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PRO-COR BEST PRACTICES (Project: Double Barrel)

PPOs/CPO # of Practices
Abra PPO 3
Apayao PPO 2
Benguet PPO 3
Ifugao PPO 1
Kalinga PPO 4
Mt. Province 1


A. TITLE: JEEP (Joint Effort and Engagement with People)

DATE STARTED: July 1, 2016


JEEP (Joint Effort and Engagement with People)

Part of the social responsibility of the Abra PPO is to look after the welfare of the
community people. This project enhances police active involvement and engagement
with the community where police services are much needed to prevent the occurrence
of crimes, promote the convergence of efforts with the non-government organization in
the delivery of basic social services especially to the schools located in the remote and
conflict affected areas and strengthen the Bayanihan spirit with the NGOs, DepEd,
LGUs, communities, and other Government Agencies. It is an opportunity to show the
people in the poor and remote communities that there is a government and this JEEP
Project serves as the vehicle to bring the government to the people.

Thus, this JEEP indeed transports drug patients into a favourable environment
through community awareness activities (lectures, information drive, dialogues;
distribution of IEC Materials); counselling; and Panunumpa para sa Pagbabago and
Project Salbar.

The implementation of this JEEP best practice of the Abra PPO has in so far
initiated activities that involved the participation of various stakeholders in the
community. It has also generated support from the LGU Abra and respective municipal
LGUs in the conduct of Panunumpa para sa Pagbabago and the concerted effort to
implement also the Project Salbar aimed at providing various programs that would
enhance the reformation of the drug surrenderors under the Oplan Tokhang. The Project
Salbar was launched on August 3, 2016 right after the province wide oath taking of the
drug surrenderors during the Panunumpa para sa Pagbabago in coordination with the
DILG, PDEA and the Provincial Government of Abra.


The JEEP best practice is an effective means to address the prevailing situation
relative to the anti-drug campaign of the PNP. With the evident participation and
involvement of various stakeholders and organizations both NGOs and GOs and
different agencies in the province, more and more drug personalities desire to embrace
a reformed life-that is free from drugs.


The JEEP best practice shall be carried on as a best practice not only in the
province of Abra but be adopted by other provinces/ city in the Cordillera region as it is
deemed an effective deterrent factor to drug involvmement.

B. TITLE: BISTADO (Bawat Isa Sugpuin, Tuldukan ang Droga)

DATE STARTED: July 1, 2016


BISTADO (Bawat Isa Sugpuin, Tuldukan ang Droga)

Bistado, a Filipino word which means caught in the act or simply caught. It
envisions an earlier eradication at the long term and immediate neutralization of drug-
related crime and drug use in the AOR.

This project involves the following operational activities as follows:

I. Demand Reduction

a. MADAC/BADAC Revision and Commitment

The Municipal and Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council or MADAC/BADAC will be

re-activated to become avenues for regular seminars on drug use concerns and to
secure the commitment of local executives and supporters for the anti-drug campaign in
the Province.

b. Organize Drug Awareness And Education Campaign in Every School

in the Province.

Information Campaign
Symposiums and Seminars
Sports Activities/ Clinics
Leadership, Values Formation & Spiritual
Film Showings

c. Capability Enhancements

Training of MAIDSOTG Personnel
Recruitment of Eye in the Barangays ( Assets)
Conduct of Drug Related Seminars

d. Regular Visitation

This is done through regular visits at known drug dependents residences

by members of the MAIDSOTG. At these visits, families of dependents who are
willing to submit themselves to rehabilitation are offered these free sessions as
well as education classes about the ill-effects of drug use.

II. Supply Reduction

a. Disruption Operations

i. Posting of Pictures/Gallery of Wanted Drug Personalities (WDPs) in Public

Places, Facebook, Twitter and other social media;

ii. Conduct of mobile/foot patrol and check points near houses of drug

b. Negation Operations
i. Search Warrant Operations

ii. Buy-bust Operations

iii. Intel driven checkpoint operations & patrolling

iv. Barangay Clearing

c. Legal Offensive

This involves the filing of cases of arrested drug personalities in court and
monitoring the status of cases to ensure conviction of the accused. Case build-up
shall be undertaken on all adults using minors as courier, runner or look outs for
the filing of charges for exploitation of minors. Constant coordination with the
prosecution for the conduct of case conferences is a must to ensure an air tight
case and eventual conviction.


