot). It has a
thick, hairless, grey hide. Both the black and white rhino
have two horns, the longer of which sits at the front of
the nose.

Rhino includes the bigest land mamals who live in africa

besides elephant and other mamals. Rhino can live up to
35 to 40 years. The size of the rhinoceros stands about
60 inches at the shoulder. And the weight of Black Rhino
is 1 to 1 tons, while White Rhino is over 2 tons.

Descriptive Text tentang Provo

I have been in Provo for almost eleven months. I have seen

winter, spring, summer, and fall. Provo's winter is so

beautiful. The mountains are covered with a lot of snow.

They look like many beautiful brides wearing wedding

dresses, and veils. In spring, Provo doesn't have many trees;

when the snow melts the mountains are bald as strong bald

men. Summer in Provo is very hot in the daytime. Last

summer when I was walking under the sky, it was like

SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 6 Descriptive Text

walking in an oven; the sun was like a fire that burned my

skin. In spring and summer the weather was always clear. I

never used my umbrella. Provo was like a huge clothes

dryer; it is very dry in spring and summer. In the fall the

weather in Provo is very strange. One late September

morning when I woke up, the mountaintops was covered

with snow. Provo is a lovely and strange place. I love it very


Descriptive Text tentang Gitar

My most valuable possession is an old, slightly warped

blond guitar--the first instrument I taught myself how to


It's nothing fancy, just a Madeira folk guitar, all scuffed and

scratched and finger-printed. At the top is a bramble of

copper-wound strings, each one hooked through the eye of

a silver tuning key. The strings are stretched down a long,

slim neck, its frets tarnished, the wood worn by years of

fingers pressing chords and picking notes. The body of the

Madeira is shaped like an enormous yellow pear, one that

was slightly damaged in shipping. The blond wood has been

SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 7 Descriptive Text

chipped and gouged to gray, particularly where the pick

guard fell off years ago.

Descriptive Text about Cleopatra

One of the most famous women in world history was

Cleopatra VII. She was the brilliant and beautiful last

Pharaoh of Egypt. Historically, she became queen of Egypt

in 51 B.C. at the age of eighteen. She was a Ptolemy,

descended from one of Alexander the Great's generals.

When she was twenty-one, Julius Caesar became her lover.

Seven years later she met Antony. The romantic tragic

relationship continued until they died by suicide in 30 B.C.

Cleopatra was legendary. She was famous not only for her

breathtaking beauty but also for her great intellect. She had

brown eyes and they were shaped like cat eyes. Her skin

was in fact an olive shade, darker than Hollywood actress

Liz Taylor who potrayed her in the film 'Cleopatra' in 1963.

She had medium dark brown hair, about to the middle of her

shoulder blades. She had a reputation as an extraordinarily

sensuous woman.

SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 8 Descriptive Text

Cleopatra was a woman of remarkable poise and unusual

intelligence. She was highly educated. She spoke

proficiently in nine languages and also skilled in

mathematics. She is often considered to be a stunning

seductress though she was studying to be a nun. Cleopatra

was a very intelligent queen and a politician with a great


SMA Neger 1 Kadupandak 9 Descriptive Text