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Subject English

Grade Level 12

Learning Objective 12.5 The student will read and analyze a variety
The objective of the lesson is what
of nonfiction texts.
students will be able to do as they
finish the activity. For this a) Generate and respond logically to literal,
objective, use the Standards of
Learning (SOL) to say what you
inferential, evaluative, synthesizing and critical
want to focus on. thinking questions before, during, and after
You can find the SOLs at reading texts.
g/ look on the right of the screen b) Analyze and synthesize information in order to
for the subjects and go from
there. solve problems, answer questions, and generate
new knowledge.
c) Analyze two or more texts addressing the same
topic to identify authors purpose and determine
how authors reach similar or different
d) Recognize and analyze use of ambiguity,
contradiction, paradox, irony, overstatement, and
understatement in text.
e) Identify false premises in persuasive writing.
f) Draw conclusions and make inferences on
explicit and implied information using textual
Activity With this lesson, the teacher will begin by
logy Techno Pedagogy

Describe what the

learning activity will be. What will
the students and the teacher be
refreshing the class on how to use the
doing? (This includes what they smartboard, going over how to move objects on
are doing with the technology).
the board using the pen.
Technology After the students understand how to move
The link to the IWB lesson.
Note: If using the