A number of accomplishments on illegal drugs have been recorded by the Abra

PPO and a considerable change in the peace and order state of the province is
observed. Charges have been filed against drug personalities who were net during anti-
illegal drug operations and barangays became more involved in the drug campaign of
the PNP.


Through the demand reduction and supply reduction strategies of the BISTADO
best practice of the Abra PPO, the PNP Abra has elevated in terms of accomplishments
on illegal drugs. The barangay level has finally became more committed to enage and
participate in the anti-illegal drug campaign of the PNP Abra. On the other hand, drug
personalities are slowly realizing that Abra is not a safe haven for their illegal drug


The BISTADO best practice must be sustained as an effective tool to get rid of
the provinces illegal drug personalities and their activities. All municipal police stations
in the province must have to carry out the same as their response to the drug problem
in their own AORs.
C. TITLE: BITAG (Bileg ti Agtutubo)

DATE STARTED: July 1, 2016


BITAG (Bileg ti Agtutubo)

The PNP Abra Program B.I.T.A.G aims to net criminalities in the Province through
the concerted effort of the members of youth organizations. Being the crucial fragment
of Police Force in the implementation of peacekeeping strategies, youth are driven to be
watchdogs of the society, voices of the community and advocates of peace and
development in the province.
Youth from all the municipalities forming different organizations, have been a
bridge to echo the various peacekeeping activities of the PNP which give more
emphasis on the campaign against abusive drugs believing that their generation is vital
in shaping better members of community.

Symposiums, Lectures, Information Disseminations, Social Media Activities and

Sports Activities, all relative to the Drug Campaign, are all heightened in order to
reiterate to the young ages the effects of Drug use and abuse and their significance in
the eradication of drug related activities.


More engagements and linkages have been developed among the various youth
organizations and academic institutions in the province. Particularly, the Abra PPO has
entered into a MOA with the ASIST relative to the intensified campaign against illegal
drugs and both Abra PPO and aforesaid school agreed to subject their students into
regular drug symposia and lectures to be administered by the PNP Abra.


The implementation of the BITAG has empowered the youth segment of the
Abrenian Community to become more involved and participative in the campaign
against illegal drugs of the PNP Abra. With this best practice, the youths has become
more aware and conscious on the prevailing drug situation in the province and they are
now more cooperative to the police authorities relative to the activities of the PNP
geared toward deterring drugs in their own communities.


The BITAG must be sustained as a best practice in the province considering its
impact to the deterrence of drug involvement among youths in the province.

A. TITLE: PANAGBALBALIW-Transforming the surrendered Drug pusher and user

by undergoing Recovery program

DATE STARTED: July 5, 2016


The increasing of use of illegal drugs has significantly contributed volume of

crime in the country brought about by drug pusher and user and victimizes mostly the
underprivileged and impoverished sector of the society. The President is very decisive in
his pronouncement to address the countrys drug problem by all means at all cost.

The PNP FLORA, Local Government Unit, and Multi Sectoral agencies recognize
the dangers and bad effects of illegal drugs posed in every nook of Barangay in the
municipality. The increase of drug personalities does not only pose imminent threat and
danger to the youth and families but erodes the sacredness of every home and destroy
the very dignity of the social, spiritual and moral behavior of the citizenry. The PNP, LGU
and the multi- sectoral groups comprising the youth, students, Religious sector, Dep-Ed,
DOJ, Transport group and BADACs were organize as convenor to actively participate in
the holistic fight against illegal drugs in the municipality. The personnel of Flora MPS as
Station Anti Illegal Drugs Unit (SAIDU) together with the BADACs in every barangay will
conduct massive information dissemination in every barangay re: PNP AGAINST

In coordination with the BADAC in every barangay a campaign will be scheduled

to be attended by the constituent or resident in the barangay to include the identified
and unidentified pusher and user residing thereat. PCI ROBERT D. BALUNOS, Acting
Chief of Police and SP02 Gemma G. Malag, as the resource speaker will explain to the
participant the campaign plan PROJECT DOUBLE BARREL and the (2) two approach
Project TOKHANG and Project HVT/LVT, and participants and who ever want to
surrender will be assisted by their BADAC member and convenor residing in the
barangay , after the dissemination an open forum for the participants for their queries
and clarification to be addressed by the PNP personnel and BADACs members to clear
the doubts. As a result, a volume of the unidentified/identified pusher and user residing
in the barangay voluntarily surrendered to the Municipal Police Station after the
information dissemination.

