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Name: Kara Whetstone

Directions: Using the template below, describe how students could use a blog, wiki, or other website-
creation tool to learn required learning standards in your content area: For an A grade provide an idea that
reaches a Level of Technology Implementation of 4 or above. Remember higher levels (4-6) require that
students assume adult/professional roles; engage in higher-order thinking; and use technology
create/publish original content for their classmates and/or others beyond their school/classroom. The
learning activities and products should be engaging and meaningful to the students and to others who will
view/use/benefit from students work. Review your handouts on Engaged Learning, Authenticity, and LoTi.
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Content Area: English Language Arts
Technology Used (check all that apply):
Blog Wiki Other Website Creation Tool (list):
Content Area/Grade/Standards/Topics Addressed: ELAGSEKL1: Print many upper and lower case
Brief Description of Learning Experience:
The students will be working with their parents to complete this lesson at home. As a class, we have been
learning and talking about letters for about a week now and this will be one of our finally fun projects to
complete. I will introduce this project to the students at school before they go home to complete it, I will
also send out an email to the parents on how to access the blog and find this flipped classroom assignment.
The assignment will be on my classroom blog; the students will be logging on to the blog with parental
guidance. On this blog they will be able to access a podcast of me reading the book A B C by Dr. Seuss.
After the parents and students listen to the book, they will be going on a scavenger hunt throughout their
home or outside their home to find an object for every letter of the alphabet. They will write down every
letter and the corresponding object for each letter on a piece of construction or colored paper. The students
will be creating this paper and bringing it back to class to share with their peers. This project should take
about 20 minutes to complete.

Once the students bring this back to class, we will look at everyones sheet together and talk about all the
different objects each student found in their home. Once we have spent some time discussing their finished
product, we will post all of these sheets in the hallway for the other students and teachers to see. This
product the students made will now be reaching the whole school. I think the students will really enjoy this
project and they will also have fun working with their parents on this assignment at home.

Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):

Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Student Engagement/Level of Technology Implementation (LoTi):

The LoTi level for this assignment is a LoTi level 4 because the students are assuming an adult position by
accessing the blog and listening to the podcast and instructions. They are also applying this project to the
real world by going out into the world and through their home to find the object corresponding to the
Importance of technology:
The website-creation tool is critical to this project because without it they would not be able to complete
this assignment how I would like them too. Without this website, the students wouldnt be able to listen to
my book podcast or access the instructions. Without this, the parents would also be confused on the
instructions. If there was not a classroom blog or a flipped classroom the students would have to complete
this assignment in class and it would not be as fun for the students.

Inspiration (optional): N/A

Internet Safety and Student Privacy:

There really arent many internet safety issues during this assignment because everything they are accessing
on the internet is on my secure classroom blog. The students will also be accessing this at home with
parental guidance so there isnt much to worry about for this activity.

Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.

I have never done a flipped classroom assignment before. I have also never recorded a podcast of a book for
my blog site. I think I learned a lot from this activity, I learned how to create my own blog, create a flipped
classroom as well as record an audio file for an assignment. I really hope the students will learn more about
letters and also have fun with this assignment as they complete it.
Other comments about your proposed activity: This activity was fun for me to complete and I also think
that the students and parents will have fun with this.