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Mosquito born virus - Zika. Gets its name from a forest in Uganda, Africa.
Transmitter - Aedes aegypti mosquito ( also responsible for dengue &
chikungunya ).
Effect - Microcephaly ( condition in which children born with small head )
Mukherjee commission - subhash chandra bose declassified files
Lodha committee - bcci & ipl
Transparency International, International Corruption Index released its report
with India at 76th position and Denmark topping the list(least corrupted)
UNFCCC COP held at Paris.
Rupay is a domestic debit card scheme launched by National Payments
Corp of India
Germanys prestigious Cross of the order of merit to Govedhan Mehta
G-20 summit at Shanghai (china).
India first electric scooter launched S340
Interim secretariat of the International Solar Alliance inaugurated by
Hollande at Gurgaon
Countrys first digital state Kerala
ISRO to setup a satellite centre for ASEAN countries at Vietnam
Indias first solar mission to be launched by ISRO Aditya L1
ASTRO-H X-ray satellite to study black black holes Japan
WT1190F is a space junk
Haryana launched Gyps Vulture Reintroduction Programme
Gliese 1132b is a Exoplanet
Times person of the year 2016 Angela Merkel
ISRO successfully tested cryogenic engine of GSLV Mk-3
France highest civilian award Knight of the legion of honour Manish Arora
(fashion designer)
First missile developed by DRDO test fired Prithvi 2
U-19 cricket world cup 2016 West Indies
Make In India centre Mumbai
GDP estimated for 2015-16 by CSO 7.6%
Falcon 9 rocket manufactured by SpaceX to deliver satellites into orbit
Wolf1061c exoplanet around a red dwarf star
UNESCO world heritage site Mixed category : Kunchenjunga NP (Sikkim),
Cultural category : Capital building complex (chandigarh),Nalanda Mahavira
Indias first bullet train between Mumbai & Ahmedabad ( Industrial
Corridor ) by Japan

JUNO mission by NASA launched in August 5, 2011 entered into Jupiters
orbit on July 4, 2016. Only other spacecraft to orbit Jupiter was Galileo by
NASA mission OSIRIS-Rex to land on asteroid named Bennu
INCOIS (Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services) under Mo
Earth Sciences at Hyderabad.
NEEMO 21 (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) : NASA
mission of sending astronauts to the depth of Atlantic ocean to get
accustomed to the environment of Mars.
Peter Pan Syndrome : childrens with over protective parents grow up with
the body of an adult but mind of a child.
Ramon Magsaysay Award : Bezwada Wilson, Krishna
Machhli tigress : ranthambore tiger reserve,rajasthan
Air quality index takes eight pollutants into consideration PM10, PM2.5,
NO2, SO2, CO, NH3, O3, Pb.
ASTROSAT Indias first multi wavelength space observatory launched by
PSLV-XL in Sept,15.
Worlds 1st white tiger sanctuary Mukundpur (MP) Dist.: Satna
Worlds largest oil refinery Jamnagar (Gujarat) by Reliance Group
Indias 1st Bio-CNG plant : Pune
10th biosphere reserve in India Agasthyamalai (TN & Kerala)
26th Ramsar site in India Narsarovar bird sanctuary (Gujarat)
Jagaishpur gas pipeline Hajira-Bokamo-Dhanra
Ujjawala Scheme related to cooking gas connection
Disputed dam b/w China & India on Bputra river : Zangnu dam
Nobel Peace (2015) National Dialouge Quarlet (Tunisian Organisation)
Nobel Litt. (2015) Svetlona Alexievich (Belarus)
Boko Haram Nigeria, Hamas Palestine, Chechanya Russia, Darfur
Sudan, FARC Colombia
Operation sankat mochan- S.Sudan, Op. Maitri Nepal earthquake, Op.
Rahat- Yemen crisis(navy) and J&K flood(army), Op. Madad Chennai
WHO declared India 2016: Yaw(bacteria), Neo natal and maternal tetanus
(bacteria) free,
2015: Polio(virus) free
2014: Small pox(virus) free
Pakistan & Afghanistan not polio free. Nigeria free from polio.
America (north & south) declared Measles(virus) free by WHO
Malayria(protozoa) by anopheles mosquito. Drug Quinine(from bark of
cinchona plant)
Kala azar a.k.a black fever(protozoa) caused by sandfly
Monkey pox (virus) in Central African Republic
1st country to totally ban deforestation Norway
Tianyan worlds largest radio telescope developed by China
ISRO launched 8 satellites in 2 different orbits for 1 st time : Imp. Satellite :
Scatsat 1-weather satellite, Pratham launched by IIT Bombay, Pathfinder
US satellite
ARIES : telescope by India, Russia, Belgium in Nainital
TARANG (transmission app for real time monitoring & growth) : for electrical
project monitoring
Vyas Samman (for hindi literature) 2015 : Sunita Jain (book- kshama)
Worlds largest aircraft by Britain : Airlander 10
India-US signed LEMOA(logistics exchange memorandum of agreement) :
enables both countries to use their bases for repair & replenishment of
defence equipments
Madhukar Gupta Comittee : Indo-Pak border management
7th pay commission chairman : A K Mathur
One Rank One Pension committee chairman : J.L Narsimhan Reddy
Indo-Pak border management : Madhutar committee
Sakshi Malik : brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
P V Sindhu : CRPF brand ambassador
ISRO launched advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR from SDSC,SHAR
IGI airport : 1st Asia-Pacific carbon neutral airport
Worlds largest solar power plant : commissioned at Kamudhi(TN) by adani
Worlds largest single solar power plant : Rewa (MP) {Not operational now}