The Barangay Campaign or GROUP TOKHANG then success to encourage

constituents as convenor to help to eradicate problems in Illegal drugs and in order to
attain peaceful municipality to live, to work and to do business.

These activity was started during the first cascading of the program of the PRESIDENT
inside the FLORA MPS and attended by the Municipal Mayor, HON. RODOLFO
BAUTISTA JUAN who by chance came alone in the station on July 3, 2016 Sunday
morning. After the cascading, the Acting Chief of Police, PCI ROBERT D. BALUNOS
referred to the municipal mayor what would be the action plan if volume of unidentified
pusher and user will surrender to the PNP, and it was acknowledge by the municipal
mayor, by assuring his support for the campaign and allocate financial support to all
returnees as long they are really willing by heart to surrender, submit themselves,
accept and repent that they are a pusher/user of illegal drugs then stop and never turn
back to use the illegal drugs (SHABU/marijuana) anymore and direct their whole life for
the betterment of the their family.

The LGU Flora under the leadership of the Municipal Mayor embraced the
surrendered pushers and users by way of rewarding them the following: 1st Educational
Assistance, 2nd Livelihood Program, 3rd Pabahay program and 4th Philippine Health
sponsoring returnees who will pass the recovery program. The reward will be awarded
to any faithful user/pusher who by heart of removing or to cash away the illegal drugs
(Shabu). The program is to make available to every participants as long as they are
willing to stop their illegal vices and activities and embrace 100% change.


Result of the implementation was adopted by the LGU and the convenors/ multi-
sectoral group of Flora. The campaign against illegal drugs within the municipality of
Flora was effective that resulted to the voluntary surrender of the drug personalities
within the municipality.

The implementation of this best practice is very effective considering that the
minor drug personalities was referred to undergo Alternative Learning System (ALS),
four (4) Out of School Youth (OSY) drug personalities become scholar grantee of the
LGU at Cagayan State University (CSU) and Apayao State College (ASC); and some
unemployed drug personalities was referred to undergo small engine training at TESDA.


The existence of Panagbalbaliw (Recovery Program) of the PNP will result a

good cooperation of the convenors to represent a major duties to uplift the life of drug
personalities and would able to neutralized drug dependents and dealers and to
convince them to forget using and selling illegal drugs.

As per report from the barangays it was lessen the commission of crimes, no
bystanders during night time, stop motorist coming and out from the barangay, even
outsiders visiting their co-surrenderors during curfew hours. Surrendererors were given
chance to continue their studies and some were facilitate their own livelihood.
This project recommended for full approval by the Local Government Unit of
Flora for the fund/logistical allocation in the implementation of the Moral Recovery
Program of the surrendered drug personality.

We recommended also having near and free rehabilitation center for the drug
personalities because most of them are only victim of these illegal drugs.

Respectfully endorsing for adoption of this best practice entitled:

PANAGBALBALIW-Transforming the surrendered Drug pusher and user by
undergoing Recovery program.

B. SUBJECT : CICL Drug Surrenderer Under go Alternative Learning System


On July 22, 2016 at around 10:40 AM, personnel of

this office led by PCI ROBERT DATOL BALUNOS, Acting
COP supervised five (5) surrendered from Brgy. San Jose
namely: Jimmielle Limos, Jhaylord Zuniga, Dilton
Damasco, Romel Rimando and Alvin Ricardos during their
Functional Proficiency Test conducted by the Alternative
Learning System teachers headed by Mrs. Jessica B.
Sarmiento, Teaching Staff of ALS as part to the recovery program of the surrendered
drug personality.

SPO2 Gemma G. Malag, coordinated with Mr. Terrence Balacang, Trainer from
TESDA regarding the recommended four (4) surrenderer
namely: Albeejay Dagdagan, Dojie Manuel, Ogie Mallari,
all from Brgy. San Jose and Rustan Kryll Siddayao from
Brgy. Bagutong who will undergo small engine repair
training of TESDA to be conducted at Flora East Central
School. The surrenderer will start their training tomorrow.

