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TMA1 (25%)

Semester 1, January 2017

1. This is an individual assignment. It covers knowledge acquired from Unit 1, 2 & 3.
2. Please answer ALL questions in TMA1. Submission is to be done via online through OAS
on or before stipulated deadline (to refer WawasanLearn).
3. You are advised against sharing of answer with others as plagiarism will be penalized,
any evidence of plagiarism or collusion may result in ZERO mark awarded to all involved
and further disciplinary action. Please be familiar with the Universitys definitions of
plagiarism and collusion.
4. Please NOTE that students are highly encouraged to passage their TMAs to the
Turnitin system before submission to encourage good academic writing.
However it is not mandatory except for Project courses.
5. Total marks awarded for the TMA1 is 100, which contribute to 25% of the entire course
6. Your assignment will be assessed on the factual answer provided based on your reading
and analysis from various references related to this course. In additional, you should
demonstrate a sound knowledge on corporate compliance and management.
7. You are advised to adhere to the following pertaining to your written answer:
Font type: Arial
Font size: 12 point
Margin: left 1.2, right 1.0, top 1.0, bottom 1.0
Alignment: justify
Spacing: 1.5 line
Paper size: A4
Pagination: right bottom aligned, font size 10
Header: right hand, top aligned, Arial, 11 point and bold
Total word count : not more than 1,000 words
8. Information on cover page:
Course code and title
Student name, ID and I/C no
Name of tutor
Class code
Indication of TMA1
9. Please do not send this information on cover page into Turn-It-In in order to avoid high
similarity index
You shall retain a copy of the answer of TMA1 for easy reference.
You are advised to adhere to the rubric stated in completing your assignment
Answer ALL the questions.

1. The sources of law in Malaysia are described as written and unwritten. Explain what
are the written laws and unwritten laws. Give appropriate examples of each source of
(26 marks)

2. (a) Describe the meanings of offer and acceptance as provided in the Contracts
Act 1950.
(12 marks)
(b) Discuss the term acceptance must be absolute.
(12 marks)

3. Ali is a crane operator. One day, while operating the crane to put up a big signboard
along a busy road, the ropes holding the signboard gave way. The signboard hit into a
car that was being driven by Ahmad. Ahmad was badly injured. Ahmad did not follow
the instructions of Alis assistant to stop about 50 feet away while Ali was pulling-up
the signboard. Instead, Ahmad inched his way towards the crane as he was in a hurry
to reach his office to meet his boss for a meeting.

Consider whether Ali can be made liable in the tort of negligence for the injuries
suffered by Ahmad. Consider also whether Ali has any defenses. Make references in
your answer to relevant case laws.
(25 marks)

4. Trendy Department Store (TDS) has been ordering jeans and shirts bearing a well-
known trademark The Young from Chew Sdn. Bhd., their only supplier since 2005.
TDS ordered more jeans and shirts of the same type as their previous contracts.
However, Chew Sdn. Bhd. delivered the jeans and shirts which were of the same
quality but bearing the trademark The Classic.

Advise TDS whether they can repudiate the contract.

(25 marks)