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Before you begin your application for a master's degree, please make sure you have scanned

copies of the following documents ready for upload:

Certificate of qualifications
Certificate of Bachelors degree, Certificate of Graduation or Certificate of Study

Official transcripts
Two references
Academic or professional

Evidence of English language proficiency (EU & International applicants only)

IELTS (*), TOEFL, PTE Test, WAEC or iTEP Examination

Previous UK visas (if applicable)
Visa stamps
Biometric cards
Previous CAS letter
Confirmation of enrolment letter

Personal statement
Research proposal (if applicable)
Portfolio (if applicable)
CV (if applicable)

Version: Feb 2017
Additional information
Note: Official translations of any non-English documents should also be submitted.
Certificate of qualifications and Official transcripts
If your academic credentials are still pending Please upload a copy of your most recent
transcript or mark sheet instead. The papers should show a list of the subjects studied, in-hand
with your grades to date.
This usually requires both the referees basic contact details and written letters. The letters must
be printed on official company or university letterhead, and include official email addresses.
It is within your interest to supply academic references wherever possible, and also to inform your
referees to prepare a reference letter in advance to avoid missing the application deadline.
Evidence of English language proficiency
(*) Please check the complete list of Approved secure English language tests and test centres, for
acceptable IELTS certificates and test centres that meet the Home Office requirements. The
English test(s) provided must also be less than two years old.
Passport and Previous UK visas
Identity documents are required to verify your name, date of birth, citizenship or residency.
Copies of previous UK visas (etc.) are only required from those who have had previous UK
education history.
Personal statement
Your personal statement should highlight both your personal and academic interests and
experiences, as well as your drive and objectives in undertaking your chosen course programme.
For help in writing your personal statement, please visit this link.
As supporting documents vary by course, please check with the relevant university course
departments for more details. While research proposals are only necessary for postgraduate
research applicants; portfolios are only required for Art and Design related course programmes.
Application assessment fee
It is likely that you will need to prepare an application assessment fee, of which can vary
depending on the university of interest. Fees can range from any value to 75 or above.
Please note that some application assessment fees are also non-refundable.

Version: Feb 2017