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Survey on consumers for usage of Branded Soap

Arshpreet Singh (Roll No. : 1618157 )
Amanpreet Kaur (Roll No. : 1618144 )
Mehakdeep Kaur (Roll No. : 1618152 )

Dr. Sandeep Kaur

This project is our professional experience that enriched our

knowledge to a great extent. During the course of our project, we
had the good fortune of being guided by Prof. Sandeep Kaur, who
with all her magnanimity supervised the project report through all
its stages.

We have benefited a great deal from her incisive analysis &

crudits suggestions. The atmosphere of learning organization that
she has created along with the peers in this project program has
helped us.

Our special thanks to all our friends for their unremitting helps
in numerous ways, which deserve adequate expression on this

In the end we would like to say that it was a great experience

working on this project.


1. Hypothesis . 4

2. Objective .. 5

3. Research Methodology . 6

4. Overview of Product . 8

5. Data Analysis Table . 10

6. Data Analysis 11

7. Sample of Questionnaire .. 22

8. Findings .22

9. Conclusion .23

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This research as the name suggests, Survey on consumer for the
usage of branded Soap is concerned with the potential consumer of
different branded soap. In this research we take 60 consumers as sample for
research. We made a questionnaire and fill up from these potential
consumers. We divide this consumer in three segments Upper Class, Middle
Class and Lower Class. Out of this we conclude about the whole population
for usage of different soap. In this research we find that most of the higher
class consumers use Pears, Dove etc type of soap which has higher price in
comparison with other branded soap. Middle class consumers prefer
Medimix, Dettol, and Hamam etc which is Optimum level of price. Low
level class mostly uses Lux, Lifebuoy etc which is price around Rs.10-15/-.

Objectives of the study are :

To find out brand preference of customers in a particular

To find out category preference.
To find out brand loyalty of customers.
To find out the source of influence of customer purchase.
To rank the various attributes while selecting a brand.
To find out the attitudes, needs, tastes and preferences of
customers towards soaps.


Research Design

This research is conduct for formulating the strategy.

Small portion of people like 20 from High class, 20 from Middle class, 20
from Lower class was selected, as the population of this study.

Sample Unit

Individual in different occupation of different group were taken into account

because all they come under the segment of potential customer.

Sample Size

A sample size of respondent of different class falling under this different

segment of exiting customer under usages of branded Soap to obtain result
of the study.

Research Instrument

Contacting the customer through personally and studying the response. The
questionnaire fill up, related to usages of particular branded soap.

Primary Data

Directly from filling the Questionnaire.

Secondary Data

Taken data from various magazines, Newspaper and other prominent source
of information collected from different websites and search engines.

Research Type : Objective
Data collection : Primary source of data (questionnaire), Secondary
data(internet, books, newspaper and various journals)
Research approach : Survey method
Research investment : Questionnaire
Research : Structured
Size : 60
Research Sampling : Convenient sampling
Tools of data analysis : Percentage analysis


are useful for cleaning because soap molecules have both a
end, which dissolves in water, as well as a
hydrophobic end, which is able to dissolve nonpolar grease molecules.
Although grease will normally adhere to skin or clothing, the soap molecules
can form micelles which surround the grease particles and allow them to be
dissolved in water. The hydrophobic portion (made up of a long hydrocarbon
chain) dissolves dirt and oils, while the ionic end dissolves in water.
Therefore, it allows water to remove normally-insoluble matter by

LUX in step with the changing trends and evolving

beauty needs of the consumers, offers an exciting range of soaps and Body
Washes with unique elements to make bathing time more pleasurable,
Since1929. Lux stands for the promise of beauty and glamour as one of
India's most trusted personal care brands. Lux Believes in passion for
beauty. Lux has recently launched its two fruit extract variants New Lux
Strawberry & Cream and Lux Peach & Cream contain a blend of succulent
fruits & luscious Chantilly cream that melts down into your skin making it
soft and smooth.

DOVE soap, which was launched by Unilever in

1957, has been available in India since 1995. It provides a refreshingly real
alternative for women who recognise that beauty is not simply about how
you look, it is about how you feel. Dove is formulated to be pH neutral (pH
between 6.5 and 7.5) and to be mild on skin. This makes it suitable for all
skin types for all seasons. In the US, Dove bar soap is currently produced in
the cool moisture, exfoliating, sensitive skin unscented, nutrium nourishing,
white, pink, calming night, pro-age, and energy glow versions.

PEARS transparent soap is a brand of soap first
produced and sold in 1789 by Andrew Pears at a factory, England. It was the
world's first transparent soap. Introduced in India in 1902, Pears soap has no
equal. It is gentle enough, even for baby's skin. Pears is manufactured like
any other soap, but unlike in conventional soaps, the glycerin is retained
within the soap. That is the cause if its unique transparency. After
manufacturing, the soap is mellowed under controlled conditions over
weeks. Today Pears is available in three variants - the traditional amber
variant, a green variant for oil control and a blue variant for germ protection.

