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NAME: Warda Khawar




ORGANIZATION: Health Service Academy, Ministry of Health, Islamabad

28th June. 2010 9 am – 5 pm:

Today I was asked to come earlier as today was the deadline to finish the work
on BOG and present it to the Director for his approval.
As I came to the office I was asked to prepare a presentation on the progress to
be presented by the Director in the meeting. To complete this task I had to ask
Mr. Nadeem about the details of different issues and the progress on that. He
told me the details and I made a rough draft of it. I also had to visit the student
affair department for some of the details.
Then I set out to the task of making the presentation. It took me a lot of time to
prepare the presentation as there were so many issues to be covered. Many of
the details like the background, vision, mission and objectives of HSA were found
in the previous presentations that were already prepared and presented but
these were read-only files and I could not copy the data from there. So I had to
start the presentation from the scratch. After I completed the presentation I sent it
to the Assistant Director. I will come to know tomorrow if I need to make some
changes to it.
Other than this I continued my work on the Working Paper of the 6th meeting of
the BOG. There were many modifications which were required so I modified
almost the whole data all over again.
Moreover I was instructed to make the Working Paper in the Tabular form. I had
multiple tasks to perform today as that time as I was doing the work of operator
as well.

29th June. 2010 9 am - 5 pm:

Today first of all I was asked to do the work of the operator. I sat on the seat of
operator for almost three hours. Quite interestingly I was writing down the
number of calls I received. Till 12pm I entertained 31 calls.
Side by side I was doing my work on the Working Paper of the 6th meeting of
BOG as the Assistant Director was there to help me in gathering the details of
the agenda items.
Then I was called upon my Miss Shafqat Shehzad and was asked to contact the
invitees of the inaugural ceremony of MSHEM program, get their fax numbers
and send the reminder of the invitation to all of them by fax. I contacted the
invitees, talked to them to invite them and then I sent the fax to all of them.
After I was done with it I continued my work on the working paper of BOG. Now
the Working Paper I was working on was supposed to be the last working paper
that would be approved by the director as it was being written as per the
instructions of the director. Two new agenda items were to be added in the
agenda as well. So I added them in the working paper. I had to work consistently
with the assistant director as he knew the details. The Working Papers of the 6th
meeting of the BOG were completed and were put on the desk of the Assistant
Director so that he will take them to the Director tomorrow for the approval.
I was then asked to help out a new employee at the Library with the things.
Basically the problem with her was that she had some problems with the use of
computer and internet for the purpose.
First of all, I told her verbally about it but when she was unable to do it then I did
it and told her. The problem was not a big one. It was related to her password
that was unintentionally saved on the Lab computer. And another problem that
she had was that she was not confident enough to interact with people. So I
stayed with her for an hour, interacted with the people and made her comfortable

30th June, 2010 9 am – 5:05 pm:

Today I was asked to change the presentation and make some changes to it. But
when I sat to do the work I had to make a completely new presentation and the
work that I did two days back was almost discarded.
I started my work almost from scratch today. Mr. Kiyani was with me to help me
with the things. It took me more than 4 hours to complete the presentation as
every time I went for approval I was suggested to add or omit something from the
After this I had to write down the minutes of the meeting of the Executive
On the completion of this assignment, I was asked to make the recommended
correction to the agenda. I made the changes, took the prints of the agenda and
some of the letters to be faxed to some of the stakeholders.
After this I was asked to make a folder containing the soft copies of the relevant
documents of the BOG. Then I printed those files and made a folder of the hard
copies as well which was to be kept in the record.
After that I was given the responsibility to make a consolidated list of the invitees
by Dr Assad Hafeez, Dr Shafqat Shehzad and the list of the invitees that I made.
I started doing work on it but it was very difficult for me as 3 people made the lists
differently and there were many repetitions. Some lists had email addresses
some did not; some had fax numbers some did not; and some had postal
addresses some did not. I tried my best but could not complete it as the task was
time consuming.
1st July, 2010 9:30 am- 4:30 pm:

Today I continued my work on the consolidated lists and started from the scratch
again. All I could do under the given conditions and variability of different lists
was to make a table containing the name, designations, phone numbers and the
follow up status of the report. I completed the list and submitted it to Mr. Nadeem
Kiyani as per his instructions.
Then I set out to the task of making the folders to be given to the members of the
BOG. Each folder was to contain a hard copy of the progress report presentation,
composition of the members of the Board, their powers, executive summary,
agenda and the working papers. The numbers of the folders to be made were
around 25. I took the prints of these documents, requested the departments to
deliver the file covers to make the folders.
Side by side I had to contact Mr. Zia Butt in the administration department to ask
about the progress in the arrangements as he was delegated the responsibility of
making arrangements for the inaugural ceremony and for the meeting of the
Board of Governors. He told me the status and I conveyed it to the Assistant
The follow up list could not be completed as all of the people could not be
contacted yesterday. So I contacted those who were not contacted yesterday,
asked about their status and completed the table. I submitted the table to the SO
by the end of the day.

2nd July, 2010 8:30 am- 3:00 pm:

Today was the day when the meeting of the BOG and the inaugural ceremony
was planned to be held. I was asked to come to the office earlier and check the
arrangements. I went to the office and contacted Mr Zia Butt. He was there and
told me about the status of the arrangements of the inaugural ceremony which
was scheduled to be started at 9:30 am. The arrangement was complete, the
stage, the sitting area and he other things were ready. I contacted Mr. Nadeem
Kiyani and told him that the arrangement of the inaugural ceremony is
After that I went with Mr Zia Butt to the committee room and checked for the
arrangement of the meeting of Bog that was scheduled to be started at 10:30am.
The arrangement here was also completed. The multimedia was being checked
and after that I checked the folders and the pens of HSA that were to be gifted to
the members of the BOG. Everything was fine and I told the person concerned
about the status.
The inaugural ceremony was started on the time and around 60 people attended
the ceremony. At 10 am the Minister of Health arrived and was given the warm
welcome. I was checking the arrangements side by side and was trying to make
everything perfect and I think I made it as I was well appreciated by many
After that the members of the Board were invited to the committee room and here
is where my work stopped. I only had to see if the food was coming on time and
was served on the right time. I did as I was directed.
After the meeting was over, I was asked to type an email for the director and to
send some emails to other stakeholders. I performed as directed.
I was then asked to sit at the place of the operator and attend the calls till
3:00pm. After that I was allowed to take the rest of the day off which I did.

Reactions and Feedback:

This week was a busy one and I enjoyed working this week as I have started
liking this work. I get a sense of Accomplishment when I see that the work which
I did was being kept in the record and the same work was filed in the folders to
be presented to the members of the Board of Governors.
Other than this I felt very good when the Assistant Director entrusted the duty of
overseeing the arrangements that were being. This work was actually delegated
to him by the Director and he further delegated it to me by saying that I know u
are the only one instead of me who can do it.
A compliment that made me even more confident and comfortable at work was
given by Mr. Saeed who is working in the Finance Department. He said that it
seems that I and Dania have worked somewhere before as well because the
internees are not normally that confident in accepting the assignment and
whatever the tasks are given to these both girls (Me and Dania) they never
refuse it and take it with good spirit.

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