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Apple Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear S3

Recommendation for smart watch

Prepared by :
Mior Fareed Azmil Bin Mior Shamsuddin B051410212

Prepared for :
Mr. Mohd Tahkim Bin Salahudin

4 December 2016
1.0 Abstract

This report will proposes a smart watch for consumer daily basis. Basically this report
will elaborate more on comparison between two best smart watch that you can get which are
Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3. This report will hopefully clarify to consumer out
there on which device they should spend money on.

Equality important is that we know in recent years, smartwatch become popular

among gadget enthusiast. Most of the people want to buy the smart watch is because of its
versatility in term of function. You can use it as mp3 player, browsing message that sync with
your smartphone and even wear it while you swim in the pool because literally it can. So, we
have spotted on two high end smartwatch devices that can be said as equally in term of its
functionality which are Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3. However there few aspect that
differ from each other that make each device unique.
2.0 Introduction

A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond

timekeeping. As we know that normal watch is to provide information about time, date and
month. However technology has revolutionary the way human can use watch. With some
technologies that put inside a watch it can turn into magical device that can pick a call,
texting, listening to music and many other task.

The fierce rivalry between Apple and Samsung is helping lead to some major leaps
forward in the smartwatch space. Samsung unveiled its Gear S3 smartwatch at the start of
September, and a week later Apple debuted its first-ever overhaul to Apple Watch--dubbed
Apple Watch Series 2. And clearly, these smartwatches are getting smarter--as well as

But as always, given the differing approaches by Apple and Samsung, there are plenty
of differences between what you'll get from the two smartwatches. Actually, we're talking
about four smartwatches here. Gear S3 comes in two versions, Frontier and Classic, while
Apple Watch comes in 38mm and 42mm versions. In the following slides, the CRN Test
Center breaks down how the Samsung Gear S3 and Apple Watch Series 2 compare on specs
and price.
3.0 Criteria

Both smartwatch that will be compared are Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear S3. The
comparison will be consist of several criteria has been done.

We manage to identified the criteria that will be use to evaluate and differ these product in
term of :

Battery Life and Charging Time
Price and availability

Thus the following will be discuss more on criteria and conclude with our recommendation.

3.1 Design

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 will have two different watch face sizes which are 38mm and 42mm.
Apple offer various type of the material for the watch cases that can be choose such as
aluminium, stainless steel and ceramic cases. The strap of the watch can be choose between
stainless steel or leather bands. The colour of the strap can be choose depends on the
consumer tastes.

Apple company has upgrade the watch to be more durable than the previous generation
by adding water resistance to a depth of 50m. Also spinning the Digital Crown wheel pushes
out any water left behind by using tiny vibrations. The watch also uses sapphire crystal glass.
The glass is made from single synthetic aluminium oxide crystal that have 9 on Mohs
hardness scale and proven to be more scratch resistant however the cost of production is said
to expensive compare to normal glass.

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung company create a two models to choose which are Samsung Gear S3 Classic
and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, although both models had no difference in term of
functionality. The Frontier is actually for those consumer that have active lifestyles because it
has weather resistant silicone band. For Classic model is to those consumer that want a smart
watch that can do multiple of task but at the same time want to keep the traditional style look
of watch with the leather strap. The Samsung Gear S3 have bezel that function as navigate the
Gear S3s users interface. The bezel can be manipulate its two-way rotating bezel.

Samsung Gear S3 is made from stainless steel 316L material. Simple modification
molding and tempering finishes enhance the devices ruggedness and durability. Samsung
also produce smart watch that has IP 68 water resistance. This means that the watch can take
up to 1 metre underwater for half an hour. It work fine in the rain but had some temporary
touch issues the longer it got wet. The watch uses Gorilla Glass in order to avoid the watch
from scratch. The glass will not break if you accidentally drop the watch.

3.2 Display

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 has touchscreen interface and it is two times brighter than the
previous generation which to be specific it has 1000 nits of brightness which only 550 nits
that its predecessor had. Other than that, Apple Watch 2 also has force touch screen function
which is quite helpful compare to normal screen touch. In term of resolution of screen, Apple
Watch 2 offer 326 ppi (Pixel per Inch) and uses second generation OLED (Organic Light-
emitting diode) Retina display.