VIVEL, ITC expanded its personal care

portfolio with the launch of Vivel Di Wills and Vivel brands. Vivel Di
Wills, a range of soaps, and Vivel, a range of soaps and shampoos, cater to
the specific needs of a wide range of consumers.Vivel Di Wills and Vivel are
high quality ranges of soaps and shampoos for the upper-mid and mid-
market consumer segments. All products offer a unique value proposition of
bringing together ingredients that provide the benefit of Nourishment,
Protection and Moisturisation through one product, hence providing the ever
discerning consumer complete care, which makes her beautiful and

DETTOL has launched its latest Fresh Range with

a great fresh fragrance and the promise of long lasting Freshness! Keeping in
mind the climatic conditions prevalent in India, Dettol Fresh Soap has been
formulated using a perfect blend of ingredients to give relief from heat and
sweat so that one stays fresh for long time. Dettol Fresh Liquid Handwash
gives a Fresh and clean feel during handwash. All this while retaining
superior protection of Dettol whereby it provides 10 times better protection
from germs as compared to ordinary soaps. Dettol Fresh range has been
introduced in Bar soaps and Liquid handwash.

SAVLON is a product of Johnson & Johnson.
Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly-based
manufacturer of health care products as well as a provider of related services
for the consumer. Thousands of products across a wide range of categories
are constantly innovated, manufactured and marketed to help families all
over the world lead healthy, happy lives.

LIFEBUOYS vision is, Making a billion Indians

feel safe and secure by meeting all their health and hygiene needs.True to
its vision, the world's largest selling soap, offers a compelling health benefit
to the entire family. Launched in 1895, Lifebuoy, for over 100 years, has
been synonymous with health and value. The honest & hard working soap,
with its distinctive perfume and popular jingle, has carried the Lifebuoy
message of health across the length and breadth of the country. Lifebuoy
also offers specific health benefits through specialised product formats like
Lifebuoy HandWash & Lifebuoy Clearskin, which provides treatment and
protection against acne.

HAMAM Launched in 1934, Hamam has always been

a reliable option for consumers over years. Hamam is manufactured in the
most modern soap plants world-class quality control system. Hamam
contains polyols, which are known to be good moisturizers. Hamam also
contains Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem extracts.

SANTOOR is the flagship brand in the Wipro
Consumer Care & Lighting stable and the 2nd largest brand of soap in India
in the popular segment of the category.The brand enjoys two decades of trust
since its launch in 1986 and has grown to be counted amongst the top brands
in the Country in an intensively competitive market. Santoor is available in
three variants Santoor (Sandal & Turmeric), Santoor White (Sandal &
Almond milk) and Santoor Chandan which is a premium soap manufactured
with extracts of Sandalwood oil a favourite of discerning consumers.

MEDIMIX Ayurvedic Bath Soap is the worlds

largest selling ayurvedic bath soap that is suited for all skin types. It is
completely herbal with a 60% coconut oil base and contains no animal fat. It
is known for its curative, preventive and beautifying qualities for skin, scalp
and hair. The rich lather of Medimix Ayurvedic Bath Soap is enriched by the
extracts of 18 Herbs scientifically incorporated to give protection from
various skin problems. The natural oil base of Medimix Ayurvedic Soap
contains pure coconut oil. Traditionally handcrafted as per the strict
Ayurvedic formulation, Medimix is packed with natural ingredients, making
it perfectly safe even for a baby's tender skin. Contains no animal fat

Q-1 Do you use Soap?

(1) Yes (2) No

YES 60
No 0


In this report 60 people is taken as research. First question about the usage of
Soap. In this question all the 60 people mark on YES option. So assume
that all people use soap.

Q-2 What kind of Soap do you use?

(A)Beauty Soap (B) Antiseptics Soap (C) Ayurevedic Soap

Beauty Soap 30
Antiseptic Soap 22
Ayurevedic Soap 8

From the above figure we find that out of the 60 people more & more people
use Beauty soap. Majority of peoples choice is Beauty soap in which
include Lux, Dove, Pears etc.

Fill those which you have specified

(A) Beauty Soap

(1)Lux (2) Dove (3) Pears (4) Vivel (5) Others

Lux 13
Dove 8
Pears 8
Vivel 1
Others 0


From the above graph the people give the first priority to the Lux
because all level of people easily consume this soap and it has lower
prices also. About Dove, Vivel and Pears they have high level prices so
all level of people do not use easily.

(B)Antiseptic Soap
(1)Dettol (2) Savlon (3) Lifebuoy (4) Others

Dettol 11
Savlon 3
Lifebuoy 5
Others 1


From this data people usages Dettol more than Savlon and Lifebuoy
because it protect skin from germs. These all soaps are recommended
by the doctor.

