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Once upon a time, at the foot of Mount Bambapuang there is an old

kingdom called Kingdom of Tindalun. While in the kingdom it self there is a
small village which is also named Tindalun.
It is said that at one point, someone came called "To mallaorilangi"
(people who come down from the sky) or in other terms is called To
Manurung, Tindalun village located on the south side of the mountain
Bambapuang.To Manurung was also historically said to come from Tangsa,
which is an area of Tanah Toraja.
At first, on the stairs there was a beautiful young mother named
Masaang who has 5 children, for whatever reason, the five children Masoang
was divided.
A few days later, not far from a village, in a night, society Tindalun saw
fire lit as if no outages. Because they are encouraged curiosity, community
and try to approach the source of the fire, and was not far from there, there
are boys and handsome, handsome and clean white skin, even in the
judgment of Tindalun society at that time, in addition to handsome, boy was
also characterized as children to Mallabbi, therefore the children of unknown
origin then retrieved and brought to the village of Tindalun.
When the boys child adulthood, he then mated with a princess kingdom
Tindalun very pretty. Of marriage, their son was born, named Kalando
Palapana. This Palapana Kalando as an adult later became king.
Tindalun is a region when it is very rich in natural resources, each
community harvest season so exult because crops are always abundant. But
the condition is what makes them so forget themselves, rah-rah atmosphere
hardly missed any time and community behavior when it upholds the culture
and customs of the ancestors, began to shift to free sex life, reportedly could
color their days and disease The society was prevalent even among the royal
family following the involvement of one of the king's sons Tindalun. And at
that moment came the disaster that ravaged the kingdom Tindalun region,
they are then likes to have sex outside of marriage all cursed into the
hills. Among existence that resembles a woman's genitals, west-facing
mountain located east of Mount Bambapuang is then known as Dead End
Kabobong, there are also mountain jutting across toward andes
Kabobong. This mountain resembles the male genitals, between the two
mountains is bordered by a creek.
Thus folklore legends about andes Kabobong, which if examined The real
has a moral message that mankind everywhere, do not perform sexual
intercourse outside of marriage because it is an act of adultery is strictly
forbidden by religion and law is a big sin.