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Advantages of practice the swimming

Good night, everyone and thank you for read this text. I am going to explain about a
sport very practiced for people, i practiced this as i was a child and now i practiced this
sometimes. I heard once this sport is the most practiced, over of the soccer. Acording to
a research swim is one of the best exercise, is a activiti that you can do in whatever
momento and age. To general level swimming is a sport enough complete maybe is the
most complete of all because this sport use muscularity of the legs, trunk and arms. This
sport have some disadvantage as all sport but exist a disadvantage about the wter, some
people have fear to water and do not enjoy it, other have tendency to catch cold, other
risk is the measure hygienics. but there are seven most importants advantages for
practice this sport.

This are

1. Delay the aging. According to the research the fifty percent of the loses
funcionals associates the aging depends of the poor utilization of bodys
sistems. Practice swaimming keep in a good shape the sistems.
2. Improvement the memory. this is because when you swim, you need more
concentration and coordination.
3. Increase the capability pulmonary. Because swimming helps to the lungs to this
do a use more efficient of the oxygen.
4. If you practice swimming you can increase the flexibility in your body.
5. You can mis weith, if you practice this sport. You can burn about six handread
calories, if you practice one hour.
6. You can get a good shape, if you practice swimming. With swimming your
muscles works about five or six times better than other sports.
7. Combat the stress. According to the research it says. After of train for ten weeks
you can reduce symptoms of depresin, you can be more sure or more capable.