(C)Ayurvedic Soap
(1) Hamam (2) Santoor (3) Medimix (4) Others

Hamam 3
Santoor 1
Medimix 4
Others 0


In this data, people give first priority to the Medimix soap just because it
contains a real Ayurveda with 18 herbs which is very effective for skin
problems. About Hamam soap which is enriched with neem, tulsi and
aloe vera extracts.

Q3-Why do you prefer this brand?

(1)Attribute (2) Price Factor (3) Advertisement/Brand image (4) Suitability

(5) Others

Attribute 9
Price Factor 6
Advt/Brand img 8
Suitability 22
Others 2


This data tells that maximum people gets easily suitable to prefer this
brand. About attribute the people easily involved. About price factor,
soaps are of different prices as well as different sizes also so that all level
of people easily consumed. And ,about advertisement or brand which
attract the consumer more easily.

Q4-What is the monthly usage of your brand soap?

(1) 2 pieces (2) 4 pieces (3) 6 pieces (4) Specify

2 pieces 33
4 pieces 19
6 pieces 4
Specify 2


From above data, people prefer 2 pieces because it is enough to consume

for an individual or a neutral family it is enough to consume in a month
and if they did not satisfied with their soap so they easily prefer other
brand soap also. In Joint family mostly uses of 4 & 6 pieces pack.

Q5-How did you come to know about this brand?

(1) T.V. (2) Newspapers (3) Magazines (4) Word of mouth (5) Others

T.V. 41
Newspapers 3
Magazines 5
Word of Mouth 7
Others 4


In this data, firstly From T.V. people aware about the brand soap. From
word of Mouth it means when people gets easily satisfied with the brand
then they convey the message people to people.

Q6-What kind of changes you want to include in your favorite

brand of soap?

(1) Packaging (2) Fragrance (3) Quality (4) Prices (5) Others

Packaging 7
Fragrance 20
Quality 19
Price 14
Others 0


From the above data we conclude that when people dissatisfied with
the Fragrance then they want some change in their favorite brand
soap. People wants the quality also for their soap. Price is also the
main factor, If the price rises of the soap then they go for the another
brand soap which is easily affordable for the all consumers.

Q7- Comment on its affordability?

(1) High (2) Optimum (3) Low

High 21
Optimum 37
Low 1


From the given data, price should be always affordable that all
levels of people easily consume the brand soap like pears, dove
which rates are very high that all levels of people does not consume

Q8-How much are you satisfied with your soap brand?

(1) Highly Satisfied (2) Satisfied (3)Unsatisfied

Highly Satisfied 25
Satisfied 33
Unsatisfied 2


In this data, satisfied people are those which compromise with their
branding, packaging, labeling, pricing, etc and after sometimes they
want some change also for their brand .Now, highly satisfied people are
those which they do not want to change their brand soap because they
like price, packaging, labeling and so on

Q9 In how much duration you prefer to change your brand.

(1) Weekly (2) Monthly (3) Half Yearly (4) Yearly

Weekly 2
Monthly 25
Half Yearly 21
Yearly 12


In this data, Monthly people wants to change their brand soap because
they feel some bored to use the one brand soap so they want some new
change about their brand soap. Many people also wants to change their
brand but not in monthly basis but after sometimes they want some

Q10-If this brand soap is not available then you go for another
brand soap?

(1)Yes (2) No
Yes 42
No 18

In this data, people said Yes, because they does not depend only in one
soap they want some change also in their brand soap.And about No,the
people who gets easily adaptable with their brand soap now they do not
prefer to the another brand soap because they used for a long time also
and which is easily affordable and gets highly satisfied also.


1. It is found that the people in the age group of 15 25 form the major
chunk of customers.
2. More than half of the customers buy soap once in a month.
3. Only 10 % respondents use specific brand for a considerable period of
4. The experience from the product in terms of its attractive packaging,
value for money etc has a higher say in purchase decision.
5. For a customer the quality of the soap is the paramount criteria while
selecting soap. Brand name of the product is another criterion along
with the fragrance of the soap.


The average consumer has become sensitive to value offered by brands,

either in terms of price or in terms of benefit offered at the higher price
point. The emergence of several discount brands and higher priced improved
offerings can be seen in soap category.

We also conclude that any class of consumer chooses their soap according to
their suitability. Many consumer uses according to doctors advice.
Consumers also purchase branded soap because their favorite celebrity
represents the product. People aware about the product from the median like
T.V., Newspapers, Magazines, Word of mouth People satisfied with their
product so they use it for long duration; if they are not satisfied with the
particular product then they want changes like Fragnance, Packaging,
Quality, Price etc.

At last, we conclude that if consumer are not satisfied with the

particular product than they go for another product. From this we know that
which particular brand soap is mostly uses in Market.


Study is limited to specific people only so it is difficult to have

generalized finding and conclude accurately.
Hence to get more accurate and precise result there is a need to expand the
survey geographically.


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