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Approval Date: February 26, 2001

See Numeric Index for expiration
and any reaffirmation dates.

Case 2347 (i) This Case shall not be used for external pressure
Ni-Cr-Mo-B-V Quenched and Tempered Steel for design.
Welded Construction (j) This Case number shall be referenced in the
Section VIII, Division 1 documentation of the material and recorded on the
Manufacturers Data Report.

Inquiry: May Ni-Cr-Mo-B-V quenched and tempered

steel, otherwise complying with ASME SA-372, be TABLE 1
used for welded construction as integrally forged pres- CHEMICAL COMPOSITION
sure vessels in construction under Section VIII, Divi-
Element Composition, %
sion 1?
Carbon 0.280.35
Manganese 0.701.00
Reply: It is the opinion of the committee that Ni- Phosphorus 0.025 max.
Cr-Mo-V-B quenched and tempered steel, otherwise Sulfur 0.025 max.
conforming to SA-372, may be used in welded construc- Silicon 0.150.35
Nickel 0.400.70
tion for integrally forged pressure vessels in construction Chromium 0.400.65
under Section VIII, Division 1 providing the following Molybdenum 0.150.25
additional requirements are met: Vanadium 0.0050.10
(a) The composition shall be as shown in Table 1. Boron 0.00050.002
(b) The rules in Section VIII, Division 1, Subsection
B that apply are those given in Part UF. The material
shall be considered the same as SA-372 Grade G-
Class 70. TABLE 2
(c) The mechanical properties shall be those shown
in Table 2. Tensile strength, ksi 120140
Yield strength, (0.2% offset), ksi 70 min.
(d) The allowable stress values shall be those shown
Elongation in 2 in., % 18 min.
in Table 3 and are for quenched and tempered mate-
rial only.
(e) Welds shall be restricted to structural attachments
and nozzle to flange attachment welds. All welds shall TABLE 3
(f) Welding shall be in accordance with Section
For Metal Temperature, Stress Values,
VIII, Division 1, Part UF; special requirements listed Not Exceeding, F ksi
in paras. UF-31 and UF-32 on SA-372 material apply,
except wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing in ac- 100 34.3
cordance with Appendix 6 shall be required for all 200 34.3
300 34.3
welds after heat treatment. When the flange material 400 34.3
is nonmagnetic, a wet fluorescent liquid penetrant exami- 500 34.3
nation in accordance with Appendix 8 shall be used. 600 34.3
(g) Separate welding procedures and performance 650 34.0
qualifications shall be conducted in accordance with GENERAL NOTES:
Section IX. The supplementary variables of QW-250 (a) This material may be susceptible to reheat cracking in the coarse
apply. grained region of the welded base metal when unheat-treated
and welded streel is heated to the austenitizing temperature.
(h) The Charpy impact test requirements of UHT- (b) The revised criterion of 3.5 on tensile strength was used in
6(a) shall be met. establishing these values.


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