TITLE:_Flow Chart- Procedures in the handling/ processing/ documentation of

Surrenderer (Drug User/Pusher)

DATE STARTED:August 4, 2016


With the unprecedented voluntary submission of Drug Users and Pushers as

early as June 2016, this office adopted a procedure in handling, processing and
documenting of surrenderors to provide them the necessary assistance and eventually
to facilitate their home care known as Community-Based Rehabilitation Treatment

The concept was developed in coordination with LGUs (BADACs),

OCSWADO/DSWD, PDEA, DE Ed, related Volunteer Groups and other concerned
agencies through BCPOs representation to the City Mayor being the Chairman,
CADAC with the main purpose of instituting and sustaining the program against illegal
drugs in the city. More importantly, the program was anchored on the pronouncement of
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to get rid all forms of criminality, particularly illegal drugs
in three to six months, to which the Chief, PNP also derived its Project Tokhang and
Double Barrel.

The community-based rehabilitation/treatment program was pilot-tested initially to

37 surrenderors (users/pushers) (first Batch) coming from the different barangays of
Baguio City. The program is composed of 5 sessions, namely:

1. Psycho-Education
2. Feelings Processing
3. Communication Skills
4. Skills Training
5. Multi-Family Therapy and Counseling.

Out of the five sessions, which is basically more of lecture-discussion, re-

orientation/reinforcement process and experiential approach about the ill-effects of
drugs, the surrenderers shall undergo 90 actual one-on-one meetings with their
counselors at the Bahay Silungan-DSWD, Baguio City. The surrenderers family
members were also encouraged to join to facilitate their rehabilitation and treatment.
The lecture and counseling was spearheaded by the Serenity In The Steps Volunteer
Group, a volunteer group which are composed of drug dependents who have been
considered recovered (They call themselves recoverees). As a way of advocacy,
together with the other volunteer groups, they are now helping the City Government of
Baguio in this particular endeavor under the auspices of the OCSWADO/DSWD. The
program is voluntary in nature, and through this mechanism the surrenderers are at the
same time being monitored regularly by the concerned agencies
(BCPO/BADACs/PDEA/DOH with the OCSWADO/DSWD as the lead agency).


The first session of the program was already applied to four (4) batches and
attended by 168 individuals in coordination with OCSWADO.

Attendees of the Psycho-Education session are observed to be committed by

actively participating with its modules.

It was observed that some of the surrenderers are accompanied by their

guardians/partners which is an indicator of their willingness to reform


Based on the informal interview conducted by this unit, people from the different
sectors gave feedbacks on the activities being undertaken by the drug surrenderes,
wherein they have mentioned that said activities ( 5 Sessions) is one way to diminish
drug related problem in our country. Moreover, it will really help if not renew the life of
drug user/pusher and to become a law abiding and responsible citizen.

That with the unexpected high number of drug personality surrenderors, it

showed that the drug menace is already extensive, and to solve the problem, it
requires the cooperation of all sectors of society .

That this program will be successful if provided with support


Maintain, develop and enhanced collaboration between and among LGUs

(BADACs), OCSWADO/DSWD, PDEA, De Ep, BCPO and other concerned agencies.
That necessary education/ training on the part of PNP personnel who provide
counseling/assistance to drug surrenderers be given concern in the programming of
PNPs program of instruction .

That a PNP team may undergo training by accredited trainors in relation to

handling of drug surrenderers

A. TITLE: Dialogue/Information Drive

DATE STARTED: July 30, 2016


The personnel of Bokod MPS led by the chief of police conduct

continuous engagement with the Academe/Schools, Barangays and the community
especially at the far flung areas , wherein information drive thru lecture/s/symposiums,
and distributions of IEC materials on R.A. 9165 and other crime prevention tips is being


The said Best practices we adapted thru information drive is very effective that
resulted to the voluntary surrender of the drug users.

The community in Bokod, Benguet appreciates the police intervention in the fight
against drug menace, because they feel more secure when going out especially at


Based on our interview to most of the drug surrenderers claimed that they were
more at east in their mind/feelings because they no longer have a misunderstanding
with their family and or loves ones.
The wives of the married surrenderers are happy because they observed that
their husbands are becoming on stable mind and trouble or harm in their family had
This information drive must be continuous until zero user and or pusher in the
community will prevail.
The users/pushers who sincerely wishes to be reformed must be given a training
on livelihood program so that they will be productive in their family and the
community as well.


