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Bachelor of Education Concurrent program
Intermediate-Senior Divisions, specializing in English and French
Specialization in Educational Technology
Queens University, 2017

Bachelor of Arts Honours; English major, French minor
Focused on literary analysis and proficient communication in English and French.
Queens University, 2016

Ontario Secondary School Ontario Scholar and recipient of the Principals Scholarship upon entrance to Queens
Diploma (Average of 95+)
Moira Seconding School, 2012

Alternative School Co-taught English in the UK across grade 7 - 11. Particular focus on implementing
Teacher Candidate educational technology. Carried out various classroom management and discipline
strategies. Focused on setting targets for students with clear learning goals and success
criteria. Worked one-on-one with high needs students of various grade levels and needs.
Haywood Academy, UK, 2017 (3 weeks)

Core French/ESL Teacher Managed a full teaching load. Taught grade 9 Academic Core French and multiple levels
Candidate of English as a Second Language. Created captivating lessons based on curriculum
expectations and differentiated instruction. Implemented various formative assessments
to provide consistent feedback and evaluate progress. Created and carried out
summative assessments. Participated in Students Council meetings and events.
Bayridge Secondary School, LDSB, 2017 (4 weeks-upcoming)

Core Taught grade 9 Academic Core French and grade 11 College/University Law. Assisted at
French/Law/Resource the Bayridge Learning Centre. Used technology to mix assessment strategies and
Teacher Candidate engaged students in authentic learning tasks. Generated a positive classroom
environment through collaboration and cooperation. Used scaffolding to improve
student success and applied the Gradual Release of Responsibility method to enhance
student accountability.
Bayridge Secondary School, LDSB, 2016 (6 weeks)

French/ESL/English Emphasized literacy skills and development of interpersonal skills. Facilitated French
Teacher Candidate lessons in a grade 10 Foundations class and taught the past tense with tre verb tense.
Focused on professional development related to student learning styles and lesson
planning. Designed activities based on student needs. Assistant coached the Senior girls
soccer team.
Moira Secondary School, HPEDSB, 2015 (3 weeks)

Core French/English Observed and co-taught 2 sections of grade 9 applied French. Used SMART Board technology
Teacher Candidate to stimulate students enjoyment of French and English. Introduced the multimedia unit and
initial lessons in a grade 10 locally developed English class.
Centennial Secondary School, HPEDSB, 2014 (3 weeks)

French Immersion Worked closely with colleagues to lesson plan and develop activities for all subject areas
Teacher Candidate in a grade 4 French Immersion class.
Harry J. Clarke Public School, HPEDSB, 2013 (2 weeks)

Kaleidoscope Volunteer Peer mentor. Provided academic and social support on an ongoing basis. Attended
events outside of the school (Carnival, movie day, skating).
St. Thomas More, 2015-2016

OSSLT Scribe Participated in the training and scribed for the OSSLT.
Limestone District School Board, 2014 & 2015

Senior Camp Counsellor Developed and implemented full-day activities for 8 weeks and managed all
administrative duties. Maintained open communication with parents, managers, and
counsellors. Resolved all behavioural issues and conflicts. Used team building skills to
create a positive atmosphere.
City of Belleville, 2014 2015

Orientation Mentored and supported incoming Queens students. Familiarized them with academic
Week Leader and social supports on campus while facilitating orientation activities.
Queens University, 2013

Special Education Part 1 Enrolled in the first part of the Special Education qualification.
June, 2017

Junior Enrolled in the Junior qualification course.
August, 2017

Technology Proficient understanding of educational technology. My specialization has equipped me
with useful applications, effective ways of implementing technology, and enhancing
student learning through technology.

Workshops Technology, Mental Health, Library, Building Trust: Engaging and Communicating with
Parents, Inclusive Design, Teaching Creative Fitness, Supporting LGBTQ Students, and
Mindfulness in the Classroom.

Extracurricular Right to Play, Lost Paws, basketball, volleyball, soccer, Community Affairs Committee,
BEWIC, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Anti-Bullying assembly coordinator.
Interests Cooking, photography, travelling, animals, art, 19th century Victorian romance literature.