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Simple Art techniques for


Amani ahmed
Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and

observations. Everyone has a creativity to use art. Also, children can

express their feeling and emotion by art they can do many creativity

on art. In this portfolio I gather five art technique can use in KG class

and shows the creativity of the children.

Blow painting techniques

Drop the paint onto the paper.

Water Brush straw plastic color
Blow air through the straw.
glue water eyes scissor .

Creativity: exploring color mixing. Art: drawing

Since: using air to make things move. English: weather learn new vocab.

Motor skill: fine motor skills.

Printing from natural object (leaves)

Take the students outside the classroom

A4 Papers
to bring various natural objects like:
Tempera paint in different colors leaves, feathers etc. Or you can ask their
parents a day before doing the activity to
Painting brushes collect with their children natural objects
Plates for the colors Start by showing them an example of it.
Tree leaves or any natural objects Let the children choose the colors and
Newspaper stamp the color into the leaves then
printing on the paper.

Physical development: Fine motor skills Since: learning texture of leaves, investigates
using their hand and classifies the textures of leaves.
Social development: working to gather Art: using their creativity, painting

Creativity: exploring and printing color. Math: ordering, pattern

Cognitive development: using their idea.

String printing

1- Take the Wool Yarn.

2- Stick the wool yarn on the
Papers glow wool yarn cup of paper using glue creating the
water acrylic color brush scissor. picture you want.
3- Chose any color and paint the
Wool Yarn. (try to use little water(
4- Place another blank paper,
above the already painted
paper. And press on it gently. Till it
takes the color.

Physical development: Fine motor skills

Art - Creativity and imagination
They will use their finger to stick the wool and English - Know new vocabulary /colors -
the brushes to paint it. respond to texts by making personal
Social development: Working connections to a story through drawing or
together Asking Questions role play.

Emotional development : Express Math - Shapes/ patterns

Science - Mixing colors - manipulate
their feelings. phonemes to generate new words.
Cognitive development: Use their
ideas, thoughts to be creative. The
right hemisphere of the brain controls
sensory processing and expression.
String painting

Lay out a piece of paper in front of each

child, and let each student choose the
colored paper that he/she wants (they can
Tempera paint in different colors choose a white or colored paper).

White or colored A4 papers Give each student a piece of string

Plates for the colors Let them pour a little of the colors in the

Math: pattern copy simple repeating

Physical: fine motor skills
English: listening and speaking learn new
Emotional development: they can vocab. (ADEC, 2014).
develop their self-esteem.
Natural materials or collected objects collage

Choose either papers or cartons
Natural objects to do your art work on
Safe glue for children Be careful during cutting with
Colors of tempera paint Choose whatever you want and
show us your creativity
Cotton (optional)
Feel free to pic any materials
Water bottle cover (optional) you want from outside
After you finish punch your
Pencils (optional) paper and write your name.

Physical develop: fine motor

Cognitive development: using their Since: "compare and group living and
imagination. nonliving.
Linguistic: the child will develop the
language through the material that
will be used in the activity.

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