DATE STARTED: August 28, 2016


Addiction to drugs affects the body, mind and spirit. Along with the treatment tools
is to strengthen the spiritual life which plays a role in recovery from drug use. Tublay
MPS initiated to conduct spiritual recovery program to drug personalities of the
municipality in coordination with the Municipal Officials, Barangay Officials and religious
sectors. Programs will be implemented if properly coordinated and organize.

Coordination with the concerned Barangay Officials was done for the
implementation of the spiritual recovery program to drug personalities be done in
monthly basis.

Spiritual recovery program may influence the whole being of drug personalities to
be a better person and helps them to restore their faith in God and refrain them from
using illegal drugs.

Active participation or presence of drug personalities to these programs should
be strictly observed. Concerned agencies must help one another to address this
problem of drugs within the municipality.

DATE STARTED: November 2015

The Regular Conduct of Youth Forum Kabuwegan to schools especially in the

secondary level wishes to further inform and educate the youth regarding RA 9165,
the hazards in using prohibited drugs, its inevitable consequences, etc. It will be
discussed to them on their own level in an open forum type of interaction between the
lecture/s and the students.

The growing concern on illegal drug trade particularly shabu is one of the
alarming issues in the province. The introduction of this illegal drug caught the
interest of drug pushers in the province of Benguet because of the high profit
involved. Given this situation, it follows that drug dependence among the
constituents will certainly increase. Even minors and student were technically involved
in the said distribution, that in their part, they dont know even what is happening all
By the information drive conducted. Students, minors and youths can already
distinguish the physical appearance of known illegal drugs, the technique by the
distributors to used minors in distribution of the said drugs were presented. They will
never trust individual who ask them to deliver a package to someone they dont know in
exchange of a certain good things, money of favor.

Faculty members, Student organization and other School based organization
were currently supporting the campaign against illegal drugs. Verbal request from
schools and barangay reaches our office, requesting us to conduct illegal drug lecture
for further understanding and a follow up reminder.

Youths are the hope of the father land by Dr. Jose Rizal. Could they become
the Hope of the Father Land, if at their young age, they will be destroyed by involving
their self to illegal drugs Activities.
This Memorandum of Agreement is made and executed by and between:
The Sablan Municipal Police Station (Sablan MPS), a government agency
created pursuant to R.A No 6975 as amended by R.A. No 8551 and further amended by
RA 9708, whose principal office address at Poblacion, Sablan, Benguet, Philippines
represented herein by Police Senior Inspector ORLANDO BULI-E BAKISAN, Officer-
In-Charge and hereinafter referred to as the SABLAN MPS.

The District Sablan and local government unit of and existing under the Republic
of the Philippines, whose is located at Central , Poblacion, Sablan, Benguet
represented by Mr. Delarosa Delmas, Principal II, herein referred to as the SCHOOL.
The Municipality of Sablan, local government unit of and existing under the laws
of the Republic of the Philippines, whose principal office is located at Poblacion, Sablan,
Benguet represented by Honorable Arthur C. Baldo, Municipal Mayor herein referred
to as the Local Government Unit of Sablan
WHEREAS, one of the mission of the SABLAN MPS is to ensure public safety,
serve and protect its constituents;

WHEREAS, the SABLAN MPS, in consonance with the program IMPLAN

01/2016 also known as: Anti-illegal Drugs Campaign, dated August 29, 2016, the
Agency is inclined to conduct various programs to the barangay to protect life and
property through its continuous information and education and other activities;
WHEREAS, the BARANGAY is the smallest government unit which aims to
provide essential services to its constituents and to develop them into a responsible and
progressive citizens;
NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises and the
stipulations specified hereunder, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. The SABLAN MPS shall undertake the following conditions:

a. Shall designate a Program Coordinator who will coordinate and supervise

with the different BARANGAYs and SCHOOL various activities.
b. Provide assistance to BPATS.
c. Shall deploy and assign personnel to conduct information dissemination to
the constituents on protection of chastity, life and properties that include
anti-illegal drugs campaign.
d. Shall provide the BARANGAY residents and SCHOOL hard copies of
brochures and leaflets for references.
e. Shall conduct lecture to residents during their scheduled of Barangay
Assembly and BADAC meeting Activities.
f. Shall conduct lecture to parents and teachers during their scheduled of
PTA meeting/School Assemblies.
g. Shall conduct yearly community survey to the residents to assess the
implementation of the IMPLAN
h. The Committee shall conduct semestral evaluation to monitor the

