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Table HazenWilliams C Values Slatted Floors, Large Floor Openings, Mezzanines,
and Large Platforms. Buildings having slatted floors or large
Pipe or Tube C Value* unprotected floor openings without approved stops shall be
treated as one area with reference to pipe sizes, and the feed
Unlined cast or ductile iron 100 mains or risers shall be of the size required for the total num-
Black steel (dry systems including preaction) 100 ber of sprinklers.
Black steel (wet systems including deluge) 120 Stair Towers. Stair towers, or other construction with
Galvanized (all) 120 incomplete floors, if piped on independent risers, shall be
Plastic (listed) all 150 treated as one area with reference to pipe sizes.
Cement-lined cast or ductile iron 140
Copper tube or stainless steel 150 22.5.2 Schedule for Light Hazard Occupancies.
Asbestos cement 140 Branch Lines.
Concrete 140 Unless permitted by or,
The authority having jurisdiction is permitted to consider other C branch lines shall not exceed eight sprinklers on either side of
values. a cross main. Where more than eight sprinklers on a branch line* Pressures. are necessary, lines shall be permitted to be increased to nine When calculating flow from an orifice, the total sprinklers by making the two end lengths 1 in. (25.4 mm) and
pressure (Pt) shall be used, unless the calculation method of 114 in. (33 mm), respectively, and the sizes thereafter standard. is utilized. Ten sprinklers shall be permitted to be placed on a
branch line, making the two end lengths 1 in. (25.4 mm) and Use of the normal pressure (Pn) calculated by sub- 114 in. (33 mm), respectively, and feeding the tenth sprinkler
tracting the velocity pressure from the total pressure shall be by a 212 in. (64 mm) pipe.
permitted. Where the normal pressure is used, it shall be used
on all branch lines and cross mains where applicable. Pipe Sizes. Flow from a sprinkler shall be calculated using the Pipe sizes shall be in accordance with Table
nominal K-factor. Minimum Operating Pressure.

Table Light Hazard Pipe Schedules Minimum operating pressure of any sprinkler
shall be 7 psi (0.5 bar).
Steel Copper Where a higher minimum operating pressure for
the desired application is specified in the listing of the sprin- 1 in. 2 sprinklers
p 1 in. p
2 sprinklers
kler, this higher pressure shall be required. 114 in. 3 sprinklers
p 114 in. 3 sprinklers
112 in. 5 sprinklers
p 112 in. 5 sprinklers
p Maximum Operating
p g Pressure. For extra hazard oc- 2 in. 10 sprinklers
p 2 in. 12 sprinklers
p palletized,
p solid pile,
p in bin box, or on shelf stor- 212 in. 30 sprinklers
p 212 in. 40 sprinklers
g thee maximum o operating pressure of any sprinkler shall be 3 in. 60 sprinklers
p 3 in. 65 sprinklers
175 psi (12.1 bar). 312 in. 100 sprinklers
p 312 in. 115 sprinklers
4 in. See Section 8.2 4 in. See Section
22.5 Pipe Schedules. Pipe schedules shall not be used, except
in existing systems and in new systems or extensions to existing
systems described in Chapter 11. Water supplies shall conform For SI units, 1 in. = 25.4 mm.
to 11.2.2.
22.5.1* General. Each area requiring more sprinklers than the The pipe schedule sizing provisions shall not apply number specified for 312 in. (89 mm) pipe in Table
to hydraulically calculated systems. and without subdividing partitions (not necessarily fire walls)
shall be supplied by mains or risers sized for ordinary hazard Sprinkler systems having sprinklers with K-factors occupancies.
other than 5.6 nominal, listed piping material other than that
covered in Table, extra hazard Group 1 and Group 2 Where sprinklers are installed above and below
systems, and exposure protection systems shall be hydrauli- ceilings in accordance with Figure through Fig-
cally calculated. ure, and such sprinklers are supplied from a
common set of branch lines or separate branch lines from a The number of automatic sprinklers on a given pipe common cross main, such branch lines shall not exceed
size on one floor shall not exceed the number given in 22.5.2, eight sprinklers above and eight sprinklers below any ceil-
22.5.3, or 22.5.4 for a given occupancy. ing on either side of the cross main.* Size of Risers. Each system riser shall be sized to Unless the requirements of are met, pipe
supply all sprinklers on the riser on any one floor as deter- sizing up to and including 212 in. (64 mm) shall be as shown in
mined by the standard schedules of pipe sizes in 22.5.2, 22.5.3, Table utilizing the greatest number of sprinklers to be
or 22.5.4. found on any two adjacent levels.

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