Samsung Gear S3

The devices with 3-inch circular Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 278 ppi
(Pixel per Inch). Its 16 million colors, full color compare to normal screen on average
smartphone. This watch also has Always On display which will continuously shows the time
rather than fading to black. The watch has ambient light sensor function which will able to
adjust automatically the brightness of display.
3.3 Specification

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch has a dual-core S2 chipset which Apple claims delivers a 50 per cent
improvement in performance compared with the first model. This device built in Wi-Fi and
GPS.This operated by Apple operating system known as watchOS 3.0 and the chipset that
being uses is Apple S2 with Dual-core that built inside which also boost the performance of
this watch and to avoid watch become slow. As for this watch, some improvement have been
made by adding extra feature such SOS Emergency app and new Breathe that built in with
the watch. Other than that, we know that Apple has more advantage term of it product
performance thanks to it OS ecosystem that are update frequently to repair bugs issues.

Samsung Gear S3

The Gear S3 is powered by Samsung's Exynos 7270 dual 1GHz processor with 768MB of
RAM and 4GB of storage. This device also built in with Wi-Fi and GPS. There's no
additional card slot for expansion. This watch will use Android operating system that are
called as Tizen-base wearable platform. The latest version of the Tizen OS comes with
several software improvements, some of which make greater use of the bezel to control the
watchs functions. Answering a call can now be achieved by turning the bezel to the left or
right. The bezel also can navigate apps than having to swipe the tiny touchscreen. This is
watch also supports Samsung Pay in addition to NFC (Near Field Communication).

3.4 Battery Life and Charging

Apple Watch 2

This watch uses non-removable Li-Ion 250 mAh battery. This means that this battery
can last for up to 22 hour of standby usage. An approximately around 5 hours of usage with
GPS enabled. So to be honest this is not the best on the market in term of battery life because
normal smart watch can withstand for a longer time. The charging time for this device take up
about 1.5 hours to and from zero to 100% using the included Apple Watch Magnetic
Charging Cable. Charge time varies with environmental factors.

Samsung Gear S3

This watch has produce the Gear S3 with a larger battery which is 380 mAh Li-Ion
battery. The Gear S3 should give about 3-4 days of battery life with keeping the screen
brightness relatively high and using the GPS tracking regularly. Turning off the always on
display mode give extra battery life to the watch too. For charging this devices uses wireless
charging which is quite convenient compare to normal wire charging. The small LED light
will let you know when its fully charged. However the charging time take couple of hours to
get from 0-100% which is disappointing a little bit

3.5 Price and availability

Apple Watch 2

Apple's Series 2 will be sell from RM1649 for 38mm version and RM1749 for the
42mm size version. This device also has special edition of Apple Watch 2 with Nike+ Edition
band which is a collaboration between Nikes company and Apples company. It was
launched in Malaysia around 21 October this year.

Samsung Gear S3
The price of Gear S3 is about RM1399 for both version which are Gear S3 Frontier and
Gear S3 Classic. This device will be launch on 8 December this year. The Samsung Gear S3
will come in LTE ( Long Term Evaluation ) or Wi-Fi enabled versions

4.0 Conclusion

Have better design

In terms of design, the Gear S3 Classic has been cut from stainless steel and given a
polished finish. The larger Frontier, on the other hand, has a matte black finish, which gives
off a fashion statement vibe. Of the two Gears, its clear from the stats above that the Frontier
is the larger. However, it also has a bigger, more raised bezel. Rather than going over the top
with design, Samsung has tried to keep things simple, and this can be seen in the straps that
are on offer; they are 22mm leather or silicon

Have better display resolution

Galaxy Gear S3 models uses Super AMOLED screen with a 360 x 360 resolution,
which means they have a slightly lower resolution than the Apple Watch 2. However, the
screen on the Gears is much larger than the on the Apple Watch also this device has always
on display mode.

Have better battery life

Galaxy Gear S3 variants house a 380 mAh battery. Its thought that this should
provide up to four days of use on a single charge.

Have better connectivity

The Gear S3 has features like LTE and cellular connectivity, meaning that you dont
have to have it connected to a smartphone. It can receive calls wherever you are.

Have cheaper cost

This Samsung Gear S3 cost approximately RM250 cheaper than Apple Watch 2.
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