2. The BARANGAY undertake the following conditions:

a. Shall designate a Program Coordinator who will coordinate with the

AGENCYS various activities.
b. Shall allow the AGENCY to join in the Barangay Assembly meeting to
discuss issues re:
i) RA 9165
ii) Sablan Situation update
iii) Other related topics
c. Shall notify the agency in every activities in the barangay.
d. Shall invite/notify the Agency on meetings of barangays and liga.
e. Shall assist the Sablan MPS in conducting community survey

3. The LGU shall:

a. Oversee the full implementation of the IMPLAN

b. Shall provide funds during the implementation of the IMPLAN if necessary
c. Shall oversee/overlook the importance/advantage of the IMPLAN to the
constituents of Sablan
This agreement shall take effect upon signing of this Memorandum of
Agreement and remain in effect unless terminated by the parties upon due notice and
for just cause.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto set our hands this

______________ day of ________________ at the Sablan, Benguet.




By: By: By:

Officer-In-Charge Municipal Mayor ABC
Barangay Chairman

Signed in the presence of:

__________________________ _____________________

TITLE: Kulkug, Hummangan, Kiphodan

DATE STARTED: July 1, 2016


In the Province of Ifugao, Project Tokhang was highlighted with the visibility
of teams composed of police officers and BADAC members in the different barangays
conducting house to house visitations to suspected users and pushers. This marks the
serious implementation of the PNP on the Anti-illegal drugs campaign thrust of the
President of the Philippines. In order to ensure the presence of prospect users and
pushers in their homes, the Team usually approached them early in the morning. This
activity is the kulkug or knocking at doors. Humangan is the vernacular term for
conversation. In the most remarkable and acceptable approach, the team would
explain the reason of their visit and tries their best to persuade the prospect user or
pusher to voluntarily surrender. The process is clearly explained and they are given
assurance that the Team would assist them in accomplishing the requirements once
they decide to surrender. After the surrender, the PD or the COP through a letter of
communication addressed to the ADAC chairperson informed the council of the profiles
of the surrenderrors for possible rehabilitation/livelihood programs. Still, PNP-Ifugao
with its passion to help those termed as Namulat sa Katotohanan those who decided
live out of drugs, designed an intervention activity through sports. During its kick-off
ceremony, it started with a fun walk followed by a tae boo and a basketball friendship
game between the police and the surrenderrors. A meeting is called on same day where
they will agree on the schedule of a regular athletic day. This is purposely to assist
them in their self-rehabilitation through sports, regain a strong body, help boost their
self-esteem and develop closer relationship between them and the police for easier


With the joint efforts of the PNP and the ADACS, it resulted to the voluntary surrender of
65 pushers and 424 users to their municipal executives. Out of 11 municipalities, only
the Municipality of Hunduan recorded no surrenderrors for the period. This office was
able to conduct 7 athletic sessions with them and on continuous process.


With the implementation Kulkug, Hummangan, Kiphodan, in the municipalities of

Ifugao, More drug personalities were encouraged to voluntary surrender, collection of
information on suspected drug users and pushers is easier since they are the most
reliable source of information, the working partnership of the Barangay council with the
police is being strengthened. This program obligated the utmost participation of the
LGUs with the police and the community in their responsibility towards building a drug-
free municipality.

It is highly recommended that anti-drug abuse councils should have orientations and
regular coordinating meetings. In the sports program designed by the PNP, LGUs and
ADACs should participate to show support.


(Tabuk CPS)




The SHALOM KALINGA was initiated by C, PCR of Tabuk City Police Station in
the person of PO3 Alvius Cordero. This group was formed aiming to see how the
ministers & Christian leaders (as NGO) can voluntarily be of great help in the
rehabilitation process of these overwhelming needs of surrenderees. The groups
primary aim is to provide counseling and Rehabilitation or Training Center for them (in
any way they can) so that proper monitoring can be maximally conducted. It is
compose of Religious Sector, Academe representative, Business sector, Medical
Practitioners, Psychologists. The Tabuk City PNP in partnership with the SHALOM
KALINGA is continuously conducting monitoring and counseling to the surenderers at
their respective barangay hall once a week. Surenderers are being checked and
signified by the Barangay Officials and Ministers if they are attending said counseling.

Aside from counseling, all surenderers was given bibles to read and understand the
words of God to accept him as their savior.