CASSINI- Huygens : NASAs spacecraft to Saturn

Oil Zapper : eco-friendly technology for remediation of oil sludge & oil spills
New association SAVE by India & Nepal to conserve Vultures
LPG Butane, Propane, Ethane
Biogas Methane, H2, CO, CO2
Worlds 1st fully solar powered airport : Kochi International Airport (kerala)
Worlds 1st fully solar powered aircraft : Solar impulse (switzerland)
Worlds 1st fully solar powered spacecraft : JUNO by NASA to Jupiter
Worlds 1st fully solar powered parliament : Pakistan
Worlds 1st driverless taxi service : Singapore
Worlds 1st driverless bus service : France
Driverless technology LIDAR (blend of light & radar)
Aquila : facebooks solar powered drone to provide internet access in remote
NASA tested electric powered aircraft : Greased Lightning-10
Indias 1st neutrino (sub-atomic particle similar to photon) observatory : Theni
CERN lab at Geneva : M/c name- Large Hadron Collider, particle created-
Hages Boson(gods particle)
Indias 1st LIGO observatory : Hingoli (maharashtra)
LISA pathfinder : by NASA & ESA
NASA missions : New horizon Pluto, Messenger Mercury, MAVEN Mars,
LADEE Moon, Cassini huygens Saturn, Dawn Ceres(smallest dwarf
planet), Kepler NASA space observatory to discover earth like planets,
OSIRIS Rex to collect asteroid sample(b/w mars & jupiter)
Supercomputers : Tianhe Chinas fastest, PARAM Indias fastest
Project Loon : signed b/w Google X & Sri-lankan government
India has RLV(reusable launch vehicle) & scramjet
ISRO launched : Cartosat weather satellite, Sathyabamasat study about
MAST (multi application solar telescope) at Udaipur to study about solar
GAGAN (GPS aided navigation system) : developed by ISRO & AAI, used by
Indian railways & airports
Andhra Pradesh : 1st state to declare DNA profiling or fingerprinting
mandatory for criminals
Sikkim : 1st state to completely adopt organic (natural) farming
Syria borders Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel
Place Golan Heights : 2/3rd in Israel & 1/3rd in Syria
India constructed Salma dam on Chist-e-sharif river in Afghanistan. By
Pakistan : Indus, Jhelum, Chenab & India : Ravi, Satluj, Beas
Worlds fastest super- computer : Sunway Taihulight by China
Nobel Prize 2016 :
Peace: Juan Manuel Santos (President of Colombia) for ending civil war in
Litterature : Bob Dylan
Rotavac : Indias indigenously developed vaccine against rotavirus (causes
Gatiman express : fastest train in India from Delhi to Agra
Longest train route : Vivek express Dibrugarh(Assam) to Kanyakumari
Talgo train : semi-high speed trains from Spain
World Bank published Ease of doing business Index : Singapore-1st, India -
Himansh : Indias new high altitude glaciological research station at
Spiti(H.P.) to study global warming & its impact on glaciers, set-up by
National Centre for Antarctic & Research Station(Goa)
Indias 1st dolphin community reserve : W.Bengal (Hoogly river)
SAFAR (System of Air Quality & Weather Forecasting & Research) :
for air quality
Rio Olympics :
Theme : World peace & Environment
Slogan & Mascot : A new world & Vinicius
Freestyle wrestler Sakshi Malik won bronze in 58 kg category
Deepa Malik won silver in short put in paralympics
Union government approved use of chilli-based PAVA (Pelargonic Acid
Vanillyl Amide) shells for crowd controlling
NIDHI (National Initiative for Developing & Harnessing Innovatons) related to
Zabol (Iran) : worst polluted city in world according to WHO survey
Mahasthangargh in Bogra : SAARC cultural capital for 2016-17
Mahasthangargh, in Bogra.
River Interlinking : Satluj-yamuna : Punjab-Haryana, Ken-Betwa : MP, Krishna-
Godavari : AP