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DISC PROFILE like like
1 Considerate towards others
Acts enthusiastically
Demanding expectations of self
Does things in new ways

2 Appeals to others
Thinks things over
Holds their ground
Pleasant to others

3 Knows what others want

Daring to take risks
Responsive to others
Attracts others

4 Receptive to new ideas

Avoids conflicts
Sticks to decisions
Acts in a steady paced way

5 Animated, playful
Does things accurately
Bold acting
Not easily angered

6 Wants to win more

Thoughtful of others
Acts in a carefree way
Cautious with others

7 Wants things exact

Will do as told
Driven to be first
Makes things enjoyable

8 Acts in a tough, fearless way

Seeks to persuade others
Does not disagree
Questioning, careful

9 Warm towards others

Patient, remains calm
Doesn't depend on others
Acts quietly, calmly

10 Looks for new ideas

Active, scanning mind
Moves towards others
Acts moderately
11 Likes to talk
Slow to share feelings
Proven clear cut actions
Quick decision maker

12 Seeks favourable conditions

Willing to take risks
Assesses people
Easily satisfied

13 Acts in a forceful way

Outgoing actions
Gets on well with others
Calculates risks

14 Plans their actions

Doing it your own way
Promoting agreement
Friendly, low keyed

15 Likely to help others

Driven towards action
Diplomatic with others
Strong personal feelings

16 Tends to be trusting
Tries to understand others
Identifies others intentions
Confidently forceful

17 Wants to know expectations

Generous towards others
Lively and active
Refuses to give up easily

18 Is admirable
Comfortable working with others
Easily frustrated
Strong personal views

19 Displays intense attention

Seeks new results
Tends to be optimistic
Willing to defer to others

20 May argue with others

Avoids difficulties
May be nonchalant
Acts spontaneously

21 Seeks others views

Satisfied by same results
Self assured views
Tends to be worrisome

22 Likes to be with others

Correct, precise
Powerful acting
Easy on others

23 Makes others comfortable

Analyses tasks, conditions
Speaks openly, directly
Reserved and receptive

24 Seeks results through change

Finds people interesting
Wants to be liked by others
Strong private thoughts
D 6 4 2
I 9 8 1
S 2 1 1
C 3 3 0

Your DISC Profile

2 2
1 1
0 0
Characteristic Descriptors Value To The Team

D Dominance Adventuresome Bottom line organizer

Competitive Forward looking
Daring Challenge Orientated
Decisive Initiates activity
Direct Innovative
Problem Solver

I Influence Charming Optimism and enthusiasm

Confident Creative problem solving
Convincing Motivates others towards goals
Enthusiastic Team player
Inspiring Negotiates conflicts

C ComplianceAccurate Maintains high standards

Analytical Conscientious and steady
Conscientious Defines, clarifies, gets information an
Courteous Objective - "The anchor of reality"
Diplomatic Comprehensive problem solver
Fact finder
High Standards

S Stability Amiable Dependable team player

Friendly Work for a leader and a cause
Good Listener Patient and emphatic
Patient Logical step-wise thinker
Relaxed Service orientated
Team Player
Tendency Under StreIdeal Environment

Demanding Freedom from controls, supervision and detai

Nervy An innovative and futuristic orientated envi
Aggressive Forum to express ideas and viewpoints
Egotistical Nonroutine work
Work with challenge and opportunity

Self promoting High degree of people contacts

Overly optimistic Freedom from control and detail
Gobby Freedom of movement
Unrealistic Forum for ideas to be heard
Democratic supervisor with whom he can associate

Pessimistic Where critical thinking is needed

Picky Technical work or specialized area
Fussy Close relationship with small group
Overly critical Familiar work environment
Private office or work area

Nondemonstrative Stable and predictable environment

Unconcerned Environment that allows time to change
Hesitant Long term work relationships
Inflexible Little conflict between people
Freedom from restrictive rules
Possible Limitations Emotion Of The High Scorer

Overuse of position Anger

Set standards too high
Lack tact and diplomacy
Take on too much, too soon, too fast

Inattentive to details Optimism

Be unrealistic in appraising people
Trust people indiscriminately
Situational listener
m he can associate

Be defensive when criticized Fear

Get bogged down in details
Be overly intense for the situation
Appear somewhat aloof and cool

Yield to avoid controversy Nonemotional

Difficulty in establishing priorities
Dislike of unwarranted change
Difficulty dealing with diverse situations