Surrenderees were very much willing to participate the said counseling thru the
gospel because they feel the impact of change in their lives. Although, some of the
surrenderees are little bit reluctant in attending the counseling because of their busy
schedules but they are oblige to attend because of the weekly monitoring report. Their
immediate families actually appreciating the program because they also testify and
witness that there is big change in the lives of their love ones.

The program is successful because of the willingness and enthusiasm of the SHALOM
KALINGA in partnership with the PNP and BADAC for the implementation of the
program despite the group has only fund which came from their own resources.
Strongly recommend that the partnership of the PNP with the SHALOM KALINGA will
be sustained and appropriate funding shall be programmed to address their
transportation and representation allowance.
(Lubuagan MPS)

B. TITLE: Spiritual Upliftment

DATE STARTED: August 11, 2016


Our Best Practice initiated on Project Double Barrel is the Spiritual

Upliftment wherein this office in partnership with the Mountain View Lighthouse Baptist
Church will conduct a spiritual upliftment to the surrenderers. This spiritual upliftment
will be conducted to this office once a month. This spiritual upliftment is one way of
showing their willingness to change.


As we have conducted the first session, we have seen and observed that our
surrenderers have change a little and they started going to mass and started to actively
participate in some of the activities of the municipality.


The assessment of this office is that this spiritual upliftment is very effective.


This office will continue this spiritual upliftment until all the surrenderers will finally
find God in their life and to fully keep away from illegal drugs.

(Pasil MPS)

C. TITLE: Drug Prevention and Intervention Campaign

DATE STARTED: July 1, 2016.


Conduct of drug symposium, continuous monitoring and house to house

visitation of surrenderer, debriefing and spiritual enhancement, maintenance of
surrenderer logbook and conduct of community service of surrenderer. The
surrenderers are being task as lecturer and give testimony to the people for the ill effect
of drug.


All activities were conducted as schedule based on the program plans and
activities as a result of the close coordination of the Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council
(MADAC) and the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) by this police station.
The activities are ongoing as schedule with an objective to help the surrenderrer to
continue get rid from drugs and to prevent the further proliferation the menace of drugs
in the locality.

The MADAC/ BADAC as especial body and the community as well as the
surrenderrer are very supportive in attaining a common goal for a drug free municipality.


Recommend the full support of this best practice in order to maintained and
further develop what has been started.

(Rizal MPS)

D. TITLE: Home Care Service

DATE STARTED: July 28, 2016


Rizal Municipal Police Station initiated a program dubbed as Home Care

Service which involved series of activities for illegal drug pushers and users
surrenderers wherein every Thursdays from 8:00 AM-10:00 AM said surrenderers are
accounted in front of the Rizal Municipal Police Station followed by the checking of vital
signs in partnership with the RHU personnel, participation in a ZUMBA exercises led by
PNP personnel and culminated by a Moral & Spiritual Enrichment in collaboration with
MAC Member - Pastor Walter Semilla. Said activity is conducted once a week.


Some of the surrenderers were afraid to divulge the name of the pushers whom
they were buying illegal drugs especially if the pusher is a Kalinga native and some are
telling that they took drugs before.

Priority assessments on the needs of Drug Surrenderers is currently undertaken

by the Rizal Police Station to classify surrenderers who shall be endorse for livelihood
assistance provided by the Rizal LGU in partnership with TESDA and the Department of
Agriculture ROS, Rizal, Kalinga


The result of the program is deemed effective as per observation and inquiry to the
participants themselves. Many have manifested their positive feedback and are hoping
that the LGU will be able to provide alternative livelihood in order that the surrenderers
will keep themselves busy and be productive members of the society.


Rizal Municipal Police station recommends continuous implementation and

improvement of the program and recommends the emulation of the same by other units.
7. Mt. Province PPO

TITLE: Community Based Activities

DATE STARTED: August 25, 2016


The Community Based Activities was designed to the drug surrenderors to divert
their activities into environment preservation.


The surrenderors are willing and voluntarily participated and were able to plant
300 acacia tree in Balitian to Mount Am-ancho, Bontoc Ili, Bontoc, Mountain Province.


20 drug surrenderors participated during the activities.


Coordination with the DENR is recommended for more seedlings to be planted

during the next activity. Further, coordination for any DENR plans and programs for
environmental protection.