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:Questions I can recall

pt with high Ca and high pth...primary

which muscle initiates abduction of
which structure will be in left 5th
intercostal space...right ventricle
principle support of uterus...can't
remember exactly transverse muscles of
.perineum, broad, round lig etc
which nerve in cerebellopontine
angle...abducense and facial
in elbow brachial art relation to median
which process enhances ingestion of
after splenectomy...leucocytosis
anatomical snuffbox border...apb
one question with nerve
injuries...answers were ulnar and
another with low trunk brachial plexus inj

lymph drainage of scrotum, testes and

testicular swelling in
children...epidydimal cyst, torsion of
morgagni, hydrocele, seminoma,
idiopatic scrotal swelling
medullary thyroid ca...calcitonin
thyroid test interpretationfor
thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism,
medullary ca, pt after thyroidectomy
with and without suspection of mts
pt with high co2, high bicarbonate, low
another question about spinal was disc prolapse, spina
biffida occulta, ankylosing spondilytis
few questions regarding s1 dermotome
pt with
pancreatic tumours...answers were
insulinoma, glucagonoma
in pheochromacytoma...vanillilmandelic
acid in urine
skin lesions...seborrhoic keratosis,
dermatofibroma, few others cannot
one with reynauds fenomenon

breast lesions...duct ectasy, subareolar

abscess, ductal ca, pagets
child with walkig
problems...development dysplasia,
slipped upper femoral epiphysis, septic
pt after laparoscopic cholecyctectomy
with bile leaking from drain dg and
another one with pancreatic head ca
who failed ercp next stage of mg
antibiotic prophylaxis questions cannot
recall exactly but one was gas gangrene
pathogen responsible for process again
few questions one was surgeon after
working with clean wound, perianal
lesion, insect bite

opposite of relative risk.,.... numbers

needed to -treat
..DDH -
SEPTIC Arthritis-
NERVE supply of pernieum-
pulmonary artery branchial arch-
nucleolus pulposes causing disc -
pt with stiff back and limited -
expansion.... anklyosing spondilitis
p with prominent sacrum -
stupid question about blood groups-
mm tear-

lumber puncture - 1st structure

femoral blood sampling land mark
compartment syndrome
hip extensor

the last emq regarding men with

gynaecomastia. dg
..function of iliopsoas
which structure will be injured during
chest drainage through 5th intercostal
..on midaxillary line
which nerve is in the posterior triangle of
the neck...spinal accessory nerve was
the answer
transpyloric plane level...l1
pt with loss of anal tone with conus
medullaris compression which
dermatome will be affected...s2 s3 s4
3questions on gcs was
no motor no sensor no verbal so answer
.was 3. another one 14
questions regarding ankle brachial
pressure...the db one was the one >1
ulcers and arterial ds 0,2 chronic venous
ischaemia 0.7 and one more can't recall
one q regarding assosiations of
...polyarteriitis nodosa
question about sinoatrial node
another one which structure can be
auscultated on 2nd spaceleft sternal

A 10 year old boy is with symptoms of

right knee pain. for the past 3 months
and the pain typically lasts for several
hours. On examination he walks with an
antalgic gait and has apparent right leg

structure medial to femoral hernia

Lacunar lig